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Narrative Essay Topics to Wow Your Teacher

A correctly chosen narrative essay topic determines whether the entire work is going to be interesting or not. You capture your readers with the promise, the hint of what you are going to present them with. This task shows your storytelling and writing skills, and, to some extent, it reveals a part of your personality. This means you should be especially picky when choosing your topic. Here we have collected the most effective narrative essays topics to build such memorable essays on that will leave your readers with jaws dropped and mouths wide open.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

Narrative essay is a type of academic assignment that deals with storytelling. It aims at sharing your own experience with readers, stating your point of view over any event, and how it affected your development. Through this task, students can advance their storytelling and writing skills. As a result, you obtain this skill of telling your story in a clear and exciting way, so that your reader gets an instant image of the whole event.

The writer of a good narrative essay must have a clear picture of where the story begins and where it ends, how to develop it with a satisfying pace, and eye-catching language. Some useful hints to make it interesting are the use of:

  • First-person perspective
  • Figurative language
  • Suspense
  • Dialogues.

How to Think of Good Narrative Essay Topics

A good narrative essay topic will only help create a worthwhile piece of work. If you want to make it on your own with no assistance, we’d advise to choose a topic that you feel passionate about. If you come up with certain topics and find your mind starts to browse restlessly, know you are on the right path. Think of any specific episode from your life and if you experience that same happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, or even anger, you are going to create a fascinating narrative! Here is an expert guideline on how to think of an invaluable narrative essay topic:

  1. Write about something you care about.
  2. Recall episodes from your childhood/youth.
  3. Recall your first date/class/driving lesson/travel abroad, etc.
  4. Think of any memorable event at school/workplace, etc.
  5. Make a small excursion into your old photo album to recall events you didn’t even remember about.

All this indeed sounds quite exciting. But to come up with such narrative essay ideas is easier said than done. That’s why we have compiled a range of pre-selected examples of topics for memorable narrative essays. You will undoubtedly spot the topic that will best trigger some bright emotions and recollections!

Narrative Essay Topics

Look through our extended range of narrative essay topics to choose the one that sounds most familiar to you. With them, you will create a great paper for college or school. Just look through these creative ideas we have compiled for you, and pick the one that best reflects your experiences. It will give you a decent start!

Good Narrative Essay Topics

There is a list of good narrative essay topics to help you get started. They’ll become a profound basis for building an excellent essay. Our exciting ideas will help anyone wishing to write a remarkable academic task. Check them out:

  1. Fear is the most relatable and sincere emotion. You can recollect and describe any situation when you have overcome your biggest fear.
  2. Heroism takes either bravery or stupidity. Describe your most notable expression of courage.
  3. We are only humans, after all. Base your essay on the biggest mistake ever and write about the lesson it taught you.
  4. Getting out of my comfort zone. Share what new experiences brought you the biggest pleasure.
  5. Appearing in danger. If you’ve ever appeared in dangerous situations, use those experiences for a good narrative essay.
  6. New skills are welcome. Tell a story of learning something new, like surfing.
  7. Lost and found. If you’ve ever got lost it’s time to describe this event.

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

Would you like to stand out in the class with your narrative essay? Think out of the box. Choose something embarrassing or provocative. Here is a list of interesting narrative essay topics. See if any of these ideas may become your favorite:

  1. Treated unfairly. Tell a story of being treated unfairly.
  2. I discovered the truth. Have you ever revealed someone’s secret?
  3. Most painful punishment. If you were once punished unfairly, speak it out.
  4. Me - a stalker? Your class will be interested in listening to what observations you made at the beginning of the classes.
  5. I misjudged him/her and felt ashamed. If you’ve ever misjudged anyone, tell it in your essay. Teach others not to label people.
  6. Racial prejudice should be punished. If you have encountered racial prejudice, pick up this topic.
  7. Natural disaster vs me. If you have suffered any natural disaster, your readers might get interested.

Narrative Essay Topics for Students

Narrative essay topics for students differ depending on the grade. If elementary school kids are taught the first steps in writing essays with such assignments as to describe a friend or favorite meal, higher grade students are encouraged to get more personal and share life experiences they have learned. Spot awe-inspiring topics for narrative essays per academic grade down below.

Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

By middle school, a student already has some writing skills to be demonstrated through essays. Narrative essays at this age are expected to be brightly described and funny since children have a peculiar imagination. If you can’t imagine attractive personal narrative essay topics for middle school to impress your teacher, we have some here.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 6

What are some appropriate narrative essay topics for grade 6 students? Narrative essays at this age mustn’t come unimaginative. Whether it’s a true or imaginary trip, it must have a structure as taught - beginning, culminating middle, and end.

We’ve compiled several topics possible to build mind-blowing essays on:

  1. It took me hard work. Think of any time you had to work hard to achieve something.
  2. My only. Imagine or recollect a case when you understood an animal when nobody else did.
  3. The swap. Have you ever swapped things with your friends? Write about this experience.
  4. My score-changing goal. If you go in for sports, write about any game you were most impressed by yourself.
  5. Friendship changed in 1 day. Describe a situation when your friendship changed in one day.
  6. A year from now. Picture yourself in 1 year.
  7. The oldest person. Spot the oldest man you know, interview him, and write a wonderful narrative essay.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 7

Narrative essay topics for grade 7 mustn’t be difficult. At this age, a person can present his life experience vividly. Herein, we’ve listed great topics that will come in handy for school students in the 7th grade:

  1. The weirdest thing. Recollect any case in your life that you felt most uncertain about.
  2. If I were an inventor. If you were to go back in time, what would you choose to have invented yourself?
  3. A new I. If you were given a chance to change something in yourself, what would you change.
  4. If I were invisible. If you could be invisible for one day, what actions would be?
  5. My most challenging … Think of what has challenged you the most in life and tell about overcoming it.
  6. If I were a superhero. Describe the event you dreamt of having any superpower.
  7. If I were you. Imagine becoming one of your classmates or teachers for one day. What would you do?

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 8

Decent narrative essay topics for grade 8 can create bright pictures in the readers’ minds. A teacher will request such essays from a student of this age that will clearly show their creative writing skills. Some funny topics are as follows:

  1. Childhood memories. Now when you’re already a teenager, you can look back at your childhood and spot thought-provoking memories.
  2. Most embarrassing encounter with … Recall any experiences you felt very embarrassed at.
  3. How my little sister/brother ruined my birthday. Describe any important event that was a failure due to any little relative.
  4. When I lost the house keys. Instead of your keys, you might have lost any other essential thing.
  5. Helping a stranger: a knight or a fool? When writing your essay, recall both positive and negative occasions when you helped a stranger.
  6. My biggest conflict with my dad/mum. Recall any case and state your point of view over this matter.
  7. When my best friend betrayed me. Discuss a bitter experience of betrayal.

Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 9

Since a narrative essay is exciting storytelling, the narrative essay topics for grade 9 students must be unique. Your readers must see exactly what you’ve been through. Choose an exciting topic from this list, about a case you remember well to provide all details accurately:

  1. How and when I lost my faith in humanity. Though this sounds philosophical, the topic is appropriate for students.
  2. How my friend and I dealt with a peculiar situation. Describe any difficult case when you and your friend faced trouble but overcame it.
  3. Experience, which affected my worldview. Have you faced any bad situation that changed your mentality?
  4. My most disastrous date. Discuss any failure date.
  5. Moment of success. Even your smallest success can be impressive.
  6. How I overcame Covid-19. If you’ve overcome the epidemic, write about it.
  7. The scariest Halloween of my life. If you prefer the trick over the treat, write about your most dramatic case.

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

To compose a good narrative essay, choose a scenario not far from the truth. Pick up a unique writing voice, and adhere to the structure your teacher has taught. Look at our list of narrative essay topics for high school students:

  1. Humiliation. Describe an experience of humiliation, whether yours or not.
  2. My academic achievement. Whether it was an exciting football match or performance you participated in, depict any school achievement you feel proud of.
  3. People change. Write about the most noticeable change you have observed in somebody familiar.
  4. Dads - the voice of moral discipline. Remember about those moral lessons your dad has taught you.
  5. Life-changing conversation. Write how a certain conversation affected your worldview.
  6. Illegal act. If you’ve ever done something illegal but don’t regret it, speak it out.
  7. A look at a coward from the side. Describe any situation when you watched someone’s cowardness and picture what you’d have done instead.

Narrative Essay Topics for College

Narrative essay topics for college students differ from those assigned to school pupils. Lecturers expect deeper content with more attention-grabbing topics. If a schoolchild can freely write about his favorite friend or any great lesson learned, students are expected to go more personal and reveal their inner world. Find some awe-inspiring titles here:

  1. How I differ from my parents. Write about any generation gaps and how you deal with them.
  2. The biggest disaster of my life. This topic presumes an ultimate frankness.
  3. What lessons I took from adversity. Recall such case and describe what personality changes the experiences arose.
  4. Wrong decision. Everyone makes mistakes. What big mistake have you ever made that affected your life?
  5. My first encounter with fear. What has scared you to death?
  6. If I could turn back time… What wrong decisions would be better to cancel?
  7. First love - first disappointment. Share this experience with your readers

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

This type of academic assignment is all about your memoirs, personal experiences, and feelings. It must deeply affect the readers. To achieve good results, make use of our pre-selected personal narrative essay ideas and strive to depict one in detail. Make sure your writing is vivid and appeals to readers’ emotions.

Reflective Narrative Essay Topics

The best reflective narrative essay topics will help to create the essay that shows your personality. You must describe what thoughts arose in you. Here we’ve gathered grandiose topics:

  1. My responsibility for my first pet. The presence of responsibility defines your personality. Write how it has sculptured you.
  2. Person who influenced me most. Is there anyone you aspire to resemble?
  3. My biggest lie ever. Have you ever told such a lie that you regret it till now?
  4. What makes me stand out in the crowd. This is a self-analysis to have your personality described in words.
  5. My secret fear. It would no longer be secret but what an essay you will get!
  6. Place that makes me remember my childhood. Make it sentimental.
  7. An outlook at my former self. People change, and sometimes we feel ashamed of what we were even a year ago.

Autobiographical Narrative Essay Topics

Autobiographical narrative essay topics aim at describing true stories from your life so the reader can experience it as well. Let’s review several thought-provoking topics:

  1. My journey. Here should be an engaging description of your worst or strangest journey!
  2. My personal failure. Here you’re supposed to describe your biggest failure in life.
  3. An accident. Whether you’ve been to a car accident or it was some good fortune accident, this topic is appropriate.
  4. Unresolved experience. Has it ever happened to you when you saw no resolution?
  5. Family matters. Not all students would share family problems, but if you dare to, you’ll have a wonderful essay.
  6. What I long for. Do you miss your mum’s hugs when you came back from school? Or maybe it is late-night get-togethers?
  7. My biggest loss. This topic requires courage since it isn’t easy to speak about losing someone you loved.

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

Through cultural narrative essay topics, you get the chance to show a cultural aspect to your readers while also making it entertaining. Well-written cultural essays act as starters for discussions. To balance informativeness and entertainment, choose these simple ideas:

  1. My family traditions. If you’ve got any customs that belong only to your family, share them.
  2. How the media influences culture. This is a more generic topic yet you can personalize it by inputting your observations.
  3. My cultural identity. If you live in a foreign country, yet strive to keep your national traditions, choose this topic idea.
  4. A tradition that greatly surprised me. Read about traditions of the world and write about some.
  5. How religion impacts culture. Survey to understand the linkage between religion and culture.
  6. How culture is used to rule the modern world. Base your essay on the concept that religion and culture have become tools in the hands of governments.
  7. Does culture change over time? Discuss the matter leaving the final answer to your class.

Literacy Narrative Essay

A literacy narrative essay aims at showing how any person became literate and how literature affected his/her life. To write a decent literacy narrative, perhaps the most important part is to choose an appropriate topic. After this, you are to create an interesting and descriptive text to bring everything to life. Consider these topics we have compiled for you.

Literary Narrative Essay

When creating a literary narrative essay you discuss the experience you got, discoveries you made reading a particular book. It can all be about a foreign language you learned through books. Consider these topics:

  1. Is the pen more powerful than the sword? Share your opinion and ground it with proof.
  2. My book evolution. Write about several books you loved as a child/teenager.
  3. The first scary story I have read. Name any story and explain why it has affected you deeply.
  4. My first story/poem. Share your experiences in writing. If you are not shy, recite one.
  5. Who taught me to read/write? Whether it was your mother or school teacher, you can thank them through this essay.
  6. The best letter/message I have ever received/sent. Who said the youth can’t be poetic nowadays?
  7. The best article I have ever read. A scientific or news article can appear as impressive as fiction.

Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

A fictional essay is a dynamic story with accurately described events and characters. The latter are normally imaginative yet can be inspired by real-life characters. Take these awesome fictional narrative essay topics as ideas to create a truly memorable piece of writing:

  1. An abandoned house. You could create a story about any house in your neighborhood no one dares enter.
  2. Insomnia. What can insomnia lead to?
  3. Wrong person. Who could he be? Work out your imagination.
  4. Predictive dream. Would that be a blessing or a curse? Think of both scenarios.
  5. An unexpectedly stolen phone. Imagine for a moment a criminal having his phone with important contacts stolen and develop this scenario.
  6. Unexpected return. A man returns to his family looking strange after being lost for years. Will you go deeper?
  7. This joke went too far. Any bad joke may bring misunderstanding, quarrels, and revelations from your past.

Bottom Line

If you’ve made it to this point, we would like to remind once again: stick to the most engaging narrative essay topic. Remember: you will be researching and working on that theme, so why not make this process enjoyable? Once you decide on your topic, make sure you follow all requirements of narrative writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advantage of using dialogue in a narrative essay?

A dialogue is a very important point in any narrative essay. Thanks to it, any story becomes alive and appeals to your reader even more. By recreating what people thought and spoke you move this story forward, speed it up, and bring “fresh breath” after long narrative passages.

A dialogue also serves as great means in revealing character’s traits, his/her personality. This authenticity it brings to your story is irreplaceable. All sensory details it uses, including hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing, or smelling best reveal emotions and information, as well.

What is a narrative idea?

The narrative idea is writing an autobiographical story based on your own experience, thoughts, emotions, acts, and feelings. To achieve a superb outcome, one needs to use the first person. Add dialogues with several appropriate exclamations if necessary. This way you will make your readers a part of your story and help them experience whatever you did, at least mentally. Another tip to ensure a successfully fulfilled idea of any narrative essay is to use simple writing language. Act simpler by using ordinary descriptive words and phrases instead of complex ones to convey the same idea.

What are the 3 types of narratives?

Normally, there are 3 types of narrative writing:

  • First person - the narrator tells the story from his own point of view. The use of “I”, “Me”, etc. is welcome.
  • Second person - here, the author uses the narrator’s voice to address the reader. The use of “You”, “Your”, etc. can be often met.
  • Third person - here an external narrator presents their story with such pronouns as “He”, “They”, etc.

What is a narrative speech?

When someone stands in front of the public and tells a story, they perform a narrative speech. It's actually the same as a narrative essay with the only difference in presentation - it’s oral. A narrative speech is based on your experience, the lessons you have learned from various events in your life. It’s your personal story you want to share with your audience.

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