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Persuasive Essay Topics: 300+ Ideas for Your Writing

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Have you read an article online about the alarming threats of climate change? Or, maybe, one that claimed 5G wireless frequencies have caused the COVID-19 pandemic? They were pretty convincing, right? This is because authors making such articles use several special techniques to persuade you to believe in their sometimes ridiculous ideas. This is a core element of persuasive writing topics.

Many writers use very good persuasive essay topics to convince you of their assertions on a given issue. In this guide, you will explore 300+ persuasive essay ideas on different subjects and themes, which can greatly help you in academic work. 

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What Are Persuasive Essay Topics?

Persuasive essay topics are designed to convince the reader to agree with your point of view. More often, they are opinionated rather than descriptive. Since persuasive ideas are argumentative in nature, they challenge readers to think about the issue critically. However, topics for persuasive essays lean more towards the writer’s position instead of discussing both sides, like in argumentative essay topics

People write a persuasive essay for varied reasons, such as creating an advertisement and convincing customers to buy a product or generally change someone’s opinion on a given subject. On most occasions, persuasive paper topics revolve around issues in culture, politics, and religion. Regardless of their purpose, you should use a convincing language amd examples to sway readers. In this context, persuasive topics are somewhat identical to exemplification essay ideas where you also provide evidence to get your point across.

Characteristics of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

You can come up with many good topics for persuasive essays, but that does not mean that you should necessarily write about them. Specific persuasive essay prompts are easier to develop into strong and convincing papers.

Then, what constitutes great titles for essays? Below are characteristics of good persuasive essay topics you should consider:

  • Relevant to current trends.
  • Timely and contain updated information.
  • Clear and concise. They enable readers to understand and grasp what is being discussed.
  • Appeal to the audience by generating interest and emotions.
  • Provide evidence that supports your argument.
  • Focused and specific instead of broad or shallow.
  • Debatable, allowing writers and readers to formulate arguments and counterarguments, and make a strong case.

How to Choose a Persuasive Essay Topic?

You have been asked to choose a topic. So, how do you approach the assignment? Of course, you can think of many persuasive topics to write about, but you must be careful about what you select. In fact, settling on a particular subject can be tough given the high academic expectations.

These 6 tips will help you choose an appropriate persuasive essay topic:

  • Identify your area of interest When selecting a topic for a persuasive paper, make sure you are passionate about it. This way, it will be much easier to generate ideas.
  • Think about your audience Consider the readers and what they find interesting. Your choice should be relevant to them.
  • Reflect on the purpose Define the reasons for writing the essay and what you want to accomplish. It should align with your personal goals.
  • Conduct research Sharing an opinion on an issue does not mean it is informed. You still need to find more information from credible sources that will help build your arguments.
  • Go for controversy Settle on a topic that has conflicting opinions. This will engage your readers and give them something to think about.
  • Avoid sensitive issues Do not write about personal or uncharacteristic topics that can provoke your readers.

List of Persuasive Essay Topics

The biggest challenge for most students is understanding where to start when picking persuasive essays topics. Is it an appropriate one? Will the lecturer accept it? We have combed through several lists of persuasive topics to provide you with 10 that are simple, relevant, and current: 

  1. Should high schools be free for all students?
  2. Is the death penalty more appropriate for dangerous criminal offenders?
  3. Should the government implement more stringent measures on gun control?
  4. Is it ethical to clone animals and use them for scientific research?
  5. Should countries enforce mandatory COVID-19 vaccination on its citizens?
  6. Is it appropriate for football players to protest about social injustices in a foreign country?
  7. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, should the U.S. administration get involved in the conflict?
  8. Should children be allowed to play complex video games from an early age?
  9. Does motorsport racing under rainy conditions make it more exciting?
  10. Should social media companies implement greater restrictions on what people post online?

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Best Persuasive Essay Topics

The best topics for persuasive essays are thought-provoking, current, and controversial. They can generate multiple perspectives. Here is a list of 15 best topics to write a persuasive essay on: 

  1. Are genetically modified crops beneficial or harmful to society?
  2. Does social media positively or negatively impact personal privacy and security?
  3. Is net neutrality relevant in this modern era of interconnectivity?
  4. Do phone manufacturing companies that recycle plastic waste help the environment on a larger scale?
  5. Does early childhood development have an impact on long-term success?
  6. Is online shopping making the traditional business model obsolete?
  7. Do renewable energy sources benefit or derail a country’s economy?
  8. Is technology positively or negatively impacting mental health and well-being?
  9. Do online learning programs harness or destroy traditional universities?
  10. Will criminal justice reforms become a necessity to society?
  11. Does reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly contribute to climate change?
  12. Are drones good or bad for personal and commercial use?
  13. Is social media use positively or negatively impacting politics and democracy?
  14. Do privacy laws promote personal freedom or restrict it?
  15. Will legalizing marijuana bring more good than harm to society?

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Good topics for a persuasive essay elicit emotional response and lead to a strong argument. There are so many to choose from, but you can check out these 15 good topics to write a persuasive essay on and pick one that interests you:

  1. Should each country increase its minimum wage?
  2. Can gun ownership and sale be regulated?
  3. Should college athletes be paid?
  4. Should learning institutions ban the use of smartphones by students within their premises?
  5. Is lowering the voting age to 16 an appropriate move?
  6. Should using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be regulated?
  7. Should citizens receive free healthcare?
  8. Should schools ban junk food?
  9. Should colleges require learners to wear uniforms?
  10. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  11. Should sex education be part of the curriculum?
  12. Should States ban the use of plastic bags?
  13. Should animal testing be banned?
  14. Should the government regulate internet access?
  15. Should the legal age of drinking be increased?

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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

An interesting persuasive essay prompt should grab the reader’s attention and touch on issues that bring out strong opinions and reactions. Here are 15 interesting persuasive paper topics for you. You can pick one that resonates with you. 

  1. Artificial intelligence is proving powerful even at its infant stage. Can its use be regulated?
  2. Fake news and misinformation are spreading fast following increasing online activities. Should social media companies be held accountable for this?
  3. Can virtual reality be used for therapeutic activities?
  4. Should the government provide free for its unemployed citizens?
  5. Can college admission be based solely on merit?
  6. Should telemedicine become the new norm in healthcare?
  7. Should universities teach financial literacy as a core subject?
  8. Will revising school curriculums help integrate diverse perspectives in teaching and learning?
  9. Should plastic surgery be more regulated?
  10. Do modern movies portray any artistic value like their classical counterparts?
  11. Should the government introduce higher tax brackets for wealthy people?
  12. Does the death penalty deter crime?
  13. Will robots replace humans in workplaces?
  14. Should animal rights be considered on par with human rights?
  15. Should self-drive vehicles be allowed on public roads?

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

An easy persuasive essay topic is straightforward and requires less research to write as it does not need one to have a deep understanding of complex issues. Readers can easily familiarize with them and formulate clear arguments. Here are 15 easy persuasive topics you can write on: 

  1. Should students be mandated to participate in physical education in school?
  2. Can food trucks serve healthier meals?
  3. Should learning institutions offer free menstrual products to all female students?
  4. Can rehabilitation centers be made free for patients battling substance abuse disorders?
  5. Should the government provide tax reprieve for citizens using environmentally friendly vehicles?
  6. Is it better to give or receive?
  7. Should kids be allowed to go to bed past midnight?
  8. Is it better to have more field trips and outdoor experiences than in-class learning?
  9. Should zoos be banned?
  10. Should working pregnant women be added more maternity leave time?
  11. What should the government do to help homeless people?
  12. Should electric vehicles replace gas-powered cars?
  13. Is singing the national anthem before a world cup match necessary?
  14. Can torture be used when dealing with matters of national security?
  15. Should convicts be permitted to vote?

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

You may want to use humor to sway a reader’s opinion. Fun persuasive essay topics incorporate jokes, pun, and sarcasm to make a point. Here are 15 persuasive paper topics you can use in your write-up: 

  1. Should aliens be granted citizenship on Earth?
  2. Can there be a law requiring people to take a nap each day?
  3. Should superheroes be real and work for the government?
  4. Can robots be allowed to compete in sports?
  5. Should pizza be recognized as a staple food?
  6. Is it realistic for schools to have similar uniforms?
  7. Should the government invest in a department of sarcasm?
  8. Can pets go to school?
  9. Is it acceptable to laugh at your own funny jokes?
  10. Should adults be required to take parenting lessons before they become one?
  11. Is playing video games the best way to spend free time?
  12. Should all books be required to have a happy ending?
  13. Can emojis be taught in school as a second language?
  14. Should unicorns be recognized as a real species?
  15. Should students be required to make a minimum number of friends before graduating?

Unique Persuasive Essay Ideas

If all the above ideas do not match what you are looking for, see if these 15 unique persuasive essay topics would appeal to you. Remember to select persuasive essay prompts that you are familiar with and can find information to back your stance. 

  1. How much should people know about a president’s personal life?
  2. Do animal zoos protect or exploit them?
  3. Can virtual reality be used as a tool for criminal rehabilitation?
  4. Should the government fund human enhancement technology for the disabled?
  5. Is it ethical to train soldiers to be excellent assassins?
  6. Should the use of virtual currencies be regulated by banks and other financial institutions?
  7. Should internet access be free to all citizens?
  8. Should human cloning be permitted for medical research?
  9. Can schools offer classes on self-defense against criminals?
  10. Should parents be allowed to choose the gender of their kid?
  11. Is it reasonable for parents to genetically alter their babies?
  12. Is there a good reason for countries going to war?
  13. Which would you prefer, being rich and alone or living a poor life but with friends?
  14. Is life better today than it was 60 years ago?
  15. Should cryogenics be considered a valid option for preserving one's life?

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Controversial Topics for Persuasive Essays 

Controversy is part of human interest that leads to endless discussions and arguments in favor of or against different viewpoints. Controversial topics for persuasive essay mostly challenge societal norms and beliefs. Such papers can elicit strong emotions from readers and, more often than not, spark heated debates. Check out these 15 controversial things to write a persuasive essay on:    

  1. Are COVID-19 vaccinations safe for children?
  2. Should the Second Amendment be abolished or reformed?
  3. Should marriage be redefined to include same-sex couples?
  4. Should abortion be legalized?
  5. Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?
  6. Should schools be required to offer courses on climate change and environmental activism?
  7. Should the government conduct surveillance on its citizens?
  8. Can affordable housing projects solve homelessness in most African countries?
  9. Are cryptocurrencies scam?
  10. Should military organizations be allowed to develop and test biological weapons of mass destruction?
  11. Should patients be able to access assisted suicide when terminally ill?
  12. Are video games getting too violent for our children?
  13. Should schools ban religious education?
  14. Is global warming threatening human existence?
  15. Should social media platforms be banned during election periods?

Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas for Students

Students may be required to tackle some persuasive writing prompts to show how they develop and present opinions on various issues. The instructor may provide several guidelines on how to approach the assignment, but you will most likely be free to focus on an area that appeals to you. With so much to choose from, you could be too overwhelmed to settle on good persuasive essay topics for students. If you feel stuck, take a look at our suggestions list below. 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students

If you are in elementary school, practicing some persuasive tactics can help you learn how to express yourself better. Coming up with topics to write about for a persuasive essay can assist students build critical thinking skills from an early age. Here are 10 elementary persuasive essay topics you may find useful: 

  1. Should schools have dress codes?
  2. Should teachers give out homework to students?
  3. Should students bring their favorite toys to school?
  4. Should the school day end earlier?
  5. Should students be required to learn a foreign language?
  6. Should schools have a student council?
  7. Can students send a letter to the school management?
  8. Should elementary schools provide free meals to all students despite their financial status?
  9. Should recess be made mandatory for all grade levels?
  10. Should students receive pocket money from their parents?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

For middle school students, choosing a simple title for a persuasive essay and then researching them is a viable approach to helping build an understanding of different issues of the world around. It will also assist them in better expressing their opinions. These 10 persuasive essay ideas for middle school should get you started: 

  1. Should kids access the internet without parental control?
  2. Are celebrities bad role models for children?
  3. Should people wear safety belts when using public transport?
  4. Should social media platforms limit the age required to create an account?
  5. Should parents pay their kids after scoring good grades in school?
  6. Is it necessary for children to be informed about politics?
  7. Should students be allowed to wear what they want, even if it's unconventional?
  8. Is it important for individuals to respect different cultures and beliefs?
  9. Should kids be allowed to engage in extreme sports?
  10. Should teens be able to express their opinions freely?

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Choosing high school persuasive essay topics is a demanding task since they should strike a balance between being challenging enough for your but not too hard to research. In essence, the prompts should cover issues pupils have learned in class and can easily relate with. We have chosen 10 good persuasive essay topics for high school that will challenge your thoughts but simple enough to prevent any confusion: 

  1. Should teens care for their ageing parents?
  2. Should schools offer more technology education, such as coding and computer engineering?
  3. Following today’s culture and societal norms, has Christmas lost its true meaning?
  4. Should schools provide free birth control and condoms to students?
  5. Do human activities cause climate change?
  6. Should college tuition be free for all students?
  7. Should high school students have part-time jobs?
  8. Are all politicians good people?
  9. Does money make the world go round?
  10. Should cities across all states have free Wi-Fi?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Colleges Students 

For students who want to challenge themselves, picking college persuasive essay topics can be a great way to improve their critical thinking skills. You can select one of these 10 persuasive essay topics for college level if you are up for the task: 

  1. Should churches be taxed?
  2. Is climate change the most significant issue humans have ever faced?
  3. Should countries focus on their development rather than pumping resources to solve global issues?
  4. Should freedom of speech have its limits?
  5. Should colleges and universities offer more courses on sustainable living and environmental protection?
  6. Are humans fueling their own destruction?
  7. Is morality objective?
  8. Can we rely on nuclear power?
  9. Should prisons be privatized?
  10. Is social media positively or negatively affecting learning in colleges and universities?

Persuasive Writing Topics by Subject

When choosing persuasive writing essay topics, there is no shortage of a good idea from any of the available subjects. We have carefully taken an in-depth look at some fields and came up with a wide range of prompts for persuasive essays. From the examples given below, you can pick one that interests you and can comfortably write about it. We urge you to go through the list, and if you find an area that appeals to you, do not hesitate to use it.

Persuasive Essays Topics on History

Persuasive research paper topics on history are excellent for social studies, asking students to debate on various past and present issues. Some questions may not be as straightforward as you think. Here are 10 topics for a persuasive essay: 

  1. Was the early European exploration mission to Africa and other continents a good or bad thing?
  2. Should companies be allowed to make contributions towards political candidates?
  3. Is democracy effective as a form of governance?
  4. Was the American Civil War primarily fought over states' rights or slavery?
  5. Was the Vietnam War a necessary conflict?
  6. Should schools teach revisionist history?
  7. Should the Confederate flag be displayed in public places?
  8. Are the founding fathers heroes or villains?
  9. Was it justifiable for America to use atomic bombs in World War II?
  10. Should we commemorate and celebrate Columbus Day?

Persuasive Essay Ideas About Culture

You have probably heard many arguments on culture and related issues, which are perfectly suitable for persuasive writing ideas. Examine cultural heritage, traditions, immigration, and other ideas for persuasive writing below: 

  1. Can music be used as a treatment intervention for mental illness?
  2. Should there be limits on immigration to preserve a country's cultural identity?
  3. Is cultural diffusion a good or bad thing for society?
  4. Should there be restrictions on cultural exports, such as music, movies, and art?
  5. Should cultural heritage sites be preserved for future generations?
  6. Should the representation of different cultures in media and entertainment be more diverse?
  7. Should culture be modified to fit modern society?
  8. Do the Kardashians positively or negatively influence young people?
  9. What can museums do to encourage more people to visit?
  10. Should cultural traditions be preserved, even if they are harmful?

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

The ever-evolving science world brings up lots of ethical concerns, making it easy to find a persuasive research topic. See what you think about these 10 topics for a persuasive research paper in this field: 

  1. Is evolution a fact or theory?
  2. Should the government continue funding space exploration?
  3. Is understanding human psychology essential for college students?
  4. Is it ethical to perform scientific experiments on animals?
  5. Should scientists access genetic testing to predict future health problems?
  6. Should companies be allowed to cause more environmental damage because they make good products that benefit society?
  7. Should researchers conduct early clinical trials on humans rather than animals?
  8. Do you think humans are similar to animals?
  9. How likely are robots going to overrun the human population?
  10. Should genetically modified organisms be released into the wild?

Persuasive Essays for Topics on Education

Education is one of the most important aspects of a person's life, as it provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their future careers and personal lives. Moreover, it is constantly evolving and adapting to meet new challenges. As such, there are many contentious and thought-provoking topics to write persuasive essays on in this field. 

See if these 10 persuasive essay titles related to education inspire you:

  1. Should online education replace traditional classroom learning?
  2. Should schools offer courses in mental health and wellness?
  3. How much should parents get involved in their children’s learning process?
  4. Should schools provide more opportunities for students to study abroad?
  5. Should schools provide more support and resources for students with learning differences?
  6. Should teachers communicate with their students through social media?
  7. Is college education necessary for a successful career?
  8. Are exams the right approach to determine if students are actually learning and understanding course concepts?
  9. Is detention necessary curbing indiscipline among students?
  10. Should students take vocational lessons before graduating?

Political Persuasive Essay Topics

People have varying political opinions. Choosing topics to write a persuasive essay on means you have no problem conducting in-depth research to understand other perspectives. Take a look at these 10 titles for persuasive essays, but remember you can receive backlash from those on the opposing side: 

  1. Should the United States have a two-party or a multi-party political system?
  2. Should protestors block off roads and cause traffic? Are their actions a concern for public safety?
  3. Should same-sex marriages be legalized?
  4. Should we continue protecting religious liberties?
  5. Should local governments do more to fight global warming? If yes, how so?
  6. How can the threat of terrorism be mitigated?
  7. How should countries encourage female participation in politics?
  8. Can the issue of immigration be solved?
  9. Should the government regulate political advertising and propaganda?
  10. Should money spent on political campaigns be limited?

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Topics for a Persuasive Essay on Technology

The evolution of technology is remarkable, bringing forth developments that would have been impossible if it remained only a theory. In fact, it has changed how we learn, communicate, interact, and access information. When it comes to writing about technology, you can never miss things to write persuasive essays on, especially if you have a huge interest in the field. Here, we outline 10 ideas for persuasive essays you can explore:   

  1. Is technology improving or hindering our ability to communicate effectively?
  2. Are we becoming too dependent on technology?
  3. Should internet access be considered a basic human right?
  4. Is technology making us less social and isolated?
  5. Does technology contribute to the growing inequality in the world?
  6. Are wearable technologies like smartwatches and fitness trackers improving our health?
  7. Do action video games, such as Call of Duty and PUBG, increase juvenile violence?
  8. Should children under a certain age be banned from using social media and other technology devices?
  9. Which is better, Android or iOS?
  10. Do you think car manufacturers can design automotive vehicles with similar capabilities as the Transformers?

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Military Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

War is part of our history, and understanding the role military personnel play is essential in building a better society. From this, persuasive paper topics on their activities and warfare have become common in college-level studies. Here, we will take a look at 10 of the most popular topics for persuasive essays you may encounter: 

  1. Should the military budget be increased or decreased?
  2. How can the country help war veterans as they integrate into society?
  3. Should military personnel protest and express their political views?
  4. Should women be assigned to combat positions in the army?
  5. Should the military use more advanced technology, such as drones and robots, in warfare?
  6. Should the United States provide military aid to other countries?
  7. Can the military be called upon in response to humanitarian crises and disasters?
  8. Do you think that a large military base is a show of strength and power?
  9. Due to their service to the nation, should the army be exempted from paying taxes?
  10. Should the military be more transparent about its operations and decision-making processes?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health

We all worry about the state of our public health system. There are so many persuasive essay topics to choose from in this field. For example, how do we deal with increasing mortality rates? Can an HIV/AIDS vaccine work? You can try these 10 other health persuasive essay topics and gain insight into today’s societal challenges: 

  1. Should schools screen students for depression?
  2. Is it advisable for companies to drug test their employees anytime?
  3. Substance abuse is at an all-high following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. What should be done to combat this?
  4. Only one state mandates all restaurants to display nutritional content on their menu. Do you think this should be applicable for all other states?
  5. Can the Affordable Care Act be replaced? If yes, what improvements do you want included in the new one?
  6. Should unhealthy foods be taxed to discourage consumption?
  7. Should people understand their family medical history?
  8. Should health insurance providers give out financial incentives to encourage their clients to adopt healthy lifestyles?
  9. Should mental health be treated with the same priority as physical health?
  10. Should citizens access healthcare regardless of their ability to pay?

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Persuasive Essay Ideas by Theme

One way of grouping your work is by themes, meaning organizing similar topics to create a coherent essay. This way, it will be easy to find things to write a persuasive essay about. In the following list, choose persuasive questions you are passionate about and understand well. Focusing on one area will help you build strong arguments and convince the reader to agree with your point.    

Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports

Sports have always been a favorite pastime for many people, and it's not surprising that they are popular among students. Writing persuasive essay topics on sports allows you to explore diverse opinions surrounding various issues in this field. From the use of performance-enhancing drugs to its impact on society and education, there is no shortage of ideas to choose from. Whether you are a fan or simply interested in exploring the different arguments and perspectives, selecting this theme can be a fascinating and rewarding challenge. Have a look at these 10 sports persuasive essay topics for your next paper: 

  1. Is it important for children to participate in sports?
  2. Does participating in sports have a positive impact on academic performance?
  3. Should sport events be held in venues with retractable roofs or open-air stadiums?
  4. Should athletes be held responsible for their actions off the field or court?
  5. Are violent sports harmful to participants and should they be banned?
  6. Is it fair for athletes to receive such high salaries?
  7. Should sports teams provide equal pay for men and women?
  8. Should athletes caught doping receive a life ban on future sports participation?
  9. Should betting on sport be legal?
  10. Should sport events be more environmentally friendly?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

Animals are an important part of our world, and they play a vital role in our ecosystem. They create emotional connection in people and inspire us to take action and protect their rights and habitats. A persuasive paper idea on the ethics of zoos and circuses, wildlife conservation, or animal testing can be a good starting point for your essay. You can also look at these 10 other animal persuasive essay topics below if they interest you: 

  1. Should hunting animals be illegal?
  2. Is animal-assisted therapy ethical?
  3. Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment, such as circuses and rodeos?
  4. Are animal rights activism and advocacy effective?
  5. Is it right to keep wild animals as pets?
  6. Should there be limits on the amount of sea creatures that can be caught for commercial purposes?
  7. Is it necessary to have animal welfare laws that protect domesticated animals?
  8. Should domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, be spayed and neutered to reduce overpopulation?
  9. Should animals be given the same legal rights as humans?
  10. Is it ethical to use animals for food production?

Entertainment Persuasive Writing Ideas

Entertainment is a constantly evolving industry that captivates and engages people from all walks of life. From movies and music to video games and television, there are countless forms of entertainment that shape our culture and influence our beliefs and values. Your persuasive paragraph topics can range from the impact of technology on the entertainment industry or representation of marginalized groups in media to the role of entertainment in shaping societal norms.

In your writing, you can use any of these 10 persuasive paper ideas for your entertainment-themed essay:

  1. What is the best music to listen to when in a bad mood?
  2. Should people download copyrighted music and movies for free?
  3. Is it important for society to access free public entertainment options, such as parks and museums?
  4. Should streaming services pay the same amount as traditional TV networks for the rights to air content?
  5. Are there benefits or drawbacks to binge-watching TV shows, and what impact does it have on our viewing habits?
  6. Is it ethical for celebrities to use their influence to endorse products?
  7. Is there a moral obligation to consider the ethics of reality TV shows and their impact on participants and audiences?
  8. Is it important for TV networks to have diversity in the content they air?
  9. Should individuals livestream their personal lives 24/7?
  10. Should TV networks air a certain amount of educational content daily?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Food

Food is a basic life necessity that can bring people together and shape our cultural identity. From the rise of veganism to the impact of fast food on our health, you can find many persuasive paper ideas on this theme that inspire lively debates. 

If you are looking for more ideas on food, check out the following persuasive research topics:

  1. Should there be restrictions on the use of artificial sweeteners in food production?
  2. Is it necessary for individuals to reduce their meat consumption for the sake of the environment?
  3. Is the global food system sustainable, and what changes must be made to ensure long-term food security?
  4. Should fast food restaurants list the calorie count of their menu items?
  5. Should there be restrictions on the sale of junk food to children?
  6. Should the use of antibiotics in food production be limited?
  7. Is it important for individuals to eat locally sourced food?
  8. Should the use of growth hormones in food production be banned?
  9. Should fast food restaurants be held responsible for promoting unhealthy food choices?
  10. Should supermarkets donate unused foods to the homeless?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Depression

When looking for a persuasive essay title on depression, you have to be mindful since this is a sensitive theme. To get started, you can pick a topic for a persuasive essay from the list below: 

  1. Should employers provide mental health benefits for employees?
  2. Is therapy the most effective treatment for depression? If not, what are the alternatives?
  3. Is it important for society to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and depression?
  4. Should medication be the first line of treatment for depression?
  5. Is it possible for someone with depression to live a happy and fulfilling life?
  6. Should mental health screening be mandatory for all?
  7. Is it important for society to educate individuals about depression and mental health?
  8. Should people take antidepressants without a prescription?
  9. Should the government invest more in mental health research and treatment?
  10. Is it necessary for people to talk about their depression in order to overcome it?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Music

Music is a universal language that can tell a story, link people together, and create emotional connection. From classical to rock, from hip-hop to jazz, there are countless genres of music that have shaped our culture and continue to inspire new generations. Many topics for persuasive papers can be engaging and allow you to express your opinion on different musical perspectives. 

When choosing what to write, you can talk about the impact of technology on music, its role in society, or you can settle on one of these 10 persuasive research essay topics below:

  1. Is music education necessary in schools?
  2. Is classical music more culturally significant than popular music?
  3. Does music have a healing power?
  4. Should music with explicit lyrics be censored? Does this impact free speech and artistic expression?
  5. Are music competitions fair and beneficial for musicians?
  6. Are music videos an important aspect of music or are they distracting and unnecessary?
  7. What is the impact of the music industry on the economy?
  8. Is it important for musicians to have a concrete message in their music?
  9. Can music be used to spread hate and violence?
  10. Should people be allowed to play music in public spaces without permission?

Persuasive Essay Ideas About Love & Friendship

Love and friendship are common themes for persuasive essays and letters as they can elicit strong emotions and opinions from people. When searching for ideas for a persuasive essay, you may argue for or against romantic love or about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of friendships. Whether you are composing a love or friendship essay, the following 10 topics for persuasive writing will give you an opportunity to express your own views and engage others in a meaningful dialogue:

  1. Is love more important than friendship in a romantic relationship?
  2. Is true love a matter of fate or choice?
  3. Can money buy happiness in a relationship?
  4. Is it better to be in a relationship or single?
  5. Can friendships last for a lifetime?
  6. Is honesty the best policy in a relationship?
  7. Is it advisable to be long-term friends before dating?
  8. Is it better to have a few close friends or many casual friends?
  9. Is physical attraction important in a relationship?
  10. Can you be friends with an ex-partner?

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Bottom Line on Persuasive Essay Topics

Good ideas for persuasive essays can be challenging to formulate, but in this guide, we have provided over 300 engaging and exciting persuasive article topics on different subjects and themes to help you with this task. Remember that your choice should be influenced by interest, availability of evidence, and the ability to present concrete arguments.

Once you pick a topic, follow these tips as you begin writing:

  • Avoid unusual persuasive essay topics that are far too complicated and can provoke your readers.
  • Research your topic and make sure you can present the opposing sides of the argument.
  • Understand your audience. This will help choose a subject they can relate or engage in.
  • Go for controversy. People like reading about issues that elicit strong opinions or emotions.
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