Case Converter: Change the Wrong Case in Seconds

Fix your capitalization mistakes with our case converter! We all know that sudden realization of not turning off Caps Lock and writing a paragraph in nothing but capital letters. With our title converter tool you can set that annoyance aside and quickly change your capitalization style!

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How to Use Our Title Capitalization Tool?

You can change case quickly and easily now! Our title converter is an intuitive and effortless instrument that allows you to switch from sentence case to lower case or upper case in a few seconds. But if you are looking for some detailed explanation, we’ve got it covered.

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Paste your text

Be mindful that out tool doesn't register format (bold, italics or underscore).

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Choose a case

Click necessary button. Remember, you should also tick privacy agreement below text box.

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Get your converted text

Now you can simply copy it for your work. Note that text copied will have the link for our tool in the square brackets.

Covert Case: 1 Tool -
4 Options

We offer you an easy way to convert uppercase to lowercase, together with some other variants. Our converter can make your experience of writing an essay a bit easier, after all. What are they, you ask? Let's take a look!

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Uppercase Converter

It is common understanding that the uppercase is usually used for an in-text "shouting" and being a nuisance in general. However, there are situations when you need to emphasize some piece of information but can't resort to formatting it in bold or italics. Alternatively, you must capitalize title of your paper but can't be bothered manually rewriting it in Caps. You can now have our generator do it for you in seconds!
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Lowercase Converter

This is what we mentioned earlier when talking about lowercase. You wrote an entire paragraph, listening to a podcast as your muse, with the inspiration in place. You look up at the screen and.. It's all in Caps. Either you're yelling in written form at your research advisor or a potential reader, rewriting everything feels like a bust. Our neat little tool will definitely lift your spirits and convert the case back to what it needs to be.
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Title Case Converter

No matter what they say, the title case is great when making different headlines and the like. See the subtitle above these words? Isn't it neat looking like that? We like a neat title now and again, and we think that you do too. But sometimes, there's a lot of good options to choose from. You can write all of them out properly by hand, or let our converter do the job for you.
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Sentence Case Converter

Okay, so sentence case can be basically used by… lazy people. Hear us out! Sometimes you can't be bothered using Shift to capitalize a first letter in a sentence. Or maybe, some technical difficulties are at fault so you can use the button at all! Our converter will be there for you. No more complicating your life or having to awkwardly explain the problem to anyone, we promise.

Why Do You Need Our Title Case Converter?

There are scenarios when a site with much needed information for some reason lets you copy the data only in caps. You will either have to uncapitalize text manually or use an online case converter. If anything, the latter sounds niser for several time-saving reasons!

It really is as simple as that!
  • Automatically change lowercase to uppercase when you need to make a point clearer to the audience.
  • Don't sweat rewriting a title of some historical figure, or a name of geographical location, when you can set it to the proper case.
  • Forget about switching off Caps Lock, when you can switch your text to lowercase in a simple push of a button.

Benefits You Can Get From Our Text Case Converter

Online case converter is always a useful tool to have at hand. From fixing caps lock to lowercase letters, when you accidentally typed it wrong, it can be a real game changer! This tool is also:

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Our tool works fast and saves you a lot of time on manually fixing the case issue.
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Our solution is highly intuitive; you only need to paste the text and select the case.
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Our tool is completely free of charge.

Case Converter: Why StudyCrumb?

Our case converter is designed for those who don't know how to interchange upper and lowercase letters in Word, Notepad or other word processing software. Save your time and avoid doing the double work when re-typing the ready-made text!

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