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Nursing Research Topics: Hot and Fresh Ideas for Your Paper

Nursing research topics can either turn into interesting adventures or your worst nightmare. But we’re here to prevent the second option. When selecting a topic, it’s always good to find something patient-centered. Students with medical specialties will eventually take care of patients. So why not start your preparation with a good paper? You’ll learn more about your discipline and discover new things as the medical field never stops learning. Thus, follow in medical footsteps and continue learning with us and our creative ideas!

What Is a Nursing Research Paper: Main Definition

Nursing research papers are rather serious in their tone and require some labor on your part. Good research papers should be written in an academic style with no slang or colloquial words. Besides, you’ll need to consider time management as research may take more than a few hours. Lately, avoiding personal and professional opinions will also secure a nicely written work. So keep close to peer-reviewed research.

Nursing Research Topics: How to Choose A Better Topic?

To choose your nursing research paper topic, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Narrow your search, so you don’t solve issues of global importance.
  2. Choose something current (writing about plague might have lost its relevance).
  3. Make sure your topic has enough information and peer research on it (within five years).
  4. Think about problems nurses may face or something you have witnessed.
  5. Consider gender studies and issues encountered by women. They are currently relevant.
  6. Select what you actually enjoy writing about. If you find some idea particularly interesting, you should stick to it, as it will help with inspiration for your work.

Nursing Research Paper Topics: The Best Ideas

The best nursing research paper topics will be relevant for the world we live in. Besides, you'll definitely enjoy writing about them. Below, you'll find interesting ideas ranging from gender issues to problems faced by elderly people:

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

Quantitative nursing research topics are relatively self-explanatory. They focus on quantitative data and not qualitative one. In other words: more numbers, fewer words. They may include information on practices or disorders:

  1. Stress impact on the performance of medical professionals.
  2. Correlation between increasing obesity rates and diabetes.
  3. A link between patient outcomes and shift reports.
  4. PTSD rates in veterans.
  5. Risk management effectiveness: Statistics.
  6. Medical organizations’ prevalence.
  7. Mental discourses: Their influence on patient outcomes.
  8. Positive attitudes: How they might affect working shifts.
  9. Influence of music on patients with depression.
  10. Anxiety levels of the nurses new to emergency.

Evidence Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

Evidence-based practice nursing research topics will also include peer-reviewed information. It is always vital for students to conduct prior research as it will improve patient outcomes. We have quite a few inspiring ideas:

  1. The roles of probiotics for bacterial vaginosis prevention.
  2. Genetics and schizophrenia.
  3. Help for patients with mental issues: dissociative identity disorder.
  4. Infection control and its importance.
  5. Oxygen use in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  6. Why measuring blood pressure is crucial.
  7. Evidence-based practice: Implementation in nursing.
  8. Substance abuse: Its treatment with the focus on adolescents.
  9. Nutrition control for patients.
  10. Blood loss: The need for transfusion following knee arthroplasty.

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Qualitative nursing research topics will mostly cover anything that can be proven with observations or theory. So here we have fewer numbers but more written words. Here are our suggestions:

  1. How people stay healthy during the pandemic: Does traditional medicine work?
  2. Schizophrenia symptoms, treatment, and diagnostics in adolescents with alcohol addiction.
  3. Obesity causes among children.
  4. Depression, its link with stress, specifically among college students.
  5. Social distancing: Its importance for effective quarantine.
  6. Vaccination conducted away from hospitals.
  7. Speech disorder and its treatment.
  8. Stroke recovery for elderly patients.
  9. Male sexual health disorders.
  10. Police officers and the anxiety prevalence.

Current Nursing Research Topics

Current nursing research topics nowadays focus on pandemics and infection control. Gender studies can be also included, as well as the themes of diversity. Basically, anything that you might encounter when working as a nurse:

  1. Treatment of pneumonia: New studies and methods.
  2. Professional attitude and its importance for a comfortable environment.
  3. Medical interventions: Pain control for patients.
  4. Hygiene: How it might prevent the virus from spreading.
  5. Gender stereotypes in the medical field.
  6. Abortion ethics.
  7. Diversity in the medical field.
  8. Remote care and possible ways to improve it.
  9. Online consulting platforms for pediatricians.
  10. Social work and its role in improving patient outcomes.

Good Nursing Research Topics

Good nursing research topics will account for the information available in peer-reviewed journals. So make sure you have enough evidence related to your work because it’s important to develop a comprehensive study. Here are several good examples:

  1. The role of education in the medical field.
  2. Legal risk when it comes to patient care.
  3. The importance of technological advances in medical research.
  4. The relation between job satisfaction and nurses’ schedules.
  5. Intensive care and its peculiarities.
  6. Grief counseling for medical professionals.
  7. Organ donations and risks associated with it.
  8. Chronic pains and their management. Usage of pharmaceutical interferences.
  9. The future of medical informatics.
  10. Security and privacy risks associated with adult patient portal accounts.

Child Nursing Research Topics

We can also offer you child nursing research topics. They focus on child development or similar medical issues. But nevertheless, you can easily study something interesting here too:

  1. The risk associated with using pain relief medication on children.
  2. ADHD: Possible causes and treatment.
  3. Antibiotics utilization when it comes to middle-schoolers.
  4. Eating disorders: Treatment for children.
  5. Infant care.
  6. Pet therapy for children.
  7. The development and diagnosis of autism.
  8. Developmental disorders in infants.
  9. Seizure prevalence among preschoolers.

Adult Nursing Research Topics

Apart from children's themes, you can choose something from adult nursing research topics. After all, health is one of the most important things in life. Maybe you'll like one of these ideas:

  1. The common attitudes towards nursing.
  2. Emergency medical service and their public perception.
  3. Diagnostics of HIV and AIDS.
  4. Possible causes of chronic pain.
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth for women with disabilities.
  6. Non-chemical treatment of headaches.
  7. Acute respiratory distress syndrome in adults and its treatment.
  8. Patient rights.
  9. Medical insurance and its advantages.
  10. Safety measures during a pandemic.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Research topics in pediatric nursing are especially interesting for those fascinated by pediatrics as a discipline. Take a look at this selection of ideas to pick something appealing:

  1. Musical therapy for infants and its effectiveness.
  2. Speech difficulties and their treatment.
  3. The usage of medicine in pediatrics.
  4. The place of pediatrics in the medical field as a whole.
  5. Legal risk found in pediatrics and its patient care.
  6. The utilization of technologies in pediatric care.
  7. Respiratory illnesses in infants and their possible treatments.
  8. Pediatric dermatology and its peculiarities.
  9. Ways to prevent pediatric errors.
  10. Antibiotic resistance in children and how to deal with it.

Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

Geriatric nursing research topics naturally focus on issues faced by older adults. We consider everything from asking an elderly mother to seek help, to the ethical issues of forcing an older person to call a nurse. Without further ado, let's look at these titles:

  1. Ethical questions of geriatrics.
  2. Herbal medication for the elderly.
  3. Hearing loss as a significant concern of geriatrics.
  4. Impaired vision, its treatment.
  5. Chronic pains among older people.
  6. Immobility as a significant risk factor.
  7. Self-care for older patients.
  8. Quality of life of older generations.
  9. Breast cancer and medical interference.
  10. Dementia, its treatment.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental health nursing research topics are always relevant. We all deal with stress and social anxiety. So you can't go wrong with one of the proposed themes:

  1. Social anxiety treatment for school children.
  2. Stress resistance.
  3. Medical and chemically induced treatments of phobias.
  4. Influence of social media on mental health.
  5. Society's perception of therapy.
  6. Non-chemical treatment of stress.
  7. Panic attacks and how to cure them.
  8. Possible effects of insecurities on social behavior.
  9. Lack of socialization, its impact on patients with mental disorders.
  10. Support families with mentally ill relatives.

Health Promotion Nursing Research Topics

Health promotion nursing research topics focus on social literacy and ways of increasing it. Thus, essays based on such themes provide people with information about nursing. But we know that you’re here for creative ideas:

  1. Promotion of the medical field through media.
  2. Importance of hygiene as a part of the school curriculum.
  3. Increasing responsibility during lockdowns.
  4. Social media as a health promotion tool.
  5. Methods of advancing self-care.
  6. Postoperative care at home, ways to maintain it.
  7. Physical education as a part of a health promotion program.
  8. Anti-smoking campaigns to decrease the effects of cigarettes.
  9. Health promotion classes for children.
  10. Significance of medical students for social health promotion.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Interesting nursing research topics do not have a strict definition. So you can write about health promotion or anything that interests you. Maybe some of these ideas will do you good:

  1. Advancement of medical insurance and its impact on health care.
  2. Medical practice as the booster of self-care.
  3. Bipolar disorder vs. dissociative identity disorder.
  4. Antenatal care and high-risk pregnancies.
  5. The link between social media and perception of nursing.
  6. The future of the medical profession.
  7. Changes witnessed in the medical field after COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Oral hygiene and how it influences virus spread.
  9. Patient portals and possible legal risks.
  10. Ethics of medical care for mentally challenged people.

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

Neonatal nursing research topics can be of interest too. They are all about the care of infants and newborn babies. Some might say that the neonatal study is rather cute because of all the babies. And, yes, true, they're adorable. But we say — check out these ideas and see for yourself:

  1. Newborn evaluation protocols.
  2. Neonatal services and their variety.
  3. Mechanical ventilation of the newborn.
  4. Chronic lung disease: its detection and treatment.
  5. Intensive care for newborn babies.
  6. Analysis of neonatal mortality.
  7. Medication for neonatal seizures.
  8. Inborn errors of metabolism.
  9. Cerebral palsy in newborn babies.
  10. The immune system in neonatal studies.

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

Critical care nursing research topics possess one of the central places when it comes to the medical field. So they’ll be an excellent fit for a paper or an essay. You can start with the following goodies:

  1. Influence of stress increase during critical care shift.
  2. Symptoms of internal bleeding.
  3. Primary recommendations for critical care nurses.
  4. Critical care medicine used by physicians.
  5. Common complications during critical care.
  6. Recommendations in case of major blood loss.
  7. The utilization of sedatives.
  8. Antibiotics and their application for ICU.
  9. Mechanical ventilation for ICU.
  10. Techniques used for fluid removal.

Nursing Research Paper Topics: Final Thoughts

Well, that was a journey through all these nursing research topics. But we made it! A slight pause for applause, and let’s wrap things up. We’ve covered almost any theme there is when it comes to medical studies. Looking up private clinics or palliative drugs is our final suggestion and also you can try our Topic Generator for finding some new interesting ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Research Topics

If you still have some questions about nursing research topics, this section will certainly clear the air of mystery left.

1. What Are the Popular Nursing Research Topics?

Popular nursing research topics might be classics, but don't worry about using them. Talking about therapy is popular for a reason — people still want to know more. Or you can put a personal spin on them by narrowing the theme.

Anyway, here you can check a few popular medical field paper topics (our personal favorites):

  1. Music therapy and lactation.
  2. Ethics in geriatrics.
  3. Effective therapy for bladder cancer.

2. What Are the Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics?

Women's health nursing research topics may include gender themes, discrimination, or such illnesses as breast cancer. Obviously, the list is endless, and we can go on. But in short, below, you can see several interesting women's health medical article topics:

  1. Women's health among immigrants.
  2. An American model of women's health medical assistance.
  3. A feminist perspective of women's health.

3. What Are the Nursing Intervention Research Topics?

Nursing intervention research topics are not only fascinating but relevant as well. Who knows, maybe you'll find something that suits your idea for the forthcoming paper. So take a closer look at our brief selection below:

  1. Foot massage for patients with cancer.
  2. Art therapy: adult care approach.
  3. Abdominal surgery and NI.

4. What are the pain management nursing research topics?

Pain management nursing research topics are our last stop in this epic quest! Such themes can include varied age groups and illnesses. Nevertheless, without further ado, we present our top picks that finalize this inspiring article:

  1. Pain management for cancer survivors.
  2. Pain assessment for kids.
  3. Pain assessment in elderly patients.

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