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Discover how many words per page you currently have. Forget about professors sending back your tasks due to insufficient count. Are you ready to calculate, convert and leave math-free academic life?

Words per Page Tool – Convert Words to Pages
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Factors That Influence How Many Words Are in a Page

Have you ever wondered how many words fit on a page? Perhaps not the most quintessential question out there. Isn’t it better to use words per page calculator without complicated mathematical equations that have nothing to do with your task? We know exactly how many words in a page you require depending on certain characteristics including format, font, spacing, and style. It's challenging to plan out your paper. That’s why students use our words page converter.

Font size

Majority of works use sizes 12 or 11, yet there can be certain exceptions. Stop trying to predict everything yourself when you have this handy tool at your disposal.


Depending on requirements or professors' individual preferences, the spacing might be different. Difference is huge between single and double spacing.

Font style

Ariel or Times New Roman? Some learners can be adventurous and even use Calibri. Whatever your choice may be, the style will affect your content and its size.

Convert Pages to Words

This tool is pages to words converter. What does that mean? Let’s imagine that your professor asked you to complete three sheets of content. Do you know how many pages are required in this particular situation? If your answer is negative, stop anxiously tapping your keyboard. Relax. We are here to answer questions with this handy tool.

Font: Times New RomanFont size: 12Spacing: Double-spaced
Please note: All calculations shown in the table are estimated based on standard requirements.

How to Use Words to Pages Converter?

The favorite word count to page converter remains extremely easy for using. It won't take more than a couple of seconds to translate words into pages. Don’t believe us? See yourself!

Insert number of words

You can see this number by using “Tools” in Google Docs or similar functions and practically any other application out there. As promised, more than accessible.

Choose font details

You are the one selecting the font. It can be Times New Roman, Calibri, Ariel, Oswald, or even Comfortaa. This information is usually displayed on top.

Enjoy instant result

In no time you will know how many words are on a page. It might take a couple of seconds or a blink of an eye. No time for getting bored or even preparing yourself a new cup of fresh coffee.


Word to Page Converter Filled With Benefits

Get the best out of our online word to page calculator and stop looking elsewhere. It's your free path towards academic life without complicated mathematical equations.

IllustrationFree Use

That’s right! You can use this word to pages calculator with no charge whatsoever. Hide cards and don’t even think about fees, payments, or bills. It is completely student-oriented.

IllustrationFlash Results

Our word page calculator is the fastest one out there. We can easily compare it with Flash from a famous comic book series. You press the button and get the results instantly.

IllustrationAccurate Tool

We offer precise words to page count. If you are worried about losing a couple of syllables here and there, trust us to find every single article and pronoun. No letter left behind is our motto!

IllustrationSimple Interface

Professionals and beginners alike can quickly find how many words per typed page they need. A user-friendly interface was made to help you in navigation. No time for wasting!

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Who Can Use Words to Pages Calculator?

Everyone can utilize our words per page calculator! With no, it’s a loud claim. We can easily prove it with the section below.


Of course, learners are our first clients who should see how many words per page double spaced or single spaced they need. After all, no one wants to go into academic writing without a proper plan in mind.


The world of education has strict requirements when it comes to a number of words per page. Some peer-reviewed sources only accept certain counts. Calculating remains a key for successful academics.


SEO writers, copywriters, and even famous authors need this word count page converter. It's the easiest tool to work with when one is paid to complete two sheets of work but you don’t know the count.


Yes, even teachers and professors should convert words into pages. This way they are helping their young learners to complete assignments. Besides, it's a useful tool for coming up with requirements.


Finally, our favorite editors who deal with written works want to know the average words per page. After all, it's their job to control everything that deals with writing, authors, payments, and grammar.

Online Words Per Page Converter Free

Have you ever found yourself wondering how many words is one page double spaced? It may not be the most important question out there. It will be relevant for those who are still in middle school, high school, college or even graduating with their PhD. When you really want to translate 1000 words to pages, you can do it yourself. Why spend so much time doing everything on your own when we already know how many words per double spaced page you should have. It isn't rocket science but there is an algorithm involved in calculating how many pages is 200 words. After all, here we can answer one sheet or even two. What we are trying to say: don’t try to translate 3000 words to pages on your own. Trust our service to do it for you.

How Our Words to Page Converter Tool Works

We already mentioned that our words to pages converter is the best tool out there. We will continue on our epic quest to prove this statement is true. When do you actually need to convert words to page? Let’s imagine that you were tasked with a final assignment on literature. Your professor asked you to complete a 1000-word paper by next week. Of course, you can do it, especially with a help of our college essay writing service. Do you actually know how many pages is a 1000 word essay? If your answer is no, by now you probably understand that you can use this handy tool completely for free. 

Some learners still don't get why it's important to translate 400 words to pages. Our answer is simple. It will help you to plan out your assignment, distribute evidence, and format your writing. Once you know how many pages you need, place an order at our best essay writing services to have a professional deal with your paper. Stop googling “500 words is how many pages” and finally find out the answer completely for free. No catch! What are you losing?

Find Out How Many Words per Page Your Essay Has

Not all professors actually care about the number of syllables, signs, or letters. In this case, you should definitely find out how many words per page double spaced 12 font you have. Many undergraduates are asked to complete a paper within one sheet. Sounds pretty good and not tedious. Doesn’t it? How many words is a one page essay? It is a $1 million question. It's already challenging to plan out your introduction, main body paragraphs, peer-reviewed evidence, conclusion and a statement. Combining everything with proper count and assignment calculator will siplify this task. 

Using this tool you will probably know that 250 words to pages will be around 1 sheet. Everything depends on a format, spacing, style, and all other tiny details that not everyone considers. OK, it's a small count. What about 1500 words to pages? Calculating that will take a little bit of time and even some math. We advise you to translate double spaced words per page, especially if your professor has strong requirements. We account for spacing. You can always change it into words per page single spaced depending on needs.

How Many Pages Is It?

Yes, by now you know our tool. Still, we have a quick summary answering most requested questions. How many pages is this assignment? 

Note: We take single spacing for examples.

  1. How many pages is 250 words? Here we usually say around 0.6 page, single-spaced.
  2. How many pages is 400 words? 0.9 or even 1 page give or take.
  3. How many pages is 500 words? We recommend writing around 1.1 pages.
  4. How many pages is 750 words? In this case, 1.7 pages will be enough.
  5. How many pages is 800 words? We translated this into 1.8 pages.
  6. How many pages is 1000 words? We advise writing 2.2 pages.
  7. How many pages is 1200 words? It's 2.7 sheets.
  8. How many pages is 2000 words? Here we would say around 4.4 pages, single-spaced.
  9. How many pages is 2500 words? Aim for 5.6 sheets, depending on spacing.
  10. How many pages is 3000 words? Tool conveyed this into 6.7 sheets.
  11. How many pages is 4000 words? Paper can reach 8.9 sheets.
  12. How many pages is 5000 words? We estimated this into 11.1 sheets.
  13. How many pages is 6000 words? Aim for 13.1 pages and you'll be good.
  14. How many pages is 10000 words? Around 22.2 pages, single-spaced.
  15. How many pages is 15000 words? Longest paper on our list: 33.3 sheets.

How Many Words on a Page?

We keep mentioning the importance of spacing and font size. How many words on a page double spaced/single spaced? You can insert a ready-made text into word counter online to figure this out, or simply reference our convertions below. 

  1. How many words is 1 page double spaced? One sheet of paper equals 300 words.
  2. How many words is 2 pages double spaced? Advise aiming for 600 words.
  3. How many words is 3 pages essay? Recommend writing around 900 words.
  4. How many words is 4 pages double spaced? Here we would say around 1200 words.
  5. How many words is a 5 page paper? Aim for 1500 words and you'll be good.
  6. How many words is 6 pages double spaced? Recommend writing around 1800 words.
  7. How many words is 7 pages double spaced? Estimate seven sheets of paper to equal 2100 words.
  8. How many words is 8 pages double spaced? Advice aiming for 2400 words.
  9. How many words is a 9 page essay? Tool conveyed this in 2700 words.
  10. How many words is 10 pages double spaced? 10 pages equal 3000 words.

Simple Words to Pages Tool

Congratulations! Now you can translate how many words in a page you need for certain assignments. As you noticed, it's much easier than doing all the work yourself. No worrying about how many words in a double spaced page or even single-spaced there are. Before we let you go and use this platform we want to highlight the simplicity of this service. UI was never this user-friendly as now anyone can convert 2000 words to pages. It's so good that even research paper writers from this platform as well as dissertation writers and editors use this tool for translating 8000 words to pages. 

As mentioned, it won't take you more than a couple of seconds. We give 10 seconds most from the time you stumble upon our website to the moment when you finally translate 5000 words to pages. Take your time and imagine how many minutes it would have taken without this tool. You’re not losing anything — this service is completely free and limitless. See yourself!


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FAQ About Word to Page Converter

You read the guide but do you still have some questions about words to pages converter? Find answers below!

1. How to count words in pages?

Use the words to pages calculator and you will have all the answers. Well, technically not all the answers in this universe. You will be able to translate your assignment requirements into normal language. We calculate everything using a precise algorithm. Consider spacing, format, style, font size, and other intricate details.

2. Is your words to pages converter free?

Yes! You can easily utilize this word to pages converter without fees. We don't require your personal information or even your name. Keep your bank account for something much more exciting. This service is student-oriented and comes without payments. Additionally, it's limitless. You can use it as many times as you’d like.

3. How many words is a page double spaced?

The quantity of words on a page depends on font, style, spacing, and quite a few other details. If your assignment is double-spaced and you are using size 12 (Arial), your answer is 275 words. We encourage you to try handy tools to have much more precise results.

4. Can I find out the number of words per page without registration?

Yes! Words per page converter come without registration. You’re not required to use your name, email, phone number, or practically any other information. Registration isn't needed. All you need to do is fill out details about your paper and push a single button. Voila! Just like that, the results are ready.


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