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How to Cite an Interview in MLA: Detailed Walkthrough

How to Cite an Interview (MLA)
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MLA format provides specific guidelines for citing different types of interviews, including personal and published.
To cite a personal interview in MLA format, start with the name of the person being interviewed, followed by the type of interview, your name and date.
For published interviews, include the name of the publication, the date of the publication, and the page range of the interview.
For online interviews, mention the name of the website or database, the URL, and the date of access. Additionally, if the interview is part of a larger work (such as a book or magazine), list the title of the work and the name of the publisher.

Knowing how to cite TED talk MLA or how to cite an interview MLA is essential as academic writing often involves conducting surveys and dialogues. This type of research is pretty instructive for students to hold by themselves. It makes them take their work seriously and prepare well-formulated questions on a particular topic. It also helps them feel at ease when interacting with other people and be confident when setting goals. Then, the results should be presented in their work according to MLA interview citation. How to do it correctly? Should you acknowledge your source or not? These and more insights you will find in this article provided by college paper writers!

MLA Interview Citation: Why Is It Important?

You should know how to cite an interview MLA since most valuable data comes from primary sources like these. They are usually found in magazines, journals, books, and various multimedia formats. Sometimes, students conduct these conversations on their own. An important thing to remember when citing them is an accurate quotation and true statements from your source. Thus, your work will be relevant thanks to fresh information firsthand.

How to Cite an Interview: MLA

It doesn't matter how you got your information, you should provide MLA interview citation. It means it should be incorporated in your reference list and cited within the body of work. Often, direct quotations can be mentioned within a text. In this case, you should learn the general format. It can vary depending on the source you got it from. So what does an entry look like? What are the basic components used in citation? You will get more detailed information below.

MLA Citation Interview in a Magazine

Depending on the topic, the face-to-face conversation can be printed in a magazine and must necessarily appear as an interview MLA citation. A published source has specific entry elements that should be included in references. The general format is as follows:


MLA Citation Interview in a Magazine Example

Interview MLA Citation: Online Magazine

It is a frequent occasion when this material is searched online, and you should provide MLA citation for an interview. Accordingly, additional elements are included in an entry like the date of post and URL address. Thus, a formula looks like this:


MLA Citation Interview in an Online Magazine Example

How to Cite an Interview MLA: Book

You may consider using an interview of a person in a book (MLA citation). It might be introduced as a chapter, series, or section in a book. Additionally, publisher, publication date, and editor’s name can be incorporated. Thus, an entry is as follows:


MLA Citation Interview in a Book Example

How to MLA Cite an Interview: Journal

Another question is how to cite an interview in a journal (MLA). Many students use academic journals that are excellent sources for writing. In order to present a full description of an entry, you should add appropriate data like volume and number of a journal, date or year, and URL/ DOI if available online. Thus, the entry quote is as follows:


MLA Citation Interview in a Journal Example

How to Cite a Video Interview in MLA

If you found a video on a broadcast channel, you should use MLA to cite video interview. This source contains other entry elements to include: website name, user’s name who uploads video, date of its upload, and URL address. 

Considering a format of a video, reference in a text should specify the relevant part of video conduct. 

Thus, a formula has the following structural components:


MLA Citation Video Interview Example

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MLA Interview Citation via Telephone

Along with a video, an audio recording can provide a citation of a telephone interview (MLA). It is an oral message that, like video, can be cited in your work. It is considered a personal source recorded via phone. Its entry description includes data like:


MLA Interview Citation via Telephone Example

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How to Cite a Personal Interview MLA

When conducting creative research and using personal recordings, then MLA citation in personal interview is crucial. It is an unpublished source with new information that is available only to you. So, it is more than necessary to cite it in your work. How? Follow the following format:


MLA Personal Interview Citation Example

Letters From Personal Interview: MLA Citation

Whatever personal communication you might have, you should add it. Especially if it's MLA personal interview citation letter. Sometimes such letters can be a confirmation in itself that you actually had that personal conversation with your source. You can benefit greatly from using them. 

The general format for a letter is as follows:


MLA Letters From Personal Interview Citation Example

Note that type of interview depends on the equipment used for recording: camera, phone, or email.

Final Thoughts on MLA Interview Citation

Using MLA interview citation in your work can not only free you from omnipresent plagiarism, but teach you to actually take those interviews. Personal messages like these allow achieving many things. Among them are accuracy, confidence, and eagerness to fulfill your academic plan on writing. In addition, it is quite engaging to get someone's statement and stick to an appropriate MLA paper format style.

Our article shows the basic components to use in citation in reference list and within a text. It is very simple to compile references and provide quotes in the body of work.

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Article posted on:Dec 1, 2022
Article updated on:Aug 31, 2023


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