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250 Interesting History Research Paper Topics

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People often say that time travel is impossible. I beg to differ. Did you know that researching historical events can be regarded as time traveling? Because you will get more information about events as if you were there. Most university and college students in the United States consider writing history papers uninteresting. Some of their negative opinions stem from inability to come up with unique and fascinating historical research topics.

If you have a history assignment and are stuck on finding a suitable title that can guarantee you success, you are in the right place. Our research paper writers for hire have compiled various history research paper topics that can inspire your essays. Select from different interesting topics in history to research and write on. Apart from giving you 250 research themes, this article also explains what these topics are, their characteristics, and how to choose them.

What Are History Research Paper Topics?

History research paper topics refer to titles that explore past times, events, and the evolution of cultures and traditions. As a branch of more broad social science research topics, they evaluate social, political, scientific, and economic developments that humans have made since the beginning of time. History research topics majorly focus on recorded and unrecorded past events and times. The theme you choose for your research paper or thesis will guide your overall content.

You may be provided with history paper topics by lecturers or professors in your school or required to come up with one of your own. In this case, we have got a huge list for your selection.

Characteristics of Good History Research Topics

Before writing any history paper, you should come up with or select a suitable title. Choosing good history topics to research is a challenging task. As a scholar, you may falter at this stage and pick a topic that is unsuitable for your paper, which eventually affects your grade. Since we want to make it easy for you, we will provide a checklist of characteristics to look out for when selecting titles for your essay. Good topics for a history research paper should be: 

  • Simple.
  • Meaningful.
  • Precise.
  • Unambiguous.
  • Attractive.
  • Expressive.
  • Well-defined.
  • Relevant.

How to Choose a History Research Topic?

Unless you are provided with a title to write on, most times, you will be required to come up with your research topics in history. Generally, this is a broad subject covering different areas. As a result, it may be a tedious task for you to try and select a suitable research topic for history paper. However, do not worry because we will present a series of steps to guide you in choosing a title for your essay. Follow this procedure when you want to pick historical topics to write about:

  • Brainstorm ideas and determine the best one.
  • Evaluate all background information that has been provided.
  • Focus on issues that are interesting to you.
  • Create a keyword list or an outline for your topic.
  • Be flexible in your research.
  • Ensure all titles meet assignment requirements.

List of History Topics to Research

To succeed in your essays, it is vital to come up with good research topics for history. Therefore, you should select unique and interesting historical topics to research. Below are examples of best history research paper topics:

  1. What were major impacts of slave trade in Europe?
  2. Historical development of the industrial revolution.
  3. Factors that promoted construction of pyramids in Egypt.
  4. Negative consequences of World Wars on the global economy.
  5. Effects of the American Civil War on people’s ways of life.
  6. Historical origin of the American Revolution.
  7. Impacts of European scramble for and partition of Africa.
  8. Factors that led to the US-Mexico war in 1846.
  9. Major reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed.
  10. Expressionist movement and its impacts on modern art.

The following list offers everyone what they need. If not, ask our experts for a piece of advice or generate a title to your liking with our Topic Generator.

Interesting History Topics to Research

There are many interesting history research paper topics that you can write on. However, we strive to provide you with the best. We have compiled a list of most interesting history topics for you to pick:  

  1. What processes were taken in abolishing slave trade?
  2. Queen Elizabeth: A historical background of how she came to power.
  3. Factors that led to Americans going into Civil War.
  4. Main uses of money in ancient Greece.
  5. Science that led to discovery of polio vaccines.
  6. Key facts about the American Revolution.
  7. Assassination attempts on US Presidents in the last 70 years.
  8. Effects of child labor during the Puritan era.
  9. Major roles played by America during World War I.
  10. What factors made the Titanic sink?
  11. Environmental impacts of industrial revolution.
  12. What economic role did women play during the Great Depression?
  13. How did the Germantown Battle start?
  14. What influenced the Spanish-American War?
  15. Roles played by religious leaders during the Aztec era.

Good History Research Paper Topics

Apart from interesting titles, there are also good topics for history research paper that can guarantee you high grades in your paper. Below is a list of good history paper topics: 

  1. Historical origin of the Roman Empire.
  2. What tactics were used by Greeks in their win against Persians?
  3. Famous war strategies employed by Alexander the Great in his conquest of Egypt.
  4. What lesson can we learn from construction and implementation of the Great Wall of China?
  5. Most successful attacks by Julius Caesar on Great Britain.
  6. Hun's first invasion of Europe: An analysis of its success.
  7. Challenges faced by Mohammed in his journey from Mecca to Medina.
  8. Impacts of Aristotle’s philosophical ideas in today’s world.
  9. First Greek Olympiad and its legacy.
  10. Famous African American soldiers during the Civil War.
  11. Achievements of Genghis Khan in Asia.
  12. Russia-Ukraine war: Origin of this conflict.
  13. Challenges faced by the American army in Vietnam.
  14. Economic implications of Versailles Treaty on European nations.
  15. Major causes of World War II.

Unique Historical Research Topics

To stand out from other scholars, you ought to have unique history research topics. To get you there, we have provided history topics to write about:

  1. Historiography of reasons that led to World War I.
  2. Adoption of Rococo artistic style in architecture.
  3. Major environmental impacts of late Warthe retreat in central Europe.
  4. What political impacts did cartoons and propaganda experts have during World War II?
  5. What vital religious roles did sculptures play in ancient Greece?
  6. History of famous Christian symbols and their significance.
  7. Psychological significance of Kazimir Malevich's artworks.
  8. Origin and political importance of Dalits in India.
  9. How did Julius Caesar and Cleopatra’s relationship affect his leadership?
  10. Famous medics who played a crucial role during World War II.
  11. What key implications did Balkan Wars have on the European map?
  12. Achievements of Queen Victoria’s first year in office.
  13. Discovery of X-Rays: How and by who?
  14. Spanish Civil War: An analysis of first 100 days during the war.
  15. Key events that followed after Pearl Harbor was attacked.

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Popular History Research Topics

Your selection of research topics on history may also be driven by popularity. If that is the case, we have a list of history research paper topics for you below: 

  1. What factors triggered the Great Depression?
  2. History of the Cold War.
  3. Black Death: Separating facts from myths.
  4. Greatest scientific inventions that have shaped how we communicate.
  5. Islamic Empire: Its origin and positive impacts.
  6. Hundred Year War: Economic impacts on French and English kingdoms.
  7. What key weapons were used during medieval warfare?
  8. What was life like during the Dark Ages?
  9. Significant events that took place during the Crusades.
  10. What caused the American Revolution?
  11. Similarities between the current economic recession and the Great Depression.
  12. Significance of French Revolution.
  13. Factors that led to slavery abolition in America.
  14. Roles played by women during the Civil War.
  15. Consequences of the Cold War in the Soviet Union.

Easy History Topics to Write About

Sometimes you are striving to beat deadlines for submitting your paper. Such times call for easy history topics to research. When you find yourself in such a situation, look at these easy historical events to write about for your inspiration: 

  1. Major impacts of World War I.
  2. Key achievements of the Women's Rights Movement in the past century.
  3. Economic impacts of the biggest earthquake in America.
  4. Salem Witch Trials: Causes and impacts.
  5. How did the European invasion of Africa affect levels of education on the continent?
  6. Achievements of the Ottoman Empire.
  7. Apartheid in South Africa: Its social and political impacts.
  8. Causes of rise and fall of Roman Empire.
  9. Significant inventions during the Middle Ages.
  10. How Native Americans reacted to European invasions of their lands.
  11. Strategies used by the American government to overcome the Great Depression.
  12. How important was Pearl Harbor during World War II?
  13. Consequences brought by nuclear weapons in Europe.
  14. Common effects of Greek culture in Europe.
  15. Major roles played by Shogun in Japanese history.

History Research Paper Topics for Students

Most students always encounter challenges when it comes to selecting historical topics to research. Choosing the right title can make a difference between success and failure in your paper. This is why you need to have various history research questions to help you in selecting your focus area. It does not matter whether you are in middle school, high school, or college because we have a list of topics that will help you get good grades.

History Research Topics for Middle School

There are times when middle school students are required to select historical events to write about. If you find yourself in this situation, we have interesting topics in history suggested for you:

  1. European Middle Ages: Major challenges that were witnessed during that era.
  2. Gender bias roles and how they have changed over time in Britain.
  3. How many soldiers did America lose during World War I?
  4. In what ways have nuclear weapons changed the military?
  5. What measures were taken to abolish slavery in America?
  6. History of the United Kingdom monarch.
  7. How were enslaved people transported to America?
  8. Impacts of the Cold War on the European economy.
  9. Who were the first settlers in America?
  10. Agrarian revolution: Origin and impact in Europe.
  11. Evolution of man according to Darwin.
  12. Positive impacts brought by the Ottoman Empire.
  13. Significance of Shakespearean plays to modern theaters.
  14. Factors that facilitated the growth of the industrial revolution.
  15. How the motor industry developed in America.

History Research Topics for High School

If you are a high school student looking for research topics in history, you have arrived at the right place. Below we have compiled history project topics for you to choose from: 

  1. Factors that promoted growth of the Byzantine Empire.
  2. Repercussions brought by World War II to Britain.
  3. History and growth of Civil Rights Movement in America.
  4. How did World War I cripple Germany's military power?
  5. Major factors that made it easy for colonies to win the American Revolution.
  6. Challenges faced by China in its space exploration attempts.
  7. Why was America reluctant to participate in World War II?
  8. Key benefits of the Cold War to Russia.
  9. Factors that led to eradicating most Native Americans’ cultural practices.
  10. American Wild West: Analysis of myths as portrayed by popular culture.
  11. History of the American constitution.
  12. Fight against terrorism: Its origin and development.
  13. Berlin Wall: Its social impacts on the people of Germany.
  14. Major social revolutions in Britain.
  15. Revolution of the internet.

History Research Paper Topics for College Students

There is a wide range of history research topics for college students. However, to achieve the highest grade, you must find the best history thesis topics for your term paper. The following is a list of the most popular American history research paper topics for college students: 

  1. A comparison between Crusaders and Jihadists.
  2. Most effective farming tools that were used in Mesopotamia.
  3. In what ways has Japanese art influenced European cultures?
  4. Impacts of racial segregation on development of music industry in America.
  5. Major racial events that have plagued American society in the past 50 years.
  6. Key constitutional amendments that have taken place in the US over the last 100 years.
  7. How did Europeans use religion to conquer countries?
  8. Origin and benefits of vaccines to people.
  9. Significance of Marie Antoinette during the American Revolution.
  10. In what ways did the Medici family influence the Renaissance?
  11. How did communist manifesto influence European countries?
  12. Controversial issues surrounding Pope Alexander VI.
  13. Roles played by women during the Vietnam War.
  14. Manson family: Truths and myths surrounding them.
  15. Historical account of first space exploration by America.

Historical Events to Write About

Writing a history paper should be a fun affair. To make your experience worthwhile, we have different cool history topics for research papers. Selecting a theme from these classifications will make it easy for you to write a unique and interesting essay for your research. Go through these topics for history project and use any of them as sources of inspiration for your paper. When you decide on the idea, make sure to check how to write a research paper properly. 

World History Research Paper Topics

One of the most fun titles to write on is interesting world history topics. Although this category is broad, you should not be confused about what to research and write because we have got you covered. Below are world history topics for research paper that you can choose: 

  1. Significant environmental consequences of Persian Gulf War.
  2. Factors that contributed greatly to the fall of Aztec Civilization.
  3. What were the economic impacts brought by the rise of the Qing Dynasty?
  4. Key chain of events that led to the Russian Revolution and rise of communism.
  5. How did the Samurai culture greatly impact nations around Japan?
  6. Life and achievements of Nelson Mandela and his struggle to liberate South Africa from colonial rule.
  7. Major reasons why the Great Wall of China was constructed.
  8. Factors that contributed to Babylon collapsing.
  9. Economic significance of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire.
  10. Mughal architectural influences in constructing Taj Mahal.

US History Research Paper Topics

There are a lot of American history research paper topics that you can select. However, to guarantee your success in this process, we have provided the best US history topics for research paper below: 

  1. Ways in which early settlers in America learned to coexist together.
  2. Major factors that contributed to Witch Trials in Salem.
  3. What laws were put in place to control enslaved people in America?
  4. Key reasons why Boston Massacres occurred.
  5. What factors led to the American Revolution?
  6. Reasons why George Washington is regarded as one of the greatest leaders in American history.
  7. New roles for women after the American Revolution.
  8. Key events that took place in creating the American Constitution.
  9. Conflicts between British and Native Americans in the 19th century.
  10. Modern activism groups. Their origin and development in the USA.

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European History Research Topics

Finding the best European history research paper topics may be difficult because of European countries' different historical and cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, below we have created interesting European history topics that will make it easy for you:

  1. Niccolo Machiavelli's philosophy and its impacts.
  2. Most renowned artist of the Renaissance period.
  3. Maximillian Robespierre: Impacts brought by his reign of terror during the French Revolution.
  4. Factors that led to creation of Austria-Hungary.
  5. Rise and fall of the Viking era.
  6. Characteristics that are associated with Gothic art.
  7. Origin and impacts of Romanticism.
  8. A comparison of great works by Mozart and Bach in the 18th century.
  9. How Cubism revolutionized the art movement in Europe.
  10. Military role played by British women in World War II.

European history has various events described in literature. If you want to focus on how any event is depicted in literary works, don't hesitate to browse for literature research paper topics. 

French Revolution Research Topics for History

The French Revolution is a significant historical period. If you are searching for the best historical topics to research about this period, look no further. Below are best history topics ideas for you to start with: 

  1. Achievements of King Louis IV.
  2. Factors that contributed to Napoleon losing the Waterloo battle.
  3. Major causes of the French Revolution.
  4. How has the French Revolution affected modern France?
  5. Major roles played by the French Revolution in Europe.
  6. What was the significance of Robespierre during the French Revolution?
  7. How did the French Revolution influence music and French operas?
  8. How was Napoleon’s conquest affected by the French Revolution?
  9. Key societal transformation after the French Revolution.
  10. Causes and impacts brought by Champ De Mars Massacre.

American Revolution History Research Paper Topics

Another popular category to write on is American history research topics. When asked to write about the American Revolution, do not be confused. The following are interesting American history research paper topics for your ideas: 

  1. Social consequences caused by the American Revolution.
  2. What role did women play during the revolution?
  3. How did the American Revolution impact Europe?
  4. How did typical Americans live during this revolution?
  5. Famous female writers during the American Revolution.
  6. Negative social impacts of the American Revolution.
  7. Similarities between the Trenton and Princeton Battles.
  8. Significant achievements of Alexander Hamilton during the American Revolution.
  9. How did the revolution change the perception of America by British?
  10. How did George Washington affect the outcome of the American Revolution?

History Research Paper Topics on US Civil War

When looking for popular US history topics to write about, you should consider the Civil War. If that is the case, we have good US history research topics about the Civil War for your inspiration: 

  1. What factors led to the American Civil War?
  2. How is the American Civil War represented in popular culture?
  3. What were the roles played by African Americans during this period?
  4. Impact of Civil War on American society.
  5. Effects brought by the Civil War on ending slavery in America.
  6. Key roles played by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.
  7. Major roles played by women during the Civil War.
  8. Major course of American Civil War.
  9. What are the key advantages of the American Civil War?
  10. How did the Civil War impact distribution of wealth in America?

Cold War History Research Topics

The Cold War has some of the most interesting history topics to research. If you want to be inspired by the Cold War historical investigation topics, we have a list for you below:

  1. What key roles did America play during the Cold War?
  2. What interventions were made by the UN during the Cold War?
  3. How were popular cultures affected by the Cold War?
  4. Why is the Cold War described as an era characterized by fear?
  5. Key events that led to discussions to end the Cold War.
  6. What impacts did the Cold War have on European economic development?
  7. Key events that led to the Cold War.
  8. What major countries were involved in the Cold War?
  9. What was the aftermath of the Cold War?
  10. Cultural shifts during the Cold War.

20th Century Research Paper Topics

Are you searching for 20th-century history paper ideas? Look no further. Below are interesting research topics about history and development witnessed in the 20th century:

  1. Successful tactics used by Gandhi to revolt against British oppression.
  2. Reasons why the assassination of King Carlos of Portugal failed to provoke a revolution.
  3. How the Marne Battle made it easy to stop advancement of German forces.
  4. Factors that facilitated the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
  5. How did the attack on Pearl Harbor change the course of the war?
  6. Methods used to spread and promote Communism ideologies in Europe.
  7. How did the relationship between the Soviet Union and America change over time after 1945?
  8. Factors that led to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  9. Friendship treaties signed between Fidel Castro and the USSR.
  10. Cuban missile crisis: Origin and consequences.

Modern History Research Paper Topics

You may be asked to write a paper on modern history topics. When you find yourself in this situation, go through the following history topics for research paper to get your inspiration: 

  1. Columbian Exchange: Its origin and consequences.
  2. Foods taken by people during the Industrial Revolution.
  3. How was it living in the Wild West?
  4. Aftermath of the Great Famine in Ireland and how people coped.
  5. Negative impacts brought by David Livingstone's exploration in Africa.
  6. Russia's expansion of its territories and how they annexed Siberia.
  7. Characteristics associated with the Commercial Revolution and its impact on world finances.
  8. Positive consequences brought by spice trade in shaping the modern world.
  9. Key inventions that facilitated the Age of Exploration.
  10. Why was Alexander II assassinated?

Extra History Research Paper Topics

You can never fully exhaust historical titles because history is constantly changing and being written. But, by now, we hope you have a clear picture of interesting history research paper topics you can write on. But if you still need more inspiration for your essay, we will provide you with extra history research paper topic ideas classified in the following different categories.

History Research Paper Topics for Exam

Do you wish to study for your history exam and are looking for US history research topics to get you going? Not only do we have various topics on American history to aid you, but we also have interesting world history research topics. Below is a list that can jump-start your revision:

  1. Gender roles in 19th century England.
  2. Economic repercussions brought by World War II in France.
  3. Major people who fought for abolition of apartheid rule in South Africa.
  4. How Roosevelt contributed to ending World War II.
  5. How Alabama's claim impacted America.
  6. Factors that contributed to the rise of communism in China.
  7. Origin and development of the Syrian crisis.
  8. University education in Europe: Its origin and development.
  9. How colonization of America impacted the Natives.
  10. History and development of Veteran’s Day.

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History Research Paper Topics for Academics

There are many interesting things to learn about in history. All you have to do is seek a fascinating historical topic to investigate and learn about. To start you off, we have topics you can look at below:

  1. Similarities between European and American industrial revolutions.
  2. Negative effects brought by the industrial revolution on the working class.
  3. Reasons why Black Death spread rapidly in Europe.
  4. Origin and development of poetry.
  5. Islamic architecture’s influence on modern structures.
  6. Negative environmental effects brought by World War II.
  7. Major reasons why the Soviet Union collapsed.
  8. Importance of Mathematics in ancient Egypt.
  9. Major roles played by women during the Great Depression.
  10. Why was iron important during the industrial revolution?

History Research Paper Topics for Experts

Scholars should not be the only ones looking for stimulating ancient history research paper topics. Experts can also find inspiration in various US history paper topics that we have provided for you below: 

  1. Origin of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
  2. Gulf War: Its causes and social effects on the people.
  3. Social impacts of conflicts witnessed in Syria.
  4. Most respected general during the Roman Empire's rule.
  5. Negative consequences of the Cold War on global politics and direction.
  6. Social and political impacts brought by racism in America.
  7. History of education development in Europe.
  8. What causes the Mexican-American wars?
  9. Factors that facilitated the rise of the Dutch Republic?
  10. Controversial issues surrounding the American Civil War.

Need more ideas? We have a full assortment of titles in different fields. From education research topics or philosophy paper topics to business research topics, you are sure to choose the one you need. 

Bottom Line on History Research Topics

As a history scholar, choosing a title for your essay can seem both daunting and exciting. There are many interesting topics of history you can select to write on. However, picking the right one can be challenging. This article has provided various ideas on the US and world history topics to research and write argumentative essays on. We hope that the above list makes it easy for you to choose a title or inspire you to come up with your own. There are many good historical events to write about. All you need is to go through the list we have provided and make your choice. 

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