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Biology Topics for Your Research Paper: The Best Ideas

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Some most difficult topics to solve are biology topics. They require special knowledge, a professional approach. You can choose different topics for research papers devoted to humans, animals, or certain diseases. After all, many scientific fields are understudied and require a modern view on problems. Biology is included in many academic fields. It is often interlaced with other disciplines. We will explain the nuances of choosing a topic. We will also suggest some really interesting directions that can make your research successful.  

Biology Topics: How to Choose One for Your Research Paper

If you need good topics in biology, first ask your research advisor or colleagues in a field you are researching for help. They can tell you what is important in biology now and what you should study for your research paper writing. You can also try and find a topic on your own by following our advice:

  1. Do some brainstorming Pick out some keywords relevant to your field of study. Try formulating an exact topic for your thesis statement.
  2. Study your colleagues' recent writings Open a few popular texts, review them, and think about what is missing or if there's something new you could highlight in the topic you read.
  3. Focus on some nuances Choosing a general topic isn't a must. For example, instead of examining humanity's genetic processes, you could focus on gene replication and choose a specific unit.

You can also look for inspiration in related disciplines or recent news, it helps to find relevant topics.

Biology Topics: Best Ideas

We have extensive experience writing and publishing research papers. We also use biology topics to research pretty often. Among some other options, we can include environmental topics as well as those related to microbiology, molecular processes, and living organisms' DNA research. Below you will find many possible topics for writing both dissertations and other works in a scientific research field.

Maybe you will need some ideas in the chemistry field, browse other of our blogs. We have an article dedicated to research topics chemistry.

Interesting Biology Topics

Some people think that interesting biology research topics just don't exist. Some students even believe that this science is filled with complicated terms from a bacteria world and microprocesses field. But we offer some popular ideas which are suitable for a college project:

  1. Microorganisms' immortality factors.
  2. Genetic prerequisites for an obesity condition's formation.
  3. Wild animals' domestication by a succession method.
  4. How do negative environmental conditions affect a human genetic code?
  5. False memories mechanism in adolescence.
  6. Biological weapons from 21st century warfare.
  7. Invertebrate temperature regulation mechanism in permafrost conditions.
  8. Genetic disease research role in the search for a cure for cancer.
  9. Hormonal connections in the human body.
  10. Greatest milestones in biology development.

Controversial Topics in Biology

Controversial topics in biology should be chosen only if preliminary work on the topic has shown possibilities for its disclosure. New species plants, cure for cancer, abortion, cloning problems and mechanisms – all these aspects cause massive discussions among scientific circles. Below, we have chosen some themes that we believe can be called controversial:

  1. How does a genetic code influence humans' racist worldview?
  2. Biological prejudice and abortion in Third World countries.
  3. Physical consequences of having a child from an immediate family member.
  4. Human cloning using "genetic scissors".
  5. Symbiosis of flora and fauna under extreme living conditions.
  6. Prerequisites for IQ decline during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  7. Biological consequences of drug testing on babies.
  8. Abortion procedures risks for women with twin pregnancies.
  9. Parthenogenesis in animals.
  10. How do microwaves affect chimpanzees' reproductive capacity?

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

Biologists are constantly tracking the development and phenomena of organisms, so there are always current topics in developmental biology that can make you a first researcher in a particular field. We offer the most interesting topics right here:

  1. Prerequisites endemic animal species' appearance.
  2. How does age affect cancer risks?
  3. Inborn genetic mutations' mechanism.
  4. Apoptosis' role in cupping incurable diseases.
  5. Unnatural deformations during plant development.
  6. How natural animal communities are used for modeling world development?
  7. Bicoid's role in a drosophila fly embryo's development.
  8. Lily flower development correlation in domestic and wild conditions.
  9. Transgenderism impacts on sexual diseases occurrence.
  10. Genetic implication of the herd instinct in African even-toed ungulates.

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MCAT Biology Topics

Students choose among MCAT biology topics based on their specialization. They often go for history phenomena and human development's control. You should choose a topic relevant to your future field of work. Consider your study's results, which will help to achieve a good outcome. Among themes we recommend there are:

  1. Sleep's neurobiological factors and insomnia principles.
  2. Parasites' symbiotic relationship and carriers in clinical cases.
  3. Evolutionary biology of infectious diseases.
  4. Mechanism of slowing the body's addiction to narcotic pharmaceuticals.
  5. Brain tissue's self-repair after lesions by fungal infections.
  6. Visual-motor coordination under conditions of body overstress.
  7. Neurological processes' simulation in robotics.
  8. How do organic farming affect biological organisms' development?
  9. Music's relaxing effect on coma patients.
  10. Immunological reactions in a macroviruses' control.

Popular Biology Research Topics

Popular biology topics for research papers are most often related to facing consequences of the ecology deterioration (that results from using plastic, running factories, etc.) and the development of an organisms’ variety. They are easy enough to study, but if you want, you can always choose an unexpected direction that will ensure that you write a promising and top-notch paper. Possible topic choices include:

  1. Enzymes' role in the breaking down nutrients process.
  2. PCR reliability in identifying new generation viruses.
  3. Recent confirmation of evolution' Darwin's theory.
  4. A century-long retrospective on human impact on the biosphere.
  5. Natural factors that inhibit population growth.
  6. Probabilities of genetic inheritance under different environmental conditions.
  7. Heredity discovery in Gregor Mendel' s writings.
  8. Life tree concept in interracial relations.
  9. Nerve impulse transmission through artificial neurological pathways.
  10. Natural selection theory in protected areas.

Hot Topics in Biology

The hottest topics in biology deal with pressing issues and new phenomena in biology. Research on human behavior and its impact on living beings is very popular, but choices are not limited to these issues. The following topics are especially popular:

  1. Immunotherapy development and successes for cancer prevention.
  2. Methods to prevent unwanted mutations using CRISPR genetic correction.
  3. Increase of autoimmune diseases in countries with free access to antibiotics.
  4. Body reaction to transplantation of artificially grown organs.
  5. Combating hard drug addiction.
  6. Mechanisms of wild animal camouflaging during evolutionary processes.
  7. Body condition while following a vegan diet.
  8. Disruption of neural connections under the influence of environmental disasters.
  9. Risk of brain stimulation modes.
  10. Endangered plant species extinction and its impact on ecology.

Good Research Topics for Biology

Common good topics for biology research papers can be varied, because science may address even some simple phenomena in different ways. You can choose a topic about immune system or an accumulation effect of harmful elements in the body, but we suggest the following ideas:

  1. Best ecosystem analysis for homeothermic mammalian development.
  2. Microbiological research and natural stocks of beneficial bacteria replenishment.
  3. Features of eye color definition based on modern biological tools.
  4. Biological approach to the analysis of the ancient humans’ paleo diet.
  5. Hypnosis explanation in terms of biological processes.
  6. Modern drug addiction during the era of synthetic drugs development.
  7. Prerequisites and natural states of homosexuality in the animal world.
  8. An internal organ transplantation analysis in terms of organism predisposition.
  9. Correlation of pregnancy course in humans and other mammals.
  10. Hormonal malfunctions and their prevention in adulthood.

You may also need legal topics for your writing tasks. Just keep in mind that we have different topic ideas in many fields.

Biology Topics for Students

Biology research topics for students focus on the further development of current biological science. Students read historical phenomena as well as work with analysis of other scholars' papers. Below, we will take a look at some recommended topics for students of all grades.

Biology Topics for High School

Biology research topics for high school are usually not that complex. More often than not, they are used for students to understand a relationship between modern biology directions and ideas of other researchers. This is entry-level science, so it is not necessary to delve deeply into academic texts, and with that in mind we suggest these titles:

  1. Darwin's theory through the prism of modern biology.
  2. Analysis of the extinct evolutionary branches throughout human history.
  3. Vaccination history and current medical advances.
  4. Archaeological discoveries and their role in past biological innovations.
  5. Hunting consequences for endangered dolphin species.
  6. Prospects for communicating with primates at the current stage of biological development.
  7. Male pregnancy in the animal kingdom.
  8. Risk of obesity in domestic animals.
  9. How does venereal disease affect anxiety and depression?
  10. Analysis of harm to oceanic biospheres due to human activities.

Interesting science topics may come in handy if you are still not sure what to choose.

Biology Research Topics for College Students

Complexity of biology research topics for college students is not much different from high school, but there is more emphasis on invasive research and a study of important diseases from an advanced biology perspective. We suggest that you choose the following titles:

  1. Methods to prevent rejection of transplanted organs.
  2. Vaccination procedures: myths and real benefits.
  3. Analysis of immune system agents.
  4. Oxytocin's role in the human fear response.
  5. Factors of congenital heart disease morbidity growth.
  6. Schizophrenia and disease genetic background.
  7. Use of artificially grown organs in the future transplantology.
  8. Current possibilities of DNA editing to counteract aging.
  9. Endocrinological risk-taking factors.
  10. Legislation to restrict and prohibit abortion on a global scale.

Research Topics in Biology for Undergraduates

Research topics in biology for undergraduates are one of the most responsible types of work that is written during the learning phase. This is why people choose challenging titles that will form a basis for future larger-scale research. Papers are often devoted to a plant and animal world, as well as to highly specialized biology areas. Therefore, you may find these ideas useful:

  1. Hormonal spectrum mental disorders.
  2. Correlation between gender self-perception and mental health.
  3. Biological aspects of the bee family mass extinction.
  4. How does genetically modified meat products affect human development?
  5. Animal world resilience to external risk factors.
  6. Protection problems concerning rare and endangered animal species in the world.
  7. Cognitive neuroscience and its application in clinical therapy.
  8. Implications of molecular and genomic evolution.
  9. Explanation of sleep processes from a neurobiological perspective.
  10. Disease management opportunities in modern biology.

Marine Biology Topics

Taking into account a hydrosphere's importance to a world' s climate and the provision of resources for humans, interesting marine biology topics are easy to find. Often, the origins of species, current disorders, and what is left behind by developmental history are explored. We suggest the following titles for this research category:

  1. The uniqueness of the Galapagos biosphere.
  2. Changes in marine life with global water temperature increase.
  3. A biological perspective on coral formation mechanics.
  4. Comparison of artificial fisheries and natural reservoirs.
  5. Long-term effects of uncontrolled fishing in Asian countries.
  6. The effectiveness of various aquatic inhabitants camouflage.
  7. Military sonar has negative effects on the whale's sensory organs.
  8. Causes and consequences of heavy metal accumulation in fish organisms.
  9. Fishery organization ethical aspects.
  10. Bacteria diversity in the hydrosphere.

Cell Biology Topics

Cell biology research topics consider processes associated with living cells and how they influence other organisms. This is an important subject that does not only have a theoretical aspect, but also leads to scientific growth in a practical sense. We suggest these titles:

  1. Cellular entosis causes and consequences.
  2. Role of cell sticky parts during division and internalization.
  3. Axon homing in the nervous system and how this process affects the individual.
  4. A scientific perspective on bone tissue self-repair with cells.
  5. Ethical aspects of research on stem cells.
  6. Varieties of nutrient transport means between body cells.
  7. Cell self-protection mechanism in mitochondrial dysfunction.
  8. Mitotic kinase Aurora: a role in hereditary polycystic kidney disease development.
  9. Premature cell aging factors.
  10. Cutaneous cell culturing peculiarities in replacement therapy.

Molecular Biology Topics

Current molecular biology research topics require an in-depth understanding of the modern state of science and natural processes in organisms. Added complexity of research and technological progress provide opportunities to better study live organisms. To this end, you can use titles such as:

  1. Current trends review in molecular biochemistry.
  2. Protein biosynthesis in highly evolved organisms.
  3. Telomerase role in aging combating.
  4. Molecular research in modern ways.
  5. Nucleic acid sequencing historical overview.
  6. Immunoglobulins genetic control and molecular structure nuances.
  7. Structural and functional changes in the genome during a cell cycle.
  8. Somatic recombination in the modern biological world.
  9. Nucleic acid and protein studies involving gel electrophoresis.
  10. Non-canonical DNA forms.

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Human Biology Topics

Despite some scientific development and an appearance of a bigger amount of new scholarly works, human biology research topics remain in demand. Diversity of human organisms and their complex structure is often the subject of scientific research, and therefore, we suggest such directions:

  1. Behavior control in neurotic brain processes.
  2. Kidney filtration capacity during a functional process.
  3. Biochemical processes in the brain during cardiac arrest.
  4. Full functionality review of a sodium-potassium pump.
  5. Cerebral cortex capacity and its purpose.
  6. Fiber structural aspects in skeletal muscle.
  7. Hormones production and their influence on an emotional state.
  8. Human population constant growth factors.
  9. An overview of the latest reproductive technologies.
  10. Biomechanical principles in prosthesis engineering.

Cool Biology Topics

If you want to find cool biology topics, be sure to do a thorough selection. Avoid hackneyed questions and recent formulations if possible. Only this way can you choose a really good area of focus and still ensure novelty in the scientific environment. Below, we will look at some interesting titles.

Environmental Biology Topics

It is no secret that global warming and continuing industrial growth make environmental biology topics very important and frequently discussed. It concerns topics about environmental science as well. This is a key to changing the world, so both those who are studying genetics and those who specialize in marine or evolutionary fields are working with an environment. In this category, we identify following themes:

  1. Use of plants in environmental assessment.
  2. "Green energy" and its planned impact on the world's ecological environment.
  3. Human ecology modern problems on a global scale.
  4. Soil and water pollution state in the largest industrial regions.
  5. Correlation of environmental quality and human aging rates.
  6. Ecology of the future analysis based on current trends.
  7. Changing endangered flora species under environmental impact.
  8. Environmental sustainability concept development.
  9. Balance between economic growth and environmental preservation.
  10. The Arctic Ocean biosphere in the context of global warming.

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Conservation Biology Topics

There are lots of conservation biology research topics. Scientists are studying what technology factors affect living organisms. This includes their hormones and overall health. The results are widely used to further the fight to reduce emissions and stop poaching. We suggest 10 good titles:

  1. Natural consequences of uncontrolled deforestation in the Amazon.
  2. The effectiveness of modern wastewater treatment methods.
  3. Projecting the disappearance of the Aral Sea to the current situation.
  4. Ensuring food security with minimal impact on the world.
  5. Nuances of humanity's transition to natural gas.
  6. Methods and reality of cleaning the world's oceans from toxic waste.
  7. Effects biological species' desertification.
  8. Hetch Hetchy Valley Dam and its impact on the natural balance.
  9. Genetically modified plants' development in an increased consumption era.
  10. Soil condition marking by earthworms.

Evolutionary Biology Topics

Over 100 years have passed since the time of Darwin and other evolutionary scientists, but evolutionary biology research paper topics are still in demand. The works are most often devoted to biological evolution of certain basic populations and reach their highest development form. You can write a paper based on these titles:

  1. Biological connection of a wholesome society and an evolutionary movement.
  2. Scientific approach to the racial differentiation.
  3. Aspects of biological species' adaptability to its environment.
  4. Animal physiology adaptation to habitat.
  5. Sexual reproduction benefits.
  6. Principles and nuances of how formation of species works.
  7. Communication between bees through dancing.
  8. Endurance evolution through various animal movements.
  9. Reasons why cancer is invincible.
  10. Modern synthesis problems.

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Final Thoughts About Biology Topics

Above-mentioned biology topics are aimed not only at palliative measures to improve a quality of human life, but also at preventing irreparable human activity consequences. Even a researcher can conduct their own study of existing problems, thereby, contribute to a science development. In this case, your title must be chosen according to your own desires and interests. It will allow you to work effectively through all material. If you still didn't find the right topic we suggest using your Title Generator for more ideas.  

Keep in mind that all our users can find interesting topics in various fields. For example nursing research topicshistory topics, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Biology Topics

1. What Are the Biology Topics About Hormones?

Hormones biology topics, as the name implies, study a women and men hormonal state. We recommend that you choose a title that allows you to study a sought-after question. For example, you might consider hormone therapy effects on patients or older adults, as well as the weighty role that hormones play inside a woman's body.

2. What Are the Neurobiology Research Topics?

Neurobiology research topics are popular because they are used to study factors and processes in the brain. They help science of the future to move forward. The most popular topic is memory mechanism functioning and its relationship to a brain’s structure. You can also look at the factors and migraine causes or schizophrenia. After all, these concepts are poorly understood even considering current developments in science and technology.

3. What Are the Plant Biology Research Topics?

Plant biology research topics deal with a huge number of different ideas. In general, they relate to how plants function, or how they are affected by humans. For example, you can examine a starch formation mechanism in plants and toxin release characteristics as a defense against external factors. In addition, a topic of plants' impact on human well-being and life quality never ceases to be relevant.

4. What Are the Epidemiology Biology Topics?

Epidemiology biology topics are very relevant these days. They allow you to prevent epidemics and deal with their consequences. For example, you can study both types and characteristics of symbiotic relationships. You can also trace a work of a "predator-prey" model through epidemics examples.

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Hi Charlie,

We are glad to help! We have a lot of interesting marine biology essay topics in our database. Check them down below!

1. Ecosystems and global warming.
2. Marine biotechnology developments in the 21st century.
3. Colonizing the ocean floor.
4. Deep sea exploration: Challenges and implications.
5. Acidification of the ocean: Emerging thematic.
6. Radioactive pollution in the Arctic Ocean.
7. Bioluminescence and sea creatures.

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