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Do you find identifying suitable chemistry research topics difficult? You are not alone! Many students consider it challenging and time-consuming to choose an interesting chemistry topic for a research paper. In this blog post, we will discuss various research topics in chemistry to help simplify your research process. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with ideas from different fields and academic levels. Apart from defining research topics and discussing how to select one, we have provided examples to help kick-start your research project or assignments.

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What Are Chemistry Research Topics?

Chemistry is a field of science that covers the structure, composition, and properties of elements and compounds. As a student taking this subject, you will encounter multiple experiments, chemical reactions, and analytical study methods. This branch of science can be subdivided into multiple areas, including organic, inorganic, biochemistry, physical, analytical, and nuclear science, among others.

Chemistry research paper topics are talking points related to the branches of science outlined above. To ensure that all learning objectives are met, instructors may require students to work on various topics in chemistry. You would be expected to source your chemistry research topics ideas from all possible branches. In one instance, your topic could be associated with analytical science, in another - with practical discussions, which is an entirely different thing despite both areas being categorized as chemistry subfields.

Characteristics of Good Chemistry Research Topics

Selecting a good research topic for chemistry plays a vital role in determining the probability of success when writing your paper. It is, therefore, important to know the characteristics of good chemistry topics for a research paper. Although you can derive discussions from many sub-areas, these research topic ideas share many common characteristics. A great research topic should be:

  • Precise, meaningful, clear, and straightforward
  • Analytical and researchable using logical methodologies
  • Of theoretical or practical significance
  • Supported by numerous academic evidence and sources.

How to Choose a Chemistry Research Topic?

Chemistry is a broad subject with multiple research areas. If you are not keen enough, you may easily get lost in its variety and fail to select a congenial title. So, how do you deal with this issue? In a nutshell, the process comes down to two aspects – your passion and competence. Below are step-by-step guidelines that you can follow to determine interesting topics about chemistry:

  • Pick chemistry research topics with your knowledge capabilities in mind. Do not choose a topic that is beyond your academic level.
  • Choose something that is interesting to you. If you are fascinated with the selected topic, you will find responding to the research questions to be much simpler.
  • Select a research title that is convenient to work on due to the sufficient amount and availability of existing evidence and references.
  • Ensure that the chosen chemistry topics for research paper are within the subfield you are majoring in and that it meets your instructor’s requirements.

Once you select the most appropriate title, see how to write a research paper like an expert.

Chemistry Research Paper Topics List

There are many research topics for chemistry to choose from. In this section, we have compiled examples of the best topics from various sub-areas. Below is a list of chemistry research topics for papers:

  1. Latest developments in DNA technology.
  2. Negative effects of using pesticides in food production.
  3. Importance and potential drawbacks of using fertilizer in commercial agriculture.
  4. Acids and bases: composition, properties, and applications.
  5. Industrial chemicals and environmental pollution.
  6. Dangers and side effects of using ibuprofen.
  7. Acid-base neutralization process.
  8. Air pollution implication on global warming and climate change.
  9. Ageing and the brain.
  10. Catalytic reaction mechanisms.

The chemistry research topics list above is created by drawing ideas from different sub-areas, thus covering a significant part of scholars’ inquiries.

Interesting Topics in Chemistry

In some instances, one may select a research topic because it is just fascinating. There are interesting chemistry topics that can explain intriguing phenomena in your day-to-day life. Alternatively, you can also opt for something related to essential issues in the current society. Here are sample chemistry interesting topics you can research into:

  1. Composition and effects of e-cigarettes.
  2. Food dye composition.
  3. Measuring electrical conductivity in a salt solution.
  4. How to change a penny’s color to gold.
  5. The scientific explanation of foam formation.
  6. Silicon usage in cosmetic surgery.
  7. Evidence and application of surface tension in day-to-day life.
  8. Examining pesticide residue in farm products from different grocery stores.
  9. How does molecule composition affect the physical appearance of things?
  10. Sodium metal reaction on water surfaces.
  11. How to separate dissolved sugar from water.
  12. How to clean up oil spills at sea.
  13. Rust formation on metal surfaces.
  14. How to chemically remove rust from stainless steel.
  15. The science behind turning boiling water into “snow” in a cold winter.

Easy Chemistry Research Topics

The science studied in high schools is way simpler compared to postgraduate one. You can find easy chemistry topics to research if you focus on certain academic levels and sub-areas. For example, physical chemistry has easy chemistry topics to do research paper on. On the other side, inorganic or analytical sub-areas tend to offer scientific research research topics that are more technical. The list below outlines easy topic examples you can pick from:

  1. Determining the percentage composition of oxygen in the air.
  2. Patterns in the periodic table.
  3. Atomic theory: primary principles and applications.
  4. Chemical and physical properties of starch.
  5. Determining the pH level of various liquids.
  6. Properties of acids and bases.
  7. Why is glass the preferred material in laboratories?
  8. Balancing chemical equations.
  9. Analyzing different chemical bonds.
  10. Alkali metals and their properties.
  11. General characteristics of metals.
  12. Noble gasses: properties and reaction characteristics.
  13. Water purification methods.
  14. The periodic table: its historical background.
  15. Alkaline earth metals: properties and reactivity.

Innovative Research Topics in Chemistry

Innovative chemistry topics for research paper relate to new ideas and ways to go about things. Using these ground-breaking topics related to chemistry, you can discuss new materials or methodologies. If you are interested in innovative research topics, here are some examples you can borrow from:

  1. Gene modification in medical chemistry.
  2. Improved cancer treatment using bacteria-based biohybrid microrobots.
  3. New methods used to detect explosive residues.
  4. Studying the molecular makeup of particles in space.
  5. Substitute for pesticides in farming.
  6. Nanophotonics in aeronautics.
  7. Nanomaterials production process and techniques.
  8. Clean energy alternatives for fossil fuels.
  9. Photocatalysis usage in 3D printing technology.
  10. Biodegradable polymers as alternatives for plastics.
  11. Silicon dioxide usage in solar cells.
  12. Chemical reactions in lithium-ion batteries.
  13. Self-healing concrete: basic principles.
  14. New materials for lightweight planes and vehicles.
  15. Polymer analysis in a restricted environment.

Cool Chemistry Research Topics

Sometimes, our title selection might be guided by how cool and fun the study results will be. If you are looking for cool chemistry topics to research on, you are in the right place. We have compiled some cool chemistry topics for you to choose from.

  1. How World War II influenced computational chemistry.
  2. How do chemicals in our brains create different moods?
  3. Composition and properties of laughing gas.
  4. European alchemy: historical background and its impact on modern science.
  5. Developing a film at home: chemicals required and process.
  6. Why lemon juice stops apples from browning.
  7. Different flame colors and their scientific explanation.
  8. Using a potato to light a bulb.
  9. Principles of chromatography.
  10. Utilizing cloud seeding in alleviating drought conditions.
  11. Finding iron in a mixture of metals.
  12. Gas chromatography: how it works and its applications.
  13. Application of vibrational spectroscopy.
  14. Surface tension and the dish soap experiment.
  15. How to make a homemade water filter.

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Intriguing Chemistry Topics for Research

There are many chemistry topics to write about. However, not all topics are intriguing (and frankly, most are the other way around). Below are topic examples that can instantly draw readers’ attention:

  1. Non-existing chemical compounds.
  2. Molecular structure of artificial honey as compared to natural honey.
  3. Stem cell studies: ethical implications.
  4. Principles of polymerase chain reaction and DNA replication.
  5. Organic chemistry applications in our daily living.
  6. Chemicals as weapons of mass destruction.
  7. How does adding sugar to a soft drink affect its density?
  8. Synthetic molecules in the pharmaceutical industry.
  9. Aerosol formation and its application in body spray manufacture.
  10. Analyzing the gasoline production process.
  11. Benzene molecular structure and its use in the cosmetic industry.
  12. Why are 96,000,000 black balls dumped into the LA reservoir?
  13. Water recycling methods.
  14. The discovery of oxygen.
  15. Importance of esters in our day-to-day living.

If you closely review the research topics for chemistry paper above, you will find them arousing your curiosity much more than the ones in other sections. These topics will challenge your initial line of thinking or introduce you to the concepts that just stand out.

Unique Chemistry Research Topics

There are some chemistry paper topics that are rarely worked on by students. People ignore these topics because they are either complex or lack adequate conclusive information from previous studies. If you are brave enough and wish to have a unique presentation, you can consider the research topics in chemistry below:

  1. Organosilicon compounds and their use.
  2. Nucleophiles and electrophiles.
  3. Molecular structure of Teflon and its industrial application.
  4. Sodium azide usage in automobile airbags.
  5. Dangers of COVID-19 tests that use sodium azide as the reaction reagent.
  6. Chemical composition of steroids and their effects on human beings.
  7. Artificial diamond production process.
  8. Insulin production biotechnology.
  9. Evolution of lethal injection.
  10. Effects of chiral class drugs on human health.
  11. Chemical residues in livestock.
  12. Artificial organs and their potential implication on transplantation.
  13. Role of nanoreactors in nanotechnology and biotechnology.
  14. Dangers of phosgene to human health.
  15. Production of dry ice.

Popular Chemistry Research Paper Topics

Unlike the unique study subjects discussed in the previous section, popular topics relating to chemistry are widely researched. Students favor these topics due to reasons like their simplicity, availability of adequate evidence, and their relevance to current issues. You can pick a hot topic in chemistry from the list below:

  1. Metal oxide usage in electronics.
  2. Importance of nitrogen to human survival.
  3. How do temperature changes affect chemical reactions?
  4. Lewis structure for ionic compounds.
  5. Analysis of the hydrophobic effect.
  6. Hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuel.
  7. Application of thermodynamics law in our lives.
  8. pH level calculations and analysis.
  9. Gas laws and their application.
  10. Why is Earth viewed as a closed thermodynamic system?
  11. Redox reactions and their industrial applications.
  12. Decomposition process of polymers.
  13. The anomalous expansion of water.
  14. Impact of fluoride ion on dental health.
  15. The use of lithium, magnesium, and calcium compounds in clinical medicine.

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Controversial Chemistry Topics for Papers

Just like in any other subject, there exist chemistry project topics that are controversial in nature. People are understandably more passionate about some subject matters compared to others. Discussions related to, for instance, chemical usage in battlefields and the health effects of using certain chemicals tend to attract heated debates. Below are some controversial topics in chemistry that you can write about:

  1. Biochemicals usage in warfare.
  2. Impact of fast-food chemicals on the human brain.
  3. Gene modification in human embryos.
  4. Bioconjugation techniques and how they are used in drug delivery.
  5. Synthetic molecules replication techniques.
  6. Use of lethal injection in execution of criminals.
  7. Ethical justification for euthanasia.
  8. Manufacture of chemical poisons.
  9. Fritz Haber’s controversial inventions.
  10. Artificial organs and their role in healthcare.
  11. Electromagnetic energy conversion to chemical energy.
  12. Dangers of using fertilizer in farming.
  13. Analyzing the water memory effect.
  14. Synthesis of food from non-edible items.
  15. Bio-inspired molecular machines and their applications.

Chemistry Research Ideas for Students

Students are often required to work on some chemistry project ideas to successfully complete their course. Depending on the sub-area one specializes in, and the academic level, research matters will vary significantly. For instance, chemistry undergraduate research project ideas are incomparable to highschool research titles. Some subject matters are only suitable for professional research. This section sorts the research ideas into their respective academic levels.

Chemistry Research Topics for High School

Chemistry research project ideas for highschool students are relatively easy compared to higher academic levels. The tasks are not very demanding in terms of the research methodologies used and the time required to complete them. At this level, students are introduced to the basic concepts of the subject. Common chemistry topics for high school are outlined in the list below.

  1. Acids and bases in the reduction-oxidation reaction.
  2. Importance of studying chemicals and chemical processes in high school.
  3. Ionization techniques for the mass spectrometry process.
  4. Avogadro’s Law: analysis, formulae, and application.
  5. Thermochemistry lab experiments.
  6. Laboratory safety rules.
  7. The hydrolysis analysis.
  8. Acids: structural composition, properties, and use.
  9. Noble gasses configuration.
  10. States of matter and their characteristics.
  11. Optimizing indoor plants life through chemistry.
  12. Role of enzymes in chemical and biological reactions.
  13. Thermal effects of chemical reactions.
  14. The law of multiple proportions in chemical reactions.
  15. Constant and changing variables in Boyle’s law.

Chemistry Research Topics for College Students

Chemistry project ideas for college often require students to dive deep into a subject. Rather than explaining the basic concepts, you may be instructed to apply them in addressing problems. A college chemistry project will require you to dedicate more time and conduct more research. Below are some of the title ideas for college students and undergraduates:

  1. How much energy is produced from burning nuts and chips?
  2. Dangers of using radon in construction and potential solutions.
  3. Chemical composition of aspirin and its effect on human physiology.
  4. Green chemistry application in the food industry.
  5. Phosphorescence versus fluorescence.
  6. Dihydroxyacetone phosphate conversion.
  7. Big data and biocomputing in chemical studies.
  8. Thermoelectric properties of materials.
  9. Artificial organic tissue development in laboratories.
  10. Nuclear fusion: primary concepts and applications.
  11. Power production process in lithium nickel batteries.
  12. Medico-biological importance of group 3B and 4B elements.
  13. Global cycle of biologically active elements.
  14. Importance of chemical knowledge in cancer treatment.
  15. Inorganic materials usage in the military.

Chemistry Research Topics in Different Fields

Chemistry can be divided into many sub-areas. Each subfield has interesting chemistry topics to research into. To choose a research topic in chemistry, you need to first determine a sub-area you would wish to specialize in. However, even within these fields, there are still many title options to choose from. To help reduce the confusion and simplify the selection process, we have categorized potential research discussions into their respective sub-areas.

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

Organic chemistry mainly involves studying the structure, composition, properties, and reaction of carbon-based compounds. It is among the most commercially applied subfields, which makes organic chemistry research paper topics very common. I am sure you must have encountered products manufactured using organic chemistry principles within your surroundings. If you wish to learn more about these products, you can explore these latest research topics in organic chemistry:

  1. Pain relief medicine: chemical structure and composition.
  2. Composition, use, and effects of polymers.
  3. Retin-A usage in acne treatment.
  4. Organic chemistry usage and application in daily life.
  5. Types of organic compounds isomerism.
  6. Aromatic hydrocarbons as industrial raw materials.
  7. Alcohol hydrophilicity in aqueous solutions.
  8. Physical and chemical properties of polyhydric alcohols.
  9. Synthetic polymer applications: synthetic fiber, Teflon, and isoprene rubber.
  10. Fetal alcohol syndrome: types and symptoms.
  11. Structure and properties of phenols.
  12. The application of organic chemistry in birth control.
  13. Nucleic acid stability.
  14. Parameters affecting proton chemical shifts.
  15. Structure and properties of lipids.

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

This branch deals with the study of structure, composition, and properties of materials that do not contain carbon. Research paper topics for inorganic chemistry focus on metals, minerals, and inorganic compounds. The list below compiles chemistry projects topics and ideas related to inorganic chemistry.

  1. How to create new and improve existing alloys.
  2. Implication of inorganic chemistry on the environment.
  3. Application of inorganic chemistry in the cosmetic industry.
  4. Interaction between sulfuric acid and organic materials.
  5. Lattice energy and enthalpy for different ionic bonds.
  6. Characteristics of different types of nucleosyntheses.
  7. Uniqueness of hydrogen bonds and polarity.
  8. Hard and soft acids and bases (HSAB) theory.
  9. Dalton’s Law: principles and applications.
  10. Structure of a gemstone and how it impacts its appearance.
  11. Relationship between inorganic and biochemistry.
  12. Parameters affecting Bronsted-Lowry acidity.
  13. Crystal field theory: analysis and disadvantages.
  14. Application of angular overlap model.
  15. Primary laws of photochemistry.

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

The determination of the objects’ primary makeup of objects is the main interest of this branch. Various analytical methods, including spectroscopy, chromatography, and electroanalytical techniques, are often discussed in the subfield. As such, many analytical chemistry research paper topics focus on these or other analysis techniques. Below is a list of research topics on analytical chemistry:

  1. Analytical techniques used in forensic science.
  2. Examining the electroanalytical techniques.
  3. Importance of analytical chemistry to the environment.
  4. Miniaturization and its use in analyzing pharmaceutical substances.
  5. Evaluating the working principles of activation analysis.
  6. Gravimetric analysis principles.
  7. GMOs usage and their potential hazards to human health.
  8. Potentiometric measurement methods.
  9. Liquid and gas chromatography.
  10. Spectroscopy methods and their use in detecting and quantifying molecular and structural composition of samples.
  11. Dispersive X-ray analysis of tissues.
  12. Analytical methods for determining the side effects of ibuprofen usage.
  13. Benefits of the isomerism framework.
  14. Acid-base titration as a quantitative analysis technique.
  15. Application of spectroscopy in medicine.

Environment Chemistry Topics for Research

The apparent global warming and climate change threats have led to the development of a new area of study. This sub-area has project topics in chemistry that explore the impact of human activity on the environment and the potential solutions for slowing down and reversing the climate change process. Common environmental chemistry related topics include:

  1. Negative effects of deep-sea mining.
  2. Ground water contamination: causes, dangers, and potential solutions.
  3. Oil spillage and its effect on marine life.
  4. Effect of heat engines on the environment.
  5. Safe disposal of toxic waste.
  6. Global warming: causes and potential remedies.
  7. Potential alternatives to fossil fuels.
  8. Innovative methods to minimize pesticide usage in agriculture.
  9. Cultivated meat as an alternative to livestock farming.
  10. How efficient is artificial photosynthesis.
  11. The Chernobyl ecological disaster.
  12. Analysis of life-cycle assessment (LCA).
  13. Environmental benefits of using energy-saving lamps.
  14. Environmental pollution by nano toxins.
  15. Potential solutions for global warming.

Need more ideas on the environment? Check our list of the best environmental research topics for students. 

Physical Chemistry Research Topics

Physical chemistry is the study of the behavior of matter. Physical chemistry topics for research papers focus on analyzing the physical and chemical properties of atoms and molecules and how they interact with each other. You can use a project topic on chemistry from the list below:

  1. Surface tension and its impact on mixtures.
  2. Diffusion of liquid and gasses.
  3. Reaction of bromine under UV rays.
  4. Pressure effect in chemical reactions.
  5. Bonding between atoms and molecules.
  6. Analyzing Schrodinger’s equation.
  7. Hess’s laws: principles and application.
  8. Effects of intermolecular forces on the melting point of a material.
  9. Entropy law of thermodynamics.
  10. Relationship between quantum mechanics and atomic orbitals.
  11. Chemical kinetics in pharmacy.
  12. Analyzing the physical and chemical indicators of milk.
  13. How to determine atoms’ electron configuration.
  14. Why isotopes exist.
  15. Determining the group based on its successive ionization energies.

Chemical Engineering Research Topics

In this section, we will discuss research topics of chemistry related to the design and application of chemical processes. Here are some of the chemical research project ideas that will impress your instructor:

  1. Chemical engineering concepts in the food production industry.
  2. Analyzing wastewater treatment techniques.
  3. Conversion of rocket fuel to energy.
  4. Analyzing different mixture separation techniques.
  5. Industrial application of chemical engineering concepts.
  6. Non-reactive mass balances and mass balance with reaction.
  7. Binary distillation and its application.
  8. Gas absorption usage in the chemical industry.
  9. Reaction kinetics in a plug flow reactor.
  10. Water splitting for hydrogen production.
  11. The application of MIMO theory in the control of chemical process operation.
  12. Chemical engineering applications in the healthcare sector.
  13. Nanofiltration member usages in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.
  14. General overview of microfluidics.
  15. Production of high-quality foam.

Nuclear Chemistry Research Topics

A nuclear chemistry research project deals with radioactivity-related processes. You may encounter this branch of science in nuclear energy production, military applications, and even in the hospital. Some of the researchable topics in chemistry of nuclei transformation include:

  1. Computation of an element’s half-life.
  2. Radioactive elements in real life and how they are being used.
  3. Nuclear fusion: the process and its function.
  4. Types of radioactive decay.
  5. Effects of radiation on biological systems.
  6. Safe radioactive waste disposal.
  7. Application of nuclear science in the healthcare sector.
  8. Analyzing the three types of radiation.
  9. How to destroy toxic organic compounds using irradiation.
  10. Is there a possibility of cold fusion ever happening?
  11. Biological application of radiochemistry.
  12. Dangerous consequences of ionizing versus non-ionizing radiation.
  13. Optical chemo sensors: principles and applications.
  14. Interaction between water and radioactive materials.
  15. Radiation accident cases in human history.

There is a vast assortment of research ideas for your study on our platform. Be it biology research topics or nursing research paper topics, we have all of them here.

Bottom Line on Chemistry Research Topics

In sum, chemistry is a broad subject with multiple sub-areas. Depending on your preference, you can choose interesting chemistry research topics for papers from the many subfields. Apart from selecting a good research subject, also remember that is always mandatory to adhere to proper writing procedures! Besides, select chemistry essay topics that will keep you excited till the end of research, as you wouldn’t want to quit in the middle and switch to another topic. If you combine all provided tips together, you will definitely find it easy to select and work on research in chemistry topics.

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