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Argumentative Essay Introduction: Basic Rules for Creating

One of the most common types of academic writing is an argumentative essay. But difficult problems arise when working on an argumentative essay introduction. The development of your thoughts and impression of your readers depends on how you start your text.

First think about what you want to tell your audience in your essay. Your beginning should include an informative thesis that will be further elaborated. The introduction should hook readers, forcing them to read your work further. Next, we'll show you how to make a quality start for an argumentative essay.

We often receive requests for help writing complete texts. And now we offer you our experience and knowledge. Next, you will learn how to write an introduction so that it is really interesting and enticing but doesn't lose an important aspect — its information content.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Outline

The introduction for argumentative essay has the same outline that is used to write an entire work. It allows you to go through writing stages sequentially. Support readers, and help them understand what they will find in your essay. In a nutshell, you should go through these steps:

  1. A catchy sentence ("hook") that grabs readers' attention.
  2. Describe your topic.
  3. Indicate the relevance of a presented topic.
  4. Set context for a development of your topic in some certain direction. Also, provide reasons why your point of view is correct.
  5. Formulate a thesis. It is your statement, which will become the basis of your essay. Keep in mind that the best effect is a controversial position that leads to a discussion between you and your readers.

This outline will help you write an introduction consistently. It will be a foundation for a more detailed essay. If you ignore a starting part, it will damage everyone’s impression of your work, and you will not achieve the desired result.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Later we will explain how to write an introduction for an argumentative essay. Remember that you must use and present some background information. Since you will find these tips below, here are some of the common mistakes:

  1. No plan. The best essay always has a plan because in this way it will be more structured and specific. Otherwise, your text will become chaotic, and ideas will not receive a high-quality study.
  2. Explanation of your arguments. Offer your thesis statement but do not explain it in an introduction. Readers simply will not have a reason to read your essay further, and the text itself will become useless.
  3. Meaningless thesis. Make sure that your concept is based on your opinion and is presented as concisely as possible. Despite the complexity of formulating your thesis, you can start with its general description, and after writing essay, flesh it out.

Also, don’t make an introduction too long. It will bore you as much as a dry academic text. Try to keep it short but useful — this will demonstrate your efforts.

Tip 1: How to Start an Argumentative Essay Introduction

The introduction to an argumentative essay begins with a good hook. It grabs readers’ attention and evokes strong feelings in the form of a desire to read your work. Rhetorical questions, citing of recent statistics, even anecdotes or jokes — all this may become a good hook for readers’ attention.

This is the first line that kicks off your dialogue with readers. It is important to immediately introduce your topic you are going to write about. For example, if you have chosen some topic of fighting obscene language, indicate why you think it is important, and thereby lay the foundation for the further work.

Readers should understand that you have chosen an important subject of study. The beginning should be interesting. This will ensure readers' attention and arouse their desire to study an entire work.

Tip 2: Give Background Information for Argumentative Essay Introduction

Once you've got readers up to date and informed about subject of your essay, it's time to add certain important aspects of an argumentative essay introduction. That is, it is necessary to include context related to some specific line of research. These aspects can be:

  • historical;
  • social;
  • political;
  • cultural;
  • philosophical;
  • economical;
  • geographical.

That is, if you are writing about global warming, you can use this topic in a context of its impact on the economy or social sphere. In any case, contextual support should enhance readers’ understanding of arguments. So this should be carefully worked out.

If you are dealing with a very highly specialized topic, add some background information. It may be a few concepts, an indicative situation, another researcher’s opinion. You can even make it a little controversial to provoke further discussions.

Tip 3: Create and Present Thesis Statement

An introduction of an argumentative essay must be completed with a thought that will not contain any explanations. It should transfer everyone’s focus in some certain direction. You need to make a clear thesis. It can take much time, but in the future it will be a guideline when writing your text.

It is better to avoid vagueness, use highly specialized concepts and specific numbers. But you should make sure that your thesis has provoked some crisp dispute. Because people may agree with your statement or begin to contradict it.

In the rest of your text, you will follow exactly that concept that you use at the beginning. But be mercifully brief, because unnecessarily long wording will blur your main idea.

Argumentative Essay Introduction Examples

An introduction of an argumentative essay should be thought out according to a well-defined plan. Use a question or anecdotes as the first sentence. Then introduce your research topic that you will consider later. Be sure to mention the thesis that you will further develop in your text.

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Argumentative Essay Introduction: Final Thoughts

An argumentative essay introduction is important for your entire essay. It engages readers and creates a positive impression for further reading. Primary requirement is to follow a clear plan, written in advance.

Each strong intro includes a hook to grab readers’ attention. It also includes a topic and rationale for its importance, research context, and thesis.

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1. How do you introduce an argument?

Introduction to an argumentative essay should not only contain an enticing element for a reader but also describe subject of your research in your style and briefly tell about all components of an essay. You should try to mention your qualifications and research history at the beginning. It will increase everyone’s impression and add credibility to your arguments. But it is not worth disclosing an argument completely. Use an existing body of your work for this.

2. Which statement best describes the introduction of an argumentative essay?

First of all, an introduction for an argumentative essay helps to focus everyone’s attention on your topic of an essay and some personal position of an author. It is this that promotes controversy in a format of a discussion after reading. It also creates a desire to read an entire academic work. In addition, an introduction presents the main topic, which will be discussed later. It also presents ideas you use to prove or disprove your thesis.

3. How do I write an introduction for an essay?

Start the introduction of an argumentative essay with a hook to attract attention. It may be an anecdote or a quote of a famous person. You can include statistical data of a certain phenomenon or just a loud statement. Further, in the introduction, you need to focus on the argumentative essay topic. Emphasize its importance and usefulness in the modern world. At the end, you present the author's thesis and point of view, in the light of which you will write the further text.

4. What is a good introduction for an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay introduction can be considered a good and high-quality one if it clearly outlines the problem, sets the context and provides the main clearly defined argument (aka the thesis). The Introduction must necessarily contain a personal statement of the author. It also should contain persuasive justification. Everything should be thought out from the point of view of logic and scientific approach. Only then will it be a good introduction for an argumentative essay.

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