Grammar Checker: Revise Your Essay's Grammar For Free

Writing an essay is a daunting task in itself, during which you can easily misplace some grammar rules. This is when StudyCrumb's free grammar checker comes in handy! It is a simple and easy tool that scans your text for any and all mistakes, and highlights what you need to improve upon. Get checking today!

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All you have to do is type in or paste your text below this instruction and click Check Grammar to get all the results.
Click on the highlighted… spelling error,grammar improvements or writing suggestion for more options.

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How Do You Use Our Sentence Checker

Among all the grammar checkers online, our tool proved to be the most intuitive and accurate. It only requires you 3 steps to complete:

1Insert your text
Paste any document, essay or text that you need to have checked for grammar mistakes into the input box.
2Press "Check text
Our essay checker will highlight any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors or things that can be improved.
3Get results
Now you can click on the highlighted word or phrase, and see exactly what suggestion was given.
Important notice
Note that the text you provided must be under 400000 characters, Otherwise our tool won't be able to process it.

Benefits of Our Spell and
Grammar Checker

So, what exactly can you do with our essay checker? It's a neat little handy tool that can show what must be fixed in your text, for sure. It highlights your mistakes, yes. But what do those highlights mean? Here's a quick description:

badge iconRed for spelling error
If your word is coloured red, then the tool found some kind of a misspelling, Click on it to find possible options, and choose a new word to replace your mistake with. It will be fixed automatically after that.
badge iconYellow for grammar improvement
This option presents tons of choices for you, from typographical error, where your word is of the wrong case, to orthographic with a punctuation mark missing. Once again, you'll have to click it to find out what is what.
badge iconGreen for writing suggestions
An author knows how to compose their words just right, but sometimes a machine has better ideas. Based on everything it learnt on the web, our online grammar checker can offer you an option, where your wording can sound better.

Try Free Grammar Check From StudyCrumb!

English grammar can be confusing even for a native speaker. You can be as proficient in the language as they get, and still type something like "they're" instead of "their" and call it a day. This gets worse if you're writing an important paper late at night, when you couldn't care about the text in the least. These types of mistakes can have 0 to 100 consequences: imagine sending a letter to your potential employer, and realising that you wrote something wrong afterwards!

Solution: paper checker from StudyCrumb. It costs nothing for you to copy and paste the text into a small box, and press a button, but it can be a huge lifesaver at some point. Moreover, you can not only verify your text's correctness, but learn from the tool and its suggestions! Sooner rather than later your writing will improve, so you'll be able to impress your readers with flawless and beautifully written texts.

Why Should I Use
StudyCrumb’s Writing Checker?

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Who doesn't like awesome error-free texts? And who actually likes spending hours, trying to find all the misspelled words and punctuation errors? After all, human attention span can be flawed and further mistakes can be made. This is why automatic grammar checkers were invented! These are free patent-pending tools that work like your own team of certified proofreaders, who can point out all inconsistencies within your text.

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StudyCrumb's essay checker is created to take into account the context of your paper. It will explain where you could use your chosen word and what you should use insead. This free essay editor uses cutting-edge AI based on a sophisticated syntax recognition algorithm that can detect even the slightest error. It will help you create a great and concise text, which, in turn, will get an A+ from your faculty or, possibly, even future employers.

StudyCrumb’s Essay Checker:
Free Benefits

Using our grammar checker can get you loads of benefits! After all, it isn't all about fixing words and providing an all-encompassing grammar check.

badge iconDive deep into the context!
Our tool does not overlook the "big picture" of meaning in your text and will help you create a wholesome cohesive work.
badge iconBuild your writing skills!
Learn from AI that knows all the how's and why's of good writing and can show you what you should write to make your text even better.
badge iconLay all punctuation errors to rest!
Now you can forget about the daunting task of putting an apostrophe or comma in the right place. This tool will do it for you.
badge iconFix any and all spelling errors!
StudyCrumb's checker can showcase all commonly confused words and replace them with what you need.

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Grammar Checker:
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, you can surely find some answers here!

Is your writing checker free?

Yes, absolutely! Our grammar checker is free of charge. You won't have to pay a dime to run an essay grammar check.

Do I have to register to use your grammar checker?

It sure can. Our paper checker has a character limitation of 40000 characters, which is roughly 7500+ words. Although, it doesn't have a minimum amount of required characters.

Can your tool check my paper if it is over 1000 words

No, you don't! If you need to use our writing checker, registration or creation of a new account out of the picture for you.

Can your grammar checker correct essay?

Yes, in addition to checking the grammar, our tool also works like a paper corrector. It will highlight the areas that require further improvement and suggest multiple options you can choose from.

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