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Nursing Research Paper Topics: 350+ Ideas and Question Examples

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Someone once said, “Nursing is a blessed profession because those people are the first and the last to watch the beginning and end of life. Nurses open the eyes of a newborn and moderately close the eyes of a dying man.” This quote summarizes the caregivers' importance in society. However, education for nurses is challenging because they must learn how to provide healthcare and support for patients and research different medical issues. This requires finding good research topics in nursing.

In case you are looking for the best nursing research topics, we have you covered. This article explains nursing research topics, their characteristics, and how to select them. Also, we have compiled a list of more than 350 nursing topics for research papers that are divided into various categories to get you started. Choose the title you like most, and contact our professionals to buy nursing papers cheap should you need any help.

What Are Nursing Research Topics?

Nursing research topics refer to subjects or issues that interest nursing students, which they can investigate and write academic proposals about. Any nursing topic is based on theoretical components, including lab applications, human physiology, and healthcare management. However, it focuses on tackling issues from a caregiver’s perspective, such as elderly and child care, midwifery, primary healthcare, mental health, pain management, women's health, etc.

The process of selecting nursing topics for research paper can be stressful and challenging for many students because practical assignments are extremely demanding, which leaves little time for writing tasks. As a result, finding the right title for your academic paper is crucial.

That's why it is necessary to consider time management skills as your research may take more time than one hour for example.

Characteristics of Good Nursing Research Topics

There are times when students need help with selecting good nursing research paper topics. They may encounter challenges in choosing themes because of mental blocks or lack of time. We have provided tips to guide your selection. Before picking the title, you should be mindful that good research topics for nursing students have the following characteristics:

  1. Original.
  2. Meaningful.
  3. Interesting.
  4. Relevant.
  5. Diverse.
  6. Fresh.
  7. Precise.
  8. Explorative.

These characteristics help in selecting the title of your paper. However, feel free to seek help from your professor to narrow down the options. Their insights might make you more successful in writing your paper. 

How to Choose a Nursing Research Paper Topic?

Before writing your academic paper, it is essential to have a good nursing research topic. Ensure that the selected title has the characteristics mentioned in the above section. In most cases, your teachers will provide suggestions of good research paper topic for nursing that you can choose from. However, if that is not the case, you will have to come up with your own title. You can derive ideas from websites, books, journals, or personal experiences. To set you off, follow the next steps in selecting your title: 

  1. First, identify the field that is most appealing to you.
  2. Second, gather a lot of nursing evidence based practice topics from the category you are passionate about.
  3. Then, deliberate on all the title ideas and eliminate all those irrelevant or with less research scope.
  4. Fourth, select the most comfortable title from this narrowed-down list and begin writing about it.
  5. Lastly, ensure that your topic follows the guidelines provided by your teacher or school.

Best Nursing Research Questions

Using research questions in nursing is one of the best ways to arrive at a suitable topic for your study. A nursing research question can act as a guiding tool. Our professional research paper writers have provided you with some of the best examples of nursing research questions below to aid you in coming up with a great title: 

  1. How does the hospital wards' design influence patients' aggressive tendencies?
  2. Do patients diagnosed with dementia experience any pain?
  3. What is the negative impact of cord cutting on placenta separation?
  4. How has COVID-19 affected caregiving practices?
  5. What positive effects do computerized records have on patient outcomes?
  6. What changes can improve the sustainability of surgical rooms?
  7. How can you assist domestic violence victims?
  8. How to prevent chemotherapy and radiation effects among cancer patients?
  9. Is yoga an effective method for helping patients with back problems?
  10. How can music therapy help lactating mothers?
  11. Do healthcare providers have to be internet savvy?
  12. Are spinal cord nerve damage and persistent constipation related?
  13. What are the advantages of applying cognitive hypnotherapy in managing pain?
  14. How do you manage PTSD among army veterans?
  15. Is the immune system impacted by aging?

Top Nursing Research Topics List

If you find it challenging to come up with suitable topics about nursing, do not panic because you are not alone. In some way, many proficient writers and students have encountered the challenge of coming up with topics for nursing research paper. But we are here to help you jump-start the process by providing a list of research topics for nursing students. Some of them include the following: 

  1. Causes and prevention of childhood obesity.
  2. Effective ways used to treat ADHD.
  3. Ethical considerations for pediatric caregivers.
  4. Causes of pediatric antibiotic resistance.
  5. Effective ways to ensure diversity in caregiving.
  6. Adverse effects of children’s hormonal treatment.
  7. The psychological health impact caused by COVID-19.
  8. How air pollution is adversely affecting children.
  9. How is the immune system affected by age?
  10. What causes seizures in children?

Popular Nursing Research Topics

Another way to develop your essay is to choose from a list of popular nursing topics. There are many common caregiving ideas for your paper that you can choose from. Below we have compiled some of the most popular nursing research topics for students to help in writing your paper:

  1. Advantages of selecting a nursing career.
  2. Dangers associated with chemotherapy exposure.
  3. Night shifts impacts on caregivers' mental health.
  4. Preventing malnutrition in children.
  5. Negative impacts of caregiving as a career.
  6. Benefits of home health nursing.
  7. How caregivers contribute to the medical industry.
  8. Reasons why occupational therapy has increased in popularity.
  9. Key roles that can be played by caregivers in rehabilitation.
  10. Effective measures employed to reduce infant injuries during delivery.
  11. Assessing the evolution of newborn care over the past ten years.
  12. Best ways used to improve working conditions for caregivers.
  13. Analyzing the measures employed in reducing obesity.
  14. Causes of child mortality.
  15. Challenges involved in trying to find the major causes of cancer.

Current Nursing Research Topics

If you want to write about recent affairs, you can select current topics in nursing. Trendy topics are essential in tackling issues that have affected the healthcare industry in recent years. Below is a list of contemporary nursing research paper topic ideas:

  1. Analyzing rising cases of cancer among children.
  2. Measures that bridge existing gender gaps in nursing.
  3. Importance of vaccines during pregnancy.
  4. Causes and impacts of increased use of online caregiving programs.
  5. Does online medical education affect the quality of caregiving?
  6. What positive effects did nurses have during the pandemic?
  7. How computer tomography scans have impacted treatment methods.
  8. Negative effects of poor pain management techniques.
  9. Challenges faced by advanced innovations in clinical cardiology.
  10. Are caregivers supposed to practice specialization in their education?
  11. Best measures employed in protecting nurses during the pandemic.
  12. Parental roles in ensuring healthy lifestyles for their children.
  13. Challenges associated with Telemedicine.
  14. Criteria used to improve the popularity of healthcare professions.
  15. Benefits of community caregiving.

Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Selecting interesting nursing topics is also a great way to ensure the success of your paper. Below is a catalog of interesting nursing research paper topics that will help you: 

  1. Shortcomings associated with medical contracts.
  2. Fundamental causes of anxiety in patients.
  3. Strategies for reducing stress.
  4. The importance of diversity in medical health.
  5. What are the moral aspects brought by euthanasia?
  6. Key causes of hypersensitive diseases.
  7. Methods used in managing low blood pressure.
  8. Reasons for universal medical care.
  9. Practical steps for treating severe headaches.
  10. Major causes of bipolar disorder.
  11. Key roles that can be performed by healthcare providers during an El Nino weather phenomenon.
  12. How can caregivers assist patients dealing with anxiety?
  13. Have technological advancements enhanced healthcare quality?
  14. Techniques for handling elderly individuals who won't eat.
  15. The main causes of death in children.

Good Topics in Nursing

You can get a research topic for nursing students from various lists of ideas online. However, if you are looking for good research paper topics for nursing, you are in the right place. Below we have presented a list of titles that can help you begin your paper:

  1. Key disadvantages associated with Medicare.
  2. How can more men be encouraged to take up caregiving courses?
  3. Methods used for treating osteoporosis in women.
  4. The success of the chlamydia treatment regimen.
  5. The best method for improving patient care standards.
  6. Reasons why caregivers should be tested for drug use.
  7. Efficient methods utilized in treating acne among teenagers.
  8. Advantages of specialization for healthcare providers.
  9. Importance of caregivers being internet savvy.
  10. How nursing roles have changed in modern times.
  11. Factors contributing to the rise in male infertility.
  12. Why should caregivers be subjected to psychological therapy?
  13. Best care for women who have miscarried.
  14. Should caregivers be allowed to provide futile medical care?
  15. Importance of low carbohydrate diet.

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Easy Nursing Research Topics

Sometimes complicated themes are challenging for students. If you feel like that is your case, consider choosing easy nurse topics. Below is a catalog of a variety of easy nursing topics for research: 

  1. Critical roles played by caregivers in medical care.
  2. Analyzing the roles of nutrition in managing obesity.
  3. How does cyberbullying affect children’s mental health?
  4. What benefits do children get from being vaccinated?
  5. Every patient's medical history should remain confidential.
  6. Ways in which caregivers can improve their service quality.
  7. Reasons why the demand for home medical services is rising.
  8. Should all medical records be automated?
  9. How has the quality of medical service improved over the years?
  10. Effective ways for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  11. Effective ways to lose weight for women.
  12. Reasons for decreased child mortality during labor in recent times.
  13. Common ways to manage hypertension.
  14. Signs that a patient has experienced physical abuse.
  15. Efficient methods used in managing stress levels among adults.

Hot Nursing Topics

There is no better way to amaze your professor with your essay than to select hot topics in nursing research. Choosing one of these nursing hot topics provided below will likely guarantee you high grades:

  1. Challenges facing medicine in 2023.
  2. How does unhealthy eating affect athletes?
  3. Effective methods used in protecting healthcare providers during the pandemic.
  4. The COVID-19 epidemic saw nurses play crucial roles.
  5. Technological advancements have greatly enhanced medical care.
  6. People should be taught how to practice preventive care.
  7. Challenges encountered when trying to quit smoking.
  8. Advantages of having caregivers on the school premises.
  9. Significant benefits associated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  10. Effective methods employed in managing headaches.
  11. Strategies that can enhance caregivers’ productivity.
  12. Is massage therapy effective in relieving pain?
  13. Challenges faced in managing chronic diseases.
  14. The most effective strategies for treating eating disorders.
  15. Efficient ways utilized in improving online caregiving education.

Nursing Research Topics for Students in Healthcare

If you are a healthcare student, you can count yourself lucky because you will not encounter the challenges of selecting a title for your essay. The section below has provided different research paper topics for nursing students to choose from. They are classified into different groups to provide various research ideas for nursing students. Go through them and pick the category that interests you.

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

Pediatric caregivers are the ones who take care of children, neonates, and adolescents. There are many pediatric nursing topics for writing a research paper found online. Below are pediatric nursing paper topics to jump-start your mind: 

  1. Reasons why misdiagnoses cases in the pediatric wards are rising.
  2. Major emotional issues among children below ten years.
  3. What ways can be used to manage seizures in kids?
  4. Reasons why children develop resistance to antibiotics.
  5. What is the connection between autism and vaccination?
  6. Should there be specialized training for caregivers who manage pediatric wards?
  7. Reasons for the rising cases of obese children.
  8. How should caregivers deal with pain and injuries in toddlers?
  9. Steps involved in controlling allergic reactions in pediatric wards.
  10. Major health issues that threaten the development of children.
  11. Ethical considerations for nurses working in pediatric wards.
  12. Factors contributing to the rise in childhood eating disorders.
  13. Psychological impacts on parents with kids diagnosed with cancer.
  14. Best management practice for children with heart diseases.
  15. Early life exposure to air pollution and health impacts.

Adult Nursing Research Topic Ideas

You can also write your paper based on adult nursing ideas. These will mainly focus on providing healthcare intervention to adults. We have many nursing research ideas below for you to get you going:

  1. Health implications brought by abortion.
  2. Home remedies for people with high blood pressure.
  3. How should caregivers handle patients in prison?
  4. The proficiency of cognitive therapy in managing pain.
  5. Effective ways to manage alcohol addiction.
  6. Dangers associated with living a sedentary life.
  7. Physical exercises that prevent risks brought by heart complications.
  8. Efficient methods used to manage work-related stress.
  9. How to handle migraines at home.
  10. Reasons why obesity cases are rising among men above 35 years.
  11. Common causes of sleep disorders among adults.
  12. Best ways to reduce dependence on pain medicine.
  13. How can yoga be used as a pain management activity.
  14. Techniques for treating acute coronary syndrome in persons older than 35.
  15. How is the body affected by consuming too much carbohydrates?

Midwifery Nursing Topics

Midwifery care providers are specialists in childbirth and women's reproductive health. Students specializing in this should look at nursing research paper topics. For that, we have provided a list of the best midwifery nursing research topics below to assist you in your essay: 

  1. Management methods for autistic women giving birth.
  2. Evolution of midwifery in the last decade.
  3. Feeding problems associated with newborns and infants.
  4. Techniques for enhancing mother-child ties during postpartum care.
  5. History and development of midwifery.
  6. Best practices utilized in managing pain during labor.
  7. How to deal with postnatal depression among women?
  8. Advantages of maintaining high standards of skin hygiene for newborns.
  9. Managing women with disabilities during childbirth.
  10. Effective ways used in treating pregnancy-induced hypertension.
  11. Best ways to assist during prenatal and postnatal stages for fathers.
  12. Technological advancements in midwifery and their impacts.
  13. Reasons why mothers should ensure vaccinations for newborns children.
  14. Why has the childbirth mortality rate reduced over the last decade?
  15. Explanations for the increased number of women choosing to deliver at home instead of the hospital.

Elderly Care Nursing Research Paper Topics

Elderly care nursing topics are also prevalent among scholars. You can choose any elderly care nursing research paper topic from the catalog provided below:

  1. Techniques for avoiding delirium in older people.
  2. Methods for improving pain treatment in elderly individuals.
  3. Should the elderly be subjected to vaccinations?
  4. Managing cases of Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Physical exercises that are not strenuous.
  6. Age-related changes to the immune system.
  7. How to shield senior patients from injuries and slips and falls.
  8. Caregivers should get specialized education to deal with geriatric patients.
  9. Preventing risk associated with cardiovascular ailments.
  10. Biological mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease and to prevent it in geriatric patients.
  11. Nursing approaches to providing ophthalmic care to elderly individuals.
  12. Interventions strategies to prevent adverse drug effects in senior patients.
  13. Regular exercises that help maintain joint movements.
  14. Should older patients be subjected to chemotherapy?
  15. How is sepsis managed in critically ill older patients?

Women's Health Nursing Research Topics

Women’s health topics in nursing are some of the most trending and relevant titles you can use for your essay. The following are some of the best women’s health nursing research paper topics that you pick from:

  1. Evaluation of why women experience sleep disorders.
  2. Ways used in treating menopause.
  3. Diseases that affect female sexual health.
  4. Managing infertility cases in women.
  5. Addressing cultural variations in women's health.
  6. Techniques for preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Symptoms associated with breast cancer.
  8. Factors that contribute to high numbers of infertilities.
  9. Best ways employed in treating acne.
  10. Factors that increase fertility.
  11. Approaches employed in dealing with postnatal depression.
  12. Preventive measures for vaginal atrophy.
  13. Efficient methods of detecting breast cancer.
  14. Best pregnancy prevention practices.
  15. How can nurses help prevent sepsis that comes after labor?

Need more ideas? Browse psychology research topics and choose something special.

Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

Mental disease is a serious health problem that has recently gained global attention. Therefore, studies focusing on mental health nursing topics are among the most searched. These are some  prevalent mental health nursing projects topics for you:  

  1. Evaluating caregivers’ mental health.
  2. Reason why there is an increase in stress cases after the pandemic.
  3. Are there effective methods to treat schizophrenia?
  4. Evaluating the significant causes of depression.
  5. How has social media contributed to the rise in mental incidents?
  6. The symptoms associated with chronic anxiety.
  7. Is it advisable to use medication in treating mental health issues?
  8. Advantages of using antipsychotics in treating mental problems.
  9. Best methods used in managing dementia effects.
  10. Causes of mental health issues among medical practitioners.
  11. How to prevent aggression acts among teenagers caused by playing violent video games.
  12. Causes of PTSD among war veterans.
  13. Treatment strategies for patients with cognitive impairment.
  14. Major causes of bipolar disorder.
  15. Practical steps that are taken in treating panic attacks.

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Pain Management Nursing Research Topics

The most crucial nursing research problem is pain management. Some students will likely provide interventions for patients dealing with pain. If this is your area of concern, you should look at various pain management nurse topics to get your inspiration. The following is a narrowed-down list of pain management topics for you: 

  1. Major roles played by caregivers in treating pain.
  2. Assessing the efficacy of non-pharmacological pain management techniques.
  3. Successful modern pain management medications.
  4. Efficient methods used in remedying chronic pain.
  5. Managing pain in hemophilia.
  6. Steps involved in treating headaches.
  7. Best pain managing exercises for women in labor.
  8. How can caregivers relieve pain in cancer patients?
  9. Methods used in treating spinal cord nerve injuries.
  10. Advantages of therapeutic injections.
  11. Can Benson’s relaxation therapy be used to relieve pain?
  12. Applying cognitive hypnotherapy in relieving body discomforts.
  13. How may rheumatoid arthritis be treated with opioids?
  14. The ideal use of myofascial pain rehabilitation.
  15. Treating children's stomach pain.

Health Care Management Nursing Research Topics

There are many healthcare research problems in nursing that you can base your essay on. Some of the best healthcare nursing project topics that you can choose from include: 

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare?
  2. Should the healthcare industry seek to have more diversity?
  3. Does gender play a role in caregiving?
  4. What steps should be taken to encourage more people to take caregiving courses?
  5. How has technological advancement affected the quality of healthcare services?
  6. Should remote care be explored as a way of enhancing the service?
  7. How can caregivers rise to become physicians?
  8. Approaches taken to improve staff relations in the hospital?
  9. Leadership styles that are effective in caregiving.
  10. Best training methods for healthcare providers to keep them up to date.
  11. Importance of caregivers adhering to the uniform codes and rules.
  12. How can healthcare providers take leadership positions in the hospital?
  13. The procedures for establishing a private medical practice.
  14. Methods used in improving record keeping.
  15. Ethical considerations that caregivers should know when dealing with patients.

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Primary Healthcare Nursing Research Topics

For those students seeking primary healthcare nursing concept topics, there are various topics you can find on the internet. However, to make your work easier, below we have provided a catalog of primary healthcare nursing related research topics that you can pick from:

  1. Economic implications associated with enhanced primary healthcare.
  2. Best ways to treat chronic medical problems.
  3. Primary care for diabetic patients.
  4. Advantages of antenatal treatment.
  5. Methods employed in assessing medical care quality.
  6. Should pharmacists perform roles meant for physicians?
  7. Key considerations made in primary healthcare.
  8. Efficient methods of treating stroke.
  9. Advantages of the private sector's involvement in creating mental health services.
  10. Challenges faced in financing quality primary healthcare.
  11. How data collected during primary healthcare can be used in research.
  12. Technologically advanced methods used in cardiology.
  13. Common techniques used in evaluating patients’ health.
  14. Key responsibilities played by social workers in providing direct healthcare.
  15. Is preventive medicine effective among elderly patients?

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Nursing Research Paper Topics on Obstetrics

Obstetrics is a field of caregiving that focuses on providing care during pregnancy, childbirth, and after birth. There are many nursing research problems that you can write on obstetrics. You can choose the following nursing related research topics for your essay: 

  1. Dangers associated with hypertensive disorders.
  2. Causes and prevention of hypertension during childbirth.
  3. Best management practices for labor and delivery.
  4. Steps employed in resuscitating newborns.
  5. Dangers related to consuming foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids for pregnant women.
  6. Disadvantages of water birth.
  7. Best antenatal care plans.
  8. Challenges involved in saving mother and child during delivery.
  9. Methods of dealing with pre-term labor.
  10. Advantages of incorporating music therapy during lactation.
  11. Key dangers associated with early pregnancies.
  12. Best methods to manage post-delivery stress.
  13. Nutrition that helps mothers recover better after delivery.
  14. Unhealthy habits during pregnancy that might be dangerous.
  15. Best foods that increase fertility among women.

Health Promotion Nursing Research Topics

Health promotion aims at encouraging communities and individuals to choose healthy behavior, which reduces the risks of diseases. Selecting a healthy lifestyle is a research problem in nursing that needs addressing. As a scholar, there are many health-promoting issues you can analyze as your clinical nursing problems for research. The following topics are an excellent way to start:

  1. Nutrition misinformation that is spread on the internet.
  2. Best practices of educating parents to ensure their children grow up healthy.
  3. Causes of increased dependency on Telemedicine.
  4. Ways of promoting healthy living among older patients.
  5. Dangers related to leading an inactive lifestyle among the youths.
  6. Methods used in preventing medical misinformation on the internet.
  7. Dangers associated with fake news on health.
  8. Impacts of short staffing on patients’ outcomes.
  9. Modern and safe methods employed in cancer screening.
  10. How can social media be employed to promote healthy lifestyles?
  11. Steps that are taken to discourage inactivity behaviors among the youths.
  12. Dangers related to cigarette smoking.
  13. Methods used in reversing the adverse effects of diabetes.
  14. Raising awareness on the causes and risks of heart diseases.
  15. Is secondhand smoking dangerous to people’s health?

Biology research topics may be helpful as well. Look through additional ideas and come up with something unique.

Nursing Careers Research Paper Topics

You can also investigate medical careers by examining nursing education topics as a scholar. Caregiving is a career that still has plenty of room for growth. This can be achieved by evaluating various nursing problems for research. These are titles that you can look at to get you off: 

  1. How will caregiving be affected in the future with more technological advancements?
  2. Challenges that affect the process of diversifying the healthcare industry.
  3. What leadership skills should caregivers have to be effective in their roles?
  4. How do nurses who work during the night deal with stress?
  5. Steps that are taken in dealing with anxiety.
  6. Critical functions played by clinical health providers.
  7. Primary ethical considerations for caregivers.
  8. Practices that ensure safe prescription of medication.
  9. Role played by nurses in critical care services.
  10. Career paths for caregivers.
  11. Methods used in preventing infections in the line of duty.
  12. Dangers associated with the nursing profession.
  13. Coping mechanism for caregivers during the pandemic.
  14. Benefits and drawbacks of a mobile intensive care unit.
  15. Tactics employed to deal with an elder who refuses to eat.

Topics for Nursing Research: Qualitative & Quantitative

When choosing your nursing research topics, you should consider the research design you want. The research questions you come up with will direct the type of design that will conclusively answer them. As a result, your research topic choices can be either qualitative or quantitative. To make it easier for you, below we have further explained the two types of nursing research examples.

Qualitative Research Topics in Nursing

Qualitative nursing research topics deal with caregivers’ personal experiences with their patients that are derived through observation and interviews. It uses induction to gain evidence that will support a particular theory without generalizing obtained results. The following are examples of qualitative research questions in nursing:

  1. Challenges in dealing with caregiving stereotypes.
  2. Problems associated with systematic racism in healthcare systems.
  3. The evolution of the nursing profession since the 20th century.
  4. Main accreditation issues in medical school for caregivers.
  5. How technology has improved the process of caregiving.
  6. Importance of healthcare staff in primary care.
  7. How does music affect the psychological conditions of patients?
  8. Importance of robotics in the healthcare industry.
  9. Method of preventing harmful effects of obesity.
  10. How to treat victims of sexual harassment.
  11. Major physical activities that elderly patients can participate in.
  12. Efficient methods utilized in managing depression.
  13. Chief causes of dyslexia in children.
  14. Managing patients who have PTSD.
  15. Making older patients' cancer therapy more effective.

Nursing Quantitative Research Topics

On the other hand, quantitative nursing research topics deal with obtaining empirical evidence through generalization and deduction. Below are examples of quantitative research topics in nursing: 

  1. Benefits of healthy diets.
  2. Efficacy of Telemedicine.
  3. Causes and symptoms of heart complications.
  4. How are cardiovascular problems treated?
  5. Dangers associated with information overload in medicine.
  6. Development of Telehealth.
  7. Ethical considerations of assisted suicide.
  8. How effective is primary health care for the patients?
  9. What roles do caregivers play during an operation?
  10. Leading causes of mental illnesses in adolescents.
  11. Unconventional methods that may be used in treating diabetes.
  12. Disadvantages of using probiotics in treating diarrhea.
  13. Efficient strategies that can be used to assist patients who try to commit suicide.
  14. How statistics are used to analyze the benefits of changing your diet.
  15. Effective methods for assessing pain in critical patients.

Bonus Ideas on Nursing Research Paper Topics

You should now be able to select a topic for your essay because we have given you a variety of research topics related to nursing to choose from. The above titles are obtained from different areas of nursing. However, modern times call for different approaches to caregiving. Browse chemistry topics for research to come up with some new and interesting ideas for your paper. If you want to focus on more recent evidence-based practice nursing research topics, we have different varieties for you to choose from below.

Nursing Topics for Discussion

Many research questions for nursing aim at triggering deeper conversations on issues from different health stakeholders. If you want to generate a discussion around a particular subject, you should come up with a suitable nursing research topic. The following are examples of such titles:

  1. Is child health insurance a human right?
  2. How can the gender gap that exists in healthcare be reduced?
  3. Compare and contrast complementary and alternative therapies.
  4. Are video games responsible for increased teen aggression?
  5. Should elderly patients be allowed to use alcohol?
  6. Should a caregiver force food on elderly patients who refuse to eat?
  7. Should all hospitals adopt the usage of Telemedicine?
  8. Is online education a competent program for nurses?
  9. Should caregivers be allowed to prescribe medicine to patients?
  10. Are nurses given the same respect as that offered to doctors?

Nursing Topics for Presentation

Consider nursing presentation topics if you are required to write an essay to present to a class or other medical practitioners. The following are examples of presentation research topics related to nursing: 

  1. Key disadvantages associated with Telemedicine.
  2. What is the connection between mental stability and obesity?
  3. The best non-medical techniques for recuperating from physical trauma.
  4. Factors contributing to the rise in teenage alcohol misuse.
  5. The main signs of bipolar disorder in children under the age of 14.
  6. Health issues related to menopause and how to prevent them.
  7. Best ways to treat bone injuries at home.
  8. Effective ways used in managing obesity in women above 35 years.
  9. Reasons why Telecare is essential to caregivers.
  10. Is pet therapy an effective method that should be used in managing autism?

Literature Review Nursing Topics

Analyzing previously written nursing research projects provides the best source of information for you to seek answers to different medical issues. If this is what you are aiming at, we have a variety of different nursing literature review topics below:

  1. How effective is the caregiving education program?
  2. Challenges facing caregivers in using modern treatment.
  3. Effects of family therapy on the mental well-being of adolescents.
  4. How can caregivers improve pregnancy care outcomes?
  5. Laughter therapy and its positive impacts on patients.
  6. Social repercussions of HIV.
  7. Problems associated with teenage alcohol addictions.
  8. How do caregivers manage drunk patients?
  9. Recognizing the signs of patients who have been abused.
  10. Ways in which gardening therapy is used to reduce anxiety among the elderly.

Check out literature topics for research papers, you may find something interesting for you.

Nursing Thesis Topics

You need a suitable thesis to find an appropriate title for your nursing research project. The thesis you choose will guide your research question, which you seek to answer with your findings. Below are examples of nursing thesis topic ideas for your paper: 

  1. Consequences of avoiding regular checkups.
  2. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on pupils' mental health.
  3. Ways of preventing racism in the healthcare industry.
  4. Importance of treating cancer using bacterial injection.
  5. Ethical considerations for organ transplants.
  6. Best methods that should be used in administering vaccines.
  7. Steps in managing alcohol addiction among adults.
  8. Confidential ways used in helping patients of domestic violence seek justice.
  9. Disadvantages associated with using excessive antibiotics in children.
  10. Effects of alcohol consumption on pregnant women.

Nursing Research Question Examples

Many nursing research questions examples can help you develop suitable evidence-based practice titles for your essay. These will guide your ideas, making it easy to create a suitable topic. The following are examples of research questions in nursing to get you going: 

  1. How can caregivers assist patients who are abused domestically?
  2. What effective methods are used in resuscitating newborns?
  3. What are the main symptoms of dyslexia?
  4. What advice should caregivers give to parents who have children with eating disorders?
  5. How to treat patients who are in prison.
  6. What is the connection between teenage drug abuse and popular pop culture?
  7. Methods used to treat seizures in young adolescents.
  8. Should caregivers adhere to medical uniform code principles?
  9. What therapies are effective in treating speech disorders?
  10. What are the advantages of Telemedicine?

Bottom Line on Nursing Research Topics

We understand the stress that comes with writing a nursing research paper. One of those challenges is difficulty in choosing suitable topics for nursing research. However, we have provided you with more than 350 nursing student research topics to inspire you to write your essay. These topics are derived from the different areas of nursing. Others are evidence based practice nursing research topics. Select one that will add more knowledge to the healthcare industry and write about it. 

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