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How to Cite a TED Talks in MLA: Everything You Should Know

How To Cite a TED Talk MLA
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Online sources are plentiful on the Internet, and you should know how to cite a TED Talk MLA. These videos are pretty popular today. Many students, as well as scientists, keep track of such creative talks on various subject fields. Speakers are typically people who have contributed to some particular field, raised current issues, and shared their insights on making decisions.

If you find an appropriate TED video associated with your research, you should include it in your reference list for sure. Moreover, to underline the seriousness of your study, you should provide respective citation within your text using MLA format. How to provide an accurate citation? You will receive everything you should know about it in this article by our term paper writing services.

How to Cite a TED Talk in MLA

Such videos you can find on the official site as well as on YouTube and know how to MLA cite a TED talk. When emphasizing general information from talks, it is enough to refer to video at large. But when citing the speaker's words or comments, you should allude directly to the transcript. Accordingly, an entry can differ in each case, and you should be aware of citing each source correctly.

Keeping in mind the occasions videos can be extracted from, we have prepared a short guide on how to cite them accurately. Also, we provide you with real examples so you can see them visually and understand them better. So follow the next sections.

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How To Cite a TED Talk In MLA From the TED Website

One of the ways of finding an appropriate talk is to visit the official website and cite TED talk MLA. The main elements of an entry are author’s name (speaker), talk title, website’s name (TED), date it was uploaded, and its online address. When citing in a text, only the speaker's name and timestamp are mentioned in parentheses. Thus, the general format is given below.


Author’s Surname, First Name. “Talk Title.” TED, Month Year, URL.

In-text citation

(Author’s Surname 1:31)

When providing reference, you should consider that Talk Title is in quotation marks. Website’s Name is italicized. An example of citing is given below.

How to Cite a TED Talk In MLA From the TED Website

How To MLA Cite a TED Talk From YouTube

When you choose to provide TED talk MLA citation from YouTube, an entry gets some differences. For example, instead of a Website's Name, you should list Youtube and an uploader’s name after it. Usually, it is TED or TEDx Talks. Also, you should give a complete date when this video was uploaded on YouTube by keeping the structure “Date-Month-Year”. The general format of YouTube citations is as follows:


Author’s Surname, First Name. “Video Title”. YouTube, uploaded by TED or TEDx Talks, Day Month Year, URL.

In-text citation

(Author’s Surname 2:33)

Here is an example of citing from YouTube given below.

How To MLA Cite a TED Talk From YouTube

If you should quote directly from some video, it is necessary to provide transcript citation. See the next section.

Citing a TED Talk Transcript in MLA

MLA citation TED talk from transcript is required when you need some straightforward quotation of speakers. It is helpful to link to someone’s ideas so you can undertake deeper analysis in your research. To avoid overlooking some important phrases or statements, video transcripts come for help. It is available only on the TED web page, spreading the context of each reasonable talk.

When citing the video transcript, citation entry is much the same as citing video but with “Transcript” mentioned at the end. So, the general formula is the next:


Speaker’s Surname, First Name. “Talk Title”. TED, Month Year, URL. Transcript.

In-text citation

(Speaker’s Surname 1:31)

An example of citing a transcript is as follows:

How to Cite a TED Talk Transcript MLA

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How to MLA Cite a TED Talk Comment

On such platforms like TED, there is much useful content found even in a comment, when citing a TED talk MLA. As talks are based on specific topics and studies, smart people join a comment section and share their views. Sometimes, they can provide other sources that can become valuable for your research. Thus, a necessity to make reference to a comment increases.

In this case, the general formula includes the phrase “Comment on” before Talk Title and Name of a commentator. In-text citation contains only Commentator’s Name. So, it looks like this:


Commentator’s Surname, First Name. Comment on “Talk Title”. TED, Month Year, URL.

In-text citation

(Commentator’s Surname)

Here is an example of citing a comment.

How to Cite a TED Talk Comment in MLA

The date in reference can differ from the uploaded one on the TED platform. For example, the video mentioned above was uploaded in August 2019 but commented later in May 2020.
If there is no name of a commentator but only username, then you should put in username information.

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Final Thoughts on MLA Ted Talk Citation

We have shortly revealed the main information on how MLA cite a TED talk in different formats. Whatever source you find convenient to you, these videos are available to watch, analyze and include in your research. If you find another video material and lack knowledge in citing it, we are here to assist you in your academic performance.

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Article posted on:Dec 2, 2022
Article updated on:May 12, 2023


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