Top 20 Writing Apps for Android and iPhone Young Writers Should Not Ignore

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HuffingtonPost mentions the US illiteracy rate has not changed during the last decade. It names problems with writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, & content) among the core causes. On the other hand, mobile app developers continue releasing amazing software to eliminate the problems many writers and students face. Many people find it uncomfortable to compose articles or stories on their mobile devices. The latest writing apps help to post articles directly from mobile phones without obstacles. We can say the best writing apps occupy a solid market share, so they are worth your attention, as well as the best checklist app ever created.

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iA Writer

iA Writer

According to the latest reviews, iA Writer is one of the best writing apps both Android & iOS authors enjoy working on their masterpieces. It is compatible with popular iOS/Android based mobile devices & tablets. It functions excellently. Android version of iA Writer has fewer advantages compared to its iOS analog, but is still great.

If you prefer iOS mobile devices, enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Syntax highlighting (detect adjectives and other parts of speech in your file)
  • Complete support (e.g., split screen issue)

No matter which phone or tablet you are using, give iA Writer a chance to impress you!


  • Android version reminds of a demo.

Lists for Writers

Top writing apps include Lists for Writers recommended by people who managed to finish their first novels/short stories. Each writer has to conduct in-depth research. It is important to choose the best idea to create his first draft.

One method is to search endlessly on popular search engines (Google, Yahoo) to find fresh ideas, which could grab reader’s attention. Another effective way is to let this application do the whole job. Allow it to discover fast writing ideas on Google. [Original source:]

Without a stable internet connection, the app is working by having access to hundreds of wonderful ideas:

  • Hero names
  • Plot conflicts
  • Animal options
  • Professions
  • Locations
  • Passions
  • Clothing
  • Decorations

Disadvantages include:

  • No compatibility with other search engines



Many young writers share this is one of the best writing apps on iOS & Android market!

The name tells it would be a great option for people who work in magazines or newspapers, but it is not limited to the writing functions – there are more features to explore! Editorial supports the entire workflows and possesses powerful, vivid, and user-friendly interface. Markdown support & powerful automation tools attract pure interest to Editorial tool.

One happy customer left a comment to explain Editorial’s advantage.

“Customer Support is doing their job. Thanks to Editorial tool, exporting and posting any article from the software becomes a cinch: you will find every cent you spend is worth it! The tool is full of breathtaking templates & themes.”

The main disadvantage is Editorial software does not help if you want to compose a paper from scratch, like our essay maker free or essay typer by StudyCrumb

Another useful way to get your finished paper checked by experts is to order professional editing & proofreading help from the corresponding service.

Jotter Pad

Among all apps for writing, Jotter Pad has the most interesting design. A single version was released by today, and it is available for Android-based mobile devices & tablets. The tool fits authors who have interest in creating notes, stores, descriptions, documents, and more types of written files.

  • Advantages: Users may save their drafts in various popular formats, including PDF and DOC. It allows exporting drafts from their target devices. Come to Google Store to get this solution free of charge (pay more to have extra features unlocked).
  • The only gap is the lack of iOS version.


The list of the best writing apps for iPad, iPhone, & Android includes Audible – amazing solution for people who do not read many literary pieces. Audible prevents users from wasting their time on reading and straining eyes by making it possible to listen to any books they choose. It is free to study 4-5 books this way during a one-month period - register on the official application’s website to start enjoying that opportunity.

Let’s recall advantages:

No matter where you are (on a trip, riding the bike, having a boring lesson, resting at home), Audible is there to let you discover the world with the help of different audio books. You may look up the titles of the books on desired topics on Amazon initially.

The disadvantage is the obligation to pay a monthly fee if you wish to get access to more than five books.


The best writing apps for iPad & iPhone have mentioned Ulysses. It is a popular, highly demanded writing tool developed by the iOS enthusiasts to overbeat their rivals from Android team. Young writers who wish to become professional authors one day should try Ulysses because it provides a complete overall writing experience.

What are the main advantages of Ulysses?

Experts name comfortable, highly user-friendly interface the main reason to pick discussed writing tool from other possible alternatives. Enjoy exporting documents in the following popular formats:

  • DOC
  • PDF
  • Web Page
  • Web Book
  • Etc.

The worst thing is Android version is not available, but Ulysses developers promised to generate a version specifically for Android users due to its popularity.


Audible’s basic competitor, Kindle, prevents mobile phone & tablet users from reading tones of materials by allowing them to hear everything in audio format. Decide which book you would like to hear after working with Amazon search engine. Although some Kindle users switch to Audible, the first application has its followers & community. To write well, students must dedicate some time to reading – it is the only way to visualize and memorize basic writing rules.


Lack of reading experience.



Everyone knows the famous Elephant image – Evernote is one of the market leaders when it comes to the best writing apps. Students would benefit from using simple writing tool, which makes the process of taking notes fun. Open Evernote to put the recent ideas or arrange your next day activities. Tomorrow, you can implement the list of ideas by developing meaningful posts on different topics. Still wonder what is a hook in an essay? Pick the best points to generate powerful essay hooks.

We will list the advantages:

The best part is the voice recording feature, which makes it possible to put down ideas once they come to your mind without having to write them manually. It saves a plenty of time!

Most of the users stay satisfied with Evernote, and they cannot recall any gaps in the work of time-tested “Elephant” tool.


If you need a free application accessible online to improve your art of writing, ProWritingAid is what you must start using! The tool makes any process of editing/proofreading twice faster and more accurate. The main goal of the app is to fix writer’s mistakes instead of offering ideas or sharing valuable writing hints. It highlights: 

  • Wordiness
  • Vague, abstract language
  • Passive constructions
  • Repetitiveness

Enjoy 24 useful writing reports – instrument’s main competitive advantage!

The disadvantage
is the lack of creativity tools.


Let’s start by listing the main disadvantage of the app; it becomes available once the mobile phone user jailbreaks his/her favorite iOS device. Android phone users have to attend Google Play Store to download & install PDANet without previous modifications. Apply Pangu application if you decide to jailbreak your iOS-running device.

People who have urgent writing deadlines appreciate PDANet. Its opportunity to create a mobile hotspot from the target device makes the software original. In case a WiFi signal is absent, you may convert 3G or 4G signal into a WiFi hotspot for your PC.

  • The main advantage This unique app is the possibility to keep in touch with other writers or your teachers no matter what happens to a WiFi connection. Feel free to compose new masterpieces from any location.
  • The main disadvantages The possibly interrupted online security (do not forget to switch on/off the hotspots) plus the need to jailbreak the device.

Every teacher would tell there is no way to begin your paper without active brainstorming process. You are assigned a particular topic or urgent article review, but you have no idea of the specific subject to discuss. Turn on tool to generate a map full of wonderful ideas. Saving your information requires creating a free account. Registration takes a few steps; after that, the user enjoys customized colors, fonts, text sizes, and hyperlinks.

Once you’re done, start receiving graphs to reflect all ideas you possess regarding particular topics: by looking at these schemes, the author understands and memorizes necessary information better. The main advantages of are:

  1. Web-based tool with nothing to install
  2. Ability to store a mind map in the image format
  3. Opportunity to share your ideas with other users
  4. Presence of 1-click presentation
  5. Colorful & engaging interface.

The gap is it is not possible to avoid registration stage to start using the tool. However, the process is not time-consuming or overwhelming.

Monospace Writer BETA

If you need a good barebones writing application to improve the basic writing skills, try installing Monospace Writer BETA. No need to break your head against the wall creating & allocating folders - organize what you compose with special hashtags! The latest release supports Dropbox sync.

Monospace BETA version has a stylish, elegant design mostly enjoyed by Apple’s users. Copywriters and content managers who work with various formatting elements to support high SEO standards (e.g., Meta Title, Description, headings, quotes) prefer Monospace because of how easy it is to apply bold/italics to the selected text. Move to App Store to get this useful writing tool à Add nested tags to arrange your notes à Integrate/Sync with Dropbox.

Monospace’s design is both its main advantage and disadvantage, as it looks too dark and monotone.

Hanx Writer

The list of best writing apps involves Hanx Writer; a free app focused on improving author’s primary set of skills by enriching the experience.

  • Main advantage Those students who worry about formatting as part of their grading rubric may choose a paid version to apply a great variety of academic writing styles to their works: paid version guarantees many presets.
  • Main disadvantage Android mobile users cannot get the app.



Young authors want to obtain a smart passive income. Many of them do not suspect a scanning tool can help to achieve their financial goals. If you wish to convert the selected reading material from hard copy into a PDF file, TinyScan is the best solution.

Imagine you don’t have to type long texts to share them on the web. Thanks to TinyScan, just scan and post the lines you adore online! The app saves some money, as no scanner is required.

TinyScan does not have any disadvantages; it completes its only mission (free scanning machine to share printed materials online) successfully. Can you imagine the future of education with such devices?

Drafts 4

People who faced this situation will get our point: you are almost done with your draft saved on Android/iOS device. You try to open it in some time to discover your file was deleted or cannot be read properly. Each time you want to enter an immediate idea, it is better to rely on a loyal assistant, Drafts 4, which won’t let your files disappear.

  • To recall the best writing apps, I should say it is the top scratch pad available; another big advantage is a customizable bar located above the keyboard.
  • The disadvantage is the lack of specific writing tips.


It is important to answer a single question: what do you know about mindmapping & brainstorming procedures? These are two factors every good writer must remember to compose a masterpiece. Sign up with the WiseMapping official website to get a simple mapping/brainstorming tool. Many students share it is easy to solve various problems with the help of the innovative solution.


It is necessary to pass a long registration procedure, but you receive unlimited access to mindmapping & brainstorming functions.

It is easy to guess Dictionary.Com consists of different vocabularies & dictionaries aimed to improve the knowledge of English language. The good old-fashioned dictionary helps to pick the best words. Describe the world of your characters and better interpret the story’s events using Dictionary.Com. The authors of fabulous science fiction stories recommend some other writing apps associated with enriching vocabulary.

Its only disadvantage
is the absence of other languages.


Say you are a lucky owner of the iOS device who wishes to make the entire writing process comfortable & fast. Have you used Lenovo laptops? The idea is the same: one of the best writing apps for iPad has a flagship feature in the shape of a cursor nub.

The gap is the absence of Android version.

Do not waste your nerves trying to cope with the nasty cursor – enjoy Write tool when entering your text. Its developers added several benefits:

  • Sharing services
  • Passcode lock
  • Granular interface management.


InKredible is an incredible free instrument you can find in Google Play Store in case you feel sick & tired of the virtual keyboards. Some users think InKredible’s visual pen is more convenient than a regular keyboard; it allows enhancing Android user’s power and capacity!

Who said the traditional writing is gone? InKredible tool fits people who prefer good old methods in favor of modern technologies!

One disadvantage we can name is the absence of iOS version.


The developers of good apps for writing mention Q10 created to avoid the distractions during the writing process. Feel confident closing the current draft; the application opens the document you keep on working automatically the next time you use it. Set a timer to have breaks with the equal intervals not to get thirsty/hungry/overwhelmed. Automatic save and word count functions are the best features of this modest yet useful software.


  • Auto-save function + word count function = Advantages
  • No critical disadvantages were noticed.

You should love technology created especially for writers because many regular life situations require an in-depth knowledge of composition. We recommend downloading at least a couple of apps discussed in our post to ease your academic or professional pain.

If you cannot arrange your thoughts properly, remember about online academic experts who solve writing issues for cheap.

Article posted on:May 12, 2022
Article updated on:May 13, 2024


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