Rachel R. Hill

Rachel R. Hill

Articles published:
8 years
Michigan State University
MA in English, Minor in Creative Writing
Departmental Assistant, Freelance Writer
Various guides from writing a position paper to critiquing an article
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An ambitious researcher and talented writer, Rachel found an immense amount of joy in sharing her skills and knowledge with others. Her job as a departmental assistant allows her to stay in touch with students, always ready to lend a hand or give an ear. Now Rachel is one of the writers on Study Crumb, willing to branch out and give advice to a much bigger audience online.

Since being a student herself, Rachel has known all too well what it means to stress over the deadline and spend days elbow deep in various articles and documents, only to realise that plagiarism is still a thing and you need to waste so much time getting rid of it. Here a Minor in Creative Writing comes to play, laced with years of experience and love of contemporary literature: Rachel always knows how to voice her own opinion, based on a scholar's for sure, in an easy and out-of-the-box kind of way, while keeping her sources up to date.

Being a perfectionist herself, Rachel strives for the best results for others, eventually shifting from simple advising to composing step-by-step guides. She helped to nurture critical thinking in her students and assisted in many research programs, never hesitating to correct or improve upon one's paper.

Career Highlights

  • Wrote more than 100 guides on various academic topics;
  • Helped creating great speeches for final research paper defence;
  • Prepared educational material and shared insight on details of academic writing;
  • Supervised writing process of research papers and courseworks.

If you are looking for ways to make your academic writing perfect, check out a few of Rachels’s enlightening articles down below!

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