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How to Cite a Speech in APA Style: A Quick Guide

How to Cite a Speech in APA Style
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Wondering how to cite a speech in APA style? The question might be quite tricky if you’ve never dealt with this style before. And the answer varies depending on the format of your source. Citing video lectures is different from providing references from audio recordings, although the basics behind both approaches won’t be hard to grasp. Our writing service will take you through all five formats, from books to personal speech, and provide examples for each one, together with general info.

How to Cite a Speech in APA

When it comes to social sciences, APA, or American Psychological Association style is the main way to cite sources. It comes with two types of APA speech citations:

  • A short one used in-text. It’s brief and basic info about the cited text you found. With it, you inform the reader that you took this info from a certain source.
  • A reference you provide at the end of your paper. It includes all the necessary info about the citation, like its source, author (book or website), original publication dates, etc.

To cite any speech from a book, journal, video, or audio recording, there is no need for using specific quotes. Just reference your source. If you need an APA film citation or journal citation, find them in our database. 

You’ll find four main source types as well as examples of in text citation APA and references below.

How to Cite a Speech From Audio Recording in APA

If needed, you can also provide an APA citation from an audio recording. Its format slightly differs from speech transcripts. Here’s what your reference should include:

Reference entry

Speaker last name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Speech title [Speech audio recording]. Website. URL

In-text citation

(Last name, Year)


Example of how to cite a speech from audio recording in APA style

How to Cite a Speech Found in a Book or Journal: APA Style

Most users have this type of source in mind when googling how to cite a speech APA. APA citations from books, journals, or other paper sources must tell its name (in italics), who wrote, as well as who published it, and when. Here’s an example of how to cite any speech found in books based on APA style:

Example of how to cite a speech found in a book in APA style

Here is an example of any speech found in journals:

Example of how to cite a speech found in a journal in APA style

How to Cite a Speech From a Video in APA Style

Since video became a major communication channel, providing much more info than text, you’re free to cite a speech in APA, using video clips as your sources. When forming references from videos, first comes the author’s last name and initials together with their channel name in square brackets. If the author’s name is unknown, their channel name will be enough. Create your citation following an example as shown below:

Example of how to cite a speech from a video in APA style

If you need an APA citation YouTube video, browse one more blog on this platform. We gathered all the necessary information there.

How to Cite a Classroom Presentation or a Discussion in APA Style

If you need to add some notes from student presentations, provide the presenter’s name and title in italics, presentation date, the educational facility, and the URL where the reader can access the info. Here’s an exact formula of how to cite a presentation in APA style:

Reference entry

Author name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Presentation title. Department Name, University Name. URL.

In-text citation

(Author Last Name, Year)


Example of how to cite a classroom presentation or a discussion in APA style

If you attended any conference, provide your reference. Use this following template for paper presentations based on APA style:

Reference entry

Lecturer’s name, Initials. (Year, Month Day–Day). Paper title [Paper presentation]. Conference Name, City, State, Country. URL.

In-text citation

(Author Last Name, Year)

Here’s an example:

Example of how to cite a paper presentation in APA style

Be attentive that citing different sources has its rules and guides. That's why we prepared many blogs for such occasions. Need APA magazine citing or APA citation for interview, for example? No problem, we have it here.

Final Thoughts About How to Cite a Speech in APA Style

This manual should give you some basics on how to cite a speech in APA style. While some major points in citations like the author’s name or date remain the same, other aspects may change dramatically. It depends on your source – documents don’t share much in common with videos. Even two published works may require different approaches. 

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Article posted on:Nov 30, 2022
Article updated on:Aug 29, 2023


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