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Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 100+ Interesting and Useful Ideas for Your Essay

It is difficult to come up with cause and effect essay topics when you are overloaded with various writing tasks or when the deadline is too tight. Sounds familiar? No worries, we’ve got your back! If you need some excellent ideas from professional writers, this article will help you.

Let’s start with the basics. A cause and effect essay explores the factors causing a certain issue along with its consequences. It should include reasons, differences between the state of affairs before and after this issue occurs, as well as relationships between the events that happened.

Now let us talk about topics and how to choose them.

How to Choose a Topic for Cause and Effect Essay: Useful Tips

A good topic for cause and effect essay should talk about an event or thing that occurred or appeared within a certain period of time so that you could trace the reasons which caused it and determine its outcomes.

The following steps are recommended to start with your essay:

  1. Read the assignment. Pay attention to hints or examples if there are any.
  2. Choose one that suits you best. You might need to analyze your target audience to see what topics would be interesting for them.
  3. Do a quick brainstorm. Try to form a list of good topics you can write about.
  4. Write a strong thesis statement with an outline.
  5. Proceed writing the full text.

You can find helpful examples of cause and effect topics below. They are divided into several different categories for your convenience.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics by Grade

School students are the ones who are most often tasked with writing assignments for cause and effect essay topics. We have collected many ideas for different school grades. Check these categories below. Select the one that matches your grade and look through the ideas. Let’s take a closer look at these topics!

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Elementary Students

We begin with cause and effect essay topics for elementary students. Here is the list of essay subjects that would be appropriate for different schools. These topics are mostly related to areas a child could write easily about.

  1. What are the outcomes of not waking up on time?
  2. How are you feeling today? What made you feel that way?
  3. Discuss possible reasonings for no homework policy for kindergarten kids.
  4. What are the benefits of your school rules?
  5. Why are Disney cartoons movies so popular?
  6. How did you become best friends with your friend?
  7. What are the effects of keeping a pet at home?
  8. Why do some teachers become favorites for their students?
  9. Why do kids love their parents?
  10. What is the result of going to bed too late?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School Students

This is a collection of good cause and effect essay topics for middle school. Most teachers would appreciate an essay written on one of these ideas. Middle-schoolers are usually expected to write about food, games, sports, animals, their families or their friends.

  1. What are the reasons for sibling rivalry?
  2. What are the outcomes of playing violent video games?
  3. How has your favorite book affected your life?
  4. How have video games affected society?
  5. What bad consequences could peer pressure cause?
  6. Explain the effects of good / bad weather.
  7. What would be the effects if one stops doing chores in their house?
  8. How vacations affect families that take them together?
  9. What could be the outcomes if the Internet disappears forever?
  10. How does terrorism affect education?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School Students

Below is a collection of interesting cause and effect essay topics for high school students. At this age young authors usually write about their life, personal issues or reflections, preparation for college and dealing with financial challenges.

  1. Can family relations be improved via cell phone? How?
  2. Can video games boost IQ? How?
  3. How does stardom affect star kids?
  4. How does social media affect teens' life?
  5. What causes illegal immigration?
  6. What are the negative effects of stress in our daily life?
  7. How does growing up in a poor household affect one’s life?
  8. What are the effects of parent involvement in a child’s education?
  9. Describe how a certain person has affected your life.
  10. What were the causes of a good/bad decision you have made?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

Finally, you can take a look at several suggestions of cause and effect essay topics for college. This category includes subjects related to ideas and challenges of adult life. College students are more likely to choose an idea related to political, social, or economic problems as well as their future career options.

  1. How does retirement age affect older generations?
  2. What are the effects of mobile phones’ increased usage in business?
  3. What impact does online communication have on relationships?
  4. How does online shopping affect modern society?
  5. Misunderstandings between parents and their children caused by lack of communication.
  6. How does gender inequality affect society?
  7. What are the outcomes of dropping out of college?
  8. Can a good sense of humor improve relations? How?
  9. Consequences of students getting a part-time job.
  10. Consequences of living in your parents’ house.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics by Discipline

In this section we have picked a number of helpful cause and effect essay topics by academic fields. Each particular category contains 10 popular ideas that should be easy to write about. Select a discipline most closely related to your major or to your interests. Feel free to use its contents for inspiration and ideas!

Health Care Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Let’s start with a selection of cause and effect essay topics on health care. Such subjects are familiar for anyone as they speak about treatment or illness prevention, longevity and various factors that influence people’s health.

  1. How does bad posture affect bone health?
  2. Outcomes of insufficient physical activity.
  3. What is the origin of eating disorders in teenagers?
  4. Junk food’s impact on child obesity rates.
  5. Depression origins in teens.
  6. What are possible reasons for some people to avoid vaccines?
  7. Consequences of drug resistance to antibiotic drugs.
  8. How does smoking affect an adult's health?
  9. How does air pollution affect the local population’s health?
  10. Consequences of having a national healthcare system.

Science and Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

This section contains several Technology cause and effect essay topics. It is immeasurable how tech affects our life. It has shaped society’s modern view along with its rapid progress. Such topics could be used by anyone, not only students majoring in technical fields.

  1. How does technology-aided educational systems affect college life?
  2. How can a coding mistake affect the way an application works?
  3. How does online communication affect growing generations?
  4. What can happen if you don’t know how to use a computer?
  5. How has genetic engineering affected our daily lives?
  6. Does technologys’ usage help understand complex topics better?
  7. Consequences of cell phones' unnecessary usage.
  8. What caused Chernobyl’s accident? What results do we encounter now?
  9. Private space programs’ consequences.
  10. How did cloning technologies affect the medical field?

Educational Issues: Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay

Here are a few helpful ideas for cause and effect essays related to education, its progress and challenges in the modern world. Any student has some experience with this, so it could be a good idea to analyze your progress or difficulties in a certain area.

  1. How does homeschooling affect a child's educational level?
  2. Consequences of providing advanced classes on school days.
  3. Impact of poverty on education.
  4. Effects of games on studies.
  5. What are the effects of over-schooling?
  6. How does standardized testing affect student dropout rates?
  7. What effect does being labeled “gifted” or “talented” have on students?
  8. What causes students to think school is boring?
  9. Do single-sex classrooms cause students to learn better?
  10. What are the outcomes of having school uniforms?

Cause and Effect Topics on Business

Here are some interesting suggestions for cause and effect topics on Business for those who already have work experience or consider an entrepreneur’s career. Analyzing businesses’ success factors or failure rates is actually crucial for building a robust firm.

  1. How does social media affect business?
  2. How do online sales affect businesses?
  3. What are the consequences for high startup failure rates?
  4. How do high/low taxes affect businesses?
  5. What would happen if there would be only one currency left in the world?
  6. What are the outcomes for supporting local small businesses?
  7. Outcomes of not having a business plan when starting a company.
  8. What political or social factors lead to entrepreneurship rise?
  9. Outcomes of the monopolies’ creation.
  10. Consequences of international trade agreements.

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas on History

The last section is for History cause and effect essay topics. It may give you inspiration to analyze and write about the politics in your country in a certain period or about reasons and outcomes for some political leader’s decisions.

  1. Why did the Roman empire fall? What are its consequences?
  2. What caused the US Civil War.
  3. Outcomes of WWI.
  4. Prove that history goes in cycles.
  5. What are the outcomes of globalization on women’ position?
  6. What caused the Opium wars between the UK and China?
  7. How did Abraham Lincoln affect American history?
  8. What caused the Great Depression?
  9. Consequences of colonialism.
  10. How may state history influence its present-day political and economic status?

Unique Global Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

If you wish to analyse the results of some deep and global problems, these informative essay ideas might be helpful for you. The topics here were divided into several categories, with a focus on society, environment, families and other areas that are equally important for anyone on our planet.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Social Issues

First, take a look at these cause and effect essay topics on social issues. Today, these questions are getting more attention among students as educational institutions try to include more information about them.

  1. What are the racism origins and other forms of discrimination?
  2. Explain the behavioral phenomena in society.
  3. Why is globalization occurring? What impact may it have?
  4. Reasons for break-ups between couples. What are the outcomes?
  5. How does single parenting affect kids' socialization?
  6. How does a civil war affect a nation?
  7. Consequences of the international women’s rights movement.
  8. Illegal immigration consequences.
  9. How does social anxiety affect youth?
  10. Explain the outcomes of low social status.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Environmental Issues

Here are some good topics for cause and effect essays on environmental issues. Such problems get increasingly more attention lately, which is why such a topic could be a good choice for your essay.

  1. Outcomes of living among nature.
  2. How does industrial emissions affect the environment?
  3. What causes cancer? What are its effects?
  4. How does traveling affect our life?
  5. Global consequences of deforestation.
  6. Outcomes of illegal poaching.
  7. Outcomes of protecting endangered species.
  8. Consequences of green technology development.
  9. Origins of rapid changes in oceans.
  10. Why is it better to conserve water?

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas on Gender issues

Gender problems along with related studies play a big role in today’s society. We have collected several helpful cause and effect essay ideas on gender issues in case you would be interested in analyzing the following areas.

  • Discuss the feminism role in the gender wage gap.
  • Consequences of women getting lower salaries.
  • Gender inequality’s social outcomes.
  • Globalization’s impact on changing gender roles as well as gender equality.
  • How does gender neutral language influence modern culture?
  • How does same sex parenting affect child development?
  • Links between gender and low self esteem.
  • How gender differences impact the consequences of divorce?
  • Causes of gender differences on aging and longevity.
  • Outcomes of the women’s right for abortion.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics about Love and Family Issues

In case you are interested in analyzing the connections between parents and children or positive/negative processes in a couple's lives, these cause and effect essay topics on family issues could be helpful for you.

  • Family problems have detrimental effects on sleep.
  • How does parents supervising affect their children’s interaction with friends?
  • Living with your partner: positive and negative effects.
  • How troubled family relationships impact the suicide rate among youngsters?
  • What entails love? What are the effects?
  • How have COVID-19 restrictions along wth social distancing affected family life?
  • How does parents’ divorce affect the dating and marriage relationships of their children?
  • How does long distance affect relationships?
  • What are the effects of both spouses having full time jobs?
  • How do relationships affect personal development?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Bullying

The problem of building healthy relationships in a students’ community is very important nowadays. These ideas for cause and effect of bullying essays might inspire you to do research.

  1. What makes some children bully their peers in school?
  2. How does bullying increase in high school dropouts?
  3. How does bullying affect health?
  4. Cyberbullying: causes and effects .
  5. Online stalking: reasons and effects.
  6. How do school programs against bullying affect the actual bullying as well as students’ fears?
  7. Does homeschooling eliminate problems with bullying? Why/why not?
  8. How do government politics affect bullying in schools?
  9. How do cultural differences affect bullying in schools?
  10. How do economic inequalities affect bullying in schools?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Poverty

Economic inequality is a problem that is very important in every country. These are the examples of cause and effect of poverty essays. Feel free to use them as inspiration if you wish to research factors influencing poor people’ lifes.

  1. Effects on having a low income retirement.
  2. Why is a big percentage of the American population living in poverty?
  3. What effects does growing up in poverty have on adults?
  4. Bankruptcy: causes and effects.
  5. Why do immigrants have a harder time securing jobs than natural-born citizens?
  6. How does help from the state affect the poverty rates?
  7. How dof high unemployment rates affect society?
  8. What are the primary effects of poverty on girls?
  9. Impact of the lack of college education on salary expectations.
  10. What effect does growing up with food insecurity have on children?

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas on Depression

A lot of recent studies on origins of depression and ways to prevent it have greatly increased our awareness of this grave problem. Here are some topic ideas on cause and effect of depression essay.

  1. What is the effect of depression and work-related stress on an employee’s performance?
  2. Emotional problems can affect the immune system. How?
  3. Why can broken relationships cause mental stress?
  4. Discuss how continuous mental stress can affect the sleeping pattern.
  5. Unemployment can cause psychological issues. Elaborate on the concept.
  6. How is social anxiety affecting youth?
  7. How can excessive academic assignments cause depression?

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas on Stress

Modern life causes lots of stress, especially for those who are studying or working hard. Here is the list of topic ideas for cause and effect essays on stress, which could be helpful if you wish to write about it.

  1. What causes stress? What can it result in?
  2. Why is being positive important?
  3. What can make a person really happy? Why?
  4. Long term effects of stress in young age
  5. What are the negative effects of stress in one’s daily life?
  6. Impact of chronic stress on relationships.
  7. Effects of regular physical activities on a daily level of stress.

Last Thoughts on Cause and Effect Essay Topics

In this article we have collected a series of helpful cause and effect essay topics which were divided into different major categories for your convenience. They include both simplified as well as highly professional subjects, ranging from elementary school to college, as well as from family & relationships to science and business.

Feel free to read all these topics and use them as ideas for your top notch cause and effect essay. We hope that this information will help you to earn a great score with your work! If you are still not sure what you should write about or what to start from, please check out our other articles.

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