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Benefits of Our Plagiarism Detector

Free. Accurate. Safe. Rely on our plagiarism checker for students and enjoy anything but unlimited benefits.

  • badge iconTop-quality check

    Expect nothing less than an accurate report as you check an essay for plagiarism with our AI-powered tool. We employ cutting-edge technology that detects accidental plagiarism and exact-match content, but ignores commonly used phrases and citations.

  • badge iconFree Unlimited Use

    The sky’s the limit when it comes to unlimited checks and unrestricted use of our tool. Our plagiarism scanner is absolutely free. You can scan as many assignments as you need without having to worry about unreasonable pricing or limits.

  • badge iconComprehensive Database

    StudyCrumb’s plagiarism checker finds duplicate content in your work comparing it with billions of web resources and academic periodicals found online. Be sure that the paper you submit is 100% original and doesn’t contain exact matches.

  • badge iconUltimate confidentiality

    Look no further if you want to check paper for plagiarism free and have your data protected. We do not store any scanned documents in our database. Once you check your paper, it will be automatically deleted from our system.

Best Plagiarism Checker Free Online

Are you looking for a reliable website for checking plagiarism and concerned with the quality? Or, maybe, you are searching for a free tool that doesn’t require registration? If any of these sounds familiar, we’ve got great news! Our best plagiarism checker for students is a one-stop solution trusted by over 10,000 users involved in academia. We have designed this high-end tool to help you easily detect any sign of plagiarism and create a unique academic work.

Best Plagiarism Checker Free Online

Why a Teacher May Check Paper For Plagiarism

Are you wondering “Why does my teacher check my paper for plagiarism?” You are not alone in this. As you may know, plagiarism is a very serious violation of academic honesty. Checking papers for uniqueness allows your instructors to assess how well you mastered a course and reflected your own ideas based on in-depth research. It’s a standard process widely used at schools, colleges and universities.

It goes without saying that the content you submit must be unique and meet all academic standards. However, sometimes, students unintentionally produce a text that may attract extra attention. Below are some of the most common mistakes that may give a warning signal to your teacher:

  • badge iconStyle of writing

    Your professor is most likely familiar with the writing style you use in your works. However, if the tone of voice is significantly different from the one in other works, your instructor may suspect something is wrong.

  • badge iconText / Font formatting

    Inconsistent use of font or paper formatting may suggest that your essay isn’t completely original. If such phrases aren’t wrapped up in quotation marks, your teacher may think that the paper contains plagiarism.

  • badge iconOld sources

    It is highly recommended to use recent scholarly sources, and for good reason. If your work mostly contains outdated references, your instructor may think that you have used someone else’s ideas, and, thus, will check your paper for plagiarism more thoroughly.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Entrust your academic work to our essay editing service, and our proofreaders will add professional touches to your paper.

Consequences of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty and its consequences can be very serious. Copying academic content without proper referencing or citations is equal to stealing an object. There are cases when intellectual theft led to lawsuits and was strictly punished. While this happens rather rarely, you still should avoid plagiarism to prevent undesired outcomes.

The consequences of plagiarism vary depending on your specific college or university. Depending on the severity of the case, academic dishonesty may have such consequences:

  • Repeating your course all over again
  • Receiving a zero for an academic task
  • Expel from your school
  • Failing a class or course
  • Lower chance to be enrolled in college or university

Nobody wants to carry a reputation for plagiarism and be labeled throughout the whole career. For this very reason, we have created this plag checker that will surely come in handy with your academic pursuits.

Types of Plagiarism Our Plagiarism Detector Eliminates

Our free plagiarism detector is all you need to combat any signs of duplicate content. Here are the type of plagiarism, our tool can help you detect, just to name a few:

  • Direct plagiarism

    Intentional use of other academic work without giving credit to the original source

  • Incremental plagiarism

    Partial use of other scholarly sources (phrases, sentences or separate paragraphs)

  • Self-plagiarism

    Reusing your own academic work that has already been submitted or released

  • Incorrect citation

    Citing a source that doesn’t include the information you are discussing

  • Invented sources

    Creating custom-made citations for the sources that do not actually exist

  • Spinning

    Using a tool to spin a text and substitute exact matches with synonyms; otherwise known as patchwriting

Whether you failed to include a proper citation or accidentally recycled your own ideas, our self-plagiarism checker will allow you to find even the minor mistakes.

Who Can Use Our Online Plagiarism Checker

We have employed the latest algorithms technology has to offer, so anyone can check plagiarism. It’s more than just a free online plagiarism checker for students – literally anyone can benefit from our tool:

  • badge iconStudents

    Check a paper for plagiarism before submission just be on the safe side.

  • badge iconTeachers

    Identify whether a student’s work is unique to properly grade it.

  • badge iconWriters

    Detect duplicates and exact-match phrases to create impeccable content.

  • badge iconEditors

    Recognize the signs of plagiarism while proofreading and editing.

No matter what field you are involved in, it will take only several seconds to paste your text and get an accurate report.

Plagiarism Checker for Students

Our best free plagiarism checker for students will help you check any assignment in a matter of seconds. Whether you are writing an essay, a research paper, a term paper, a book report or review, this online plagiarism detector will be irreplaceable. Try it now, you won’t regret it!

  • Essay Plagiarism Checker

    Essay Plagiarism Checker

    Look no further if you want to check essay for plagiarism free! The tool will compare your essay with other online resources to generate an originality report. Simply paste your text and insert the title of your work and voilà – an essay plagiarism check is ready. You can use a report to correct the highlighted areas.

  • Paper Plagiarism Checker

    Paper Plagiarism Checker

    Are you about to submit your work? Check a paper for plagiarism to make sure it’s 100% authentic. The tool will show you the percentage of uniqueness, and all you need to do is ensure that it’s acceptable in your school. Change the highlighted phrases if needed and run an extra check again.

  • Document Plagiarism Checker

    Document Plagiarism Checker

    Check document for plagiarism as many times as you need. Remember: you can use our tool without restriction until you are finally satisfied with the report. And the fact that it’s absolutely free of charge makes your experience even more enjoyable. So why wait? Copy-paste your document and press that magic button!

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FAQ About Our Plagiarism Scanner

Have any unanswered questions about how our free plagiarism scanner works? Check out the answers below!

Can I check my essay for plagiarism free?

Absolutely! With the tool from StudyCrumb, you will be able to check your essay for plagiarism online for free. It doesn’t require you to pay a cent and can be used an unlimited number of times.

Do I need to register to use StudyCrumb’s plagiarism checker for students?

No. Forget about the time-consuming registration process as you use StudyCrumb’s plagiarism checker. You won’t need to create an account or do any other manipulations.

Does your originality report differ from the one at university?

The interface of our plag checker may differ, but the final result will be identical. Our tool will produce an originality report with the percentage of plagiarised sources found online. However, keep in mind that some schools may have a more extensive database that can help teachers compare your paper with more sources.

Can your plagiarism checker detect accidental plagiarism?

Sure! Our online plagiarism checker for students can help you detect accidental plagiarism. Just paste your text in the field and it will identify whether you have unintentionally used any ideas from other academic sources.

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