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How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper: Explanation & Some Good Advice

how to write a thesis for a reserch paper
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When thinking on how to write a thesis statement for a research paper it’s essential to take into account such notions as brainstorming, decent examples, captivating topic. After all, your proposition greatly influences main idea of research paper writing. Crafting a powerful hypothesis guarantees paper success. To achieve that, you should know where your statement must be placed. Also let's not forget about analyzing primary sources, that could help in making your topic interesting. Remember, a research paper thesis is not given in question form.

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What Is the Purpose of a Research Thesis Statement?

Purpose of your thesis statement sheds light on research, and shows its specific peculiar features. Its main idea lies in providing specific and clear arguments. It serves as a guide to the audience. Readers know what to expect from the whole story. Purpose has four main distinguishing notions which make it:

  • goal-oriented;
  • clear;
  • concise;
  • specific and precise.

Thinking of a hypothesis statement for the research paper, remember interesting facts. Specific information makes your proposition catchy.

Types of Thesis Statement in Research Papers

There exist several types of thesis statements. Each is important, peculiar theme. More detailed information on each type is shown below. Argumentative variant has specific features as well as explanatory one. You can clearly see how different types reflect their respective goals. Explanatory one shows title, and subject. Argumentative hypothesis needs some fact (argument) to defend.

Analytical Thesis for a Research Paper

Specific feature of working thesis statement: student breaks down idea/issue into components. Your audience should see ready evaluation. To convince its importance, here is an example to support the theory:

Argumentative Thesis for a Research Paper

It appears at the end of thesis paragraph. Its two main features: narrow and focused. Such claim would be much better than detailed one. It should have convincing arguments consisting of one or two sentences. Example:

Expository Thesis for a Research Paper

Thesis statement for a research paper lies in discussing key facts that the work has. It explains the topic/issue in the most convenient for readers’ way. Key aspects are shown in an obligatory manner. It helps to develop the course of events. To better grab the point, look at an example:

Research Paper Thesis Statement Formula

Formula for your thesis statement is a kind of description on how to shape your work. It consists of peculiar notions: P (academic paper) = S (subject), R (research), E (expression). It often includes U (understanding). Assertion in sentence is based on facts. Information is adequate if it consists of no more than 2 sentences.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement for a Research Paper?

There is list of suggestions good thesis statement for research paper should include:

  • Brainstorming ideas.
  • Topic which captivates from the beginning.
  • Conducting work.
  • Proper examples.
  • Fine facts.
  • Crafting a powerful structure.

Your hypothesis should be based on these suggestions. While writing paper, bright introduction for research paper helps to make the whole work successful, interesting, and promising. Brainstorming ideas belongs to key points which influence course of ideas flow. Mind it.

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How Can This Thesis Statement Be Improved?

The best way to improve your thesis paragraph is making it concise and specific. Yes, author could use detailed explanation, though, as practice shows, short and efficient hypothesis gives more results than wordy and extended one. Thoroughly think over construction. It shows all necessary information in minimized format.

Your hypothesis statement has match «So what» test. Answer, why this topic is essential, needed, important. Correct arguments strongly support main idea, makes it clear. Eliminate generic words. Strong hypothesis should depict individual point of view, author’s thoughts, aims, supported by facts.

Last Thoughts

Fine thesis for a research paper should be short, meaningful, saturated with examples, and the author's thoughts. Goals are important. The key point for research should be topical one. Hypothesis should contain useful information. Providing evidence of actuality is powerful tool for making the proposition interesting. The catchy topic – the bigger audience involved. Make sure your material is supplied in different ways which depends on the type of research. Individual ways of submitting items, together with facts, guarantee successful hypothesis constructing.

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FAQ's for Writing a Thesis for a Research Paper

1. How long is a thesis statement?

Thesis statement should be no longer than 2 sentences. On average it takes around 20-50 words. These two sentences are precise, informative, catchy, with essential information only. Authors usually write their hypothesis on the basis of their knowledge. If experience is rich, a proposition might take more than 2 sentences.

2. Why should a thesis statement be significant, debatable, and limited?

Precise opinion is the most important point, so the thesis paragraph should be 100% debatable. Thought, remember the limits and be aware of them. Whole structure dictates the peculiarities of writing. It is not permissible to write as you wish. Specific informatics should be shaped in brief form.

3. Where is the thesis statement located?

Thesis for a research paper is located in introduction part. Usually it appears the end of paragraph. Positioning is important. Hypothesis makes a drawing line on what whole work will be. If placing it anywhere, it will lose essential notion. Stick to structure and your research will be correctly shaped and interesting to listen.

4. How can the reader use the thesis statement?

Main ideas of any thesis statement are hidden throughout whole work. Getting acquainted with your hypothesis helps better understand key aims and essential thoughts that an author tries to deliver. A proposition tries to convince an audience to read whole paper from beginning to end. Interesting and extraordinary beginning guarantees research success and recognition.

Article posted on:Jul 26, 2022
Article updated on:Aug 8, 2022


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9/29/2022 11:28 AM
I have two questions: 1. Should a thesis statement for a research paper always state a specific opinion? 2. If not, how to write a thesis statement for research that doesn’t take a side?
9/29/2022 11:45 AM
Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for asking! In most cases, a research paper thesis statement states the student’s opinion. However, when it comes to expository thesis statements, they would just inform the reader about the main topic under discussion. You can see an example above in our blog post to get a better picture.
10/6/2022 2:03 PM
What are some great examples of a thesis statement for a research paper that focuses on gender inclusive pronouns and social acceptance? Thanks in advance.
10/6/2022 2:12 PM
Hi Kathie,

You’ve chosen a very engaging direction of study. Based on the information you have provided, your research paper thesis should be: “The research reveals the change in behavioral patterns that take place during the shift from gender-marked pronouns to gender-neutral language.” You may further specify the changes associated with this process.