First-Aid Essay Writing Tools Kit

There are lots of online tools that can improve your writing. You'll notice the difference as soon as they start relying on this writing software. StudyCrumb provides a full pack of free online essay creation tools for your comfortable & fast editing, idea generation, essay checking, and summarizing.

  • IllustrationEssay Maker

    Use our free essay maker to generate your paper in an instance.

    Generate Essay
  • IllustrationAssignment Calculator

    Time management tool to help you break down your assignments into steps.

    Calculate assignment
  • IllustrationWords to Pages Converter

    Convert the amount of words to a number of pages of your essay.

    Convert words to pages
  • IllustrationEssay Topic Generator

    Generate a catchy title for your essay in a matter of seconds.

    Create a title
  • IllustrationConclusion Generator

    Accurate conclusion generator to create a summarizing paper ending.

    Generate conclusion
  • IllustrationThesis Statement Generator

    Create your argumentative or compare and contrast thesis statement.

    Generate thesis
  • IllustrationTitle Page Generator

    Generate your cover page in any format: APA, MLA, Chicago etc.

    Create title page
  • IllustrationAlphabetizer

    Get all your sources and references sorted in alphabetical order with ease.

    Alphabetize my list
  • IllustrationGrade Calculator

    Calculate your grade and final score in an instant.

    Calculate my grade
  • IllustrationCase Converter

    Convert text case into Upper Case, Lower Case, Title Case or Sentence Case.

    Convert text case
  • IllustrationGrammar Checker

    Check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling with one click of a button.

    Check your grammar
  • IllustrationPlagiarism Checker

    Scan your paper for plagiarism and get an accurate report.

    Check Plagiarism
  • IllustrationSummarizer

    Summarize your academic work in seconds.

  • IllustrationParaphraser

    Paraphrase any text to get a 100% unique essay.

    Paraphrase text
  • IllustrationWord Counter

    Calculate the number of words and characters in your essay.

    Calculate words
  • IllustrationReadability Checker

    Improve your essay readability score based on smart suggestions our tool will offer.

    Check Readability
  • IllustrationEssay Typer

    Use our free essay typer to generate a plagiarism-free paper on any topic.

    Type My Essay
  • IllustrationPaper Grader

    Grade your paper grammar, readability and uniqueness with our free essay rater.

    Rate My Paper
  • IllustrationSpell Checker

    Run a spell check and get rid of misspellings in one click.

    Check Spelling
  • IllustrationSentence Shortener

    Effortlessly shorten your text and sentences for concise, clear writing.

    Shorten essay
  • IllustrationEssay extender

    Expand your sentences and add more words to your essay or paper.

    Extend my text
  • IllustrationEssay Introduction generator

    Trust AI to generate an essay introduction and get a catchy opening in seconds.

    Generate introduction
  • IllustrationEssay hook generator

    Generate a hook for your essay or article with AI at your fingertips.

    Generate essay hook
  • IllustrationEssay outline generator

    Have AI create a structured essay outline on an any topic of your choice.

    Generate outline
  • IllustrationDiscussion board response generator

    Generate a quick discussion post reply for your next class.

    Generate discussion post
  • IllustrationPassive to active voice converter

    Change passive voice to active voice with our intuitive AI converter.

    Change passive to active
  • IllustrationText simplifier

    Try our free AI text simplifier to transform complex text into clear, simple sentences.

    Simplify text

How you’ll benefit from using StudyCrumb free tools?

  • IllustrationFree unlimited checks

    Look no further if you want to check essay for plagiarism free! The tool will compare your essay with other online resources to generate an originality report. Simply paste your text and insert the title of your work and voilà – an essay plagiarism check is ready. You can use a report to correct the highlighted areas.

  • Professional editing services

    Are you about to submit your work? Check a paper for plagiarism to make sure it’s 100% authentic. The tool will show you the percentage of uniqueness, and all you need to do is ensure that it’s acceptable in your school. Change the highlighted phrases if needed and run an extra check again.

  • IllustrationCustomer trust

    Check document for plagiarism as many times as you need. Remember: you can use our tool without restriction until you are finally satisfied with the report. And the fact that it’s absolutely free of charge makes your experience even more enjoyable. So why wait? Copy-paste your document and press that magic button!


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