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Education Topics for Research Paper: The Best Ideas & Questions

Education Research Topics
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The world we live in reveals a lot of relevant information to include in research topics in education. For better understanding the core problem in society, business world, or education at large, it is helpful to do research. IT segment, social sciences, child development, and many others spheres uncover a wide selection of topics to choose. Students can pick an area they are specifically interested in or have gotten familiar with before.

It might be challenging to define an idea for paperwork. However, whether you study at school, college or university, we believe our guidelines will help you determine the education research topic best suited for your study. Follow the sections below, and you will find out more insights. Contact our academic writing service if you want an expert to write a paper online. Expect top quality and timely delivery.

Education Research Topics: How to Choose

Once you are ready to start writing your essay, it’s time for research paper topics education. It requires considering some steps of thorough analysis to find out the best. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Be current with the latest news. Newsfeeds from proven sources and some governmental reports can disclose what is going on in the world. In addition, they can help pick the relevant data to embark on and develop in the future.
  • Analyze your previous works. Review your essays and research you did earlier. You can find some issues that might have a fresh touch with certain modifications to the present day. Or you can notice other aspects that should be researched deeper.
  • Dive into international practices. Don’t be afraid of looking wider. It is useful to learn the practices in education abroad. It might bring new looks to classical approaches of teaching.

Follow our tips listed above to articulate your own topic, or you can use some provided in the next sections.

Action Research in Education Topics

Action research topics in education involve teachers’ methods and techniques to solve daily classroom problems. They are focused on improving students’ educational performance and better learning particular disciplines. Teacher does research, singles out the issues, and creates a unique methodology. (Read one more blog to find out what is methodology.) Check them down below.

  1. How to keep students engaged during the lesson.
  2. What are the valuable characteristics of a good teacher?
  3. How to recognize what learning style a student needs.
  4. Traditional education vs. home-based education.
  5. Gadgets usefulness at lessons: pros and cons.
  6. How to motivate students to do their home assignments.
  7. Single-sex education vs. mixed-sex education.
  8. Boarding schools: advantages and disadvantages.
  9. New solutions to prevent violence at school.
  10. Improvement of online learning.

Early Childhood Education Research Topics

Early childhood education topics research paper is based on a child’s versatile development at an early age. Such areas are considered as social, personal, emotional, and health development, literacy skills, understanding the life around, and communication. It can be difficult for writers to define some ideas to get started. So we offer some listed below.

  1. Factors that promote mental development for children.
  2. Why play is essential during the early stages of child development.
  3. Impact of social interaction during early years of a child.
  4. Discuss various development aspects during the prenatal stages.
  5. Essential nutrients for premature children.
  6. Why parents should always be by their children’s side during early years.
  7. How television, videos, and games affect a child during his developmental years.
  8. Stages that children pass through in their early years of development.
  9. Impact of the environmental factors in child development.
  10. How children develop ego and self-centeredness in their early growth years.

Elementary Education Research Topics

Action research topics in elementary education disclose the issues related to students who start the educational process at 5 or 6. This period is pretty vital as children begin a new life stage and confront many factors. Until they enter secondary school, high school, then college, children get the most important elementary education and communication skills. Some research topics are given below.

  1. Factors that impact a child's will to study different subjects.
  2. Techniques used to promote outside-of-school reading among elementary school students.
  3. How to create a socially comfortable environment for children from different social backgrounds.
  4. Childhood obesity and its influence on mental development and academic success of a child.
  5. How to help a child overcome social anxiety during cooperation assignments.
  6. Comparative analysis of the most effective anti-bullying programs in elementary school.
  7. How reasonable is co-schooling of children with mental disorders with mentally healthy children.
  8. Why extra-curricular activities are important for the self-esteem of children in the age of 7-10 years.
  9. How the social-economic background of a child influences their academic success.
  10. Including different learning techniques: stepping away from the standard procedures?

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Music Education Research Topics

Research topics in music education can involve developing methods in teaching elementary students. Some research confirms the practical use of music lessons in learning foreign languages. Also, music positively impacts many aspects of children’s development.

  1. Why are modern studies so important?
  2. Can music teachers offer distance learning services?
  3. How can students learn music while respecting COVID-19 measures?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of Zoom music lessons.
  5. Compare metal music with classical music.
  6. Analyze the evolution of American folk music.
  7. What do people who appreciate classical music have in common?
  8. Analyze the history of hip-hop music?
  9. Should we learn more about Asian music in school?
  10. Can E-learning be applied to music education?

Physical Education Research Topics

Research topics in physical education can contain information about the importance of healthy, active life. Nutrition and a basic study-life balance can also be promoted at the early stage of child development. So later, at higher school, they will be able to overcome stress and provide better academic performance.

  1. One hour of physical activity a day: is it enough to remain healthy?
  2. What type of exercising is the most useful for weight loss?
  3. Can supplements substitute vitamins and minerals which healthy food contains?
  4. What can facilities for sports developing offer to different educational institutions?
  5. Is it possible to have a perfect body combining fast food consumption and enough of physical activity?
  6. What is the main reason for children’s obesity and how to cope with it?
  7. Physical inactivity: the biggest and the most dangerous source of health problems in the 21st century.
  8. What’s more effective for human health: PE lessons, sport, traditional exercising or dancing?
  9. Protein diet peculiarities and gym exercising for males and females: pros and cons.
  10. Obesity: the result of wrong nutrition or lack of activity.

Math Education Research Topics

Research topics in mathematics education can be valuable when math study is combined with science and technology. Considering a modern educational trend STEM, it is possible to offer a new approach to learning mathematics at school.

  1. Effect of class size to the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  2. Causes and effects of mass failure in junior secondary school certificate examination.
  3. Effect of student perception on teaching and learning mathematics.
  4. Calculator use in developmental mathematics in a community college.
  5. Evaluation of mathematics methods online: planning knowledge, classroom applications, and pupil outcomes.
  6. Mathematical embodiment through robotics activities.
  7. Gender differences in the complexity of virtual Lego block designs of kindergarten students.
  8. Study of students' perception of mobile learning in probability lessons.
  9. Integrating excel into the high school curriculum.
  10. How can visual interactions support deep learning in geometry?

Special Education Research Paper Topics

Research topics in special education can play a significant role in creating a modern learning system for physically and mentally challenged students. They need special support and an individual approach. So here are some helpful tips to start.

  1. How can teachers help special kids stay away from bullying when in school?
  2. Should special education schools be entirely separate from mainstream schools to build students’ confidence?
  3. Does an inclusive environment help students with disorders or hinder their academic performance?
  4. Students with down syndrome and attention deficit as compared to those with learning disabilities.
  5. Can mainstream teachers effectively teach special education?
  6. How does it sound for a parent to have a kid who is physically lacking in certain areas?
  7. The interaction between students with disorders, delays, and other physical impurities and functioning students.
  8. Students with autism: bullying.
  9. What are the best practices for special children to learn?
  10. Homeschooling children with learning disorders.

Qualitative Research Topics in Education

Topics for qualitative research in education can vary and be applicable in any scientific field. Teachers as well as students can carry out research when undergoing extra programs. Much raw data should be deeply analyzed. So some topics on qualitative research are provided below.

  1. Importance of guidance and counseling in schools.
  2. Learning conditions of children in third world countries.
  3. Impacts of computer literacy on education.
  4. Disadvantages of homeschooling.
  5. How smartphones affect students' academic performance in the academic system.
  6. Easy ways to master foreign languages for students in high school.
  7. Psychological impacts of student bullying.
  8. Significance of school uniform to learning.
  9. Effects of alcoholism on education.
  10. Importance of mental health education in the school curriculum.

Research Paper Topics for Education Majors

Research paper topics for elementary education majors are typically complex as well as topics of law. If a student stands for majors, they strive to choose a more difficult topic to improve their academic performance. Sometimes, they can participate in rewarding public programs and gain a prize.

  1. Reasons why Skype lessons are often not efficient for children.
  2. Social skills and after-school learning activities.
  3. Music therapy for children with ADHD.
  4. Personal beliefs of teachers vs curriculum rules.
  5. The religious schools and interaction beyond the usual environment.
  6. The risks of accessing too much information in middle school.
  7. School food and child development.
  8. The role of teachers in virtual classrooms and online learning environments.
  9. Education and life quality in the rural areas of the United States.
  10. Pros and cons of inclusive classes.

If you are interested in topics about environment, we prepared a special blog dedicated to this theme.

Higher Education Research Topics

Research topics on higher education are considered specialized studies in particular areas. Usually, students from colleges and universities provide additional investigations and resort to scientific journals. They can prepare essays or theses on the world, comparing analysis of education, etc. Here are some ideas.

  1. Should colleges provide students with advanced mental help?
  2. Joining All Black college as a white student.
  3. Pros and cons of higher education in Europe vs the USA.
  4. Double standards related to student loan issues.
  5. The role of collaboration in higher education.
  6. The pros and cons of community colleges.
  7. The bias towards ethnic minorities in American Universities.
  8. The best ways to avoid academic integrity issues.
  9. The success of a personalized approach at Cambridge, UK.
  10. The bias related to Liberal Arts education in 2021.

You may also need literature topics or philosophical paper topics. Do not worry, you will find everything on our platform.

Education Research Topics: Final Thoughts

Research topics mentioned above are only part of the entire education system. Student can choose another area that interests them more, for example, history, religion, psychology, etc. Keeping in mind the prewriting stage, they can gather all information they have to formulate the issue for a research paper.

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Research Topics in Education: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some interesting special education research topics?

Interesting special education research topics can incorporate social influence or behavior in school and home learning. Here are some tips:

  • Distance learning and social change.
  • A school without homework: a case study.
  • Homeschooling: argumentation for and against.

2. What are some art education research topics?

Art education research topics are pretty interesting, and an excellent investigation can be done on it. It’s about a synergy of art, language, and education. It’s a good approach to learn its influence on students’ academic performance and find out its criterion. Some topics are given below:

  • Course evaluation methods.
  • Critical thinking in education.
  • Criterion and norm-referenced tests in education.

3. What are some bilingual education research topics?

Bilingual education research topics can disclose a versatile learning process of a second foreign language. For example, children’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills are central elements for research. Also, it is helpful to include technology used in learning languages and how effective it is. It is useful to comprise high-tech solutions in learning disabled children. Examples of topics are the next:

  • Solution against bullying at educational institutions.
  • Learning methods for blind children: creation and implementation.
  • How technology affects lesson planning.

4. What are some sample research proposal on education topics?

Sample research proposal on education topics involves a wide range of writing opportunities. Topic on education includes many fields and areas to discuss and show up common things with new angles. As a rule, such topics are generalized so students can disclose the point they think is worth considering. They can analyze poems, explain impact of movies on children, etc. Here are some examples:

  • School communication.
  • Encouraging students in reading and literacy.
  • The correct ways to minimize plagiarism and cheating.
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