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How to Cite a Movie APA: a Detailed Guide

How to Cite a Movie APA
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Every research paper deserves to be approved by a circle of specialists and needs to meet the rules of how to cite a movie APA. Whether it is a term paper, thesis, or scientific article, a research paper writer is willing to reach perfection in revealing the subject area. Citation plays a significant role in any kind of writing. If an author doesn’t provide correct citation on the reference page and within the text, the work will be recognized as unoriginal. The reason lies in the usage of theories and concepts of other authors that are not properly cited in paperwork.

Researchers can diversify their material and include other information like movies, videos, documentaries, etc. There is much available data on a specific theme due to which APA citation format is used. Spicing up a research paper, an author should be clearly aware of movie citations. Thus, our outline enables you to write a perfect reference page and orchestrate the whole paper at a high level. Sounds intrigued, doesn’t it? Let’s show the basis of APA movie citation.

Where to Find Information for APA Movie Citation

APA citation for a movie is designed in accordance with a source as the film was utilized or uploaded. It can be found on different movie platforms, video channels, and streaming websites. So, in writing, an author needs to note key entry elements which clearly present full data about this source.

When opening a selected film on a particular platform, the information for citation is usually placed close to the movie screen. It can be on the right side of a screen, or somewhere on a page: at the top or bottom. In further sections, we will show how to quote these elements in the text and provide appropriate examples. Let’s go ahead.

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How to Cite a Film or Movie in APA Style

Dealing with movie content, one should understand the principles of how to cite a film APA. Complete reference involves a film name, its Director or Producer, Production Company, Year of release. These are the main points to mention. In APA style, some of them have a specific format. For example, the word “Director” is placed after the director's name and given in brackets. Movie title is italicized; Year is parenthetical. And each element begins with a capital letter. Thus, general format of reference entry is as follows:

General formula

Director’s Last Name, Initials. (Director/Producer). (Release Year). Movie Title [Film; DVD release (if relevant)]. Production Company.

Here we have several examples of a proper APA citation of a movie for your better understanding:

APA Movie Citation

If you need another style for your citation, go to our library. Use the appropriate guide if you want to know how to cite a movie Chicago for example.

APA Movies can be available in different formats. There is no need to specify what format it is. But if an author refers to specific features of DVD, then it is necessary to mention them.

APA Movie Citation: In Text

Some episodes or quotes from movies are often important to cite in the text, so APA film in-text citation is used. In-text citation contains three elements: 

In-text citation

Director’s Last Name, Year, and Timestamp (if necessary).

All they are given in brackets. For example: 

APA Movie Citation in Text

APA Film Citation: Multiple Producers

In cases when more than one producer created a film, it is essential to name them in APA citation movie. Term paper writers should mention all producers noted in a film and separate them with commas. Each producer should be labeled “Producer” or “Director”. The last name is separated with an ampersand from the previous name. The format is the same as in the section above.

When providing an in text APA citation, up to three producers can be placed. If there are more than three after the first Last Name should be used “et al.”

Works Cited

Last Name, Initials. (Director/Producer). (Edition Year). Movie Title [Film]. Production Company.

In-text citation

(Last Name, Last Name & Last Name, Year)

(Last Name et al., Year)

If you need to better understand how to cite a film with multiple producers using an example, we've got you covered:

APA Film Citation Multiple Producers

How to Cite a Movie in APA When Producer Is Not Known

Sometimes it is difficult to find a producer in order to cite a movie APA. And a problem can be in an unknown producer. Due to this case, the format doesn’t include an element Director Name. It starts directly with Film Title. 

Placing an in-text quotation, instead of Director Name there also should be mentioned Film Title.

Works Cited

Film Title [Film]. (Release Date). Production Company.

In-text citation

(Film Title, Year).

Here, we can take a look at several examples of citing a film where producer is not known:

APA Movie Citation When Producer Is Not Known

How to Cite a Documentary APA

APA citation for documentary involves practically the same structure as for a film. So, researchers need to find initial information to write it on reference page and in-text quotes. Additionally, the format of the documentary can be inserted, whether DVD or online video. 

When quoting documentary in the text, the same example is used mentioned in the previous section.

Works Cited

Director’s Name (Last Name, Initials). (Director). (Year). Documentary Title [Film; DVD release (if relevant)]. Production Company.

In-text citation

(Film Title, Year).

Below you can find several examples of MLA citations for documentary films.  

APA Documentary Film Citation Example

How to Cite a Movie From Youtube: APA

How do you cite Youtube video APA? It is regarded as cognitive and educational platform valuable for research. An author should be skilled in APA Youtube reference rules. 

When a posted video on Youtube is with unknown Creator’s Name, Username is cited instead. In-text citations of Youtube online videos have the same format as before.

Works Cited

Creator’s Last Name, Initials. [User Name]. (Publication Date). Video Title [Video]. Youtube. URL.

In-text citation

(Film Title, Year).

If you need to cite a movie from YouTube, we suggest that you look up following examples:

Example of Movie from Youtube APA Citation

How to Cite a Movie From a Streaming Service APA (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)

Another essential insight is about APA citation of movie found on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, IMDb, etc. There, key elements for reference are easy-to-find and inserted in citation. They are much like Youtube quotations but with Website Name instead of Youtube. Additionally, If there is more than one producer, then after the first producer’s name a shortening “et al.”

Also, when citing multiple producers of movies from streaming platforms, the same shortening is used in brackets with Year and Video Duration (if relevant).

Works Cited

Director(s) Last Name, Initials. (Director/Producer). (Year). Video Title [Video]. Website Name. URL.

Director(s) Last Name, Initials., et al. (Director/Producer). (Year). Video Title [Video]. Website Name. URL.

In-text citation

(Film Title, et al., Year).

Citing movies from streaming platforms is quite similar to other citations in APA style. Take a look at proper formatting and examples that we have collected:

Movie from a Streaming Service APA Citation Example

APA: Citing a Video From a Television

APA citation movie also involve rules to quote television programs and series. Do you use one episode from a range of series? Then the citation should include a complete bibliographic description. So, Episode Title, Season, and TV show name are additional elements.

In cases the citation is provided from an episode of a TV show viewed on some media platforms, Website Name replaces Production Company,  URL is added at the end of reference.

Works Cited

Last Name, Initials. (Director/Producer/Writer). (Episode Year). Episode Title (Season Number, Episode Number). [TV series episode]. In TV Series Name. Production Company.

Last Name, Initials. (Director/Producer/Writer). (Episode Year). Episode Title (Season Number, Episode Number). [TV series episode]. In TV Series Name. Website Name. URL.

In-text citation

(Film Title, Year).

Take a look at these examples:

Video from a Television APA Citation Example

APA Citation Movie: Helpful Tips

Concluding the general rules of APA citation movie, we would like to focus your attention on helpful tips.

  1. Labeling each producer. APA format style involves marking each producer/director with an additional parenthetical note (Producer/Director) immediately after Producer Name.
  2. Number of producers. It is applicable to mention up to three producers in movie picture citation. Television reference is the exception. If there are more than three, “et al.” is used after the first Producer Name (in reference list and in-text quotation). When it comes to citing TV series, all producers of an episode should be mentioned. Separate them by commas. But within the text, there is no need to put a long list of names. In this case, “et al.” is also used in in-text TV series citation.
  3. Films Duration in in-text citation. This element is not compulsory. It is applied when some part of video is necessary to be mentioned in research.
  4. Always put a period at the end of entry reference (even after URL).

You can also cite any kind of interview in your paper. So, keep in mind that we have a special blog with detailed information on how to cite an interview APA.

APA Film Citation: Final Thoughts

Every university requires strict rules and knowledge on how to cite a movie APA. By keeping them, researchers will be able to provide complete relevant citations with names of producers, directors, film titles, production companies, online addresses, etc. Our detailed guide is an excellent step-by-step manual for you to succeed in your academic or scientific writing. We encourage you to join our community. Be the first to receive handy tips about movies and other types of citation in APA style. So hurry up and sign up!

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