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Studying in Japan
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Are you one of those students who wish to study in Japan? The Land of the Rising Sun is welcoming promising academicians. Japanese education offers a unique combination of cutting-edge scholastic wisdom and incredible cultural enlightenment. But a major obstacle between you and fulfilling this dream would be learning the Japanese language. Luckily, experts at Go! Go! Nihon will assist you by recommending language schools where you can prepare for applying to Japanese universities for international students.

Go! Go! Nihon Is Your Best Study Buddy in Japan!

Go! Go! Nihon professionals provide the necessary informational and hands-on support to enter Japanese universities. With their assistance, you’ll find out about all peculiarities that you may encounter and how to deal with them. Created by two Japanese language school students, this company has grown into a large-scale international helper. Today, over 8000 students have achieved their dream of studying in Japan. BTW, are you having some of these troubles? Then you should immediately contact Go! Go! Nihon:

  • Difficulties in communication with educational institutions;
  • Inconsistent paperwork;
  • Struggles with filling in the correct data;
  • Fear of being an international student in Japan who’s all alone;
  • Inability to finance Japanese education;
  • Nervousness while choosing among language schools.

Why Study in Japan?

All international students in Japan have unique reasons for choosing this country. Some pupils love watching lots of anime. Others would like to embrace all the benefits of the Japanese education system. If you’ve found yourself at crossroads, puzzled with throes of choice, then read carefully. We’ve created a list of benefits you can expect as an international student in Japan. General concepts are as follows:

  • Unprecedented quality of obtained knowledge;
  • Numerous opportunities for starting a successful career;
  • World-class diploma valued everywhere;
  • Receiving financial support;
  • Experience the richness of Japanese culture;
  • Feel yourself like in Hayao Miyazaki movies;
  • Study innovative disciplines with top-tier mentors;
  • Find real comrades among both Japanese and foreign students in Japan.

It’s a unique chance for motivated sophomores to improve their knowledge at the world's best scholastic establishments. Acquiring a degree won’t be easy. Yet the outcomes outweigh all struggles you’ll go through. Unleash your true potential and enhance your brain's cognitive functions. Experience the coalescence of technological advancements and centuries-old heritage whilst building the future!

How Can Go! Go! Nihon Help You Study in Japan?

Go! Go! Nihon turns a dream to study in Japan for international students into reality! The company aids its patrons at every application stage. From language studying to accommodation and banking. Forget about endless paperwork, visa application, communicating with authorities, and myriads of other chores. Go! Go! Nihon offers all-inclusive assistance. It covers anything you may need to study in Japan successfully.

Find out how to study in Japan at a low cost by approaching specialists at Go! Go! Nihon. The platform will help you understand what’s what in Japan, which documents to submit, where to find accommodation, how to save money, etc. Go! Go! Nihon! has contracts with the best language schools in Japan. It ensures a smooth application process and total transparency.

Most company employees have been in a situation like you are right now. They’ve found their way to quality education, successfully finding solutions for interested students. After graduation, they’ve come to aid others in achieving their dreams, too.

Picking the Best University in Japan for International Students

Selecting the most suitable university or college isn’t an easy task. You must take into account various parameters. I.e., possible funding, language knowledge, GPA requirements, disciplines, career prospects, etc. Finding that info on colleges’ websites can be challenging. Their website layouts are always different. Some colleges may not have a website in English at all yet accept foreign scholars. We’ve drawn up a list of awesome language schools that can prepare you for entering colleges in Japan for international students. Check them out!

  • Globis University (Central Tokyo);
  • ARC academy Tokyo (Shinjuku);
  • Akamonkai (Nippori);
  • Japan Tokyo International School (Nishi-Shinjuku);
  • Yokohama Design College (Yokohama);
  • Kansai College of Business and Language (Osaka);
  • Communica Institute (Kobe);
  • Nagoya International Academy (Nagoya);
  • Asuka (Oita city).

If these suggestions don’t cut it for you – feel free to contact pros at Go! Go! Nihon anytime! Their expertise is exactly what you need to make the right choice! You can count on professional guidance through your journey from a freshman to a valedictorian at a top-notch Japanese university.


Who said the road to Japanese education is thorny? Before entering a Japanese university for international students, Go! Go! Nihon! you will help find a language school and set the further course of action. Become another happy graduate who has been charmed by the mesmerizing magic of Japan! The company will take care of the paperwork and follow-up errands. All that’s left for you is doing what you do best – study hard. Embrace the power of Japan, its culture, and history in the best way possible. Meet true lifelong friends from all over the globe in this amazing, mind-blowing country – Japan! This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and you better use it!

Article posted on:Sep 7, 2022
Article updated on:Sep 14, 2022


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