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Illustration Essay: A Complete Guide, Tips, Examples

Illustration essay
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An illustration essay is a type of writing that uses specific examples to illustrate a general idea or an abstract concept. The primary goal of illustration writing is to use proper examples to prove  the main point of the essay.

This article will explain the purpose, importance, and structure of an illustration essay. Want to know how to write it step by step? Hop on and keep reading until you get to the actual guide. Soon you’ll be ready to write this kind of paper, from first sentences until last paragraphs. Let’s dive into it together!

What Is an Illustration Essay: Definition

The illustration essay concept lies in providing an initial introduction into the general research subject. Essentially, this is about proving that a particular object or notion exists, showing how it functions, and explaining why it is important for everyone involved. As an author, make sure you familiarize your readers with key ideas and important context. If necessary, detailed explanations must be provided, together with strong examples or evidence.

It is easier to start an entire research project with this writing type. At this stage conducting some detailed research or analyzing numerous academic sources isn't necessary. An illustrative work should provide just an initial impression about future research in this field. It also helps a great deal with planning your further steps of exploring the main topic.

How to Write an Illustration Essay: Step-By-Step

It is important to compose an illustrative essay correctly as it will pave the road towards your main research goals. We’ll provide you with a quick and easy guide about writing a great essay. The key to success is getting a clear understanding of general direction and staying methodical.

Make sure to pay close attention to our tips provided below. They will help you with creating a nice composition, thus boosting your research progress.

Step 1. Choose a Topic for Your Illustration Essay

The first step in writing an illustrative essay is finding a good topic. You need to be well aware of what you plan to research in future. Include this information into an illustrative work and show what further steps will be made towards this goal. Pick a specific topic that can help to provide good insights into this general research subject. 

Besides, you should find some good materials supporting your work. In case it is too difficult to find them for your topic, consider picking an easier one.

Step 2. Conduct a Research for an Illustration Essay

The next step is to prepare for writing. Illustration text should give its readers proper understanding of the general problem’s context which is why you need to know this context well yourself. 

Search for credible sources and evidence that could support all explanations. But it is not necessary to involve too many scholarly sources at this step. Instead, you just need to provide initial clarifications on future research works you will write so several descriptive books or articles would do.

Step 3. Create an Illustration Essay Outline

A great idea is creating an illustration essay outline before starting with actual writing. It might not be strictly necessary, as stated in your assignment. But in any case it would help you a lot in terms of avoiding serious mistakes or finding noticeable gaps in initial text.

The idea of outline is to write down all important ideas and descriptions shortly. Instead of writing a full paragraph for a certain idea, give it just 1-2 phrases. Once done, you’ll review it yourself and correct all inconsistencies. Making such corrections is much easier at this step.

Step 4. Create Good Introduction for Illustration Essay

After reviewing and correcting the outline, it is time to proceed with an introduction of illustration essay. Begin with describing the general research subject and stating your main ideas which would be explained in this main body part later. Make sure to consult assignment you’ve received if not sure which ideas should be included.

An important part of an introduction is adding a ‘hook’ at the end. This could engage your audience and thus ensure achieving great success after presenting the completed work.

Step 5. Write a Strong Illustration Essay Thesis

Don’t forget to compose your illustration essay thesis at its beginning. An effective thesis clearly identifies your main illustrative topic, making sure all readers understand what’s going on. Besides, it contains at least three crucial arguments that support or deny main ideas. 

Other requirements for an illustrative thesis:

  • It presents the purpose of your text for its readers.
  • It serves as a path to developing explanations in main body paragraphs.
  • It formulates a question that is to be answered in concluding part.

Step 6. Create Body for Your Illustration Essay

The central part of the illustrative writing process is to compose paragraphs with actual descriptions, explanations and evidence for each main idea of current text. The body part should support opinions you’ve formulated in your thesis. All key facts should be presented in this part.

It is crucial to make all paragraphs logically connected to each other. All necessary information must be included here but don’t make this part too wordy. Certain balance must be achieved between leaving readers informed and also keeping their attention. We recommend using a good body paragraph example while writing.

Step 7. Conclude Your Illustration Essay

Now it’s time for the final part of illustration essay: conclusion paragraph. It must summarize all explanations and effectively answer questions posed at your introduction. A good conclusion essay makes all main ideas clearer while keeping it short and concise. Don’t add any new facts here, just mention ones given in the main part. However, you can talk about next research steps in your conclusion so that audience gets prepared for some upcoming works on this subject.

Step 8. Proofreading Your Illustration Essay

Once you’re done with illustrative writing, it is time for reviewing and editing it. Even skillest writers make mistakes so it is highly likely current composition would have some inconsistencies left at first. You need to give it a second look and proofread it closely, e.g. next day after finishing with writing. Consider asking someone else to read it as well: your peers, friends, or family members. They might find some logical gaps where everything would seem quite clear for you.

Illustration Essay Examples

In case you would need some extra information in addition to our descriptions and explanations above, we’ve added several free illustration essay examples to illustrate it. These are the real world cases of this kind of writing. They include description of main research idea, explanation of its aspects and context, and informative conclusion.

Illustrative Essay About Fast Food
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An Illustration Essay: Final Thoughts

This is all about illustration paper writing process that you need to know. If you’ve finished this article, you’ll be better prepared for creation of strong illustrative materials and for conducting good research.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Illustrative Essay

1. How many paragraphs should an illustration essay have?

The number of illustration essay paragraphs is expected to be at least five:

  • 1 paragraph for the introduction: its thesis statement and main ideas.
  • 3 paragraphs for main body: in most kinds of academic compositions, body paragraphs are where all supporting arguments must be included.
  • 1 paragraph for conclusion to summarize all of the above.

You can write more than that but keep in mind that an illustrative text is not expected to be too long.

2. What is an illustrated essay?

An illustration essay or an illustrated essay should provide an initial introduction into your research subject for your audience. It is structured around the goal of using examples to make valid points supporting the main ideas of your essay. Such an essay does not typically involve in-depth research but rather makes a broad examination of a research field and its context.

3. What is the purpose of illustration?

The purpose of illustration essay, also known as an example essay, is to clearly demonstrate and support a point by using evidence. It should help your audience better understand the context of your research subject and prepare them for your further works in that field. In addition to explaining the topic for your readers, such text helps you plan further steps. It serves as a quick and easy start for your research process.

4. Is an illustration a drawing?

By definition, it is a visualization or a depiction made by an artist, such as a drawing, sketch, painting, or photograph. An illustration essay however does not necessarily involve a painting or a photograph, nor does it have to revolve around an art theme. Its name means that it illustrates your chosen topic for your readers using detailed explanations and basic depictions.

Article posted on:Jun 16, 2022
Article updated on:May 12, 2023


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