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Research Paper Topics: 350+ Ideas for Students to Choose From

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As a high school or college student, you are aware that you will spend a substantial amount of your time writing not one but many research papers. If you have already done it, you know how overwhelming and exhausting this process can be. 

Nevertheless, before writing, an equally daunting and slightly more difficult part is selecting research paper topics. Although sometimes teachers will provide you with titles or prompts for your works, most times, you will have to come up with interesting research topics to write about.

If you encounter difficulties choosing a title for your paper, know that you are not alone because almost all students find it hard. We are here to provide you with various research topic ideas that can make your selection process more manageable. Before delving into our list of titles, we will first explain what research topics are, their characteristics, and how to choose them.

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What Are Research Paper Topics?

Research paper topics are titles for academic writings that describe an independent investigation of subjects or issues. They mainly focus on analyzing and presenting a critical view. In other words, these papers seek to draw on what other scholars have said and written about an issue and present the author’s unique perspective.

Research topics can either be phrased as questions or hypotheses. Since you can conduct an investigation on any sector, selecting an interesting title can sometimes be stressful. However, if you choose topics for research papers, ensure they are well thought out and written because they can serve as a springboard for future studies.

Characteristics of Good Research Topics

Always select good research topics if you aim to achieve high grades in your essays. Refrain from being misled to think that this is a trivial task. It requires careful consideration and evaluation to come up with an exciting title. When it comes to the question “what is a good research topic,” the following are characteristics that you should look out for: 

  • Interesting You ought to choose a topic that is exciting to you and your readers.
  • Manageable Your title should neither be too broad or narrow to be sufficiently covered.
  • Has practical or theoretical significance The selected topic adds new understanding to the area of study.
  • Researchable It should also be easily investigated with an abundance of scholarly material.
  • Unique The title you pick needs to be different from others so as to stand out.
  • Precise It exactly answers all the research questions.

How to Choose a Research Paper Topic?

The first step to developing an exciting paper is choosing a good research topic. As we have said above, selecting topics to research is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you do not know where to start. However, you should not be afraid because we have you covered. Below we will give you steps to consider when picking your research paper topic:

  1. First, you should explore the area you are interested in, i.e., ideas that are exciting to you.
  2. Second, make a research question by analyzing what your paper will focus on and what might intrigue your readers.
  3. Third, brainstorm research topic ideas by evaluating appropriate titles and eliminating irrelevant ones.
  4. Fourth, narrow down your topic to one that is meaningful to you and your readers.
  5. Lastly, ensure that you adhere to all paper guidelines presented by your teacher.

List of Research Paper Topics

Now that you know what research topics are, their characteristics, and how to pick them, we can delve into the selection process. Do you need help brainstorming for research paper ideas? Look no further because we have created research topic lists to get you going. We know that a catalog of titles can trigger your creative juices, making it easy to begin writing your essay. Below are top 10 research topics for your paper: 

  1. How has the internet impacted freedom of speech?
  2. Negative impacts of pop culture trends on youths.
  3. How is the American economy affected by climate change?
  4. Can AI be classified as a threat to humans?
  5. Practical ways that can be used to make nuclear power safe.
  6. What are the economic impacts of GMO foods in America?
  7. Free education: its advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Efficient ways used in disposing of waste material.
  9. How effective is music therapy in managing depression among senior citizens?
  10. What causes obesity, and how can it be prevented?

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Interesting Topics to Research

Reading your essays should always be a fun experience. To achieve that, you will need to find interesting things to research. This article is the perfect place to start because the following are interesting research paper topics: 

  1. Impacts of the Ottoman Empire and the Barbarian slave trade on medicine.
  2. Rise and fall of ancient Greek cities.
  3. In what ways does the sense of smell affect taste?
  4. How does room color affect students’ learning outcomes?
  5. Should autism be classified as a natural variation of the norm or a disease?
  6. How depression negatively impacts immunity among senior citizens.
  7. What causes violent tendencies among children, and how may they be prevented?
  8. Drug and alcohol abuse: cause and effect on high school students.
  9. Impacts of commercials and advertisements on purchasing habits.
  10. How computer dependence impacts humans.
  11. Advantages that nanotechnology has on modern science.
  12. How to address adolescents’ psychological needs.
  13. Effective social media strategies that companies can use to boost sales.
  14. Critical roles played by women during World War I.
  15. Effects of prolonged steroid usage on human bodies.

Easy Research Paper Topics

Easy research topics are simple to investigate and write. Sometimes complicated titles can be exhausting and challenging, especially when you are running out of time. If you are looking to make things straightforward, below are easy topics to research:  

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms.
  2. Reasons why school athletes should be paid.
  3. Steps that are employed to ensure children are protected from harmful internet content.
  4. What causes obesity among teenagers in the United States?
  5. Ways that people can be encouraged to recycle their waste.
  6. Benefits of 3D printers to society.
  7. Causes and negative impacts of tornadoes.
  8. Similarities and differences between Mac and PC.
  9. Dangers associated with hitchhiking.
  10. Should lie detectors be considered 100% accurate?
  11. Should education be less expensive?
  12. How does a smartphone GPS work?
  13. What are the disadvantages associated with using plastic bottles?
  14. Benefits of getting enough sleep every day.
  15. Impacts that Bill Gates made in the field of communication.

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Good Research Paper Topics

There is a broad scope of titles to choose from, which is why finding good topics for a research paper is challenging. To make your task easier, below we have narrowed down good topics to research: 

  1. Reasons why students should be encouraged to be bilingual.
  2. Negative impacts brought by oil spills on water bodies and marine animals.
  3. Tobacco smoking: why should it be completely banned in America?
  4. Reasons why countries should ban risky sports.
  5. Importance of more people embracing reading culture.
  6. Should historical films be based only on facts?
  7. Is democracy losing its relevance in the modern world?
  8. Impacts that China’s one-child policy has on the population.
  9. Key reasons and impacts brought by the UK leaving the EU.
  10. Impacts of Affordable Care Act on healthcare in America.
  11. History and relationship between the US and North Korea.
  12. Efficient methods that can be used to lower gun-related deaths in America.
  13. Key events that led to the Roman Empire falling.
  14. Positive impacts associated with ecotourism.
  15. Do smartphones increase or decrease work productivity?

Best Research Paper Topics

Achieving the highest possible grade in your essay may require finding the best research topics. Sometimes this may not be easy because there are so many titles to choose from. However, do not be scared because below we have the best topics to research: 

  1. How does Islam play a role in oppressing women?
  2. Does college education fully prepare students for their careers?
  3. Structural differences between a man's and a woman’s heart.
  4. How gender roles have evolved in modern marriages.
  5. Benefits associated with home health nursing service.
  6. Causes and effects of cybercrimes.
  7. How does terrorism affect business success?
  8. Measures that can be employed to aid ex-convicts in getting employment.
  9. Should schools allow licensed students to carry their guns?
  10. Feminist movement and its impacts in America.
  11. Reasons why women should be allowed to participate in extreme sports.
  12. Effective ways parents can use to monitor their children’s online activities.
  13. Who should be blamed for homelessness in America?
  14. Should smartphone usage in classrooms be legalized?
  15. Causes of societal stereotypes.

Funny Research Paper Topics

Using humor in your essay is an excellent way to get your readers hooked. For you to achieve that, you will need funny research topics. It may not be easy to find hilarious titles, but we have come up with some fun things to research:

  1. Origin and development of Halloween celebration.
  2. Crows vs. parrots: which one is smarter?
  3. Ways in which a person can survive with minimum wage.
  4. Why is it better for people to spend more time on their phones than to hang out with each other?
  5. Negative impacts of the government lowering drinking age.
  6. Reasons why handwriting has lost its importance in school.
  7. Efficient ways that can be used in handling a drunk roommate.
  8. Cats vs. dogs: which one makes the better pet?
  9. Should parents pay their children to attend school?
  10. Reasons why teachers should be compelled to wear school uniforms.
  11. Why have humans been considered the most dangerous creatures on earth?
  12. Origin and development of April fool’s day.
  13. Reasons why people who want to keep fit eat the most.
  14. Most effective ways to deal with trouble during family reunions.
  15. Reasons why being ignorant can bring more happiness.

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Cool Topics to Research

Sometimes you may need cool research topics to make your readers enjoy the experience. If this is what you are looking for, below are cool things to research: 

  1. Measures that can be employed to prevent corporate abuse.
  2. Causes and impacts of high rates of divorce cases in Britain.
  3. Origin and development of skateboards.
  4. Ways in which gunpowder changed warfare.
  5. Reasons why Socrates was executed.
  6. Factors that promote black hole formation.
  7. Ways in which sharks hunt their prey.
  8. Sinkholes: what are they, and how are they created?
  9. Efficient ways used in creating positive employee relationships.
  10. Should students in America take a one-year gap between high school and college?
  11. Differences and similarities between Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.
  12. Nuclear energy and its impacts on economy.
  13. Effective ways used by film and music industries in dealing with piracy.
  14. Night vision: what is it, and how does it work?
  15. Theories that explain how dinosaurs disappeared.

Popular Research Topics

Are you looking for titles that are attractive to the majority of readers? Then it would be best if you looked at a popular research topic. To get you going, you can select a popular topic for a research paper from below: 

  1. How instant messaging has affected literacy.
  2. Negative impacts of digital learning in schools.
  3. Causes and preventive measures for identity theft.
  4. Cyberbullying: what is it and how can it be prevented?
  5. Factors employed in preventing cases of sexual harassment at the workplace.
  6. Are white-collar jobs losing their significance in the modern world?
  7. Negative impacts of social networks on people’s mental health.
  8. Effective ways to bridge gender inequalities at work.
  9. Homeschooling: its advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Differences between climate change and global warming.
  11. How to overcome corruption cases in governance.
  12. Reasons why police should always use body cameras.
  13. Has social media changed human behavior?
  14. Negative impacts of political scandals in America.
  15. How did the Syrian Crisis start?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

Sometimes research ideas need to be contentious to grab your readers’ attention. If this is what you are looking for, go through the following controversial topics for a research paper: 

  1. Should nurses be held accountable for their patients’ behavior?
  2. Reasons why students should be permitted to go to school with their smartphones.
  3. Should the presidential term limit be extended?
  4. Why most domestic violence cases are related to alcohol consumption.
  5. Why reducing minimum wage in America will be good for the economy.
  6. Is there gender inequality in the field of medicine?
  7. Should children be allowed to take care of their younger siblings?
  8. Religion should be a compulsory subject in American schools.
  9. Reasons why children should not be allowed to join social media sites.
  10. Why should luxury parties be forbidden among college students?
  11. Pros and cons of teaching women martial arts.
  12. Should hospitals be allowed to treat patients with gunshot wounds without involving the police?
  13. What are the benefits of tobacco advertisement?
  14. Ethical aspects associated with legalizing marijuana.
  15. Reasons why school uniforms should be abolished.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Some essays are meant to be persuasive with the readers to convince them to agree with your thesis statement. Thus, presenting a conclusive argument in your work will require a critical evaluation of different sources to present concrete evidence. Are you wondering how you can get good argument topics to do a research paper on? Do not worry because the following are argumentative ideas for a research paper: 

  1. Reasons why medical professionals should be allowed to market pharmaceuticals to patients.
  2. Is the level of depression among kids rising?
  3. What are the health consequences associated with fasting?
  4. Effective measures that are taken to make car seats safe for children.
  5. Reasons why social media platforms should be banned from collecting users’ data.
  6. Should unpaid internships be made illegal?
  7. Should governments regulate what their citizens eat?
  8. Should gun ownership by private citizens be illegal?
  9. US immigration policies: have they been effective?
  10. Exam cheating: should students who are found engaging in the vice be punished?
  11. Do academic performances suffer when students engage in sports?
  12. Four-day work week: should companies embrace it?
  13. Why athletes who use steroids should be banned from engaging in sports.
  14. Reasons for the legalization of death penalty.
  15. How effective are curfews placed upon teenagers?
  16. Should it be illegal to smoke cigarettes in public?
  17. Advantages of allowing kids to play violent video games.
  18. Reasons why helmet usage in American football makes the sport dangerous.
  19. Are workers more productive when working from home?
  20. Reasons why climate change is the cause of increasing natural disasters.

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Research Topic Ideas for Students

As students, you will have to write different research essays before graduating. Coming up with research ideas can take time and effort. However, instead of feeling scared, you should embrace this task because we will provide clues on how to make your selection. 

But in case you have any more doubts, we have created several research topics for students from different levels, including middle school, high school, and college. Go through the following lists to make your choice:

Research Paper Topics for Middle School

Students can begin writing essays as early as middle school. If you are in this category and looking for research paper ideas for middle school, you are lucky because we have you covered. The following are topics to research for middle school: 

  1. Impacts of online learning on students.
  2. Why conducting drug tests on animals is ethically bad.
  3. Effective ways that may enhance an individual's self-esteem.
  4. Sex education and its importance.
  5. How the internet has changed people’s lives.
  6. Reasons why dinosaurs became extinct.
  7. What is spam email, and what measures can be used to prevent it?
  8. Tobacco usage and its negative impacts on a person’s body.
  9. Differences between homework and class assignments.
  10. Key reasons why the human body needs sleep.
  11. Desert mirage: what is it, and how does it affect people?
  12. Appropriate punishment for students who engage in bullying.
  13. Effective ways used in recognizing harmful internet content.
  14. Cryptocurrency: what is it, and why is it popular?
  15. Efficient ways used in conserving energy at home.

High School Research Paper Topics

If you are seeking research paper ideas for high school, then you are in the right place. After careful deliberation, we have come up with the following research topics for high school students:

  1. Black holes: their definition and origin.
  2. Practical ways that can be employed in protecting species that are endangered.
  3. Ways in which public school systems care for students’ mental health.
  4. Reasons why there are many similarities between English and French words.
  5. Gender roles and how they affect human development.
  6. Photosynthesis enhancement and how it improves crop yield.
  7. What are the roles of black holes?
  8. Origin and resolutions of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  9. Characteristics associated with effective leadership.
  10. What is Obama Care, and how does it benefit Americans?
  11. Russian Revolution: its social causes and impacts.
  12. Ways in which stress affects the body.
  13. Air pollution and its effects on people’s health.
  14. Benefits that can be attributed to Plato’s mathematics philosophy.
  15. Ways in which climate change can be reversed.

College Research Paper Topics

By the time you reach college, you will have written several essays. However, this does not mean that choosing research topics for college papers will be easy. If you have any problem, go through the following research topics for college students:  

  1. Pros and cons of cave drawing as a method of communication.
  2. Causes and impacts of the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
  3. Black Death: its devastating impacts in Europe.
  4. Significant scientific achievements during the Age of Discovery.
  5. How literary works were used as propaganda tools in Germany during World War II.
  6. Martin Scorsese: his works and contributions to the film industry.
  7. Challenges faced by the Black Lives Matter movement in fighting racism.
  8. Effective measures that can be employed in stopping the Crisis in Syria.
  9. Negative impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the global economy.
  10. Space exploration and its effect on America’s economy.
  11. Pros and cons associated with genetic engineering.
  12. Steps taken in ensuring proper care for the elderly in Britain.
  13. Measure taken in managing depression among adults in America.
  14. Causes and impacts of drug and substance abuse among college students.
  15. Impacts of online streaming platforms on the evolution of music.

Research Paper Ideas in Different Study Fields

Different study fields present an opportunity for you to select an unlimited number of things to research on. This means that you are spoilt for choice. However, as you have discovered in your studies, this is easier said than done. 

Sometimes all you need is research project ideas to inspire your selection. The following section aims to present titles for students studying different courses, starting from humanities and social sciences topics and ending with more technical ideas. All you have to do is select one that is specific to your study area.

Research Paper Topics on History

History is an area of study that contains an infinite number of issues to investigate. In fact, students find it to be one of their favorite subjects to research on. If you need some inspiration on history topics for a research paper, look at the following list: 

  1. Impacts of Sumerian culture and traditions on modern societies.
  2. Efficient ways used by Julius Caesar to inspire loyalty among his soldiers.
  3. Causes and impacts of the Salem Witch trials.
  4. American Civil War and its consequences.
  5. The Thirty Year War: its causes and impacts.
  6. Steps taken to end apartheid in South Africa.
  7. Economic consequences of the Cold War on Russia.
  8. Tactics used by Napoleon to rise to power during the French Revolution.
  9. Major causes and impacts of the Great Depression on Americans.
  10. Roles played by women during World War II.

Literature Research Paper Topics

Just like history, literature is also a favorite area of investigation for students. There are many aspects of literary works on which you can base your questions for research papers. You have to decide what you want to focus on and start your investigation. To get you going, below we have provided literature research paper topic ideas:

  1. Difference between antiheroes and villains in modern literature.
  2. Courage and heroism as depicted in Harry Potter.
  3. Character traits of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth.
  4. How modernism is portrayed in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.
  5. Major themes in early American literature.
  6. Characterization of Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost.
  7. How did Shakespeare depict love in Romeo and Juliet?
  8. How did Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer describe medieval England?
  9. Friendship values between Sancho Pansa and Don Quixote as depicted in Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote.
  10. Impacts of Teresa of Avila’s work on modern literature.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

Are you seeking psychology topics for research projects? Search no more because the following topics for a research paper will go a long way in inspiring your investigation: 

  1. Causes of mental health issues among teenagers in America.
  2. How an adult life is shaped by childhood traumas experienced.
  3. Negative impacts of social media addictions on marriages.
  4. Correlation between mental health and eating disorders.
  5. How does color affect an individual’s mood?
  6. Effective methods used to achieve conformity in a group.
  7. How do personality traits affect the musical taste of an individual?
  8. How a child's psychological development is affected after facing loss at a young age.
  9. Efficient ways employed in enhancing the use of reinforcement in a learning environment.
  10. How self-efficacy affects long-term memory.

Religion Research Paper Topics

Religion has been in existence since the dawn of humans. As a result, it provides you with various topics for research papers drawn from different societies. If you are looking for religious topics for a research project, go through the following to select one that interests you: 

  1. Origin and development of Islam as a religion.
  2. Roles that can be played by religion in protecting the environment.
  3. Ritual similarities between Christianity and Islam.
  4. Why is sacrificing considered essential in most religions?
  5. Relationships that exist between morality and religion.
  6. Importance of prayer and meditation in Buddhism.
  7. Practices and beliefs related to Zoroastrianism.
  8. Social and moral roots of religious extremism.
  9. Hinduism: its origin, development, and impacts on modern Indian culture.
  10. How religious leaders used fear to maintain control over congregations.

Political Research Paper Topics

Like religion, politics has also been part and parcel of human existence. There is an unlimited number of research paper topics ideas to choose from. Nonetheless, below we have narrowed down the most popular research topics to write about politics: 

  1. Differences in foreign policies between America and UK.
  2. History and structure of the Chinese Communist Party.
  3. Controversial issues that have plagued Amnesty International.
  4. Causes and effects of the Syrian Conflict.
  5. Effective methods used by the government to enhance community development.
  6. Efficient ways used in eliminating corruption in America.
  7. Political power plays that led to the split of the Soviet Union.
  8. Pros and cons of Reagan's political agenda.
  9. Causes of constant rebellion in the Central African Republic.
  10. Negotiation methods that can be used to stop Ukraine's invasion by Russia.

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Research Paper Topics on Business

The world of business is constantly evolving. As a result, you can find many great topics for research papers on this matter. Below is a list of commerce topics to do research papers on:  

  1. Efficient ways to increase jobs and reduce unemployment in America.
  2. Negative impacts of business participating in unethical behavior.
  3. Advantages that companies can get from branding their products.
  4. Challenges businesses get from using remote employees.
  5. Benefits of franchising in the long run.
  6. Positive and negative impacts of startups on local economies.
  7. Differences in international copyright laws between America and Britain.
  8. Similarities and differences between offline and internet advertising.
  9. Causes and impacts of consumer behavior change on a business marketing strategies.
  10. Advantages of company rituals and corporate cultures.

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Research Paper Topics on Education

The transformation of the education sector has been rapid, especially in recent years. As a result, you can choose any topic for research papers to write on in this area. If you are seeking inspiration on such kind of project topics ideas, look at the list below: 

  1. Similarities and differences between personalized approach and group studying.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of having single-gender classes.
  3. Reasons why special education teachers deserve additional payment.
  4. Why are boarding schools popular in England?
  5. Dangers of students engaging in drug abuse while in school.
  6. Practical ways that can be employed in preventing violence in school.
  7. Benefits associated with after-class activities in America.
  8. Reasons why schools should provide advanced mental help for college students.
  9. Pros and cons of students going to community colleges.
  10. Roles played by video games in enhancing learning.

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Environmental Topics for Research Paper

Scholars and experts have recently become more concerned with protecting the environment. This means that writing such research papers topics ideas has become popular. Some of the topics to write research paper on environment include: 

  1. Tectonic movements and their global effects on the ecosystems.
  2. Causes and impacts of air pollution on health.
  3. Ozone layer depletion and the dangers associated with it.
  4. Green energy definition and effective ways to achieve it.
  5. Role played by the government in enhancing recycling efforts in America.
  6. Efficient ways that can be employed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. Causes and prevention of ocean acidification.
  8. Effective measures that can be taken to protect endangered species.
  9. Consequences of farming on the environment.
  10. Causes and impacts of desertification in Kuwait.

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Health Research Paper Topics

Although there has been rapid development in the health sector, there are still various areas that have remained unexploited. This presents an opportunity for well-being research paper topics to be written. If this is what you are aiming for, below we have topics for a research paper that you can pick from: 

  1. Speech disorder and its effect on child development.
  2. Reasons why people are still afraid to get COVID-19 vaccines.
  3. Health impacts of legalizing marijuana in America.
  4. Causes and impacts of post-traumatic disorders in Britain.
  5. Adverse effects associated with blood transfusion.
  6. Ways in which nurses can manage work-related stress.
  7. Types of depressions and their management plans.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of dealing with autistic patients.
  9. Relationship between endometriosis and genetics.
  10. Negative impacts of high heels on a woman’s health.

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Medical Research Paper Topics

Medicine is an area of study that is highly investigated. However, there are still several medical research essay topics that still need to be explored. If you wish to bridge this gap, you can start with the following research paper topic ideas:

  1. Challenges facing humanitarian medical missions in developing countries.
  2. Pros and cons of medical research on animals.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages obtained by hospitals using electronic health record systems.
  4. How is chemotherapy beneficial to hospitals?
  5. Effective treatment paths for Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Drugs and vaccine development in treating Ebola.
  7. Advantages of having a computational oncology department.
  8. What are the differences between pandemics and epidemics?
  9. Negative impacts of over-the-counter prescription drugs.
  10. Key reasons for insulin resistance in the body.

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Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology deals with studying the development, structure, and functioning of society and the people in it. You can choose to write any topic for a term paper on issues affecting communities. Below are examples of sociology topics to research:

  1. What are some effective methods that can be used to resolve conflicts in college?
  2. Challenges associated with raising a child in an unconventional family.
  3. What are the negative impacts of racial stereotypes on self-esteem and work productivity?
  4. Dangers associated with religious cults.
  5. Effective ways that can ensure gender equality in the workplace.
  6. Impacts of social network addictions on high school students.
  7. How are interpersonal skills affected by teamwork in the workplace?
  8. Gender roles in the family.
  9. Evolution of marriage over the last 50 years.
  10. Causes and effects of bullying in school.

Social Media Topics for a Research Paper

Despite the enormous strides made by social media in changing how people interact with each other, its potential remains unlimited. There are still several research paper topics you can write on this issue. Choose one of the following topic ideas for research paper to start your journey: 

  1. Growth of social media and its influence in American politics.
  2. Efficient methods used by parents to protect their children from online dangers.
  3. Relationship between social media and cybercrime.
  4. Adverse effects of social media on investigative journalism.
  5. Effective methods that people can use to earn through Facebook.
  6. How effective are children's protection laws from the web’s harmful effects?
  7. Reasons why people post pictures online.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages brought by instant messaging and communication.
  9. How have reality shows impacted privacy laws in America?
  10. Effectiveness of using social media as a tool for political campaigns.

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for great research paper topics, criminal and justice system is one of the areas you can look at. The following are examples of topics for research papers that you may find in this section: 

  1. What are the benefits of private prisons?
  2. Similarities and differences between war and civil crimes.
  3. Effective ways that can be used to prevent crime in schools and universities.
  4. What are the responsibilities of incarcerated parents to society?
  5. Impacts of immigration on rising rates of crime in America.
  6. Advantages accrued to cyber criminology correction methods.
  7. Pros and cons of forensic research identification methods.
  8. Cyberstalking legislation: their history and development.
  9. Reasons for human rights violations in Afghanistan.
  10. Efficient methods of drug trafficking tracking methods.

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Science Research Paper Ideas

Science has always been a fascinating area for many students. You will love research project topics we have created for you. Be free to choose any of the following science topics ideas for a research paper:

  1. How can molecular biology research help scientists understand cancer and other illnesses?
  2. Positive and negative impacts of space exploration.
  3. Best ways to capture and use carbon dioxide.
  4. Challenges involved in developing environmentally friendly plastics.
  5. Best ways to use bioluminescence GFP from jellyfish in medicine.
  6. How does rain contribute to the rising amount of chemicals in seawater?
  7. Biomacromolecules: their definition and importance.
  8. How “killer” mosquitoes are used in fighting malaria.
  9. Science behind the hibernation of animals.
  10. Best ways to use microelectronics in treating people with chronic diseases.

Research Paper Topics on Technology

You will find yourself spoilt for choice if you are looking for topics to write a research paper on technology. There are many of them, but below we have selected for you the most popular research writing topics: 

  1. Adverse effects of living in a technological world.
  2. Disadvantages of genetically engineering children.
  3. How societies can use video gaming to help solve their problems.
  4. What are the advantages of genetically modified food in solving world hunger?
  5. History and development of self-driving cars.
  6. Best ways to incorporate technology in education.
  7. Impacts of drone warfare on military strategies.
  8. How internet usage is affecting young people’s attention span.
  9. Pros and cons of using genetic sequencing to determine future health risks.
  10. Pros and cons of virtual reality.

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Extra Research Paper Topic Ideas

From the above title examples, it is clear that you can never wholly exhaust investigative topics. However, if you did not find any research questions or ideas that piqued your interest, we still have some examples left for you to look at. There is a catalog of great research topics below if you would like to explore other areas, such as art, music, and sports. Please go through them and select one that excites you.

Research Project Ideas on Art

Art plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of society. Many artistic pieces can inspire topics to research about. If this is your area of interest, the following research project ideas can instigate your writing: 

  1. Differences in arts between Northern and Italian Renaissances.
  2. How does impressionist art use elements of time and light?
  3. Influence of modern European art on American artists.
  4. How art has been used to spread propaganda messages in France.
  5. Impacts of the expressionism art movement in Western Europe.
  6. Incas Empire and its influence on modern art.
  7. Role played by religion and culture in Aztec art.
  8. Francisco de Goya: his biography and impacts on modern art.
  9. Life and career of Ludwig van Beethoven.
  10. Differences and similarities between baroque and rococo.

Music Research Paper Topics

People have been creating and listening to songs since the dawn of humanity. Music is one of the most popular research paper topics for scholars. When you are stuck and considering things to write a research paper on, look for various titles like the ones below: 

  1. Does listening to music affects the brain?
  2. History of rap music and the changes it has gone through over the years.
  3. Music genres that appeared during the Renaissance period.
  4. What impacts do socio-economic classes have on the choice and taste of music?
  5. How has America influenced music?
  6. How can music be incorporated into education to enhance concentration?
  7. How can music be applied in learning a foreign language?
  8. Pop music: its history and development.
  9. Differences between modern and classical music.
  10. How does music affect how people dress?

Sports Research Paper Topics

The availability of various sporting activities presents an opportunity for different topics for a research paper. As an enthusiast, you can never exhaust research paper topics that deal with different games. You can check out the following examples for inspiration:

  1. How are basketball players’ performances affected by signing multi-million contracts?
  2. Necessary measures taken by athletes in preparation for a marathon.
  3. Reasons why Lionel Messi is regarded as the greatest soccer player of all time.
  4. Positive and negative influences of crowds on games.
  5. History of baseball and how it has changed over the years.
  6. Ways of preventing severe injuries in rugby.
  7. Benefits of competitive sports on children's health and school performances.
  8. Gender inequalities in boxing.
  9. Economic impacts of the Olympic Games on the host nation.
  10. Advantages of player unions in protecting their rights.

Bottom Line on Research Paper Topics

You may think completing an essay is hard but wait until you select what to write a research paper on; then, you will discover this is the most challenging part. Having a title makes it easier for you to develop the paragraphs. By now, you are conversant with what research paper topics and ideas are, their characteristics, and how to select them. You have also gone through 350+ research topics that will be of inspiration for you to create your own. Having these examples gives you an advantage that others may not be afforded. Use them at your own convenience. 

Your next step is composing your own study. Check our step-by-step guide on how to write a research paper to nail your project. Good luck with writing!

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