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Are you looking for argumentative topics for your essay? Then, you’ve come to the right place! As you may know, an argumentative essay belongs to a special writing genre that involves writers into in-depth subject investigation. One of the main tasks — to gather, evaluate and generate evidence. Students have to establish positions on any issue in a concise way. This may sound like an uphill struggle, but the whole writing process will be an easy breeze if you have decent topics for argumentative essays.

From awesome ideas for middle-school students to inspiring topics for college students, you will find tons of argumentative questions in this article. So keep on reading, and get ready for the finest collection of ideas waiting for you ahead. Or order your essay online right from the start if you're in a hurry.  

What Are Argumentative Essay Topics?

Argumentative essay topics are subjects about which you can form an argument or take a stand. These topics are often controversial, giving you a chance to present evidence that supports your position, and aim to persuade your readers to agree with your viewpoint. They range across numerous categories, from politics, social issues, technology, to environmental concerns and more.

Unlike topics for a synthesis essay, where you combine information from different sources to support your argument, argumentative topics require one-sided evidence. Here, you need to focus on a single standpoint and use firm argumentation to prove it.

How to Come Up With Topics for Argumentative Essay

It goes without saying that successful theme choices greatly influence your argumentative essay introduction. But this doesn’t mean that you should pick the easiest ones. It is strongly recommended to select debatable argumentative essay topics. Why? It is self-explanatory. A controversial issue makes audience take part in discussion. In result, you will be able to bridge the gap between your readers and your academic assignment. Plus, an insightful debate makes research highly evaluated.

From our professional experience, the best argumentative essay topics are those in Science, Medicine, Sociology, and Technology. It is recommended to shake things up a bit and mic several ideas. For example, you may go for Science + child development or mental health + Hollywood movies. The influence of one aspect on another sets flow of thoughts.

Last but not least, your main subject should be narrow enough. For example, you don’t want to explore the influence of cinematography on mental health. Instead, you should opt for a more specific aspect – the impact of some particular TV show or movie on child’s mental health. Another argumentative essay example is a rapid development of digital technologies. And again, be specific. Is this true that MTs make our life easier? Does there exist some threat because of intense influence of technology on human being?  

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics in 2022 include deep connection between modern society and hot issues. All these ideas are divided into several categories for easier navigation. So go to the one that is most relevant to your field of study. And remember: students should depict supporting facts in argumentative writing. Without these, there will be no value, so your teacher may get disappointed. Below are some of the most popular and highly appreciated argumentative essay topics. Also, don't hesitate to employ college essay writers for hire if you're in a hurry. At StudyCrumb, they're pretty good!

If you need other topics, such as analytical topics or definition argumentative essay topics, you will find them in our blogs.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

We recommend sticking to serious topics, though, funny ones still exist. Maybe it sounds weird, but a little humor won’t hurt anybody. Here are some funny topics for an argumentative essay:

  1. Would you like to live for ages?
  2. Why is everybody crazy about McDonald’s?
  3. How is social media rewriting the world?
  4. Could opossums become the best people’s friends?
  5. Why is it recommended to meditate before falling asleep?
  6. Could Internet video games develop self-personality?
  7. Why is swimming in pool better than snowball gaming?

Did you see some fun in these themes? We do. Do not hesitate to write about funny topics. They are still needed and are evaluated the same as serious ones.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Besides science, technologies, and digital evolution, there are other topics that are also engaging. Interesting topics for an argumentative essay include:

  1. Why is homework supposed to be banned?
  2. Creative development groups: fun and interesting.
  3. Useful solutions for recent business events.
  4. The influence of pets on the community.
  5. Interesting facts about detectives.
  6. Could fast food be useful for those who have no time to eat at home?
  7. Modern universities problems: lack of catchy topics.
  8. Content writing importance and why it can't be substituted by AI.

We suggest using interesting topics to spark audience’s interest for further listening. If student has several themes to present, interesting one should come first.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

These ideas are debatable – an aspect that you want to look for in any essay. are of very high importance. We admit that controversial themes are important both for high school and university. Here are several controversial topics for argumentative essay:

  1. Technical globalization.
  2. Use of animals for research.
  3. Abortion: life-saver or damage.
  4. Freedom of speech.
  5. Influence of computer games.
  6. Negative effects of the Internet on society.
  7. Life after death.

Every argument is important for research. No matter what you choose — subjects about animals, death penalty, digital gadgets… Remember to stuff your essay with supporting examples  like you would do while working with exemplification essay topics.

Argumentative Research Essay Topics

Some ideas may have an important influence on audience’s outlook. We suggest the next good argumentative research essay topics:

  1. The correlation between religion and war.
  2. Why is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
  3. Smoking and illegal tobacco.
  4. Girls and true friendship.
  5. Does competition have fine results?
  6. The influence of sociology on business research.
  7. The importance of fashion.

We recommend choosing research topics on technology, social media or religion. These are of the highest importance according to latest interviews.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

To choose argumentative essay topics for school students, look through ideas listed below. Students should keep the flow of events in tense manner, making audience involved in subject. Easy argumentative essay topics for college students demand more serious writing. Here, sharp themes are greeted – those which greatly influence modern society. High-school and college students should choose different manners of writing. For this reasons we invite you to check out the topic ideas based on academic level.

Keep in mind that persuasive essay ideas also may come in handy.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

These ideas will work if you are a sophomore. We recommend looking through argumentative essay topics for middle school listed below:

  1. Minorities and special treatment.
  2. Healthy diet in modern conditions.
  3. Americans and fast food.
  4. Every day’s Internet access — good or bad?
  5. Violent video games influence people’s behavior.
  6. Fast-growing popularity of digital gadgets.
  7. Internet information flood and data diet.

Themes are suggested for 7th grade and 8th grade students. 6th graders will also find the best topic listed above. Just focus on your personal interests and choose the one according to your preference.

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

High school study plans demand more complicated and hot themes than middle school programs. Here are argumentative essay topics for high school which we recommend getting acquainted with:

  1. The importance of every vote.
  2. Media diversity.
  3. Wage gap: false or reality?
  4. USA gun control.
  5. Personal gun for average citizen: necessity or just a wish?
  6. Marijuana legalization.
  7. Who makes more money: men or women? Gender salary problem.

Investigation of these topics is also good for personal education and self-growth. If teachers give complicated homework — do not get upset. Feel ambitious: hot school themes will help to cope with college tasks in the future.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

College programs demand a serious attitude towards knowledge basis. Chosen topics must include actual problem solutions and refer to debatable themes. Lexis proves serious ambitions. We suggest to consider the next argumentative college essay topics:

  1. Social media regulation is important.
  2. Information overload contributes to fake news spread.
  3. Human development – a new framework for inequality.
  4. Illegal immigration and residence allowance.
  5. Should abortion be restricted?
  6. Does a college degree pay off?
  7. Good education should be free of charge.

There are a lot of fine topics about college itself and its influence on students’ future. We recommend paying attention to high college prices for college tuition. Describe personal opinion why good education should be accessible to everyone who wishes to get degree.

Great Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics

We emphasize fact that great subjects for argumentative essay topics require strong problem-solving skills. Your writing should be informative and persuasive, all important points should be fully covered. Pay special attention to details and make sure there are enough facts to support your argument. The most catchy and demanded topics are shown below. Choose one of the presented ideas and tailor it to your preferences. This way, the writing process will be much easier.

To get more ideas and broaden your horizons, browse topics for narrative writing.

Technology: Argumentative Essay Topics

Ideas on technology require rich lexis and attentiveness towards nuances. Technical language is very specific, and even sometimes hard to understand. Be ready to study every unknown word before writing. We suggest the next technology argumentative essay topics to choose from:

  1. How does technology influence nature?
  2. High technologies make people dependent: is it true?
  3. Technologies make people smarter: true or false.
  4. Does frequent use of technologies negatively influence people?
  5. Cutting-edge technologies change people and make them lazier.
  6. Technological development is a threat to humankind.
  7. Technologization is number one threat to healthy thinking.

There are a lot of topics about technologies. We recommend using those which have strong influence on humans. Reveal the importance of human beings in our age of digitization.

History: Argumentative Essay Topics

Historical theme might be of special interest to those students who are studying History. It is good to know where we come from or what aspects of our development and prosperity were. We’ve collected a fine set of history argumentative essay topics for students to choose from:

  1. Martin Luther King’s influence on modern society.
  2. The most distinctive history makers.
  3. Effectiveness of civil rights movement.
  4. Creation of labor unions.
  5. Civil War: achievements, good or bad?
  6. Slavery abolishment.
  7. Korean War and the United States of America.

It is great to study American history by writing such informative essays. Even more, world history becomes more interesting if studying it with catchy research topics. Student could be proud by making their own suggestions on the course of past events. After all, past events are roots of our future. We have to remember key historical facts in detail.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Active Life Style

This is probably one of the most intense fields to discuss. People all over the world tend to provide healthy way of living. We recommend paying special attention to argumentative essay topics about active life style which are listed below.

We want to emphasize that real exercises provide with strong effect. Sports play important role in our life. Without active way of living humankind will turn into lazy, fat, and slowly thinking society. Be sharp-minded to develop this topic! Our suggestions will help you to succeed.  

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Sports theme is very popular. Active way of life becomes an integral part of our daily routine. We suggest thinking over the next sports argumentative essay topics listed below:

  1. Benefits of keeping healthy way of life.
  2. Calories, sports, diets: what is the connection?
  3. Is it necessary to do sports exercises every day?
  4. Can we eat meat for every dinner and stay healthy?
  5. The influence of cholesterol: hidden murderer of our health.
  6. The role of physical exercises on young organisms.
  7. Sound mind in sound body: a myth or fact?

There are a lot of essays about sports. Physical exercises are much appreciated both by professional sportsmen and those who prefer healthy way of living. Sports make us healthier, more active, and full of energy. To dedicate more time to sports and less to boring homework, paying for someone to write an essay at StudyCrumb is the best option.

Argumentative Essay Topics About the Environment

Environment protection is another important subject for discussion. Researchers all over the planet emphasize the need for sustainability. Here are suggested argumentative essay topics about the environment to choose from:

  1. Primary factors that contribute to world pollution.
  2. Are humans the main reason for climate change?
  3. What are the reasons for glaciers melting?
  4. Can we save planet by refusing to use plastic bags?
  5. Why is Antarctica under threat of vanishing?
  6. Is global warming the most serious disaster ever?
  7. Hunting and wild nature.

The last topic is similar to deforestation problem. Control is much needed to prevent disaster. Forests save us from flooding, whirlwind, abrading. These are proven facts. Be ready to develop this thought!

Argumentative Essay Topics About Art and Media

Argumentative essay topics on Art play huge role in modern society. Art and beauty are combined in one single aspect which is thoroughly investigated both by beauty bloggers and scientists. We have collected the most outstanding argumentative essay topics about social media which may seem engaging. All of them are mentioned below. In this category, one can find themes related to art, music, media, etc.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Such themes are adored by music enthusiasts and art lovers. If student wants to know more from music history and its development, here is a list of fantastic argumentative essay topics about music:

  1. Music vs. cultural events.
  2. The influence of pop on world fashion.
  3. Music in classrooms during breaks: yes or no.
  4. The greatest music artists and their influence on culture.
  5. Use of advertising in the music industry.
  6. Political propaganda in music couplets: does it exist?
  7. How does modern music influence young generation?

Topics are very interesting and informative. There are a lot of suggestions for each idea. But focus on the issues you are genuinely passionate about. After all, every student has their own preferences as far as pop, rock, and rap are different in styles and lyrics.

Liked these topics? Try our free essay typer to get help with writing without paying a dime.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Pop media and culture are closely interconnected. Social media greatly influences modern society and has a strong impact on many aspects including business. Below, we’ve compiled the brightest examples of social media essay topics for argumentative essay for students. So get ready to choose the most fitting one:

  1. Social media fights for world’s peace.
  2. The key importance of social media in modern world.
  3. The impact of social media on modern business.
  4. Cyberbullying: does it exist?
  5. How to escape from intense social media influence?
  6. Does social media have effect on mental health?
  7. The role of social networking in modern world.

Multiple reviews admit that mass media has strong impact on young people's development. Pop media and culture strongly influence growing organisms. Oversaturation with information damages consciousness. People have to learn how to filter media reports.

Art Argumentative Essay Topics

If you are in art, here are some ideas for both amateurs and degree candidates. Look through the list of argumentative essay topics on art we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Why is art important?
  2. Can we live happy life without art?
  3. Graffiti: street art or vandalism?
  4. Photography as branch of modern art.
  5. The role of TV and films in mental health degradation.
  6. Paris — the center of art, heart, and soul for great artists.
  7. The most influential piece of art of the 21st century and why?

Art history is vast and goes beyond literal limits. It creates reverberation in people’s hearts. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Mozart… These great artists are only a few of those who created from laid the foundation of different styles. Nowadays, their works are in free access. So you can easily research some masterpieces and discuss some controversy behind it. Remember: being a novator means becoming a winner. Do not be afraid to discover something new. Explore it!

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Medical field is really extensive and, for this reason, creates a great opportunity for investigation. discussions on medical marijuana alone are worth attention. We have categorized some of the most debatable argumentative essay topics for the medical field. So get ready to discover a bunch of worthy ideas!

Argumentative Essay Topics About Medicine

Medicine has strong influence on everyday life and all life aspects. We’ve collected most effective argumentative essay topics about medical field that every student is recommended to study in detail:

  1. Regular use of antibiotics: potential threat.
  2. Powerful drugs vs. mental health.
  3. Medicament vs. opiate: a thin line not to be crossed.
  4. Legalization of euthanasia: possible risks.
  5. Antibiotic influence on old organism.
  6. Tests on humans vs. animal testing.
  7. Need to report organ trafficking.

Strong thesis statement is half job done: it’s key to the student's success. Catchy ideas attract attention and make audience intrigued till the very end. Represent unknown fields of study in an unexpected way.

>> Read more: Medicine Topics

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Health care is a vast field to observe. Look at the selected mental health argumentative essay topics which we have prepared for your brilliant writing:

  1. Why are homeless people in most cases mentally ill?
  2. Mentally instability vs. artists’ masterpieces.
  3. Mental injuries in returning soldiers.
  4. Mental illness is a serious threat to person's surroundings.
  5. Anxiety, stress, depression, mental illness: is there a connection?
  6. What are phobias? Do they really exist or is it all in your head?
  7. What comes before anorexia? Is there a correlation with mental health?

Health problems are popular nowadays. It is a pity, but true. Covering arguments on medical subjects might help to prevent serious outcome. So, be sure to depict strong points in your argumentative essay.

Final Thoughts on Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Correct topic selection is very important for further investigation. Hopefully, our collection of argumentative essay topics has helped you to find some worthy ideas. Once you select an issue to discuss, make sure that you narrow it down. Nothing works better than a tailored topic. After all, you will be the one writing your essay. If not, our custom argumentative essay writing service will be there to help in no time!

Need More Tailored Ideas?

Get in touch with our essay writing service, and we will solve any academic challenge that you may have in a timely manner.  

FAQ About Argumentative Essay Topics

1. How to write a topic sentence for an argumentative essay?

Topic sentence of an argumentative essay is a sub-point of your thesis statement. To write your topic sentences, you should firstly divide your central idea into digestible pieces of information. This should be a specific claim that supports your main argument. When deciding on a subtopic, make sure there are enough facts to prove your point.

2. Why is it good to avoid familiar topics while choosing a topic for an argumentative essay?

There is nothing bad about choosing argumentative essay topics that everyone knows about. But as a student, you should present some research and make a contribution. For this reason, you should show a fresh approach to some burning issues. Try to do in-depth research and focus on some unique aspects.

3. How to turn any idea into the topic for an argumentative essay?

To turn any idea into an argumentative essay topic, you should make it sound debatable. An issue needs to have two sides of the coin to be disputable. Choose any such issue and try to find some controversial aspects. Then, take a side, share your position and try to convince your audience that your viewpoint is true.

4. What makes argumentative essay a difficult topic?

The most difficult part about an argumentative essay topic is taking a side. As you may know, your main task in argumentative writing is to present the claims that support your point of view. But with so intense controversion behind some issues, it may be hard to do. Focusing on subjects that have tons of supporting examples is a good idea to overcome this challenge.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for such an actual question! We are happy to share some police brutality argumentative essay topics with you! Here are some we have collected for you:

1. Police brutality and how it affects society.
2. The issue of police brutality against colored people in the US.
3. Ethnic minorities as the target of police brutality in the US.
4. The correlation between police brutality and police corruption.
5. A study of deviant behavior cases related to police officers in the USA.
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