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Are you having trouble thinking of rhetorical analysis topics to explore? Selecting a title for such an essay is an excellent place to start. Afterward, proceed to introduction, body, and then conclusion. In this section, we have compiled a short list of greatest topics for rhetorical analysis to help you improve your grades. Through the catalog, you will discover how to create best topics for rhetorical analysis essay about a worthwhile issue.

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What Are Rhetorical Analysis Topics?

Rhetorical analysis essay topics refer to the subject matter in which researchers examine how different parts of a work produce a specific effect on the reader. They then develop an argument and find compelling evidence to support their opinion. Such topics focus on a particular work of literature, discourse, or art.

Unlike a literary analysis,  rhetorical analysis paper topics are intended to analyze works from a rhetorical standpoint. Thus, the tricks used to convince readers are assessed. Rhetorical analysis ideas and topics are designed to evaluate students' reasoning ability for close attention to detail. Given this, you should dissect literary work into its elements and assess the author's effective strategies.

Basics of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Characteristics of Good Rhetorical Analysis Topics

Pick a subject that interests you when selecting topics for analysis. Additionally, it requires adequate information to be used in research. What are good rhetorical analysis topics? This is one of the questions that students keep asking themselves. Below is a listing of characteristics of good topics for rhetorical analysis. The subject matter must consider the scenario's target audience, goal, and background.

  1. It should be broad with plenty of information.
  2. A good topic ought to be fascinating. That is to say, it should capture reader’s attention.
  3. It must also give an excellent choice for research.

How to Choose a Rhetorical Analysis Topic?

An exciting rhetorical analysis essay topic is the first element in any writing that aims to pique the reader's curiosity. All writers strive to ensure their work is professional and appealing to the audience. Furthermore, the titles must be engaging to make your essay solid. Since finding subjects that are compelling and fascinating might be problematic, here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on good rhetorical analysis essay topics.

  1. Pick a subject that appeals to you. Before composing an analysis paper, choose a topic that interests you. Moreover, make sure there is room for research.
  2. Consider your understanding of the topic. Selecting familiar rhetorical essay topics will be helpful in your writing. Remember to reveal your understanding of the author's writing technique when conducting the review.
  3. Carry out background research. Make a list of subjects that catch your attention. After that, whittle down the selection and choose an ideal topic. You can achieve this by investigating the information that is already accessible on it.
  4. Seek help from your instructor. Ask your lecturer for assistance if you are still unsure of the subject. Compile a list of appropriate rhetorical analysis topics to make it easy for the educator.

Best Rhetorical Analysis Topics List

The best rhetorical analysis topics are pertinent to tasks and have sufficient information for use. When handling these essays, choose an engaging subject to make the assignment more doable. Topics for study are not limited to speeches from notable presidents or popular poems. Investigate these interesting rhetorical analysis essay ideas related to cinema, artwork, prompt, and current affairs.

  1. Justification of vengeance in The Odyssey.
  2. The meaning underlying Mona Lisa’s smile.
  3. Literary techniques used in The Chronicles of Narnia.
  4. The primary theme in Winston Churchill's We Shall Fight on the Beaches.
  5. How stylistic tactics affect a reader's impression of non-fiction material.
  6. Purpose of literary devices in Oscar Wilde's works.
  7. How a creative topic and storyline might make a blockbuster.
  8. What was the main point in president Trump's speech?
  9. How to tell if a play uses the right rhetorical tactics.
  10. What prevents speeches from garnering bigger crowds?

Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Perhaps you are seeking good topics to write rhetorical analysis on for your academic article. Good topics for rhetorical analysis essay are listed here.

  1. How the use of casual and formal language influences speech.
  2. Different rhetorical techniques used by Classical and Rogerian authors.
  3. How preconceptions might limit successful application of rhetorical techniques.
  4. Significance of abstract images within classical literature.
  5. How literary works communicate information via words, expressions, and concepts.
  6. Slavery, as discussed in Beloved by Toni Morrison.
  7. What do Pepsi's logo colors symbolize?
  8. How President Joe Biden utilized alliteration in his speech on democracy.
  9. Linguistic trends in William Shakespeare's publications.
  10. How former president Barack Obama applied logos, pathos, and ethos in his farewell speech.
  11. A comprehensive rhetorical analysis of The Odyssey.
  12. How to use stylistic techniques in a way that can foresee the audience's response.
  13. Visual components of Hollywood filmmaking.
  14. A criticism of the hyperbole of how innovation has affected culture.
  15. Analysis of president Joe Biden's speech on democracy.

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Easy Rhetorical Analysis Topics

Do you wish to focus on easy rhetorical analysis topics? If so, you will discover some of the most effective suggestions in this paragraph. These subjects are easy to write about since information is readily available on the web. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to devote time and resources to studying and composing your easy rhetorical analysis essay topics.

  1. How the American national anthem employs literary techniques.
  2. TED's presentations and how they embrace rhetorical devices to entice viewers.
  3. How writers approach themes of ethnicity and discrimination in their writing.
  4. Differences between employment of stylistic elements in historical and contemporary cultures.
  5. How linguistic strategies are used in religious books.
  6. The difficulty of captivating an audience to a monologue.
  7. Various rhetorical strategies that media presenters employ.
  8. How can rhetorical depth of any discourse be identified?
  9. How various authors handle heroism topics when it comes to their writing.
  10. The significance of symbolism with regards to literature.
  11. How Michael Scott applies rhetorical techniques.
  12. R&B songwriting strategies.
  13. Advertiser-selected terminologies on billboards and posters.
  14. Creative methods used in the renowned portrait of Mona Lisa.
  15. Rhetoric elements used in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Excellent Topics for Rhetorical Analysis

If you wish to focus on excellent rhetorical essay topics, below are a few you can select from. You only need to decide which rhetorical topics for essays to use.

  1. How successful was Barack Obama’s speech during his presidency?
  2. Use of stylistic devices in Nike’s Just Do It ad.
  3. How does education stifle creative thinking?
  4. A speech or piece that uses oratorical tactics.
  5. How authors characterize heroism.
  6. Analysis of president Joe Biden's speech on democracy.
  7. Rhetorical analysis of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  8. The effect of rhetorical techniques on reader’s comprehension of a non-fiction story.
  9. Brand identity and emotional appeal of Monster drink.
  10. Impact of President Trump's tweets.
  11. Literary devices utilized in eulogy speeches.
  12. Relationship between racial discrimination and sexism in America.
  13. Pepsi's marketing ideas.
  14. A billboard that got your attention.
  15. A rhetorical review of President Trump's tweets.

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Visual rhetorical analysis topic ideas might help readers recollect your paper. Consider the author's objective and demographics of the intended audience, as it will aid you in conducting complete research. The visual rhetoric essay topics suggestions below can help you achieve that aim.

  1. Effects of soundtracks on movies.
  2. Newspaper covers using rhetoric aspects.
  3. How innovative advertising employs symbols.
  4. Rhetorical evaluation of exhibits in art galleries.
  5. How slow motion affects films.
  6. Use of symbolism in Avatar.
  7. William Shakespeare's best poems.
  8. How Black Panther utilizes symbolism.
  9. Use of arts in The Square.
  10. How TV commercials employ texts.
  11. Author's utilization of personification in Bluebird by Charles Bukowski.
  12. Usage of audio, music, and narrative in presentations.
  13. How does John Curran utilize imagery in The Painted Veil.
  14. Ways in which Michael Lewis uses cinematography and soundtracks in The Blind Side.
  15. How Jurassic Park transformed special effects.

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Controversial Topics for Rhetorical Analysis

If you consider debate intriguing, this part includes the best suggestions for rhetorical topics for essay. When composing scholarly articles, these rhetorical analysis topics are outstanding. Just do some research on the piece carefully and comprehend the debate.

  1. Use of stereotypes and racial tropes in films.
  2. Representation of science and technology in science fiction.
  3. Religion and spirituality in Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.
  4. The portrayal of mental health issues in popular culture.
  5. Violence and its impact on society in Avatar.
  6. Propaganda in the Triumph of the Will.
  7. The Notebook and its illustration of love and friendships.
  8. Schindler’s List and how it explains the Holocaust.
  9. Dark humor as used in Catch-22.
  10. Police brutality and racial injustice in Copwatch.
  11. Immigration and border control in A Better Life.
  12. Rhetorical techniques affect how a reader interprets a non-fiction story.
  13. Plot twist in The Titanic.
  14. Is there something about William Shakespeare's writing style that really appeals to you?
  15. How does the audience's impression of the story be affected by the author's credibility?

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Ideas for Students

The success of all academic writing depends on utilizing rhetorical analysis ideas efficiently. This is because the foundation of everything undertaken within schools is to influence thought patterns through speech application. Since language is typically hypnotic, it aims to educate. It is uncommon for students to avoid writing research papers on rhetorical analysis, as they appear as projects, articles, and term papers. Here are a few essay propositions for high school and university learners.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics for High School Students

Topics for a rhetorical analysis essay are many. If you are a secondary school student having problems deciding on rhetorical analysis topics to select from, you are in the right place. Here are 15 essay topics for high school.

  1. Use of metaphor in a speech from your school director on graduation day.
  2. Main themes used in Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Rhetorical devices used in The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin.
  4. How Arthur Miller uses foreshadowing in Death of a Salesman.
  5. Literary elements used in An Enemy of the People.
  6. Central concepts within William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  7. Theme of social class in The Canterbury Tales.
  8. Power of tradition as illustrated in The Lottery.
  9. Fundamental concepts of Jordan Peele's Get Out.
  10. Literary elements used in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
  11. How Virginia Woolf utilizes the stream-of-consciousness tactic in The Waves.
  12. How analogy is used in the inauguration speech of my math teacher.
  13. Guilt and justice as discussed in And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.
  14. Synopsis of The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola.
  15. Major theme in Gone With The Wind.

 Rhetorical Analysis Topics for College Students

College students can choose from a wide range of rhetoric research paper topics. They will greatly gain from these analysis paper ideas in the last year of school. Below are essential topics that college learners can select for their essays.

  1. How solitude is demonstrated within works of literature.
  2. Poetic devices in performances and poems.
  3. How does rhetoric function in websites and other digital writing?
  4. Methods that can be used to evaluate a scene from a popular film.
  5. Main themes in The Matrix.
  6. Strength of speech writing in Barack Obama's speeches.
  7. Michael Scott's primary writing techniques.
  8. A movie that had a massive impact on your life.
  9. A significant political discourse that is still discussed today.
  10. How Rick Bragg uses comedy in his article The Guiltless Pleasure.
  11. What justifications does David Grann make in The Mark of a Masterpiece?
  12. Stylistic devices used in The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
  13. How using literary techniques has been streamlined thanks to technology.
  14. What elements are commonly found in acceptance speeches?
  15. How evangelists utilize rhetoric to engage their audiences.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics in Different Fields

There are many distinct and good topics to write a rhetorical analysis on. It is improbable that one could ever run out of ideas for them when writing any paper. Aside from the topics mentioned above, numerous other fields, for instance, speeches and fiction work, can be explored. Arts are the primary focus of the bulk of these rhetorical subjects. In addition, there are many resources to choose your topics for rhetorical analysis. This section provides examples of other fields that can be traversed.

Rhetorical Analysis Speech Topics

There have been many famous speeches throughout history. To analyze one, you need to consider different aspects of rhetoric topics. For example, the speaker's goals, the speech's historical text, and viewer's aspirations. Here are a handful of topics that can be explored for rhetorical analysis of a speech.

  1. Quit India speech by Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. How President Donald Trump utilized personification in his final speech.
  3. Figures of speech that Richard Nixon employed in his resignation speech.
  4. President Biden's remarks on transgender issues.
  5. Malala Yousafzai's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  6. Dark and vengeful undertones in William Blake's A Poison Tree.
  7. How to get people to pay attention to Franklin Roosevelt's inaugural speech.
  8. The majority of TED speeches use rhetorical tactics.
  9. Literary devices used within the speech from Finding Forrester.
  10. Discursive strategies used in Jack Ma's inspiring speech.
  11. Tones used in Theodore Roosevelt's Duties of American citizenship.
  12. Rhetorical devices utilized in JF. Kennedy's inauguration speech.
  13. What were the goals of Ronald Reagan's Speech in Address to the Nation on the Challenger?
  14. Oprah's appraisal of Golden Globes' discourse.
  15. How does Sam Bern’s outlook on life affect his ability to communicate in My Philosophy for a Happy Life?

Rhetorical Analysis Ideas on Movies

Do you enjoy watching movies? Has your teacher given you freedom to select them as one of the rhetorical analysis essay ideas? If yes, you can look into some of the points on this list, which provide rhetorical analysis article ideas. In certain films, an individual makes a speech that everybody remembers. Whatever the case, taking observations is necessary for performing rhetorical assessment of movies discourse.

  1. Black Panther’s application of literary devices.
  2. How the film's author employs a rhetorical tactic in How To Train Your Dragon.
  3. Salvatore Corsitta's remarks from The Godfather.
  4. Use of imagery by Zack Snyder.
  5. The Hunger Games’ use of figurative language.
  6. Rhetorical devices used in Pursuit of Happiness.
  7. Theme of hope in The Ultimate Gift.
  8. The movie Get Out racial theme.
  9. Moral standards as depicted in Gone Baby Gone.
  10. How racism led to different issues in A Soldier's Story.
  11. Concept of posttraumatic stress disorder as illustrated in Fearless movie.
  12. Lessons from Life of a King movie.
  13. Ethical behaviors as encapsulated by Charles Ferguson.
  14. Main themes of Mind, Body, and Soul.
  15. Power theme in My Kingdom.

Poetry Topics for Rhetorical Analysis

A plethora of topics to write a rhetorical analysis on is available online, and poem is among the unique subjects that can be explored. To analyze poetry, you need to consider the speaker, rhyme’s meaning, and structure. The following are distinct rhetorical analysis paper topics that students can use.

  1. Primary metaphors used by Sylvia Plath.
  2. Theme of rage and evil in A Poison Tree.
  3. Primary rhetorical strategies employed by W.H.Auden.
  4. How personification is used in Bluebird.
  5. Concept of nature in Mary Oliver's Fall.
  6. Function of contrast in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
  7. Role of street jargon as illustrated by Langstone Hughes.
  8. Stylistic elements used by Jane Kenyon.
  9. Poetic devices used in Disillusionment of Ten O'clock.
  10. Primary theme in Love Song.
  11. How the author employed poetic devices in Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.
  12. Self-acceptance as illustrated in Phenomenal Woman.
  13. Characteristics of the speaker as explained by Claude McKay.
  14. Illustration of love in A Red, Red Rose.
  15. Artistic devices used by William Shakespeare in Venus and Adonis.

Literature Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Are you searching for rhetorical analysis essay topics that will make your instructor smile? If that is the case, here are some fantastic ideas for rhetorical analysis.

  1. Early literature from the 17th century.
  2. Faith and religion in the Quran.
  3. How to tell if a drama employs correct figures of speech.
  4. An in-depth review of rhetorical tactics used in France and Europe.
  5. Techniques used in Michelle Obama's Our Diversity Makes Us Who We Are.
  6. Literary tactics used by Melania Trump in her farewell address as the first lady.
  7. Textual analysis of A Lover's Complaint by William Shakespeare.
  8. Theme of misogyny in Hamlet.
  9. Central message in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.
  10. Impact of heroes' personal lives on the society in Oedipus and contemporary America.
  11. Myth's influence on culture as explained in Adam and Eve’s story.
  12. Metaphors used in the legendary speech made by Martin Luther.
  13. What figurative language stands out in The Pearl Harbor Address?
  14. Humanity vs. Nature in Their Eyes Were Watching God.
  15. Justice in Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby.

Rhetorical Analysis Topics on Fiction

Like all rhetorical topics, fiction has a point it wants to convey. You might consider how you reacted to the fiction content as a reader. Therefore, if you enjoy reading or watching fictional characters, feel free to choose any rhetorical analysis essay topic below.

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude's elitist theme.
  2. Central themes in Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.
  3. How The Alchemist presents character growth.
  4. How Erin Morgenstern created varied personalities in The Night Circus.
  5. Behavior as illustrated by Jesse Stuart.
  6. How Code Name Verity delivers its message of friendship.
  7. Depiction of war in Men At Arms.
  8. Significance of dreams in Of Mice and Men.
  9. How relevant is Macbeth in the modern era?
  10. What linguistic techniques does Ayn Rand use?
  11. What distinguishes A Room of One's Own from other books?
  12. Major themes in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  13. Mysterious language as used by Beatriz Williams.
  14. How The Lord of the Flies explores conflict between civilization and barbarism.
  15. Writing styles used in The Midnight Library.

Non-Fictional Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Non-fiction works are those that are fact-based. When analyzing them, examine the environmental components surrounding rhetorical analysis paper topics. If you enjoy non-fictional topics for a rhetorical analysis, consider using these ideas.

  1. Rhetorical techniques in Cold Blood.
  2. What was the plot in Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator?
  3. Use of allegory in Avengers: Endgame.
  4. Traveling Mercies' rhetoric techniques.
  5. How Someday Maybe utilizes personification.
  6. Theme of racism in Absolute Beginners.
  7. How Ron Chernow explores the concept of triumph in Alexander Hamilton.
  8. Stylistic elements in Out of Africa.
  9. John Hersey's linguistic interpretation of the suffering in Hiroshima.
  10. Themes explored in the Sermons.
  11. Religious beliefs according to The Ethics of Belief by William Kingdom.
  12. How Mohsin Hamid explores themes of love and turmoil in Exit West.
  13. Stylistic techniques in A Brief History of Time.
  14. What motivates bibliophiles to read Beloved?
  15. Theme of fanaticism in Fever Pitch.

Rhetorical Analysis Topics About Advertisements

The main goal of any advertisement is to convince the audience. Therefore, a successful campaign forges a bond between the client and the product. When exploring rhetorical analysis essay topics, consider the general appeal of the advertisement. Additionally, take into account the target audience and rhetorical techniques. You can choose rhetorical analysis topic ideas from this list.

  1. Examples of innovative and powerful advertising.
  2. BluBlocker Sunglasses marketing campaign.
  3. Advertising's ability to reach a particular audience.
  4. Impact of advertising on brand recognition.
  5. Effectiveness of Coca-Cola’s share a coke advertisements of 2018.
  6. Central idea behind Red Bull's Giving Life to the Night ad.
  7. How effective is Apple's Think Different ad.
  8. Was Toyota Moving Forward campaign a success?
  9. Success behind Disney's The happiest place on Earth tagline.
  10. How does Samsung advertise products?
  11. How are rhetorical tactics used in television advertising?
  12. Effectiveness of Pepsi's video campaigns.
  13. Use of logos, ethos, and pathos in MacBook commercials.
  14. How do advertisers choose the language that appears on billboards and posters?
  15. History of Fanta's effective utilization of advertising.

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Bottom Line on Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Many of you ask a common question: "what is a good topic for a rhetorical analysis essay?" Feel inclined to utilize any rhetorical analysis topics highlighted in this blog article to write a top-notch essay.  

Hopefully, you have found a suitable topic. Feel free to browse our blog for more analytical essay topics and writing tips. From process analysis essay topics to critical analysis essay writing suggestions, we have a bunch of useful guides for students. 

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