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Social Media Research Topics: Best Ideas for You

Social Media Research Topics
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Social media research paper topics are a safe bet for your research. Why? Try to remember any person who doesn't use any communication network. We are sure there are not many. Web platforms are now a part of our everyday life. No better key to successful writing than an interesting topic that you understand. Topics like "what are social networks?" will surprise no one anymore. In addition, it does not cause discussion, and you cannot lead to provocative arguments. So read on to find 60 great ideas to help you write paper with pleasure!

Social Media Research Topics: How to Choose

Probably every student will think about research topics on social media at least once. The quality of each work you submit will affect your GPA. Therefore, it can be difficult for inexperienced writers. But choosing topics is already a significant part of the work. Creative themes show how well you understand assignments and motivate you to explore.

We will now tell you how you should approach choosing a topic for research on social networks.

  1. First, read all the instructions to find out what the professor wants.
  2. Then, make a possible topics list. Well, or read ones provided by us below.
  3. Rate them carefully. Choose one that interests you the most. That is why we have divided them into categories. So, ready to jump into many different options for great themes?

In case you are looking for topics in other fields like history topics or sociology topics, read more of our blogs.

Sociology Research Topics on Social Media

Research paper topics on social media are directly related to sociology. This is a platform where the context of modern culture is created. You can get a lot of information about people and their relationships. For example, write about the family institution using mom bloggers. Describe how the media impact society, equality, minorities, stereotypes.

  1. How to find an approach to target an audience of different ages?
  2. Learning through networks: skepticism or effectiveness?
  3. Why do networks make people feel lonely?
  4. Dependence on social networks.
  5. Influence of romantic plots on relationship expectations.
  6. Blogging as a profession.
  7. Culture of influencers.
  8. What got on the Internet stays there forever.
  9. Is it realistic to conduct a sample survey through web platforms?
  10. Illusion of friendship in online networks.

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Social Media Political Campaign Research Paper Topics

Sounds strange, but research topics about social media can also relate to the government. Have you also noticed that more politicians are writing in the press in recent years? Now they are taking on an even more significant role in affairs of state. We find a lot of news on online media. Therefore, it is an excellent platform for promoting political campaigns. People trust television less and less. But on Instagram, a good post about a new candidate from the district will be eagerly liked. Basically, it serves as a plan for attracting extensive data.

  1. How have political campaigns changed over the last 20 years?
  2. Will we ever switch to online voting?
  3. What are the negative consequences of political media campaigns?
  4. Media campaigns and their connection with the spread of stereotypes.
  5. Mistakes in PR in promoting political media campaigns.
  6. Does PR work online during political campaigns?
  7. Role of social networks in politics.
  8. Political marketing research of web platforms of politicians.
  9. People's discussion of the American political situation on Twitter.
  10. Comparison of political influence on social networks and on television.

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Social Media Research Topics: For Teenagers

Social media teenagers' research topics are highly relevant nowadays. Children, especially teenagers, hate it when their parents control their life. They want to act like adults, feel independent, and have their own secrets. They look at influencers, imitate them, and fight for appreciation. But often, parents want to protect their children from this. In fact, the media can positively affect teens. They find friends there, develop themselves, stay abreast of trends. Many people exchange their experiences there, and some even earn money. But, on the other hand, we all know that there are negative aspects to networks. For example, how online media affects the mental health of a teenager. Or the fact that any information can be used against a child. In any case, you can find many interesting topics for your research in this area!

  1. Social networks as a platform for teenage rebellion.
  2. Contribution of online networks to development of modern youth.
  3. Addiction to Instagram and Tiktok (or other social networks).
  4. Escapism to virtual reality.
  5. Influence of media on moral development of adolescents.
  6. Active use of online networks at a young age: pros and cons.
  7. Social networks versus scientific resources: where teenagers will get more information.
  8. How to get a teenager off the phone?
  9. Online media friendship standards in 2021.
  10. Ways of earning a student on the Internet.

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Good Research Topics for Social Media and Mental Health

We cannot forget about health in our good topics for a research paper about social media. Since people are social beings, we need communication with other people. Connecting with locals can relieve stress, anxiety, and sadness. And lack of communication can pose a severe mental health risk. But with online networks, everything is different. Since we spend too many hours on the Internet, it dramatically affects our well-being. Media has many positive and enjoyable benefits. But they also lead to mental health problems. Those addicted to web platforms are much more likely to suffer from mental diseases. This is an excellent field for your future research. We hope that one of our topics will definitely interest you.

  1. How does social media affect mental health?
  2. Why are people addicted to social networks?
  3. Connection between social media and loneliness.
  4. Popularization of psychology through media platforms.
  5. Fear of loss as a problem of our time.
  6. Raising the topic of mental illness in social networks.
  7. Online forums for help of mentally ill people.
  8. Link between depression and anxiety with Instagram and Facebook.
  9. Consequences of cyberbullying for a child's psyche.
  10. Loss of connection with the real world.

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Social Media Research Topics: For College

As a student, you're probably looking for some exciting social media research topics for college. This is expected since networks have a significant impact on our life in the 21st century. Therefore, your professors expect your demonstration of opinions on the media's effect. One way to be successful in writing is to choose a unique topic. But fortunately, we really spend a lot of time in interactive reality. Therefore, there are several relevant topics that we will share with you. Below you will find ideas to help you write your research paper without stress.

  1. Growth of time: spent on social networks in a pandemic.
  2. Changing marketing strategies with media promotion.
  3. Connection between suicide and cyberbullying.
  4. How can websites help you find a job?
  5. Popular online marketing strategies.
  6. Effective methods of personal data protection on the Internet.
  7. Reasons for transition to digital marketing.
  8. How can parents protect their children online?
  9. Prohibitions of some social networks in different countries.
  10. Importance of URL shorteners in creating appealing links for affiliate marketing.

Interesting Research Paper Topics on Social Media and Narcissism

The relationship between narcissism and web usage can be an exciting research topic on social media. What is meant by narcissism? A person's desire to exhibit even more detailed photographs and admire them. I think you may have seen unrealistically processed photos in your Instagram feed. People want more likes for their pictures and are constantly checking their numbers. They are more concerned with their appearance and brand than relationships and other people. Parents are worried about negatively influencing the growing generation.

But on the other hand, researchers do not confirm the fact of narcissism and online media correlation. Therefore, choose one topic from the list below. And you will definitely open up a fascinating, multi-faceted discussion.

  1. Why do online networks force a person to chase approval of followers?
  2. What is the effect of hiding the number of likes on Instagram?
  3. Bloggers as a bad example for teens.
  4. Illusion of success in online space.
  5. How to get rid of approval-seeking stalls?
  6. Building healthy self-esteem in web platform detox.
  7. Can you become a successful blogger without narcissism?
  8. Narcissism versus self-doubt: two extremes of adolescents on the Internet.
  9. Why do we want to follow famous personalities on the Internet?
  10. Movement for popularization of naturalness in social networks.

Social Media Research Topics: Final Thoughts

Fact remains that we all use the Internet, so you need to research topics on social media. Someone is looking for helpful information. Someone is trying to socialize and find new friends. Someone will find out the latest and current news. Someone is trying to grow their business through online marketing. Even your parents have a Facebook account. Therefore, this topic is more popular and relevant than ever. Thus, your professors expect excellent and exciting work from you. Above, we have provided 60 intriguing ideas. Choose one that seems most relevant to you. And then suggest new ways to solve it. Support your beliefs with hard facts. And that's it, you already have a perfect paper!

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Social Media Research Paper Topics: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some argumentative research paper topics about teen girls and social media?

Argumentative research paper topics about teen girls and social media are specific. They are usually most influenced by bloggers. It is caused by their unformed self-esteem. That's why they immediately try to be a popular cosmetic consumer. They try to imitate the behavior of their idols. During this period, online networks can influence their further formation. It all depends on which bloggers and public they follow. 

There are some ideas:

  • Negative and positive effects of social media on teen girls.
  • Influence of social media on teen girls.
  • Psychological effects of social media on youth.

2. What are some good research topics on social media?

Below you can find some more good research topics on social media. But in general, tolerable issues cover something we meet daily. It includes caring about health or solving life problems.

  • Growth of social media in the last 10 years.
  • Benefits of Facebook to youths in America.
  • Relationship between social media and increase in mental health problems.

3. What are some unique research paper topics on social media?

Looking for some genuinely unique research paper topics on social media? We got you! Explore social media through a communication angle. Spice it up with strong, preferably controversial arguments. And your professor will definitely highly appreciate work done.

There are some ideas:

  • Changes in communication trends as a result of social media.
  • Benefits of the government monitoring people's activities on websites.
  • Tactics for building a solid social media presence.

4. What are some great social media research paper topics?

Great social media research paper topics always include socially forbidden issues. It's indecent to talk about them, but everyone wants to discuss it. We advise you to raise the subject of ethics. Well, or consider some famous scandal from politics or show business.

There are some ideas that you can use:

  • Media, ethics, and PR.
  • Why do people prefer scandals in the media?
  • Social advertising: does it work?
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Article updated on:Dec 8, 2023


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