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Calculate grades and final score based on your achievements. With our universal tool, you will be able to find out the overall final grade or calculate the desired exam result to always stay on top.
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How Our Grading Calculator Works

Calculating grades has never been easier! Just provide a few details and enjoy the result.

  1. 1
    Specify the assessment type.
    Specify the assessment type.

    Insert the type of assessment (e.g. homework or test). List all assessments you had.

  2. 2
    Add your grades.
    Add your grades.

    Input either a letter grade or percentage grade for each assessment in the list.

  3. 3
    Provide the weight.
    Provide the weight.

    Enter percentage weight for every assignment or exam for accurate calculations.

Important notice:
Keep all assessments till the end of term or semester to determine your actual overall grade.

How to Calculate Final Grades to Score Better

Our grade calculator will help you find out the score you need to get for your final exam to reach a desired academic rate. Follow these 3 simple steps to plan your academic endeavors.

Important notice:
Make sure you enter a correct percentage in a “Final Worth” field, otherwise, our tool won’t be able to do calculations.
  1. 1
    Enter your desired grade
    Enter your desired grade

    Provide what GPA you expect to achieve at the end of the year.

  2. 2
    Input final grade weight
    Input final grade weight

    Specify the weight your final exam has towards the overall course grade.

  3. 3
    Get results instantly
    Get results instantly

    Find out the grade needed in final to achieve a desired course grade.

Why Choose Our Final Grade Calculator

This is just one easy grade calculator, but the benefits it delivers are numerous. Get ready for unlimited opportunities our tool has to offer.

  • Instant processing
    Instant processing

    No need to wait for ages – our online grader tool will estimate your final score faster than you can say “What is my grade?”

  • Straightforward process
    Straightforward process

    Getting your academic achievements calculated is so easy that even a caveman can do it. Just enter all the details and enjoy the result.

  • Free access
    Free access

    Forget about overpriced tools once and for all – this instrument for students is absolutely free, so you won’t waste a cent.

  • Unlimited use
    Unlimited use

    The best part about our online grade calculator is that you can use it as many times as you need without any annoying limitations.

Online Grading Made Easy

We have developed this easy-to-use online grading calculator to help you keep track of your academic achievements. Estimating grades can be rather tough, especially if you are dealing with the weight of each assignment. This is where a real challenge can start. With this in mind, we went the extra mile and designed an outstanding grade calculator with weights. This irreplaceable tool will become your real lifesaver.

Final, Percent & Weighted Grade Calculator: All-in-One

Whether you are calculating weighted grades or want to estimate a desired final exam score, this universal tool can do all math work for you. It’s especially beneficial if you have too many assignments to estimate. Here’s when you can use this awesome instrument:

  • Determine your overall score
  • Estimate a final grade based on assignments’ weight
  • Make sure your teacher has included each point
  • Find out what exam score can make you stand out.

This will provide you with more time on exam preparation and other important things. By using this tool, you can always stay informed about your current performance and plan efforts for further improvement.

Details Our Overall Grade Calculator Requires

This overall grade calculator can do real miracles – all tedious calculations will be done in a matter of seconds. Here’re several details you should enter:

  • Assessment type:this is any type of homework assignment or assessment that influences your final course result. For example, a quiz, project, midterm exam or test.
  • Grade:it can be either a letter or percentage, depending on the format at your school (i.e., A+, B-, C or 100%, 80% or 73%).
  • Weight:this indicator shows how many percent one assessment is worth of your total result. For example, an assignment can be worth only 5%, while a test can equal 30%.

Once you do that you will find out your total average. However, if you haven’t taken a final exam yet, you can find out what score you must get for your exam to reach a perfect final grade. You will see an extra field, where you should input such details:

  • Desired grade:this is a final course score you want to earn.
  • Final worth:this is a final exam weight of your total course result.

As you can see, estimating your score is a piece of cake.

High-School and College Grade Calculator

Whether you are a high-school or college student, you can use our school grade calculator to find out your final class score. We did our best to provide you with a simple intuitive interface. No matter what subject or academic level you are interested in, our tool can calculate your achievements without requiring extensive details. Find out your academic results at any time and anywhere, all you need is a stable connection. As you can see, this incredible flexibility is what makes our tool a cut above the rest.

Need a Grade Converter?

Sometimes, all you may need is just to convert percentages to letter grades or vice versa. We’ve got you covered in this, too! You can use this tool as a free grade converter. Just input your grade in a relevant field and have it converted in a necessary format in a flash! Sounds simple, right? In fact, it’s even easier done than said – just try it out.

Students Also Ask About Grade Calculator

Want to learn how calculating grades is done? Or have any questions about our tool? Check out the answers down below and satisfy your curiosity!

FAQ Image

Can I use this tool to calculate my final grade?

Absolutely! Just provide all necessary details and our final grade calculator will estimate the exact final score in no time. Make sure you include each assessment type and its weight. You can add as many assignments as you need.


How can I improve my final grade?

You can use our test grade calculator to estimate the minimum final exam score you need to achieve your desired result. Check if all assignments are submitted and ask your teacher for additional tasks to get extra points. Besides, you can use our online tool to build your studying schedule and manage academic efforts.


I don’t see where to calculate a desired grade for a final exam.

First, you should fill out all required fields for each assessment type. Once you check the box, your total score will be automatically calculated. After that, you will see your current result with additional “Final Worth” and “Desired Grade” fields down below. Input your details to calculate a score you need to get for your final exam.


How to calculate grade percentage?

To calculate a grade percentage, you should divide the total number of points by the maximum score you can get for a specific assignment and multiply by 100. For instance, if you earned 150 points out of 200 possible points, your percentage will be 75 (150/200*100).

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