Joe Eckel

Joe Eckel

Articles published:
25 years
Boston University
Ph.D. in English Language and Literature
Associate Professor in English, Academic Consultant
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Having spent more than 25 years guiding students through their theses and dissertations with great attention, Joe Eckel is now sharing his valuable experience with StudyCrumb. As a passionate researcher and instructor, he makes sure that each student gets precious insights on composing A-grade academic writing.

Joe Eckel’s interests have ranged over the years from classic English literature to social studies, psychology, cognitive linguistics and writing techniques. He sees his mission in sharing the ways in which the written word can inspire.

Since starting his career as a Lecturer in English Joe Eckel has helped to learn much more than just classic and contemporary literature. A talented instructor assisted students throughout their journey to powerful writing and literary criticism. Powered by great enthusiasm, he motivated graduate and postgraduate students to achieve a 10% increase in average final results.

Career Highlights:

  • Taught 7 undergraduate and 4 postgraduate courses supervising students in writing MA and PhD theses
  • Provided lectures to classes of 50+ students
  • Helped students gain a deep insight into academic writing principles
  • Prepared teaching materials, presentations and notes that are highly-rated by students
  • Monitored the progress and tailored lectures to specific needs
  • Initiated research projects and offered writing workshops to promote academic success

Joe Eckel is a regular participant of writing and literature conferences. One of the most recent conferences include “Speculative Bibliography” (10 January 2020) held in Seattle.

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