AI text simplifier: Simplify sentences online for free

Simplify complex sentences with our free AI-powered text simplifier tool. Input text containing long, convoluted sentences and our tool will break them down into shorter sentences that are easier to read and understand.

AI text simplifier: Simplify sentences online for free

Simplify text online in 3 steps

Simplify sentences online without any extra manipulations. Just copy, paste, and get your text simplified in seconds.

Paste your text

Insert or type a complex text into the provided box. Our software will automatically identify and restructure the dense sections.

Choose your settings

Adjust the level of simplification according to your needs. You can choose between a degree and target audience depending on how simplified you want your text to be.

Review the output

Once you press the button, our converter will transform your writing accordingly, Review and copy the simplified version effortlessly.


Advantages of Studycrumb's AI sentence simplifier generator

There are multiple AI text simplifier tools available on the market. However, our online sentence simplifier has several advantages that set it apart from other converters.

IllustrationFree to use

Use our simplify sentence converter for free and without tricky subscriptions involved. You don't have to pay any fees or create an account to access our service.

IllustrationCustomizable settings

Our tool allows you to customize the level of simplification and target audience to match your needs. This means you can simplify a paragraph while still retaining the original context.


No need to manually rework complex texts. Studycrumb's generator produces simplified content in a flash, allowing you to focus on more pressing tasks.


There are no restrictions on the number of requests or type of text you can interpret with our tool. Whether it's a short paragraph or a lengthy essay, our converter can handle it all.


No. 1 AI text simplifier for all writing needs

Elevate your writing across all formats with our top 1 simplification tool. Tailor-made to suit diverse content needs, our converter can be applied to practically any type of writing, be it a single sentence or entire essay.

IllustrationWord simplifier

Count on our simplifier for words to discover easier synonyms and alternative expressions, enhancing individual word choice.

IllustrationSentence simplifier

Break down complex sentences into more digestible structures, ensuring your message is conveyed effectively without sacrificing the essence.

IllustrationParagraph simplifier

Streamline extensive paragraphs, ensuring cohesive and concise content that retains its depth and relevance.

IllustrationEssay simplifier

Optimize academic writing and simplify essays by decomposing dense topics into lucid, reader-friendly content without dodging your arguments.

Article simplifier

Perfect for journalists and bloggers, this feature ensures your articles are clear and accessible. Get rid of redundant details to amplify your readership.

Exceptional text simplifier for complex writing

Lengthy, sophisticated sentence are not grammatically wrong, but they don’t convey the main idea in the same manner simpler sentences do. That’s why almost every professor, course instructor or seasoned writer would suggest using plain language. With the information overflow, it is a great habit to use ordinary vocabulary everyone would understand. But if your writing tends to be very advanced or you are simply trying to make sense of an overly profound article, an AI text simplifier will be a wise option. Whether you're dealing with academic research, technical documentation, or any dense prose, our tool stands ready to decode and refine. It seamlessly transforms multifaceted writings into clear, concise, and comprehensible versions, ensuring that profound insights aren't lost in translation. Embrace the power of simplicity without compromising depth, and let your content shine with unparalleled clarity.

What is a simplified text generator?

A simplifying text generator is an online AI tool built to take input text and transform it into a version that is easier to read and understand. The goal of a simplifying tool is to retain the original meaning of the content while using  elementary words, shorter sentences, and clearer structures. 

This can be especially useful for audiences who may struggle with complex language. Such group of people may include non-native speakers, children, or individuals with cognitive challenges. And let's be honest, even the best of us can get a headache from jargon-packed content. That’s why our AI that simplifies text can also be beneficial for general audiences. By relying on smart tech behind the scenes, the simplify sentences generator aims to make information friendlier and reachable for everyone.

How does our AI generator simplify sentences?

Our sentence simplifier operates using a blend of technology and linguistic understanding. It scans the text and spots key things that make it hard to understand. This includes long strings of clauses separated by commas, unusual grammar patterns, fancy vocabulary or roundabout ways we sometimes express things. 

To simplify a sentence with linguistic redundancies, the generator replaces obscure words with common ones. Moreover, it removes confusing parts and changes passive voice into active voice. All so that, in the end, you get something that feels more like a casual chat and less like a lecture. This approach allows our tool to deliver outstanding results for everyone who turns with ‘simplify my sentence’ request. 

Why do you need to simplify sentence?

Simplifying sentences is essential for effective communication. Not everyone has the same level of familiarity with scholarly writing or terminology. Moreover, there is so much information surrounding us that sometimes it becomes imperative to distill info down to its essence to capture attention. But this is not the only reason. Here’s why you may need to simplify sentences in your text: 

  • Catering to diverse audiences We live in a globalized world where content often reaches people from various cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds. Simplifying sentences ensures that more readers will be able to grasp the intended message, regardless of their prior knowledge or language proficiency.
  • Reduced cognitive load Our brains have a finite amount of processing power at any given moment. When presented with overly complex text, the cognitive load increases, making comprehension difficult. Simplified text allows readers to understand information without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Rise of the digital age In this era of tweets, headlines, and soundbites, people often skim content online. Plain text caters to the reading habits of digital natives, ensuring that core messages aren't lost amidst the noise.
  • Boosting engagement Simplified essays are more likely to engage readers, leading them to spend more time on your content and possibly taking desired actions, be it learning a concept or sharing the information.
  • Enhancing retention People tend to remember clear and concise information better. By splitting complex ideas into simpler sentences, you increase the likelihood of the information being recalled later.

Overall, simplifying text  is not about dumbing down information or compromising on the depth of your writing. It's about making your paper more accessible, digestible, and impactful.

Who can use our simplify text generator?

Studycrumb created a simplify text AI tool to help individuals across different backgrounds make sense of too perplexing information. Anyone searching for a tool that will digest an abstruse text with the least amount of effort can benefit from our generator: 

  • Students Whether clarification or essay refining is needed, students across all levels can benefit from our tool. 
  • Educators Teachers can use it to dissect complex topics into more absorbable content.
  • Content creators Bloggers, journalists, and writers can make their articles, posts, and stories more reader-friendly. 
  • Business professionals In corporate settings, clear communication is paramount. Whether it's creating user manuals, product descriptions, or internal communications, professionals can ensure their messages are concise and clear.
  • Non-native speakers For those learning a new language or not fluent in a particular one, the simplify text converter can be a real life-saver. 

You don't have to struggle with overly tricky text anymore – let our AI do the work for you! 

Why our online text simplifier stands out

What used to be a specialized tool for very limited needs is now a must-have tool for anyone who wants to simplify a text online to understand it better. But given the abundance of different AI instruments, how can you tell what simplify tool is great? Especially, provided that most of them come with a paid subscription. No worry! Studycrumb has you covered. Here are the top reasons why our website that simplifies text is a worthwhile choice: 

  • Exceptional accuracy Our tool boasts state-of-the-art AI algorithms that ensure the highest level of precision in simplifying sentences while retaining their original meaning. This means you can rely on our generator to provide clear, concise and accurate versions every time.
  • No cost attached Unlike many other tools that require deposit or limit the number of uses per day, our simplify paragraph generator is absolutely free to use. You can generate as many reduced sentences as you need without payment. 
  • Speed Our tool processes large chunks of text in seconds and is one of the fastest in the market.
  • Easy access Our online generator can be accessed from any device with internet connection making it a convenient and hassle-free solution for simplifying texts or essays. Whether you're on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, our converter is always just a few clicks away.

So don't wait any longer, give our translator to interpret your text in simple English and get rewarded with extra benefits during your interaction. 

Trust AI to simplify words, sentences & paragraphs for free

Are you tired of spending hours trying to apprehend academic articles, legal agreements, or medical journals? Let us introduce our leading-edge AI text simplification tool, tailored to untangle these complexities. And the best part? It's entirely free!

Distinct from generic simplifiers, our tool is trained on a diverse range of texts, sentences and paragraphs. We supplied it with thousands of exemplary templates. This way, our writing simplifier is not just limited to a particular type of text but is capable of handling a wide variety of content.

Simply paste your challenging text into our platform. Watch as our AI pinpoints and swaps out esoteric terms, offering straightforward alternatives that fit seamlessly within the context. All vague slang and acronyms will be substituted with easy definitions without you having to spend your savings. 

Examples produced by our simplify sentences converter

Let's see our online sentence simplifier in action. Below are some examples of sentences before and after being simplified by our AI tool:

  • Original sentence "Considering the recent advancements in technology, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest developments."
  • Simplified sentence "It's important to keep up with technological progress." 
  • Original sentence "The study found that there was a significant correlation between exercise and mental well-being."
  • Simplified sentence "Exercise is linked to better mental health." 
  • Original sentence "The complexity of the legal system makes it difficult for individuals without a legal background to navigate."
  • Simplified sentence "Legal matters can be challenging for non-experts to understand." 

The choice is simple. Delegate a fuzzy essay to StuyBounty’s text simplifier generator and give yourself some room to breathe. Moreover, we do not disclose any input. So, when you choose to simplify your article with us, you're not just getting clarity – you're guaranteed confidentiality. The end result? A refined and understandable text that won't cost you a dime, setting you on the path to achieve your aspirations in both education and life.

FAQs about Studycrumb’s text & sentence simplifier

Check our answers to the most frequent questions below.

How often can I use your AI text simplifier?

There's no cap on that! Our text simplifier generator is available to you round the clock without any usage restrictions. Whether you have one document or a hundred, we're here to make them clearer for you, entirely free of charge.

Can I use this tool to simplify my text for educational purposes?

Absolutely. Whether you're crafting content for your assignment, preparing educational materials, or drafting essays, our AI-driven text simplifier is at your disposal for all academic endeavors.

Can I choose the level of simplification for my text?

Customization is key! We provide three distinct simplification levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Depending on your content's complexity and your target audience, you can pick the one that fits just right, ensuring the end result aligns with your intent.

Is my text safe and secure when using this word simplifier?

Your trust is paramount to us. We've designed our platform with a robust focus on user confidentiality. Rest assured, any text you feed into our word simplifier generator is processed in real-time and is not retained, logged, or shared. Your content remains solely yours.