Daniel Howard

Daniel Howard

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5 years
University of New Orleans
MA in Journalism and Mass Communication
Blogger, Journalist
Essay Writing | General Guides
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Daniel breathes life into writing with the power of the word. He is our tireless blogger who spends most of his time crafting insightful articles for StudyCrumb’s blog. A genuine journalism guru, he’s hopped aboard our platform to help students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.

Daniel knows first-hand how intimidating it is to compose content that leaves a positive impression – but he believes it doesn’t have to be so. Since academic writing and journalism have so many things in common, he is now committed to teaching students the writing skills, storytelling and persuasive techniques.

As a writer, Daniel has come a long way since composing his first article. At first, drawing a catchy idea of a hat, collecting all supportive details, doing multiple interviews and creating a polished article within a tough deadline was a real challenge. But it was his zeal and passion that led him towards the jaw-dropping career achievements. And now, Daniel is here to share his insights on writing in a powerful manner.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys reading, catching beautiful photos and sharing engaging stories about his first love: Traveling. His friends call him ‘a travel addict’, but he prefers ‘a passionate adventure seeker’.

Career Highlights

  • Produced script ideas for headlines
  • Did research and investigation to report on the news
  • Conducted interviews to create news articles
  • Attended press conferences and meetings
  • Went on long (sometimes, dangerous) journeys in search of unique content
  • Developed memorable speeches for special occasions
  • Used targeted language to engage the readers
  • Sigma Delta Chi Award
  • Ethics in Journalism Award
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