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How to Cite a Youtube Video Chicago: Format and Examples

How To Cite a YouTube Video Сhicago
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In this article we will tell you how to cite a YouTube video in Chicago style. With its help, it will be easy to arrange everything according to the highest academic requirements. This includes most information.

Online sphere is full of all sorts of content and its way of presenting it. Hosting services are not lagging behind. This also requires correct design and presentation of materials. 

Citing will not get you in trouble with copyright infringement. You will be able to highlight the most important points, and set time stamps and lengths. In your own bibliography, it will not only be correct but also visually attractive.

Chicago Citation: Youtube Video

Recently, citing a YouTube video Chicago is considered a necessary and very important condition. Recordings cover a variety of styles and a wide range of content. That is why you should determine the relevance of published information for citation on your academic writing.

Let's take a look at these basic formats for citing a youtube video. Students can specify either video length or timestamp, while in bibliography it will be just length. Also, pay attention to punctuation, since bibliography uses full stops instead of full note's comma. You should also consider different video formats (e.g. educational, entertaining), since you'll need to specify them in your citation:


Last Name, First Name. "Title." Channel Name. Month Day, Year. Format, Video's Length. URL.

Full Note 

First Name and Last Name, “Title,” Channel Name, Month Day, Year, Format, Length or Timestamp, URL.

Short Note 

Last Name, “Title,” Timestamp.

Below you can find several examples of Chicago citations for sources found on Youtube.

Chicago style youtube video

In Text Citation for Youtube Video Chicago Style

There are no problems with how to cite a YouTube video Chicago in text. You won’t need a lot of data. Without a detailed description of video citation's features, publication includes author's name, year of publication, timestamps. For example, let's take a look at this citation format, which is written using an author-date system (the only one in Chicago that allows in-text citing):

In-Text Citation

(Last Name Year, Length or Timestamp)

Look at an example below:

Chicago style youtube video in text.png

How to Cite a Music Video on Youtube Chicago

For correct presentation of multimedia YouTube music video Chicago, you need to specify the following data. One should also mention a director for all citations expect one created using short note, as is shown below:


Last Name, First Name of a Musician. “Title.” Directed by Director Full Name. Month Day, Year. Music video, Length. URL.

Full Note

First Name and Last Name of a Musician,"Title," directed by Director's Full Name, Release's Month Day, Year, music video, Length or Timestamp, URL.

Short Note

Author's Last Name, “Short Title,” Timestamp.

Here, we can take a look at several examples of citing a youtube music video:

Chicago style youtube music video.png

There is nothing complicated about it, but this style of citation looks very solid.

In Text Citation for Music Video Chicago Style

Since popular video hosting service was created largely to accommodate popular videos, Chicago citation music video in text is used very often, but only for author-date system. It is used by bloggers, journalists and ordinary Internet users to mention their favorite songs with the best moments. Format is simple: author's surname, and publication year. You can add timestamps, but without this information your citation is sufficient. Look at the following format:

In-Text Citation

(Author’s Last Name Year)


Chicago style youtube music video in text.png

How to Cite a Lecture Posted on Youtube Chicago

Are you wondering how to cite to a lecture posted on YouTube Chicago? There’s nothing brand new in this sphere. Conditions are the same as those presented for the rest of videos, namely:


Author’s Last Name, First Name, "Video Title." Lecture Series, University Name, filmed Month Day, Year. Video of lecture, Video length. URL.

Full Note

Author’s First Name Last Name, “Video Title,” Lecture Series, University Name, Month Day, Year, video of lecture, Video length or Timestamp(s), URL.

Short Note

Author’s Last Name, “Short Title,” Timestamps.

If you need to better understand how to cite a lecture using an example, we've got you covered:

Chicago style youtube lecture.png

In case you wonder how to cite a lecture in Chicago, read another blog we have on our platform.

How to Cite a Lecture Chicago in Text

In order to post information from any lecture from YouTube, you need to indicate the author's surname, year the video was released and timestamps. Here is a format:

In-Text Citation 

(Author’s Last Name Year, Timestamp)

If it is a series of materials, then Chicago style in text lecture allows the use of title. For example:

Chicago style youtube lecture in text.png

Youtube Video Chicago Style No Author

As you see from examples above, sometimes name of director or filmmaker is not used on a channel. But in this case it is not difficult to make a reference to a YouTube video Chicago style with no author. It is also common to find channels without a username. Often videos are published by unknown authors; in such cases, the students should skip the author in notes, but specify the uploader as the author in Bibliography and Short Notes. Take a look at these formats:


Channel Name. "Title." Month Day, Year. Format, Video's Length. URL.

Full Note

"Title," Channel Name, Month Day, Year, Format, Video's Length or Timestamp, URL.

Short Note

Channel Name, “Shortened Title,” Timestamps.

Here we have several examples of cited lectures on YouTube for your better understanding:

Chicago style youtube video with no author.png

There are almost no differences compared to filling out information about other types of recordings.

Youtube Video Chicago Style: Author-Date System

We should also mention the Chicago author date YouTube video style separately. This style is considered the preferred one for the natural and social sciences. Each quotation must correspond to an entry in the bibliography, which, according to the rules, is placed at the end of the paper.

In the author-date style, all citations inserted in the text include the author's surname and the year of publication. This is a short version and is best used for inserting different recordings. For a more informative list of citations, according to the requirements, look at the following formulas:

Reference List

Last Name, First Name.Year. “Title.” Channel Name. Month Day, Year. Format, Length. URL.

In-Text Citation

(Author’s Last Name Year, Timestamp)


Chicago style author-date system youtube video.png

If you need to cite a YouTube music video in author-date system, we suggest that you use following format:

Reference List

Last Name, First Name. Year. “Title.” Directed by Director Full Name. Month Day, Year. Music video, Length. URL.

In-Text Citation

(Author’s Last Name Year)

Here is an example:

Chicago style author-date system youtube music video.png

Citing lectures is quite similar to other citations in Chicago format style. Take a look at proper formatting:

Reference List

Last Name, First Name. Year. “Title.” Lecture Series, name of University, filmed Month Day. Video of lecture, Length. URL.

In-Text Citation

(Author’s Last Name Year, Timestamp)

Look at our examples that we have collected:

Chicago style author-date system youtube lecture

Note that citing a YouTube video differs from a movie. If you want to know how to cite a movie in Chicago, follow another guide. You will find this blog in our database.

Final Thoughts on Citing a Youtube Video Chicago

To correctly cite a YouTube video Chicago, you should carefully study all requirements and the necessary data that will need to be included in publication. It is important to know additional requirements for different video formats. There are not so many of them, because algorithms and the amount of data are almost equal.

It’s also worth paying attention to quotations in text. This is an important point that is best discussed with your supervisor, employer, or publisher. Classic presentation of material is indicated in text, but requirements may vary.


If you need any further help with citing, feel free to contact StudyCrumb with "write essay for me" request. Our experts will make sure your work is of an excellent quality and deliver your assignment on time!

FAQ About YouTube Video Citations

1. Do you italicize YouTube video titles in Chicago?

If Chicago video YouTube title is in italics, the title will be enclosed in quotation marks. For quotation, it is permissible to use both options for submitting information. Of course, if this doesn’t contradict the requirements of the employer/teacher/publisher. When a clip is from a specific collection, its title is also italicized.

2. How do you cite a TED talk in Chicago?

More and more quotes are taken from Chicago style TED talks. They cover the most popular research, discussion of important issues, and interviews in different formats (mainly videodates). The subject matter is different, but the style is about the same. General option for submitting information: year, title, shooting date, TED video, length, link.

3. Can I cite YouTube as a source?

It’s acceptable to use a brand as a relevant source when citing YouTube videos. You don’t always have access to a real name of a channel, or its author. Plus, many interesting recordings are labeled in hieroglyphs. These are often copied with errors, and not everyone can write them. A general citation will not suffer if there is less information specified. Although it’s worth choosing trustworthy sources that provide reliable information.

4. How do you cite a streaming video in Chicago style?

Every author can include a streaming video in Chicago style in publication. This is necessary for advertising live broadcasts and will also help focus on specific points. A common format for quotation: length, shooting date, publication, name, and surname of author/anchor, title, sponsors.

Article posted on:Jun 22, 2022
Article updated on:May 9, 2023


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8/22/2022 9:03 AM
Hello. Our teacher usually asked us to use Chicago style in our citations, but this time we heve to do all our citations in Turabian. I want to cite a Youtube video in my paper. How to cite a youtube video in Turabian? Or it is the same as for Chicago citation?
8/22/2022 9:45 AM
Hi Sean,

Yes, you are right. Basically, for Youtube video citation in Turabian you use the same rules as for Chicago style. If your teacher chose Turabian to be your research paper citation format, for bibliography use this format: Last Name, First Name. "Title." Channel Name. Month Day, Year. Format, Video's Length. URL. For Youtube video in-text citation in Turabian the formula will look like this: Last Name, “Title,” Timestamp.

Hope this helps!