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Welcome to StudyCrumb, an academic writing platform designed by former students to help current students with their writing assignments. If you have plenty of papers to write, but their due dates are approaching as quickly as lightning, contact us for the best possible solutions. Don’t carry your burden of writing essays.

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StudyCrumb was established to change your academic experience by providing the finest essay writing solutions.



Efficiency, passion and integrity lay at the core of our service. We love what we do and always work on orders with much enthusiasm.



We believe that only top-quality writing products and timely delivery ensures that each customer gets the best of our assistance.

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It goes without saying that no machine can’t substitute a real human. Our tool works like a free summary writer. But if you expect a great quality, consider entrusting your summary to an expert at academic writing. At StudyCrumb, you can seek essay help from academic professionals who can summarize any text within the given deadline. We are always here for you!

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Our Hiring Process:



StudyCrumb receives over 5,000 job applications each year. After carefully assessing the candidate’s profile and checking their degree, we decide whether the applicant is proficient enough to join our team.


Proficiency Test

If the candidate is suitable for the writing position, we will assign several language tests to make sure that the applicant has a strong command of English. We have more than 100 tests that we use depending on the field of study.


Sample Assignment

Once the applicant passes the English proficiency test, we will give 3 sample writing assignments. This step helps us recognize the most talented writer who will be able to successfully complete future projects.


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Choose StudyCrumb and discover the benefits of fruitful collaboration. Backed by extensive experience in the writing field, we are the academic assistance platform you can trust!

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