Summarize any article, text, research paper or essay in a matter of seconds. Use this free tool to wrap everything up without dealing with loads of academic content.

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How to Use Our Summary Generator

Our free summary generator will work miracles for you. Just paste the original piece of writing and this AI-powered tool will do the rest.

badge iconInsert a text
Paste any document, text, chapter or extract you need to summarize in the input box.
badge iconPress “Summarize”
Once you click the button, our tool will start sifting through content and extracting the key ideas.
badge iconGet summary instantly
Have all critical points covered in a long-winded text wrapped up in a concise overview.
Important notice
Make sure you provide a title and paste a text of at least 500 words. Otherwise, our summarizer won’t be able to process material.

Why Choose Our
Summarizing Tool

Get the most out of our best summarizing tool. From digesting tons of text to delivering a brief summary, this tool will do all the hard job absolutely for free.

badge iconFast processing time
Don’t waste your precious time trying to absorb long-reads and writing down the key concepts. Our summarizer tool will skim your text in a flash even if you have pages of content.
badge iconIn-depth analysis
Leave the analysis part for our tool. It can analyse any amount of text without skipping any important details and condense it into a brief overview. It’s amazing!
badge iconSimplified writing process
No need to spend so much effort looking for the most essential points. This online summarizer will handle everything so you can focus on more important writing tasks.
badge iconUnrestricted use
Need to create several summaries? We’ve got your back! Use our summarize tool for free and as many times as you need without registering an account.

Summarizing Made Easy

Summarizing articles, texts or stories will no longer be an uphill challenge. You can entrust any type of content to our tool, be it a short book chapter, a lengthy dissertation or research paper, and get an accurate overview ready to go without any hassle.

As former students, we understand that analyzing lots of information can be tedious. With this in mind, we implemented the best algorithms modern NLP technology has to offer and designed a cutting-edge tool. All you need is to say “Summarize this article for me” and our free generator will provide you with a smart solution.

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Article Summarizer

Need to summarize the article? Look no further! Our AI summarizer will use advanced technology to scan your material and pull out only the key ideas. With this AI solution, you will forget about hunting for the main points in the jungle of information. Summarizing articles won’t give you headaches anymore – just do some copy-paste job and enjoy the result.
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Text Summarizer

Rely on our online text summarizer to get an easy-to-follow overview. Be it an academic text or a fiction story, our tool will be of great help. Even if ideas seem too complicated, there is nothing impossible if you have our free online summarizer at your fingertips. Let this high-tech tool auto summarize text for you – you won’t regret it.
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Paragraph Summarizer

Are you assigned to summarize a paragraph or a book chapter? Does it seem like a lot of work? You are not alone in this! Many students visit StudyCrumb every day to seek free help with auto summarization. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – get everything done in an instant. It’s completely free, after all.
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Essay Summarizer

Whether you are studying at high-school or college, you will often be given to create a summary of your or somebody else’s academic work. Be it an essay, a research paper, term paper, a dissertation, our essay shortener is exactly what you need. Why spend hours on this task if you can get an auto summary in just 1 click?

Who Can Benefit From
Summary Maker

With multiple benefits our summary maker for articles has to offer, literally anyone involved in writing can enjoy its features.

badge iconStudents
This tool condenses complicated theories into a basic overview, builds a general conclusion and paraphrases the sentences.
badge iconWriters
Our summary machine extracts the main information from websites to help writers generate meaningful content.
badge iconJournalists
This handy instrument can also benefit journalists by helping them focus on the gist of recent news events.
badge iconPress release specialist
Our summarizing generator will be an irreplaceable tool if you want to skim out the most important details for a press release.
badge iconEditors
The tool allows to increase productivity and speed up proofreading by letting you know the main idea of any text.

Summarization Process in Detail

You might be wondering what mystic is behind the text summarization. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this process. There are two types of summarization that allows to convert a long text into a digestible overview:

badge iconExtraction summarization
In this approach, a tool pulls keywords from sentences and then combines them into a dense version of the original text.
badge iconAbstractive summarization
This method implies the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). A tool keeps the main meaning of a text but rearranges the structure of sentences.
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How Our Online Summarizer Works

We took the best out of each summarization method to design this revolutionary summary creator. This tool identifies the primary ideas of any text and breaks it down into small sections. This way, you can always be on top of any work’s main focus. This is especially useful if you’ve got many sources to analyze and choose only the best ones for your further research. Besides, our website summarizer can recognize similar patterns in other sources available online to produce a smart result.

Need a Summary Writer?

It goes without saying that no machine can’t substitute a real human. Our tool works like a free summary writer. But if you expect a great quality, consider entrusting your summary to an expert at academic writing. At StudyCrumb, you can seek essay help from academic professionals who can summarize any text within the given deadline. We are always here for you!

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FAQ About Summary Generator

Have any questions about our summary generator? Check out these answers below!

1. Do I need to create an account to use this summarizing tool?

No, there is no need to register an account to use our summarizer. The best thing about this tool is that you can use it for free without going through the time-consuming registration process.

2. Can this tool summarize my text if it’s several pages?

Absolutely. Our summary maker can handle even a 10-pages text. Just provide a title, paste your text and click the button.

3. Is there any word limit in this summarizer tool?

Please note that you should insert at least 500 words in this summarizer tool. Otherwise, it won’t prepare an overview. As for the maximum length requirement, there are no limitations.

4. Can this summarizer also paraphrase my article?

Our summarizer extracts primary ideas from content and generates a summary based on the keywords and phrases. To some extent, it also paraphrases sentences. However, if you want to paraphrase your text, don’t miss our paraphraser.

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