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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

How to Write an Essay Conclusion
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A conclusion paragraph is your final part of an essay. A concluding section should summarize the main points, restate a thesis statement, and provides a sense of closure. The last section is your ooportunity to leave a lasting impression on the reader and reinforce the significance of your essay's content.

When you write a conclusion, you should remember your writing’s main points and summarize all arguments taken above. This is also your text’s finish line, therefore, this part is very significant in perception of text in general. Safe to say, essay’s ending, along with beginning, are the most important parts of text. In this guide, you will learn how to conclude an essay and create a powerful final impression. 

What Is a Conclusion in an Essay

As specified by dictionary, essay conclusion paragraph is the last part in an academic essay that generally summarizes writing, wraps up its main idea, or gives an overall solution to some problem.

This definition tells us what this section is and what its structure should be. In simple terms, your reader must return to the text's main idea and remember how they came to it. It is an entire text’s summary, which contains only main points, arguments, and observations. But your ending doesn’t only repeat contents of main body. It also gives your reader some solution, question, or insight. It makes them think and come to their own conclusions or reflections on subject of text. By the way, if you want only the best college essay help, we have something more practical for you. Give it a look after you finish this guide, ok? 

How to Write a Conclusion to an Essay

Let us tell you what essay conclusion paragraphs should include. To write them, you would better start from your thesis. Then, write your key arguments in the right order. And finish with your implication and call to action.

There is good tip about content of the last paragraphs. It is the so-called "so what" approach. Ask this question after any sentence of your closing paragraph, then answer it. For example:  

ple of how to start a conclusion paragraph: "The institute of remote work has developed because of pandemic" "So what?" "This has changed how working from home is treated, and its role in the labor market."

It makes writing this section easier, and your result will be consistent and effective.

Essay Conclusion Structure

To find out the essay conclusion paragraph structure, we should learn how we can start and end paragraphs. Consider restating your thesis statement or summarizing everything you have already written. If you can think of a rhetorical question that will leave your reader hanging - go for it! There are numerous ways to end an essay, and the parts below include the main tips.

How to Begin a Conclusion Paragraph for an Essay

There are several ways to begin your essay’s ending.

  • Engaging start: provocative implication you drew from your article.
  • Start from the main point. Decide how you should restate your thesis in the conclusion paragraph and put it in the first sentence.
  • Pros and cons: suggest possible do's and don'ts when writing your ending.

The start should be catchy and engaging. Therefore, avoid boring and long phrases at the beginning of your conclusion. Get rid of introductory words, do not beat around the bush. Keep your opening short, energetic. Set tone for an entire section.

How to End a Conclusion in an Essay

Your essay shouldn't end with feeling that your topic is over, like there is nothing more you can add. Therefore, you should learn more ways in which you can conclude an essay without saying “in conclusion”. Or just order essay online for a shortcut.

Last sentence of your conclusion paragraph should leave the reader interested in your topic. Give them an incentive to dive deeper into it. This way your essay will remain in their memory, and will not be forgotten like read page of a textbook.

Here's a useful tip on keeping your readers interested (or whatever) after rephrasing your thesis and summarising all main arguments. For example, you should explain why this is important. Point out related problems, give an alternative point of view on subject. Consider the following example:


Good Essay Conclusion Examples

Below you can find an essay conclusion example; we consider it a good one. It can also help you in figuring out what conclusion paragraph structure should look like:


Last Thoughts on Writing an Essay Conclusion Paragraph

An effective conclusion paragraph should summarize everything and encourage your reader to find out more about your subject. So give them space to get insights about all points, provide wider context and tell about related issues. The good conclusion is a catchy one! You can also add some emotions to your conclusion to have resonance. Buy essays now if you don't feel like doing any homework today.

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FAQ About Essay Conclusion

1. How long should an essay conclusion paragraph be?

The ending paragraph is usually 10-15% length of the whole essay. For example, if text is about 50 sentences, the conclusion paragraph could contain 5 of them. But generally, its' size does not matter. More important is meaning: it should get the main points of an essay for a reader.

2. How to make a conclusion paragraph longer?

If your closing paragraph looks too short, try to add more details in your summary. Put all statements in a wider context. Add supporting evidence and quotes: phrases by established philosophers or scientists.

But don’t forget to end on a positive note! Remember, you should leave a good impression.  

3. What to avoid in an essay conclusion paragraph?

Here is our list of some things you would better avoid:

  • Too much summarizing: that sounds preachy;
  • Repeating thesis or arguments from introduction;
  • Introducing new information.

Be careful: you do not need to make an extremely long conclusion paragraph. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

4. What is a call to action in a conclusion paragraph?

The usual thing for a conclusion paragraph’s ending is a call to action. It is a short sentence that prompts an immediate response. There is a trick with our mind: we expect a behavior setting at the end of any text. A call to action is an effective tool to leave a good impression of an essay.

Article posted on:Apr 22, 2022
Article updated on:May 13, 2024


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6/20/2022 7:55 AM
Hi there! I need some help with my homework question. Which of the following is not a purpose of a conclusion paragraph? 1. To give a finished feeling to your paper. 2. To tell your reader everything that they read.
3. To summarize your key points. 4. To leave your reader with a lasting impression.
6/22/2022 7:04 PM
Hi Alex,

The right answer is "to tell your reader everything that they read". You should only summarize what they just read, but not tell everything again.
6/22/2022 7:06 PM
Thank you for such a rapid answer!
7/4/2022 5:26 PM
Thanks for the guide! I'm currently finishing my paper so I need to know what to write in a conclusion of an essay. Do you have any ideas I could use? My paper deals with prejudice and social constructs. Thanks in advance.
7/4/2022 6:29 PM
Hi Michael,

We know from experience that a good conclusion for an essay will have these three elements: restated thesis, summary, and concluding statement. Since you are talking about prejudice, students should definitely close their papers by reminding people that it is a very pressing issue. Good luck!
8/1/2022 11:24 AM
I really need your help! How long should a conclusion be in an essay? I wrote mine around 200 words, but my paper is 500 words. Is it enough? Or is it too much? I’m not sure anymore. Please, help me.
8/1/2022 11:52 AM
Don’t worry Alice,

An essay conclusion length is usually 10% of your paper. Since your assignment is 500 words, the last part of your paper should be 50 words. So we would definitely recommend you to make your conclusion be about 50 words. You got this!
8/11/2022 10:30 AM
Okay, so I have an introduction and main body. But now I’m stuck because I don’t know what should be in a conclusion of an essay. Are there any rules? Or can I just write whatever I want? Is it a good plan?
8/11/2022 10:35 AM
Hey, Anthony! First of all, it is not the best plan you have there. A concluding paragraph for essay should definitely include a restated thesis and a summary of your paper. At least that’s what I wrote in mine. But I noticed that it is pretty similar to the introduction. So I’m sure it won’t be hard.
8/11/2022 10:39 AM

You’re absolutely correct! It is a good way to conclude an essay. We would also advise you, Anthony, not to use any additional information. Simply stick to the information you already have and students should be good to go. We have faith in you!