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AMA website citation
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 The American Medical Association (AMA) style is widely used in the field of medicine and healthcare, providing a standardized format for citing references, includiing websites. In this article, we will explin how to cite a website in AMA style, ensuring that you can properly reference online sources. Whether you are a medical professional, a student, or a researcher, mastering AMA style  website citations will not only enhance the credibility of your writing but also demonstrate your commitment to academic integrity.

AMA Citation of Website

How to cite a website in AMA? This is a question we want to take you through. In this article, we will show principal elements used in citings. Primarily a source is given in a reference list. When citing information from a website, particular elements need to be included in order like this:

  • Author’s Name (Last Name and Initials; when Author is unknown, use Name of the organization responsible for the site);
  • Web Page Title (if not given, use Name of the organization responsible for the site);
  • Website’s Name;
  • URL;
  • Published Date (if available);
  • Updated Date (if available);
  • Accessed Date.

Let’s take a look at the example of citing website in AMA style citation.

Citing website in AMA style example

AMA in-Text Citation Website

Providing AMA style website AMA in text citation, you need to follow some specific rules. When you need an in-text citation, use superscript Arabic numerals. As a rule, they correspond to a certain number in AMA reference page.

Thus, the superscript is inserted in such a way:  

  1. 1. Immediately behind a concept, quotation, or fact being cited: Sub-microliter volumes can also be processed using sample dilution.1
  2. 2. After commas and periods: In the study, 2, 5-8 the team analyzed the pineal color detection system of the lamprey.
  3. 3. Before colons and semicolons: All 2D barcoded tube rack scanners are camera-based10; so they need a clear, unobstructed view of a tube’s datamatrix barcode to accurately decode.

How to Cite CDC Website in AMA?

Relevant information is often found on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) webpage, and there is a need to cite CDC website AMA. Instead of Author's Name, you should put CDC organization’s name when citing some medical articles:

  • point out the full name of CDC;
  • Web Page Title;
  • URL;
  • Published Date (if available);
  • Updated Date (if available);
  • Accessed Date.

Here is an example of a citation:

Cite CDC Website in AMA example

In-Text CDC Website Citation

When presenting in-text citations for material from CDC website, specific usage of superscript is obligatory following AMA style.

Let’s look at this example:

CCHD screening nationwide could save at least 120 babies each year, according to a new study.3

How to Cite FDA Website in AMA?

Other up-to-date material can be found on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) webpage, and there is a need to cite FDA website AMA style. Like in the previous example, here FDA citing takes an equal formula and includes:

  • FDA organization’s Name;
  • Web Page Title;
  • URL;
  • Published Date (if available);
  • Updated Date (if available);
  • Accessed Date.

Let’s take a look at an example of FDA citation:

Cite FDA Website in AMA example

In-Text FDA Citation

In-text citation of FDA website also involves superscript numbers. They are used behind an idea or quotation being cited.

Here is an in-text example of this type of citation:

The flu is different from a cold,5,12 mainly because the symptoms and complications are more severe.

AMA: Citing Website with No Author

By working with searched materials, authors can be not pointed, and it is necessary to know how to cite website with no author in AMA style, for example how to cite Wikipedia. So, it is fine to include a corporation/organization’s name on the author's name position when citing information. The general formula is as follows:

  • Organization’s Name;
  • Web Page Title;
  • URL;
  • Published Date (if available);
  • Updated Date (if available);
  • Accessed Date.

Here is an example of citing materials with no author:

Citing Website with No Author in AMA example

In-Text Citation

When mentioning concepts or valuable ideas from a particular source, you should provide in-text citations by keeping earlier mentioned rules.

Here is an example:

The software7 will automatically select the optimum path length using the analytical wavelength.

AMA Website Citation: No Date

When no article’s date is found, there is no problem to cite a website with no date in AMA style. Keeping in mind the sample repeated earlier, Publication and Updated dates can often be unavailable. Accessed date is specified in citations instead. Then, the sample looks like this:

  • Author’s Name (or Organization’s Name);
  • Web Page Title;
  • URL;
  • Accessed Date.

Let’s look at an example:

AMA Website Citation with No Date example

In-Text Citation

When referring to a particular source in a paper’s text, superscript Arabic numerals should be used after a statement or quotation you highlight.

Here is an example:

Anemia is managed with oral dose of 60 to 120 mg per day of iron.11,6

Final Thoughts on Citing a Website in AMA

Generally, AMA citing website rules are simple and easy to comprehend and follow. Whatever research in medicine or science you might carry out, the principles of citing a website in AMA style are essential. They help you present your paper well-organized and accurately and correctly use received research results, making your work unique and valuable.

We encourage you to insert the entry in references immediately you find it using the samples presented in our quick guide. By sticking to formulas mentioned above, we believe you will succeed in your writing and handle your entire work to meet deadlines. Whatever question you might have about citing websites using AMA style, you can always use our handy and brief instructions.  

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1. How to cite multiple pages from the same website in AMA?

Website AMA citation in text involves superscript numerals inserted behind an idea or quotation mentioned from references. Citing several pages from the same website, use a hyphen between the first and last pages cited. When using different pages from a single source, use commas between those pages.

2. How to cite image from website in AMA?

An image should be cited in the same way as AMA format citation website. Keep the general format:  

  • Author;
  • Image Title (if unavailable, give an organization’s name);
  • Website’s Name;
  • URL;
  • Published Date (if available);
  • Updated Date (if available);
  • Accessed Date.

3. How do you cite a PDF online in AMA?

When using PDF online as a source for writing, citation AMA is equal to the reference entry in such a format: Author’s Name (Surname and Initials). Title. City: Publisher; Year Published: Pages Used. Available at: http:// Website URL.

4. How to cite a website journal in AMA?

Much relevant information might be found in website journals. Thus, you should create a reference to an entire journal following AMA citation of a website. The format is as follows: Article’s Title. Journal Title. Publication Year; Volume Number (Issue Number): Page Numbers. URL.

Article posted on:May 5, 2022
Article updated on:May 11, 2023


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6/25/2022 9:48 AM
Hi there! How to cite a book from a website in AMA style?
6/25/2022 11:47 AM
Hi Zoe,

AMA Ebook citation is pretty similar to a general printed book reference. As it is digital information, URL should be given and Accessed Date mentioned at the end of reference. When referring to a book you found online, stick to the following formula:

Author(s) Name (Last Name First Initial Middle Initial), ed.
Book's Title: Book's Subtitle,
Edition Number (indicate the last edition),
Publication Place: Publisher, Year,
Accessed Date (Month-Day-Year).

6/25/2022 11:56 AM
Thanks a lot! Your answer was really helpful! I had to cite an ebook in my research paper in AMA style and I had no idea how to do it. I tried to google it but didn't find anything about it. Somehow I found this comment and it was exactly what I needed. Thanx!