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If your teacher is counting sheets in your academic work, the process of writing may not seem so easy. But with our word-to-page converter, you don't have to worry about that anymore. The purpose of our tool is to estimate the number of pages.
It will be extremely useful for your academic work. If you write longreads, books, or essays, it will help you discover a number of sheets and a general volume of your work. You can get this information online through our free tool!
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Our Word Count to Pages Works Easily

If you're in a situation where your teacher has given you a task to write a 1000 word article, you want to know the number of sheets this will take. Our tool will be your lifesaver in this situation. We made words to pages converter absolutely free. Unlike the overall estimate, our calculator will give you a more accurate estimate. Even if you want to check very long texts, our calculator will still work. And differences will be minimally insignificant.

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To use our free tool, simply enter the required amount of content, preferred font type, desired size, and required spacing. It will automatically calculate the necessary number of sheets. But you should pay attention that paragraphs layout will undoubtedly affect results.

Therefore, our generator is approximate. But it processes all data to determine the most accurate possible outcome. Anyway, our tool will save you some time for time-consuming calculations and assessments.

Words Per Page:
Determination Factors

Font Size
Font Size

Usually, a paper's font size varies from 12 to 18 pt. But there’re no universal rules here: it all depends on a specific task and formatting style. Obviously, if you write using 18 pt. font size, your text will take up more space than if you apply 12 pt. font size.

Font Format
Font Format

There’re several different classifications of fonts. But with our tool, you can choose from the most popular Sans Serif font formats that are widely used in academic writing. They include: Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, Arial, Comic Sans MS, Verdana, Myriad, or Open Sans.


It's a distance between the lines. When writing an essay, you can use either single or double spacing. Remember that the spacing used in a specific paper will naturally influence the number of sheets. Bear in mind that our online tool makes calculations based on a standard double-space formatting.

Words to Pages

We also made sample words per page hints for you down below. Make sure to check out the table with all answers to the most frequently asked questions among students. It's much better to avoid a situation when your text "does not fit" into the required frames.
With all calculations made by our expert writers, you won't waste your precious time on estimating the exact number of sheets in your research paper or dissertation. Just use our online free tool or refer to the table below!
Font: Times New RomanFont size: 12Spacing: Double-spaced
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Please note: All calculations shown in the table are estimated based on standard requirements.

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