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250 Good Topics for an Opinion Essay

250 Good Topics for an Opinion Essay
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Opinion essay, like other academic papers, requires writers to express their take on a given subject. Many may confuse this essay type with a persuasive paper, which is wrong. As a writer, you are required to take a side and provide an argument that will support your point of view. Since opinion essays are commonly written across different educational levels, it is important to learn about potential research topics. Students often struggle to identify and work on good opinion essay topics. Are you looking for excellent opinion subjects or means to develop one? Continue reading this blog from our professional writing service to learn the definition of an opinion paper and explore different opinion writing topics that you can use in essays.

What Are Opinion Essay Topics?

Opinion papers rank among the commonly issued assignments in learning institutions. So, what is an opinion essay topic? It is a subject that attracts divergent outlooks and ideas from readers and thus enables writers to develop arguments that support a certain take. It is even much easier to write about an opinion topic if it has many differing sentiments. If the title is controversial, a writer can select and build on broad scopes of argumentation available. Unlike when writing a persuasive essay, students do not need to convince readers about a given stand. Although one can draw discussions from different fields – education, healthcare, social media, technology, government, and music, among others – opinion topics share some common characteristics.

Characteristics of Good Opinion Topics

Although people pick subject matters from a wide array of disciplines, good opinion essay topics share some traits. Some of these attributes are discussed below:

  • A writer can find supportive evidence from reliable research and sources. A quality opinion topic should have examples, facts, and clear evidence that can be used to support a given standpoint.
  • It should have opposite viewpoints. A topic that has different angles is preferred when developing an opinion paper.
  • The topic should accommodate development of a strong thesis statement.

How to Choose an Opinion Topic Idea?

There are many subject areas to pick issues from. To select an exceptional opinion essay topic, you need to follow these steps:

  • Determine a field that you are passionate about. Your topic should be related to your individual experience, personal skills, or a subject you have researched exhaustively.
  • Conduct a brainstorming session to help select and adjust opinions to write about within your preferred discipline.
  • Once you create your potential opinion ideas list, conduct research to ascertain viability of all options. A good topic should have evidence, facts, and examples from reliable sources.
  • You should have a strong opinion on topics you wish to discuss.

If you follow these steps, you will choose a topic that appeals to your personal interests and can be developed comprehensively with good evidence. Feel free to contact StudyCrumb for expert advice and college essay writing help.

List of the Best Opinion Writing Topics

A student should be able to select good topics for opinion writing. Today, you can find numerous opinion subjects online. You just need a smartphone with access to the internet! Although you can find various opinion essay topics online, you should strive to choose the best titles. Below are sample best opinion topics:

  1. Is gun control used as a political control tool among Americans?
  2. Is global warming a true phenomenon?
  3. Does access to social media content and video negatively affect children’s behaviors?
  4. Should smartphone usage be accepted in colleges and other higher education institutions?
  5. Does watching action films promote violence among children?
  6. Role of music in different age groups.
  7. Role of government in promoting freedom of speech.
  8. Should parents learn to use the internet and communicate online?
  9. Are human beings putting adequate effort toward environmental management?
  10. What is your take on right to privacy?

Interesting Opinion Essay Topics

You should consider opinion essay topics that would easily capture your target audience’s attention. Lucky for you, there are many different opinion editorials topics to choose from. Examples of such captivating issues include:

  1. Is an electric car better than a petrol vehicle?
  2. Impact of World War II on the issue of racism in America.
  3. Is religion important in school curricula?
  4. Gender roles in modern society.
  5. Should the COVID-19 jab be mandatory for all?
  6. Disparities in services and racial bias in USA's healthcare industry.
  7. Impact of gender neutrality and fluidity on modern language.
  8. Are virtual classes better than physical sessions?
  9. Pop stars influence fashion and present-day societal norms.
  10. Role of physical exercise in alleviating the obesity pandemic in the United States.
  11. Impact of vegetarianism on human health.
  12. Is medical research on human subjects ethical?
  13. Impact of World War II on gender roles in Europe and America.
  14. Police brutality and its impact on the fight against racism.
  15. Ownership of firearms by people improves safety and security of private citizens.

Easy Opinion Paper Topics

Unlike other complex subjects, easy opinion essay topics take writers a shorter period to develop. You also do not need to put too much effort into writing such a paper. Teachers in lower education levels rely on these types of opinion papers topics to train better writing skills. Below is a list of simplest opinion topics that you can use:

  1. Effect of the Cold War on the relationship between Russia and the USA.
  2. Role of Presidents from your own perspective.
  3. Social media platforms do more harm than good.
  4. The USA is the best country in the world.
  5. Are men and women treated equally in the USA?
  6. Are print books better than e-books in this modern era?
  7. What is your ethical opinion on caged wild animals?
  8. Impact of exercise and physical education on stress.
  9. Should children have full access to the internet?
  10. Virtual learning and its benefits.
  11. Are social media platforms making people less social?
  12. Reason why politicians should rely on technology.
  13. How can you stay healthy during a lockdown?
  14. Can solar power alleviate climate change?
  15. Impact of the cancellation culture on public discussions.

Good Topics for Opinion Essays

If people select good opinion writing topics, they can express their point of view on such subjects in a better way. One can find deep and extensive topical knowledge on the issue online. A writer can comfortably defend their belief and inclinations with solid, reliable evidence. Common good op ed ideas include:

  1. Should parents take part in their children’s educational journey?
  2. What is the overall impact of making marijuana legal?
  3. How can gender-based violence issues be resolved in America?
  4. Weaknesses of current US immigration policies.
  5. Is depression a public health issue in the United States?
  6. Gender equity policies and affirmative action in US military departments.
  7. Does social media promote depression among teenagers and young adults?
  8. Role of government social welfare programs in promoting poverty.
  9. Anger management and its relationship with gender-based violence.
  10. Office versus virtual working environment.
  11. Is there a connection between drug abuse and gender-based violence?
  12. Will the world ever attain total peace?
  13. Can genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be a solution to world hunger?
  14. Are people doing enough to negate climate change effects?
  15. Is euthanasia ethical and justified?

Opinion Editorial Topics

Senior authors and editors usually have a section in newspapers, magazines, or any other publication, where they express their viewpoints on a given matter. Good op ed topics attract wide audiences and thus can be used to influence readers. Examples of topics for opinion articles are outlined below:

  1. Is the existing gun control legislation adequate in addressing increased mass shootings in America?
  2. The future of GMOs and food security.
  3. Are we winning the war against global warming?
  4. In your opinion, what should be the minimum marrying age in America?
  5. Impact of oil spillage on the marine ecosystem.
  6. Benefits of physical exercise on physiological and mental health.
  7. Can the human race inhabit Mars successfully?
  8. Is it viable to replace fossil fuels with alternative clean energy sources in the aviation industry?
  9. Should doping be accepted in sports?
  10. Sex education should be taught to children by their parents.

Topics and Ideas for Opinion Writing by Subject

People can choose essay topics from various disciplines. With adequate research, you can list and develop arguments on numerous issues within every subject. There is a wide variety of options, which can ensure that you always discuss issues that interest you. As a writer, you can select a topic from various subjects, including political science, history, public opinion, environmental issues, technology, parenting, education, social media, and psychology, among others. Irrespective of the discipline, opinion writing ideas must be written in a specific format and structure. This section discusses common topics for opinion essays from different disciplines.

Opinion Topics in Political Science

Politics ranks among the most discussed subjects worldwide. Besides, people have diverging and contradicting takes on topics related to political science. Furthermore, since these decisions affect almost everyone, Political Science opinion essay topics attract great interest from the public. Below is a list of opinion topics in this discipline:

  1. Rule of law and its unbiased application to everyone.
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of the US electoral system.
  3. Terrorism as a political tool.
  4. Immigration policy and its effect on minority families.
  5. US foreign policies in the Middle Eastern countries.
  6. Relationship between politics and climate change initiatives.
  7. How politics affect mainstream media.
  8. Political conflicts between Israel and Palestine.
  9. The collision between federal and state legislation.
  10. Should governments regulate religious practices?
  11. Should the minimum age for voting be reduced?
  12. How can governments address corruption problems?
  13. Capitalism is superior to socialism.
  14. Strengths and weaknesses of the American system of governance.

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History Opinion Essay Ideas

Historical events influence our current decisions. It is, therefore, no surprise that many people take a keen interest in History opinion essay topics. Issues related to past wars, civil riots, and political decisions have drawn great debates over the years. Check a list of top 15 essay topics on the subject below:

  1. Thanksgiving from Native Americans’ historical view.
  2. United States’ role in World War I.
  3. Industrial Revolution and its effect on population distribution.
  4. Contribution of Slavery to current economic and social inequalities in USA.
  5. The Holocaust and its role in shaping current world politics.
  6. Abolition of slavery in the United States.
  7. Did the Election of President Barack Obama influence the issue of racism in America?
  8. Impact of the 9/11 tragedy on United States foreign policy.
  9. Importance of the American Civil Rights movement in promoting gender and racism equity in America.
  10. Was the Vietnam war justified from the American point of view?
  11. Martin Luther King’s contribution to the fight against racial discrimination.
  12. How did the 19th Amendment empower women in the 1920s?
  13. Are history lessons important in present-day school curricula?
  14. What was the role of the trade union movement in promoting workers’ rights?
  15. Impact of colonialism on current economic inequalities between countries worldwide.

Public Opinion Essay Topics

Public opinion, as a discipline, encompasses common beliefs, ideas, perspectives, and attitudes shared among many members of the community. Information on public opinion essay topics is often collected through polls. In many cases, the public is concerned with topic opinion related to politics. Take a look at examples outlined below:

  1. Public transportation systems should be free.
  2. The public transportation system in New York is inconvenient.
  3. Should abortion be fully legal?
  4. The Obamacare program was a disaster.
  5. Mainstream media is nowadays a tool for propagating political agendas and narratives.
  6. Should COVID-19 vaccine injection be compulsory?
  7. Medical and recreational use of marijuana should be legal.
  8. Should teachers carry firearms in classrooms?
  9. Social media has increased cyberbullying among youths.
  10. The US healthcare system is incompetent in dealing with increased mental health and suicide cases.
  11. Should military qualification test standards be lowered to accommodate women?
  12. Police departments in America have failed in their community outreach programs.
  13. Police racism has negatively affected the relationship between law enforcement departments and the public.
  14. How can the government deal with the increased homelessness problem in American cities?
  15. The COVID-19 vaccine should be offered free of charge.

Environmental Topics for Opinion Essays

With the fight against climate change growing in momentum, people are increasingly reading op-ed topics related to environmental change and management. This subject attracts controversial viewpoints, which makes it very interesting. You can find an issue that resonates with you from the environmental opinion essay topics below:

  1. Dangers of large-scale commercial farming to the environment.
  2. Overfishing should be regulated globally.
  3. Is global warming a real phenomenon?
  4. Effect of human activity on flora and fauna.
  5. Can solar power alleviate the problem of air pollution?
  6. Effect of mass concrete construction on environment.
  7. Does excessive consumption of beef have a negative effect on the environment?
  8. Alternative clean energy solutions can slow down climate change.
  9. Electric cars are better for the environment compared to petrol engine vehicles.
  10. Impact of oil spillage on marine and dry-land ecosystems.
  11. Tree planting is a viable solution for rapid climate change.
  12. Effect of farm inputs on the environment.
  13. How can wildfires be prevented?
  14. Effect of global warming on human health.
  15. The government should introduce legislation to regulate emissions.

Education Opinion Topics to Write About

The existence and continuous growth of the human race rely on education hugely. It is, therefore, only fair for people to express their opinions on topics on the subject. Some of the common education opinion essay topics are outlined in this section:

  1. Is distance learning a viable replacement for face-to-face learning in classrooms?
  2. How does the expensive cost of education affect learners in the United States?
  3. Student loans in tertiary education negatively affect the economic well-being of students after school.
  4. How can the government address the issue of mass shootings in schools?
  5. How soon should sex education be taught in school?
  6. What is the effect of social media on student learning?
  7. How can technology improve learning outcomes in schools?
  8. Should instructors punish learners in schools?
  9. Educational institutions should introduce healthier meals in their cafeteria.
  10. Gender equality in education has positively affected economic development.
  11. Should religious education be incorporated into school curricula?
  12. What are the effects of social and economic classes on student performance?
  13. Impact of career choice decisions in school on pay gap between men and women.
  14. Are private schools better than public schools?
  15. Disparities in the quality of educational facilities across various ethnic communities in the US.

You can browse special education research topics and get some new ideas for your opinion essay.

Psychology Opinion Based Questions

The increased cases of mental health issues and suicide have made Psychology opinion essay topics very popular. Today, these opinion essay questions are raised among medical professionals, legislators, and even the general public. Below are the top 15 talking points on this subject:

  1. What is the impact of physical exercise on mental health?
  2. Psychological effects of yoga and meditation.
  3. What are the effects of social media on an individual’s mental health?
  4. How does an unhealthy work/life balance affect the psychological health of people?
  5. Effects of violent films on the mental development of children.
  6. How can the healthcare sector better address increased cases of depression?
  7. Role of pop stars in shaping the psychological growth and well-being of children.
  8. How emotional support pets help in improving mental health.
  9. Should parents regulate children’s access to the internet?
  10. How can schools better utilize guidance and counseling departments to prevent mass shootings by students?
  11. How does bullying affect mental health of students?
  12. How does negative stigma toward autistic students affect their performance in school?
  13. What teaching methods can be used for students who are mentally disabled?
  14. Effect of childhood experience on adults.
  15. Effect of divorce and domestic violence on children’s mental development.

Philosophy Opinion Essay Topics

Human beings have, for the longest time, expressed their opinion on different philosophies. Since society and laws are built on various schools of thought, opinion piece topics on this subject are very common. Below are some of the Philosophy opinion paper ideas:

  1. Strengths of the utilitarian school of thought.
  2. Should capital punishment be abolished?
  3. What are the ethical issues linked to abortion?
  4. What are the effects of environment and nurture on child development?
  5. The difference between determinism and freedom.
  6. Benefits of democracy over absolutism.
  7. The spread of Confucianism around the world.
  8. How does a personal fable lead people to commit life-changing mistakes?
  9. What is the true meaning of happiness?
  10. Critical evaluation of Puritan culture and beliefs.
  11. Effect of the “world revolves around me” fallacy on quality of life.
  12. The theory of deontology and consequentialism in America’s correction system.
  13. Impact of Confucianism on western culture.
  14. Does God Exist?
  15. The discordance between free will and determinism.

Social Media Opinion Article Ideas

In the current age of smartphones and the internet, social media is huge. Almost every person has some level of presence on social media platforms. The effect of social media on people’s daily lives has caused a significant interest in op ed topics on the subject. Some of the common opinion article topics on Social Media are listed below:

  1. Effect of social media on students’ performance in school.
  2. How does social media impact the psychological and behavioral growth of children?
  3. Should parents limit children’s access to social media content?
  4. How should children be protected from cyberbullying on social media?
  5. Evolving roles of social media in online marketing.
  6. Social media is a source of depression among some young adults.
  7. Has social media normalized hate speech and behaviors?
  8. How can social media be used in the current education system?
  9. The role of social media in promoting a sedentary lifestyle.
  10. How can social media be used to promote environmental management and climate change awareness?
  11. Effect of social media on face-to-face relationships.
  12. Impact of social media on group mind and social pressure.
  13. How can online messaging platforms be used to promote activism and revolution globally?
  14. Role of social media on cultural exchange across communities.
  15. Effect of social media on individuals’ self-esteem and confidence.

Culture Opinion Essay Topics

This discipline focuses on language, religion, art, and mentality. Since these aspects vary from one community to another, many opinion essays topics attract a great deal of debate. Common opinion piece ideas include:

  1. Is present-day culture based on recent decades?
  2. The internet has revolutionized the music industry and destroyed record companies.
  3. Changes in cultural stereotypes and social prejudice across various age groups.
  4. Effect of internet and globalization on traditional fashion styles.
  5. The replacement of traditional acoustic instruments by computer programs has changed the music culture globally.
  6. The widespread access to the internet has resulted in the rise of social media stars.
  7. Stars and popular figures have the potential to influence public opinion.
  8. Are high divorce rates an indicator of the changing marriage culture in the US?
  9. Is recreational use of drugs part of modern US culture?
  10. Will classical music ever grow out of fashion?
  11. Development of hybrid culture due to intercultural exchange.
  12. Effect of religion and culture on legislation.
  13. Should culture be taught in a school setup?
  14. Role of movies in propagating cultural information.
  15. Effect of diversity on America’s food culture.

Literature Opinion Essay Topics

People have enjoyed literature throughout human history. It is common to find persons discussing and exploring different interpretations of a given literature opinion paragraph topic. Below are some of the good topics for opinion writing in Literature:

  1. Do you prefer reading an entire classic book in an e-books format and in hardcopy?
  2. Why has the reading culture been reduced recently?
  3. Gender bigotry and prejudice in 17th-century English literature.
  4. Are books on the verge of elimination due to technological advancement?
  5. Themes of love and death in Shakespearean literature.
  6. Does reading result in better spelling skills?
  7. Difference between Western and Eastern literature.
  8. Can reading a book help relieve stress?
  9. What can be done to reclaim the lost Native American literature?
  10. Challenges of teaching foreign literature.
  11. Is there a need to limit English literature in institutions of higher education?
  12. Importance of the internet in facilitating the sharing of literature around the world.
  13. Classic literature should be made available at no cost.
  14. How can English language grammar be preserved?

Sports Opinion Paper Topics

Whether you are an athlete or a sports fan, you must have had a heated sports debate at least once. The emotional aspect of sports makes opinionated essay topics on Sports very common. Examples of opinion topic ideas are presented here:

  1. Nutrition is necessary for athletic success.
  2. Is bodybuilding a sport?
  3. Are professional athletes over or underpaid?
  4. Should psychological and mental health be considered in sports training programs?
  5. Is doping ethical?
  6. Should controlled doping be allowed in some sports?
  7. Is animal sport ethical?
  8. How vital are sports in school curricula?
  9. Why do some athletes struggle after retirement?
  10. Importance of statistics in sports analysis and match preparation.
  11. How can the gap between male and female sports be reduced?
  12. Are injuries indicators of an athlete’s level of physical fitness?
  13. How can you reduce the dangers associated with extreme sports and motorsport?
  14. Can supplements improve the performance of an athlete?
  15. How can you incorporate the LGBTQ+ community into sports?

Ideas for Opinion Essay for Students

Teachers often require students to compose opinion essays. These articles train learners to better express their opinion and build their argument skills. Opinion essay topic ideas vary depending on the student’s education level. Since each education level has different learning objectives and outcomes, the complexity and the research levels required to complete such assignments differ. The format for this academic paper does not, however, vary, irrespective of the level. This section explores op-ed ideas for different education levels, particularly high school and college levels.

You may also browse our persuasive essay topics and find some interesting ideas for your writing.

Opinion Essay Topics for High School

Even high school students have personal views! They are perfectly able to prepare essays on opinionated topics. Opinion essay topics for high school can be derived from a variety of disciplines. Below are titles that learners can discuss:

  1. Is social media negatively affecting social interaction?
  2. What are the benefits and disadvantages of homework?
  3. Should parents limit social media usage among high school students?
  4. Does cheating count as academic misconduct?
  5. Should gym classes be made mandatory in high school?
  6. Should students wear uniform attire to school?
  7. Should the use of mobile phones be allowed in classrooms?
  8. What are the advantages of group tasks?
  9. How can bullying be prevented in school?
  10. Do reading novels and fictional literature improve academic performance?

Opinion Essay Topics for College

The opinion paragraph topics for college students are a little bit more complex compared to articles written by high schoolers. Other than that, opinion essay topics for college level, just like high school, can be drawn from any subject. Below are some examples:

  1. Are traditional family values under threat in the United States?
  2. Should the death penalty be considered in capital crime cases?
  3. How can the government address the existing economic inequality in the United States?
  4. Should unintentional plagiarism be penalized?
  5. How can schools reduce depression among college students?
  6. How does the virtual education model compare with physical classrooms?
  7. How does social media promote cultural bias?
  8. Application of technology in college education.
  9. Is it ethical for students to develop intimate relationships with students?
  10. The weaknesses of the United States immigration policy.

Bottom Line on Opinion Essay Topics

In sum, you can choose opinion story ideas from various disciplines depending on your interest. With adequate research, anybody can write a good opinion article. This type of essay should follow a specific format. Irrespective of the issue, your paper should have a strong thesis statement. The quality of your essay will also depend on the amount of clear supporting evidence you’ve provided. Also, always remember to mention and talk about opposing points of view.

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FAQ About Opinion Essay Topics

1. What are some opinion topics?

Depending on your passion, you can choose opinion topics from your preferred subject. Below are some of the opinion topics:

  1. Impact of divorce on child development.
  2. What are the potential solutions for human trafficking?
  3. How does poor education in low-income communities promote crime?
  4. Why has the United States not had a female president so far?

3. How to come up with topics for an opinion essay?

To select good topics for opinion essays, you need to know your passion. You are more likely to write a better paper if you have a great interest in topics. Once you have identified your preferred discipline, select a topic you can develop with adequate evidence. You can also have a brainstorming session to come up with topics.

2. What are intriguing opinion essay topics?

You might find opinion essay topics listed below to be interesting:

  1. What measures can be taken to reverse the climate change process?
  2. New roles of social media in business operations.
  3. The role of technology in improving learning outcomes.
  4. Taming wild animals within a restricted zoo area is unethical.

4. What are some examples of opinion writing topics?

Below are some examples of topics for opinion writing:

  1. Learning institutions should help parents and guardians in controlling children’s screen time.
  2. Does racial profiling negatively affect the relationship between police departments and the American public?
  3. Is America’s middle class getting overwhelmed by the high class?
  4. Are physical and cyberbullying indications that perpetrators are insecure?
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