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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper: Pro Tips

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A reearch paper conclusion is the final section that sums up the main findings and conclusions of a study. A concluding part should tie research, analysis, and arguments together and provide a final statement on the research question.

If you wonder how to write a research paper conclusion, this article will be of great help. Sometimes it can be troublesome to craft an ending. Keeping in mind all points you want to include might be one big deal. However, if you follow our recommendations, you will learn how to create an impactful concluding paragraph. Read further and find out crucial details and steps you should follow while writing a conclusion for a research paper.  

What Is a Conclusion in a Research Paper?

Like in any other academic assignment, research paper conclusion is the final paragraph that sums up and ties together all findings discussed previously. Speaking about how to write an introduction for a research paper, one begins structuring an argument. In contrast, concluding statement should already have a framework of all critical points summarized. Also, make sure you develop one straightforward section explaining the significance of previously conducted research.

Final paragraph's purpose is to leave readers thinking by sending them clear message about work's implications. If you succeed at getting them impressed, pat yourself on the back. You've met nearly all primary goals of conclusion to a research paper.

The second task in the last paragraph is to suggest specific solution to the main problem. If there is no way of solving it once and for all, you can always work around that. Consider emphasizing that further investigation is required by offering different approaches. Buy research papers online if anything of what you'll read about is too time-taking. 

How to Conclude a Research Paper: 3 Ways

If you are thinking about how to end a research paper, it's evident that you have already completed other parts of this assignment. Now all that's left is crafting an excellent concluding paragraph. So carefully analyze your paper style and refer to the topic to research. These two factors will determine which method of writing your final section will be the most appropriate one.

There are 3 ways to create conclusion of a research paper:  

  • Summarize your findings This technique is the most common method of writing concluding statements. Such approach supposes gathering all key points altogether and introducing them as an exhaustively compiled statement. One may use this conclusion type for persuasive or solution-oriented writing, scientific works, and history research papers.
  • Share the insights Such way suggests bringing up points and ideas that were not directly stated during research. It doesn't imply that you should focus on adding new information or data here. Instead, analyze what you've written and pinpoint those messages that you haven’t completely covered. Use them and develop an insightful conclusion that can change your readers' way of thinking. One can use such endings in persuasive writing, speeches, and papers in English or Political Sciences.
  • Demonstrate your thoughts Your purpose in this type of conclusion is to introduce your own concerns and criticism. Don't forget that all ideas that you offer should directly reflect the matter of research. Focus more on what you think about your research paper topic, and come up with new ideas. Include less summarization and concentrate more on personal opinion. Use such way of writing conclusion paragraph for research paper that shows personal beliefs, or presents controversial facts and data. Don't have time to conclude your research paper? Entrust this task to our paper writer service. All writers at StudyCrumb are certified and experienced enough to complete your research paper.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper in 3 Simple Steps

Let's now concentrate on the most frequent ways of writing a conclusion to a research paper. Knowing how to summarize your work's main arguments and properly compile them is always helpful.

Some students believe that using complex terminology and impressive words throughout the text can make readers think of them as true experts in their subject. Sometimes it's true, but we recommend avoiding such way of concluding a research paper. Instead, it's way better to form your ideas by using slightly more straightforward language.

Keep reading and find out how you can make your final word solid and influential with the help of our tips. Custom research paper writing services might be useful, too. 

Reiterate the Main Issue

First of all, good conclusion for research paper should make your readers recall the main research problem. It will be an easy task since you've already completed almost the whole assignment before.

When you restate your central idea, avoid using exact words written in the introduction. Alternatively, you can mention the central points covered in body paragraphs in this section. More comprehensive details from the main body will help you present the same issue without repetitions.

Another crucial detail is that you shouldn't begin final paragraphs with prominent words. Since it's a research paper, don't make your writing sound ingenuous. Check this image below to see which word combinations are better to use:  

Example of which word combinations are better to use

Summarize Your Ideas

Another thing that conclusion for research paper should include is the summary of main ideas outlined throughout your work. However, it may depend on type of assignment you are writing. Since there are two kinds of research papers – argumentative and empirical – one should correctly recognize which approach is better for each.  

  1. Argumentative The conclusion of this assignment is tied around the thesis statement you have previously mentioned in your introduction. You can always find and look through different research paper thesis examples. It is the central claim that is connected to all arguments you have presented. Restate your thesis and show how your claim has advanced through the body paragraphs. Next, make a summary of ideas you’ve come up with in the main body. Mention how these arguments work in support of your thesis. Don't throw in any new facts and evidence. Work with what you have already written before.
  2. Empirical A conclusion in this assignment should give readers answers to the research questions reviewed throughout your work. You should also mention the inference your thoughts and findings have led you to.

Outline the Significance of Research

Once you do the summary part in a research paper conclusion paragraph, we can proceed to the final step. The last section of this assignment should discuss implications that appeared by the end of analysis. Depending on type of paper (argumentative or empirical), it can be call to action or recommendation for further investigation.

  1. Argumentative Such paper usually ends with a solid concluding remark which calls readers to action. Based on issues brought in the main body, think of what people need to do in response to your arguments. Once you do that, form a strong statement and put it as icing on a cake at the end of your paper. At the same time, if your topic is unsuitable for a call to action, suggest another way of approaching it or mention an opportunity for more thorough investigation.
  2. Empirical In this paper, a conclusion ends with recommendations or guidelines for future research. Even if you believe that you have covered every possible aspect of your topic, there will always be room for more exploration. Conclude with a final thought suggesting how you or other analysts may work further on this research question. Indicate what new outcomes can be uncovered.

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Research Paper Conclusion Example

To make it easier for you to get the idea, we offer a research paper conclusion sample. Check these two research paper conclusion examples below:

Research paper conclusion example
Example of research paper conclusion

You can also try our conclusion generator, which will help you make a good summary of your paper.


Now that you know how to write a conclusion for a research paper, you may put newly gained knowledge into practice. When writing your final paragraph, always think of an ending that suits your assignment most. Include all elements that should be a part of chosen conclusion type. And always keep in mind the kind of research paper you are working on. Follow our simple tips, and writing a conclusion will be an easy breeze for you. It will become even easier if professional college paper writers are on the job. Just think about it and give us a call, yes?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a research paper conclusion usually include?

A conclusion in research paper should usually have:

  • Restated thesis statement, which is the main research question.
  • Synopsis of your main arguments and ideas.
  • Brief overview of why your investigation is significant.

2. How long should a research paper conclusion be?

5 to 7 sentences for a conclusion is an ideal option for this type of academic assignment. Do not overload your readers by bringing up your arguments all over again. Instead, briefly recap your findings, supporting them with only the most powerful statements.

Article posted on:May 3, 2022
Article updated on:Nov 19, 2023


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6/22/2022 1:18 PM
Hello, I'm writing a research right now, but I'm all burnt out before I ever get to the end. So, does a research paper need a conclusion? Or can I leave it as is?
6/23/2022 11:40 AM
Hi Caroline,

Yes, a research paper does need an ending. The purpose of any research paper is to make a conclusion from your investigation that can be useful in further research.
7/5/2022 4:34 PM
Hi! Can't get my research paper conclusion just right. It somehow seems out of place. I need some advice. What are the common mistakes made in writing a conclusion in a research paper? How do I avoid them?
7/5/2022 5:08 PM
Hello Edward,

First of all, don't make your conclusion vague. Second, don't add any new information or leave out any information that was part of your research. Moreover, you shouldn't "force" your conclusion to reflect your thesis when the body of your paper falls short of covering your arguments properly.

We hope this helps!