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Psychology research topics are definitely intriguing. We encounter this science in everyday life. Thus, learning more about it is a great advantage. However, when it comes to academic work or studies, it might be rather challenging to come up with a good topic for your research paper. You might also have several interesting options to study psychological effects or social cues, but narrowing that study will be yet another issue. Or maybe you have chosen a disorder to analyze, but you don’t know how to frame the paper. Whatever the case may be, don’t look any further. We have everything you need and even more to inspire you. So keep on reading to get inspiration for your research! 

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Psychology Research Topics: How to Choose

Scope of psychology research paper topics is numerous. This direction of social studies topics is literally thriving with ideas. But getting the right idea is still a challenge. Many students don’t know how to approach their research, and that is so natural. So check out the steps below to know how you can create your own theme:

  1. Go through class material and focus on themes you have personally enjoyed.
  2. Create a list of those ideas.
  3. Go through your good research topics and try to research whether they have a gap.
  4. If you have found a theme that does have a gap, congratulations, as it is perfect.
  5. Your next step is to narrow it down and start writing.

Social Psychology Research Topics

Social psychology research paper topics are always current. We all face certain social issues, so taking a closer look at them would be a pretty awesome experience. Here you can talk about various disorders, issues with cognition, or similar themes. Take a look below to see possible ideas:

  1. Depression: Influence on everyday life.
  2. Cognition and social interpretation.
  3. Anxiety: Prevalence among adolescents.
  4. First steps in verbal expression.
  5. The instinct modification.
  6. Conditioned response: general aspects.
  7. How do we acquire our basic reactions?
  8. Inherited and acquired in reference to instinct: Their meaning.
  9. Physical factors in mental retardation.
  10. Environment: Its influence on mental ability.

Health Psychology Research Topics

Research topics for psychology can also focus on your overall health and life. Our life greatly depends on mental development. So by examining more about the connection between health and psychology, you can learn something for yourself as well. Our list of subjects is below:

  1. Health psychology: Its main aims.
  2. Developing the contemporary concern with exercise behavior.
  3. Cultural diversity in illness distribution.
  4. Personal environment relationships.
  5. Social networks and connectedness.
  6. The construct of self.
  7. Transactional theory of health.
  8. Conditional and unconditional risks.
  9. Life quality: Its main measures.
  10. Protection motivation theory.

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Clinical Psychology Research Topics

Research topics in clinical psychology are more than relevant. Many people require help when it comes to their mental health. Therefore, you can see how professionals deal with disorders or therapy. Take a look at possible topics that you can find next:  

  1. Clinical psychology: Art and science.
  2. Personality disorders.
  3. Working with people with anxiety disorders.
  4. Family therapy.
  5. Stress: Vulnerability model of mental illness.
  6. Relationship dynamics.
  7. Communication and creativity when working with children.
  8. Clinical leadership.
  9. Therapy for people with psychosis.
  10. Language: Implications when talking to a patient.

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Sports Psychology Research Topics

Sports psychology topics for research papers will be fun, especially for those who actually enjoy sports and their trends. Here you can combine science with sports and talk about football or hockey. Just don’t forget to incorporate evidence, and you have a very good paper on your hands. Hopefully some of these ideas will fit:

  1. Sport psychology: A brief history.
  2. Sensation seeking or telic dominance.
  3. Distinguishing successful from unsuccessful athletes.
  4. Social learning theory: Evaluation.
  5. Structural approach to sport: Applications.
  6. What are children’s attitudes to sport?
  7. Cognitive dissonance theory: Evaluation.
  8. Frustration-aggression hypothesis.
  9. Somatic or cognitive anxiety.
  10. Cohesiveness and performance.

Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics

Developmental psychology research topics focus mostly on human development. We all grow and change in different ways. So one of the main questions is what precisely can influence human behavior. What makes people who they are? This and even more similar questions wait for you:  

  1. Development and its threats.
  2. Violence: Its route and possible solutions.
  3. Standart social behavior.
  4. Life span, growth and development.
  5. Intellectual development.
  6. Race, culture as well as psychological theory.
  7. Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning.
  8. Attachment theory.
  9. Kernberg’s theory of normal as well as pathological development.
  10. Contributions of cognitive science approach to cognitive developmental psychology.

Educational Psychology Research Topics

Educational psychology research paper topics will be especially interesting for students. It is all about how we can make education even more effective with the help of proper techniques. Suppose you know how to do a research paper but can not choose the right topic. Look at these ideas, and maybe you would like something:

  1. Teachers’ perspectives on learning.
  2. Major theories and models of learning.
  3. Physical development during the school years.
  4. Differences in cultural expectations and styles.
  5. Cognitive development: theory of Jean Piaget.
  6. Effects of gender differences in the classroom.
  7. Social development: relationships, personal motives, and morality.
  8. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Its influence on a person.
  9. Moral development: forming a sense of rights and responsibilities.
  10. Motives as goals: Factors affecting them.

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Undergraduate Research Topics Psychology

Research topics in psychology for undergraduate students focus on current and interesting ideas. Here we can include practically anything. Thus, you can choose something that interests you personally or take a look at some of the ideas given below:

  1. Effective verbal communication.
  2. What events are appraised as stressful?
  3. Effective nonverbal communication.
  4. Selye’s general adaptation syndrome.
  5. Structures of participation: effects on communication.
  6. Physiological versus self-report measures.
  7. Self as well as peer assessment.
  8. Eating disorders: Their main causes.
  9. Role of social relationships.
  10. Effects of screening on the psychological state of the individual.

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Psychology Research Topics for College Students

Psychology research paper topics for college students will be slightly more complex than for high schoolers. But harder means also more interesting and complex. Here we pay enough attention to recent trends:

  1. Cannon’s fight or flight model.
  2. Laboratory versus naturalistic measures.
  3. Life events theory.
  4. The transactional model of stress.
  5. The role of dieting in mood as well as cognitive changes.
  6. Physical problems with a weight concern model of eating behavior.
  7. A pre-existing psychological abnormality.
  8. Acquired dependency.
  9. Using information to improve recovery.
  10. Predicting recovery from MI.

Easy Psychology Research Topics

Easy psychology research paper topics are also here. If you think that science cannot be intriguing and interesting, we are ready to prove you wrong. So we hope that the themes down below will impress with how easy the best of them are:

  1. Cognitive development across the lifespan.
  2. Personality as traits.
  3. Social cognition.
  4. Psychotherapy.
  5. Defining a disorder.
  6. Causes and effects of anxiety, OCD, as well as PTSD.
  7. Social influences.
  8. Social relationships.
  9. Personality disorders.
  10. Biomedical therapy.

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Child Psychology Research Topics

Child psychology research paper topics obviously focus on the development of kids. Here you can talk about varied disorders, cognitive development, as well as similar critical points. Do any of the ideas catch your eye?

  1. The behavior of the human infant during the first thirty days of life.
  2. Identification, components of the AAMD behaviours scale.
  3. Stages of moral development.
  4. Punishments and rewards.
  5. Factors influencing moral development.
  6. Characteristics of a creative child.
  7. Development of conscience.
  8. Secondary circular reaction.
  9. Method of observing children's interest.
  10. Maturation as well as hearing.

Good Psychology Research Topics

Good research topics for psychology will be current and have certain gaps that you can fill in. Excellent ones will also use material from your class. So make sure that one of the ideas below was mentioned during your studies:

  1. Socialization process in early childhood.
  2. Social influences on personality.
  3. The pre scientific period in child psychology.
  4. Self-regulation and health behavior.
  5. Self-determination theory.
  6. Barriers to modifying poor health behaviors.
  7. Is screening cost-effective?
  8. How does stress cause illness?
  9. Psychological state and immunity.
  10. How does control mediate the stress — illness link?

Controversial Topics in Psychology for Research Paper

Research topics in psychology are not always straightforward. Believe it or not, science can be controversial. Hence, you can choose to write a research paper on an intriguing and controversial topic. Here is a list of certain things people might disagree on:  

  1. Power relations between men and women.
  2. Social norms of the gay community.
  3. Discourses about sex, HIV and illness.
  4. Sex as an interaction between individuals.
  5. Integrating developmental and decision-making approaches to contraception use.
  6. Is alcohol consumption bad for health?
  7. Is smoking bad for health?
  8. Agreement between health professional and patient.
  9. The role of illusions.
  10. Influences of traumatic experiences on violent individuals.

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Research topics in psychology can also include some experimental stuff. The science we’re discussing is a rather dynamic field. So trends change and substitute one another. Topics you will find below narrow down precisely to science’s place today.

  1. Alternatives to experimentation.
  2. Research ethics.
  3. Field studies.
  4. Probability sampling.
  5. Role of psychology in cancer and its influence on physical health.
  6. Personality variables.
  7. Internal validity of experiments.
  8. Odds of finding significance.
  9. Mixed experimental designs.
  10. Welfare of animal subjects.

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Topics for Psychology Research Paper: Final Thoughts

Today we have given you a list of social psychology research topics. We focused on the causes of certain disorders and definitely paid enough attention to current trends in this science. It is up to you to draw inspiration and come up with your brilliant paper that we know you will nail.

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Psychology Research Topics: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some good cognitive psychology research topics?

Cognitive psychology research topics are one of our personal favorites. Here we can focus on the ways individuals perceive certain information. So if you want to know how the human brain works, these ideas are totally for you:

  • How is color psychology effective in cognitive development studies?
  • What is the attention span, and how to measure it?
  • Memory loss and different ways to recover it?
  • How do memories affect the behavior of individuals?

2. What are some forensic psychology research topics?

Forensic psychology research topics can sound as if they came from the best detective show out there. It’s all about finding clues and figuring out how killers might think. Surprisingly enough, many crimes have been solved because of behavioral analysis. If you don’t believe us, you can ask someone like FBI or just check the ideas below:

  • The psychology of copycat crimes.
  • Myths about serial killers.
  • Gun violence and mental illness.
  • Benefits as well as drawbacks of predictive policing.

3. What are some personality psychology research topics?

Personality psychology research topics help us understand how human character is formed. Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are now? Here we can think about all the people we admire and ask ourselves why they are heroic, brave, or simply incredible. Maybe these ideas will help you:

  • Factors influencing personality.
  • Are leaders made or born?
  • Is authoritarian leadership effective?
  • Characteristics of heroism.

4. What are some political psychology research topics?

Political psychology research topics are very intriguing. If you haven’t thought that we can connect mental science with politics, well, here we are. Politicians are known for influencing people. Therefore, it is only fair that we take a closer look at how we can understand politics with the help of science on our side. These ideas might inspire you to do so:

  • Politics in wartime.
  • Pros as well as cons of totalitarianism.
  • The link between power and morality.
  • The history of politics.
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Article updated on:Feb 18, 2024


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My professor asked our class to come up with topics for quantitative psychological research. However, the overall situation is somewhat confusing. Are there any suggestions you can give for those who try to come up with their topics?
6/24/2022 12:34 PM
Hello Jason,

Yes, it might be a challenge to come up with unique and comprehensive quantitative psychology research topics. Here you can definitely focus on human behavior and how it can be measured using numbers and mathematical models. Maybe some of our topics will fit:

1. Prevalence of stress, anxiety, depression among adolescents during lockdown.
2. How does the amount of sleep influence bipolar disorder?
7/6/2022 4:43 PM
Hey! I was just reading your guide about possible psychology research topics. I really liked it, so I wanted to thank you for it and also give some topic suggestions. As a fellow student, I know how hard they can be. So maybe I can be of some help, and you can consider these options:
1. Prevalence of chronic insomnia in adult patients.
2. Efficacy and effectiveness of family therapy.
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Hi! I really liked your examples of psychology research topics. Thanks a lot! At least now I can get some inspo for my own paper.
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I was just assigned a paper, and I must come up with current research topics in counseling psychology. But I have literally no ideas whatsoever. So maybe you can offer me some ideas to get my process going? Thank you!
8/2/2022 12:18 PM
Hello Shane,

Of course, we can offer you several research topics in counseling psychology. Keep in mind that here you should pay attention to conflict resolution. Moreover, themes concerned with emotional well-being will be perfect as well.

1. Emotional well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak.
2. Prevalence of mental disorders among high school students and possible solutions.
3. Conflict resolution among secondary school students: Effectiveness of counseling.