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Argumentative Essay Examples to Draw Inspiration From

Argumentative Essay Examples
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Are you looking for argumentative essay examples? Good news – our professional essay writers have compiled several useful samples that can be used for your reference. Sometimes, you would read tons of material on the writing process, but still have no idea where to start from. That’s exactly that moment when you need some good essay examples. 

Why is having an excellent sample in front of your eyes so important? Above all, it’s much easier to learn how to write the work from a clearly structured essay example. Besides, you may find tons of inspirational ideas in ready-made samples. So get ready to become inspired by useful insights that we have to offer.

What Is an Argument?

In everyday life, an argument means some misunderstanding between people. But in an academic context, an argument is a list of statements that support or disapprove some point of view.  Typically, you will use your claims to convince people that your viewpoint is true. How to write an argumentative essay? To write a good argumentative essay, you will need to establish a strong position on the topic and present compelling evidence that backs up your point. 

There are two purposes you should keep in mind when building an argument. Your primary goal is to:

  1. Change people’s views.
  2. Persuade doing something.

There exist 3 main approaches to developing an argument: 

  • Classical It’s a type of argument that the writer or speaker uses to convince the audience to accept their point of view. The main task is to apply effective strategies to persuade someone to take your side. Ethos, pathos and logos are used to convince the audience. It consists of 5 elements: introduction, confirmation, narration, refutation, and conclusion.
  • Toulmin This method is applied when there is no evident solution to the issue discussed. The Toulmin model is used if you are dealing with some complex situation. You will need to break your argumentation into 6 elements: claim, grounds, warrant, backing, qualifier and rebuttal.
  • Rogerian It’s a series of statements that focus on making the audience meet the speaker/ writer halfway. In most cases, an addressee won’t accept your point fully. That’s exactly when you can establish middle ground.

Examples of Argumentative Essays

Getting familiar with an argumentative essay example is a brilliant way to cope with your writing assignment. After studying some successful essays, it will be much easier to start your own work. We offer you to look through several argumentative essay samples attached below. They are divided into categories by an academic level for easier navigation. Feel free to use these samples from our college essay service for your reference and inspiration.

Argumentative Essay Example for Middle School

If you are a middle-school student, you might be interested in an argumentative essay sample for middle school. Check out an example attached below and see how the arguments are built.

Unlike other academic levels, the writing requirements for middle school are not strict. Here’s a rubric you can use to check whether your writing corresponds with the standard recommendations. 




Smooth flow of thoughts and clear organization of ideas. 


Contains a catchy hook, setting and a powerful thesis statement. The thesis makes a brief preview of the work.


Citations and quotes from credible sources are used to prove an argument.


An essay ends with a brief summary and contains further insights or some call to action. 

Word choice & Style

Use of stylistic emphasis and transitional sentences.

Argumentative Essay Sample for High School

Below you can find an argumentative essay example for high school. This essay is written by a persuasive essay writer based on the literary work. Pay attention to how arguments are built and what evidence is used to prove the main position.

Essays written in high schools require stronger professional skills, more detailed structure and a very thoughtful manner of writing. Works have serious topics which need full involvement in your study. Here’re several criteria you shouldn’t skip. 




Information is given in logical order, writing maintains a clear organization and invites the reader in. The sequence is easy to follow.


An opening paragraph includes an informative background. A student clearly defines a problem and goals, and states a strong thesis. 


Three good reasons are supported by examples. Evidence shows that in-depth research has been done. 


A concluding paragraph contains a brief summary and strongly states a personal viewpoint. 

Word choice & Style

A student uses an effective word choice that conveys information and convinces readers. 

Some of the successful topics for high-school argumentative writing include:

  • Should religion have place in government?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • What can be done about gun control in the US?
  • Is single-sex education harmful or beneficial to students?

Choose the one you like and use the sample to craft a great writing piece. 

Argumentative Essay Example for College

If you are a college student, here’s an argumentative essay example for college. This essay begins with counter arguments. Then, the writer refutes the opposite position by providing compelling support of the other side.

Essay for college requires much effort and time. You will need to show strong persuasive skills, great focus, and incredible willingness to succeed. Your work should have 4 elements just like any other type of essay:

Your essay can be longer than 5 paragraphs – it depends on the number of claims and counter arguments you want to include. Also, make sure you check this rubric and include all points in your writing.




An essay has a well-structured organization that allows readers to gradually get familiar with the key ideas and goals of writing. A student uses thought out transitions and presents main points in logical order. 


An opening paragraph contains a catchy hook followed by an informative background. There is a clear definition of the problem and goals as well as an effective thesis statement. 


At least three compelling reasons are given and supported by good examples. Evidence demonstrates that in-depth research has been done. 


An essay ends with a brief summary and contains a personal viewpoint. Significance of the work is clearly explained. A conclusion leaves readers with thoughts for consideration. 

Word choice & Style

An effective word choice is used to convey information and convince readers.

Short Argumentative Essay Example

Sometimes, you will be asked to write a brief work. In this case, you may be interested in an example of a short argumentative essay. Look through the sample attached below. This will help you get a clear idea on the writing process. 

This type of work requires 3 steps one should follow:

  • Turning the topic into a question and, then, answering it.
  • Stating an argument and proving it with evidence.
  • Outlining (briefly) your main points.

Looking for an argumentative essay outline example? We have a special blog with a lot of different samples for such kind of an outline.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have looked through some examples of an argumentative essay, it’s time to compose your own work. Remember to develop a strong thesis statement and jam-pack your writing with supporting examples. And the last tip from StudyCrumb: don’t be afraid to provide some room for the opposite side. Include several counterarguments and explain why they are weak. This will make your position sound stronger. 

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FAQ about Argumentative Essay Examples

1. How to give examples in an argumentative essay?

A good argumentative essay should be supported by descent examples. You should use credible sources to find supporting evidence: scholarly articles, scientific works, official websites. Use citations and quotations to refer to your sources. It would be great if you could integrate some statistical numbers in your writing.

2. What is the example of an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay should focus on the debatable issue. There should be two sides of the coin – you should take one side and prove your point. Some good examples for argumentative writing are: 

Is capital punishment effective? 

Does religion cause war?

Does social media make people more lonely?

4. How do I conclude an argumentative essay?

Conclusion of one argumentative essay might be the beginning of another one. To conclude your writing, briefly summarize your key points. Do not introduce any new information in your last paragraph. Emphasize the importance of your viewpoint and finish with some food for thought.

3. Can you start an argumentative essay with a question?

Argumentative essay might start with a rhetorical question or statement. This technique is called a hook. It allows to catch the reader’s attention from the first lines. Then, an author should provide some context related to the topic and create a strong thesis statement.

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