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How to Cite a Newspaper Article APA: Everything You Need to Know

How to Cite a Newspaper Article APA
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APA  7th edition is one of the most popular formats among students. So, at some point you will need information on how to cite a newspaper article APA or how to cite PowerPonit APA. Here, you should provide all essential details. This way, other researchers won’t waste much time on trying to find your source. 

The rules for citing newspaper articles in APA format are fundamentally different from citing other sources such as journals or books. For this reason, our college paper writing services have prepared this detailed guide and covered all tricky cases of APA newspaper citation.

How to Cite a Newspaper Article From Online Source in APA Style

To ensure citing online news article APA is done correctly, we must find each element that goes into citation. Let’s first review the details for your Reference list entry. Unlike any print version, in this case you should specify a URL. This link will replace page numbers. However, there is no need to write an access date, since information found in periodicals doesn’t really change. Just like with any other source, you should also include the publication date in year-month-day format. 

APA is an author-date style. This means that you should indicate an author and year in your in-text citation. Feel free to use the format below next time you cite an online newspaper.

Reference format 

Author’s Last Name, Initial(s). (Date). Title. Periodical Name (italicized). URL.

In-text citation 

(Author’s Last Name, Year).


APA newspaper article from online source citation example

How to Cite a Newspaper From a News Website: APA

APA 7th edition allows using information from online-based news sites. Such websites as The Independent or BBC exist only on the web, and citations for these sites are different. Note that you should italicize an article title in APA online newspaper citation for electronic news. However, regular font is used in the news site’s name. 

Let us show you the general format so you never miss anything important:

Reference format 

Author’s Last Name, Initial(s). (Date). Title. News Website Name. URL.

In-text citation

(Author’s Last Name, Year).


APA newspaper article from a news website citation example

APA Newspaper Article Citation in Print

Any APA newspaper article that is in print requires the use of page numbers. This signifies where exactly this resource is taken from. Sections of printed newspapers are occasionally designated by a letter placed before the page number (e.g., A1, B4). When formatting page numbers in this manner, always include the letters. 

Newspaper stories may also appear on pages that aren't consecutive. For example, it can be an article which starts on the cover page but continues on page 15. Be careful as you should only mention pertinent pages, and use commas to split page numbers.

  • Consecutive pages
  • Non-consecutive pages


APA newspaper article in print citation example

How to Cite a Newspaper Article in APA Style With No Author

Chances are that you also want to know how to cite a newspaper article APA with no author. Sometimes, articles have an unknown author. In this case, you will start your citation with the article’s title and include other details. If it’s a print version, indicate page number. But when you are citing an online publication with no author, just add a URL in the end. 

APA 7th edition also requires that you use a shortened version of the article title and year in text. Keep in mind that all words in your in-text citation should be capitalized.


APA newspaper article with no author citation example

APA: Citing a Newspaper Article With Two Authors

Another way of citing a news article in APA comes when there are two authors to the same piece. Here, you should list 2 authors and put an ampersand (&) between them. The rest of your reference entry will follow the proper APA format 7th Edition. In most cases news articles are written by 1 author. But in the event it is composed by 2 people, follow this reference entry below.


APA newspaper article with two authors citation example

How to Cite a Newspaper Article With in APA: No Page

If there is no page number given, APA citation for a news paper article does not significantly change in style. Since there are no page numbers to be added, the most obvious way would be to skip that part. If no page numbers are supplied, leave that section of the reference out of your References list. If an article does not appear on consecutive pages, provide all of the page numbers, separated by commas. As an example (4, 6, 12-14).

How to Cite a Newspaper Article From a Library Database APA

Sometimes, you just have an excellent source from a library database and wonder how to cite it in APA. Good news, your newspaper citation will be exactly the same as the one for articles from newspapers in print. APA in text citation for newspaper article from the database doesn’t have any changes, either. Just list an author’s last name and page number.


APA newspaper article from a library database citation example

Maybe you will need an APA magazine citation, keep in mind that it is necessary to use another guide. Of course, you will find it in our library.

APA Newspaper Citation: Helpful Tips

The following tips should be used to ensure that you know exactly how to APA cite a newspaper article. Make sure to check them out:

  • Paraphrasing When you are just paraphrasing any idea, there is no need to indicate a page number, paragraph or section in your in-text citation.
  • Direct quotation If you are quoting someone, specify a page number or paragraph (for articles with no pages). For example: (Breeden, 2021, p. A9) but (Briskin, 2021, para. 4).
  • Page Numbers When citing newspaper stories in APA, you do need to use “p.” or “pp.” to mark the pages in reference entries. Head directly to the section and page numbers (e.g., A1, D5). However, you should use these abbreviations in text citations when quoting directly.
  • Multiple Pages If an article appears on several pages, include all page numbers and separate them with a comma (e.g., B1, B3, B5-B7).

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How to Cite a Newspaper Article APA: Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide will come in handy for everyone who wants to learn how to cite a newspaper article APA. As with any other citation, you should mention an author, date of publication, title and name of periodical. If it’s an online article, you will provide a URL. If it’s a print article, specify the pages. APA conventions for citing a newspaper article in text are similar to those used for other sources, with the author’s name and year of publication given in parentheses.

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Article posted on:Nov 28, 2022
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