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Have you ever wanted to study in Spain? This could be your big dream, endgame if you may. Studying in Spain can be romanticized to extremes, yet we can hardly hide the truth — it is an incredible experience and opportunity capable of opening multiple new realms for you. The only complication is an actual path toward higher education in Spain. How do you go from being a student in your country to moving to Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia? Go! Go! España has all answers you need.

Go! Go! España: Why You Need It

Gogoespana is a platform full of professionals who can guide your way to Spanish universities without unnecessary stress, anxiety, and overthinking. They can be Gandalf to your Frodo Baggins. Lord Of The Rings references aside, if you are looking for a guide to Spanish Shire (roll with our metaphor), Go! Go! España is the one for you. 

We have possible reasons why you might want to check out Go! Go! España. You are:

  • Struggling through millions of pages of documents, requirements, and details in tiny script.
  • Scared of making a mistake in your application.
  • Unsure where to even start.
  • Dreaming of getting financing, including a grand, loan, or scholarship.
  • Hesitant to settle for one university. (Which one is the best anyway?)
  • Looking for support and consultation from people who work with other students in Spain.
  • Trying to visit universities or cities before any commitments.

In short: Work smarter, not harder. Go! Go! España is a powerful service that can make any decision so much easier.

Why Study in Spain

Every single student in Spain has their own reason why they want to move. We have created a small list of the most common causes. However, we would never label this unique experience. View this list as examples or suggestions. You are not obligated to choose any Spain university because you have some huge goals in mind. Even one small reason is enough for starting your epic journey.

Why study in Spain:

  • Learn Spanish.
  • Witness beauty of Spanish culture.
  • Get a European diploma credible for European Union countries.
  • Receive a high-paid job.
  • Try sangria (just kidding, but not really).
  • Open gates toward more European jobs, occupations, and possibilities.
  • Move to one of the most beautiful regions out there.
  • Get needed support (financial, cultural, and mental).
  • Discover new majors and minors (marine biology is a good example).
  • Fuel your obsession with Mediterranean culture, cuisine, and beauty.

How to Choose a Perfect University

Choice of one’s educational institution is entirely up to you. We understand that making a choice is a challenge on its own. So we recommend starting with the following options that are very popular among international students:

  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Bellaterra
  • Universitat de Barcelona in Barcelona
  • Complutense University of Madrid in Madrid
  • University of Valencia in Valencia
  • Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona
  • Autonomous University of Madrid in Madrid
  • UGR Granada in Granada
  • Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona
  • University of Seville in Seville

When looking through these options, we advise thinking more about their location, scholarships, and ability to help international students and satisfy their academic hunger. For instance, not all Spain universities will be a perfect fit for a psychologist, marine biologist, or mathematician. Go! Go! España can definitely help you with this choice. 

Financing Options: Find the One for You

We won’t lie to you: A journey from where you are now to graduation in Spain might be rocky. Go! Go! España will ease you more into making all your decisions. However, you should still understand your options. The more research you do with the consultants and on your own, the better. 

One of the significant issues that many international students experience concerns the financial aspect of studying and moving. The costs can reach thousands of euros and scare some people off. However, never give up your dream to live near Sagrada Familia before doing everything you can. It brings us to the next point: Studying abroad in Spain can actually be sponsored.

  • Loan Spanish government and even local ones can offer students academic loans. It will help students start off their education. However, all loans must be paid after graduation. Make sure to consult with Go! Go! España and their financial advisors.
  • Scholarships This is the most popular option among international students. You should showcase your passion for studying and get good grades for getting a scholarship. The requirements may differ, though. Still, a scholarship is worth it as students won’t pay it off.
  • Grants This option is also different depending on your institution. Some of such grants are given to specific majors or countries. They are particularly relevant for engineering majors.

As one can see, tuition in Spain is actually not that terrifying. Students just should take their time to look through all available options and find the one for them. 

Application Process and Paperwork With Go! Go! España

As much as we despise paperwork, it is a big part of your application process. Naturally, requirements will differ depending on your chosen platform. We have gathered some of the most common documents students might need. However, Go! Go! España will definitely help students much more than we can.

  • Initial application form with personal information;
  • Application letter stating your interest in the program;
  • Valid international and local passport;
  • Identification card if any;
  • Passport photographs;
  • Letter of admission if were accepted;
  • Health insurance for international students;
  • Documentation validating your previous academic experience and grades;
  • Proof of fee payment for University;
  • Bank statements proving the sufficient amount of funds;
  • Evidence of scholarship, if any;
  • Visa for international students (yet another element that will be easy to process with Go! Go! España).

However, we definitely advise not to worry about all of these documents beforehand. It will take students quite a little bit of time to finish all of them. Nevertheless, definitely focus more on your application forms and letters. These things will actually get you the chance you are looking for.

Learning Spanish, Language Barrier, and Study Trips

The last thing that we wanted to discuss is the language barrier. Many international students who move to Spain don’t know much about Spanish. Students don’t have to worry if they have never learned Español before. Of course, finishing at least a couple of months of intense classes will be easier. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot move to this country without knowing their language. 

The majority of universities offer their own courses for international students. Keep in mind: Many subjects in the international syllabus are taught in English. 

Finally, if students want to visit this country and learn its language even before they start studying, they can trust Go! Go! España. This platform actually offers study trips for a couple of weeks. This way, you don’t have to commit to any actual University. You can visit the country, learn its language, see whether you want to move there and simply have fun.

Bottom Line

Overall, your journey from where you are now to Spanish graduation will not be easy. Go! Go! España will do all the heavy lifting, yet the choice will always remain yours at the end of the day. You are the one who is responsible for choosing an actual University, proving your interest in academic success, and keeping up good grades. That said, even if moving to another country is not the most effortless process, it will definitely be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. You will not only encounter new cultures and learn the Spanish language but also open yourself up to the world. You will meet dozens of new people from all around the world. If it is not worth a little bit of work, we don’t know what is.

Article posted on:Aug 4, 2022
Article updated on:Aug 31, 2023


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