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How to Cite a PowerPoint in APA Style: Citation Rules & Examples

How to Cite a PowerPoint in APA Style
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Every source of information is valuable in academic writing, including visual tools and insights on how to cite a PowerPoint in APA style. Images, presentations, pictures are supplementary used for researching various subject areas. That is why it is essential that you know the basic rules of putting them in reference lists and in-text quotes.

For this reason, our essay service has drowned up brief instructions on citing different data presented in PowerPoint format. So, you will be aware of key elements used to write and cite them in your paperwork. Do you want to be competent in this question? Then, follow our guide and go right ahead.

APA PowerPoint Citation: Definition and Purpose

APA format PowerPoint citation is not complicated as it might seem. The format of presentation is indeed different. It usually contains key points of a specific topic, which are structured with the help of slides. Presentation is a short and precise reflection of an author’s particular theme. It can also depict different issues in order to reach an audience. That is why it is a helpful instrument to work with and engage a broader circle of people.

This source of information is widely searched on the Internet and available online. And research paper writers can find useful creative messages in presentations. Later, they'll be able to insert found data into a research paper. On the other hand, this unusual tool should be provided in an appropriate form. It should be structured on the reference page and within the text. These highlights are revealed in the next section. Check it out!

How to Cite a Presentation in APA Available Online

APA PowerPoint citation involves an easy structure of entry elements. They are author name, presentation title, date it was presented, publisher, and URL address it can be found. Publisher means an institution or website where the presentation is hosted.

When citing an online presentation, accessibility plays a significant role. First, it helps define a correct PowerPoint citation, whether it is accessible or not. Thus, the presentation should be included in the reference list only when a reader can access it for themselves.

Accordingly, general format of accessible PowerPoint presentation is as follows:


Author's Last Name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). PowerPoint Title [PowerPoint slides]. Website Name. URL.

When citing presentation, some details are considered. Date is given within a format “Year, Month Day” where Year is separated with a comma. Presentation title is italicized. It must be specified with additional information in parenthesis.


Example of Presentation Available Online APA Citation

Sometimes, these sources are available to narrow circle of users. Then URL needs to contain a specific link to a login page. You can see an example below:


Example of Presentation with Login Page APA Citation

An in-text citation includes a simple format with an author's last name and year of presentation. They should be separated with a comma.


Presentation APA Citation in Text Example

How to Cite Images in Powerpoint APA

When dealing with pictures, it is crucial to understand how to cite images in PowerPoint APA style. Even here, one should never forget about the Copyright of a particular image. That’s why APA guidelines contain specific format to produce it as figures. They are accompanied by a number like Figure 1, Figure 2, etc., under an image in the presentation. Its format is the following:


Short Description of Image. From Image Title, by Author's Last Name, (Year). Retrieved from URL.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th elements are not divided by commas, as seen in the example below. Image Title is italicized.


Images in Powerpoint APA Citation Example

How to Cite Lectures From Presentations in APA Style

Often researchers may need some specific slides from lectures presentations. In this case, they should know how to cite lecture slides APA style. You should always specify an Author, because a lecture too has a copyright. So, first, a researcher should ask an author for permission to use it. Second, they should cite it appropriately, following particular format:


Author's Last Name, Initials. (Year). Lecture Title [PowerPoint slides]. Institution Name. URL (if available online).


Lectures from Presentations APA Citation Example

When providing APA 7 in-text citation, a number of slides from presentation should be mentioned after Year, separated by a comma.


Example of Lectures from Presentations APA in Text Citation

How to Cite a Presentation Readers Can’t Access: APA Style

Do you want to know how to cite PowerPoint APA if there's restricted access to the database? After all, readers won’t have access to it in the presentation. For this reason, such references are identified as personal communication. Accordingly, it is not presented in the reference list but cited only in the text. The word combination “personal communication” should be indicated along with a date in the format “Month-Day, Year”. The citation is given in brackets, each element divided by commas.


Presentation that Readers Can’t Access APA Citation Example

Citing a PowerPoint in APA From a Classroom Website

If the source comes from a classroom website, a writer should know the rules of citing PowerPoint (APA). Different educational platforms can be used to create presentations. Therefore, their types should be identified in reference entries. Also, one needs to provide login to the respective educational website. Thus, the citing format looks like this:


Author(s) Last Name, Initials. (Year). Presentation Title [PowerPoint slides]. Website Name. URL.


PowerPoint from a Classroom Website APA Citation Example

When quoting this source within the text, the format is the same as in the previous sections.


Example of PowerPoint from a Classroom Website APA in Text Citation

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APA PowerPoint Citation: Key Takeaways

When you learn how to cite a PowerPoint APA, you'll understand some formatting rules. The general system of reference incorporates some clear-cut things:

  1. Remember, lectures are primary sources. Of course, you can find some interesting quotes or messages they give in slides. But it is better to look for them in the original source and cite it rather than a presentation.
  2. Never put a period after the URL.
  3. Include information about the type of presentation software if available.
  4. Input as much source data as possible.

How to Cite a PowerPoint in APA Style: Bottom Line

It is recommended that you actually understand how to cite a PowerPoint APA. Then, you can include a reference list of original sources of information. It makes writing unique and precise with versatile concepts and ideas cited from proven sources. Try not to get carried away with presentation slides as they produce secondary information. But when you find well-stuffed and informative data on slides, it is worth citing from them in APA style format.

We have gathered key points on citing visual presentations, whether available online or not, with access and without, with respective examples. We believe this brief manual will become your pocket manual in your original writing.

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Article posted on:Nov 29, 2022
Article updated on:Dec 7, 2022


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