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How to Cite a YouTube Video: APA

Videos and clips found online can provide lots of useful data for your research. This means it is important that you know how to cite a video in APA correctly. YouTube is a source of millions of clips or films that might be extremely useful during research, but each of them requires proper citation. Whether you are dealing with in-text citation of any clip, or creating reference for a whole channel, there are specific guidelines that must be followed.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! So go no further and check this simple guide on APA citation for YouTube Video. This article covers all intricacies you should know to format your APA multimedia sources properly. Let’s get started!

APA YouTube Video Citation: Basics

To cite a YouTube video in APA style appropriately, you should include several key details:

  • Last name and initials of a person who uploaded this clip
  • An account that uploaded it on the platform
  • Date of uploading
  • Title of your specific clip (italicized)
  • Medium “Video” wrapped by square brackets
  • Website name
  • Direct link to your audiovisual material.

Keep in mind that sometimes the name of an individual who uploaded some clip may be different from the one who has actually created it. In this case you should mention the uploader instead of an author. Besides, if both individual’s full name and channel name are available and they differ, you should use both in your APA citation. But if there is no person’s name, just include a channel name. This way, other researchers will be able to easily access this clip or film. Similarly, there may be no channel name. In this case you should just mention an uploader.

Let’s look at this example of an APA format citation for multimedia sources:

Example of an APA format citation for multimedia sources: “Frank, T. (2017, August 3). 8 Habits of highly successful students. [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved March 28, 2021, from”

In case you cannot find all required information in the clip description, look for it in some other places. For example, you can examine some other multimedia materials on the same channel or read through a channel description.

How to Cite a YouTube Video APA in Text

For in-text citation of YouTube video APA, you will not need all the information listed above, although it is still crucial for references. To cite a YouTube clip within your text, you should include either a channel name or the name of an uploader. This depends on which information is mentioned or comes first within your full reference. The correct format for an in-text citation is the name and year of uploading separated by a comma and wrapped by parentheses. For example:

Example of an APA in-text citation a YouTube video: “(National Geographic, 2021) (Saffitz, 2021)”

If you want to reference any certain point in the multimedia source, you should use the timestamp in the APA style:

Example of an APA in-text citation from a multimedia source: “(National Geographic, 2021, 3:48)”

You can also mention the speaker in the text if one is not the uploader of the clip.

How to Cite a YouTube Channel

Discovering how to cite a YouTube video channel in APA format is also essential. Sometimes, you will need to reference the whole channel if it has general information on your research. When citing any YouTube account and its videos, you shouldn’t use a specific year of its creation. Instead, you should opt for an abbreviation “n.d.” which stands for “no date”. Write the retrieval date and change “Video” to “YouTube channel.” For example:

 Example of an APA citation a YouTube channel: “National Geographic. (n.d.). Home [YouTube channel]. YouTube. Retrieved March 28, 2021, from”

To mention a Youtube channel in text, just include an entire channel name and an abbreviation “n.d.”. Look at this sample to format your in-text citation correctly:

Example of an APA in-text citation a YouTube channel: “(National Geographic, n.d.)”

Example of How to Cite a YouTube Video in APA

Complying with APA Publication Manual guidelines, there is a certain method of citing a YouTube video in your essay. Make sure that APA citation YouTube video reference contains each required element, from author(s)’ initials to publication time. You can use channel name only in case there is no uploader name. Take a look at this example and see how it works:

Example of how to cite a YouTube video in APA: “National Geographic. (2021, June 22). Olympic Training during a Pandemic [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved March 28, 2021, from”
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How do you cite a video with no author in APA 7?

Some clips from channels may not contain an author’s name. To cite YouTube video in APA with no author , you can simply use an account name (channel) without brackets and include the retrieval date. This will allow others to find your reference easily.

How do you cite a streaming video in APA?

APA citation for streaming videos contains the name of a person who uploaded it, date, clip title, streaming service name, and link to the clip. Make sure you italicize the source’s title.

How do I cite an Amazon video in APA?

Citing an Amazon video is almost the same as when you cite YouTube video APA. Just insert the author, date, source title (italicized) and mention that it’s a [Video] using square brackets as usual, but replace ‘YouTube’ with ‘Amazon’.

How do I cite a Vimeo video in APA?

APA video citation is quite similar for all streaming platforms. Include an author’s name, channel name, [Video] in square brackets, date of uploading and clip title (in italics). But use ‘Vimeo’ instead of ‘YouTube’.

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