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Synthesis Essay: Writing Guide With Examples

How to Write a Synthesis Essay
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Synthesis is when you use individual ideas or elements that help you draw a whole picture. This does not mean that you have to compare or analyze any differences. Your main task is to combine. A synthesis essay is a type of essay that requires students to critically analyze and mix information from various sources to form a coherent perspective.

In thios blog, we will talk about how to write a synthesis essay and combine infromation to furmulate a solid viewpoint. Remember that you can hire an online essay writer at StudyCrumb and receive professional help with your synthesis essay. 

What Is a Synthesis Essay: Definition

Synthesis essay definition doesn't cause difficulties or misunderstandings. A synthesis essay is a detailed discussion that covers diverse opinions (often, opposing) on a subject matter. You need to analyze as many sources as possible to figure out existing views on your topic. You can choose several ideas and synthesize them, offering your readers a complete "picture" of some issue.

All work should be transparent and clear, so that any reader can highlight important information for themselves. Do not forget that each sentence should be a logical continuation of the previous one. Ideas that you discuss should be completely consistent with your thesis statement.  

Synthesis Essay Types

There are several types of synthesis. They depend on the type of academic writing you are required to submit. In general, synthesis is typically applied in such academic works:  

  • Argumentative papers Here, you should prove your point by making an undeniable argument. You can mention any counter argument and refute it to justify your position.
  • Expository essays Students should study available information on the relevant topic. An objective evaluation will help you create an astounding essay where you summarize information.
  • Research papers Your task is to integrate as many sources as possible. This helps you build a theoretical ground for your study. Read more on how to write a research paper to do it right.

Let’s talk more about the first 2 types.

Explanatory Synthesis Essay

Explanatory research synthesis essay is the best way to delve into a particular topic of work. A student engaged in writing this essay will easily study some background. For this purpose, several sources are used. All references should contain detailed information.

Everything is systematized according to several criteria, after which it is synthesized into one paper. Careful analysis helps organize credible information. After this whole process you will become a real expert in the chosen field, and readers will broaden their horizons. The main thing is not to get distracted in your reasoning and not to publish contradictory information.  

Argument Synthesis Essay

One can choose a different line of work and write an argumentative synthesis essay. Here, students should have an argumentative thesis statement on some topic. The paper's idea is to provide convincing points, carefully grouping them into several paragraphs.

Regular and well-known judgments sometimes have an unusual explanation. This will interest readers, and you will create fascinating paper with valuable facts. Research as many sources as possible and present justifications for your thesis statement.  

How to Write a Synthesis Essay Outline

Synthesis essay outline structure differs depending on which type of writing students choose. Main sections do not change, they are as follows:

  1. Introduction Specifies your focus and thesis statement.
  2. Body section Covers critical points on your topic.
  3. Conclusion Paraphrases your thesis and make a summary.

To create a quality paper, you should consider an approximate format of your text. Each idea must be fully disclosed. It is necessary to use vocabulary that is understandable to your target audience. Complex terms require little explanation. They should be fully consistent with the chosen topic.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Step-by-Step

When writing a synthesis essay, it is necessary to thoroughly research information offered in various sources. These can be printed or digital publications. Focus on findings other authors have shared. Your main idea should be thoroughly researched and studied. Only then, you can give a brief explanation.

The more books and references you study, the more detailed an essay will be. Here are several steps you should take to make the right synthesis essay.

Step 1. Researching the Topic for Your Synthesis Essay

The first step in writing a paper will be choosing synthesis essay topics. To do this, it is worth researching as many sources as possible. Encyclopedias, scholarly journals, dictionaries - each good publication can offer up-to-date information on the topic you are working on. Use a title maker for essay to generate a catchy topic.

Pay attention to information reliability. If there is any conflicting information, try not to use it in your work. An essay is a structured article that carries one idea. Opposing data misleads readers. You should spend some time on collecting information, but take your time - every point can be useful in your research.  

Step 2. Creating a Synthesis Essay Outline

When writing any type of essay, it is important to come up with a rough structure, a draft, or an outline. It is always possible to see any Synthesis essay outline contains several paragraphs that will become a basis for writing your whole text. You will know if additional information will be needed. Try to properly outline each thought and organize your ideas.

Synthesis paper requires thorough preparation before writing. You should study as much information as possible, and choose the most relevant and reliable facts. When all data is collected, you should systematize information and structure your text.

Think about what to include in each essay paragraph. Remember that introduction is where you state your thesis. Then, you will provide main ideas. The final step is to summarize your arguments.  

Step 3. Developing a Thesis Statement for Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essay thesis statement should encourage readers to read a whole text. If the first lines are not interesting enough, no one will want to waste time looking at your essay. Try to use catchy words that will attract the attention of even the most picky readers.

Focus on the topic you want to synthesize. You can mention what ideas you want to discuss later on.  

Step 4. Start a Synthesis Essay with a Hook

Synthesis essay introduction is the first thing readers will pay attention to while reading a paper. You should use a hook for an essay - a catchy phrase that everyone will like. It can be an enticing fact related to your thesi.

An article's beginning should not be misleading. In order to attract readers, it is necessary to make a maximum effort. After all, an essay doesn't take many pages, but no one will waste time reading uninteresting material. A strong start is a key to victory. Use this beautiful opportunity to make readers absorb your writing.  

Step 5. Write Body Paragraphs for Your Synthesis Essay

Synthesis paper body consists of 3 paragraphs, each one being an addition to the previous one. A well-designed structure will help create a quality paper. If you don't think through the main questions you want to examine, you may miss important points.

Each part of your work should highlight your main idea. Set a small goal that you will go toward as you write next paragraphs. Take your time to work on each part of your paper.  

Step 6. Write a Conclusion for a Synthesis Paper

The last part of your paper is a synthesis essay conclusion. In this section, you should summarize all points mentioned before. Rephrase your thesis statement to remind readers of your key focus in a synthesis conclusion of an essay.

Summarize main points used in your text. This final essay part will help you understand your work’s value. The better the facts are collected and explained, the more fans an article will gain. Should you need help with paraphrasing, use our free rephraser and get an instant result. 

Step 7. Proofread Your Synthesis Paper

Don’t forget to check your synthesis essay for mistakes once it’s done. Remember even a small inconsistency can create a negative impression about your work. Get some rest before proofreading so you can easily detect all errors and make corrections. This way, you will get rid of minor typos, inaccuracies, and other problems that arise as you write any paper. Use a spelling checker to easily detect accidental typos in your synthesis essay. 

How to Format a Synthesis Essay

To create an excellent essay, you must do much more than just research some basic information on the topic and interpret it. The synthesis essay format is equally important. Universities require certain rules of text formatting and borrowed fragments citation. Therefore, students should choose one format and use it consistently. The most common paper formats are APA, MLA, and Chicago format.

Synthesis Essay Template

Writing a quality paper from scratch may be challenging. You will need a template for synthesis essay that will help you structure information. The details taken from textbooks, online magazines and other sources will be intelligently organized and divided into several paragraphs. This way, you can cover all specific points in your work.

The text should demonstrate evidence that you have deeply researched the chosen topic. It is necessary to give indisputable proofs for each argument. The main thing is not to forget about the structure, which consists of an introduction, the main part and a conclusion.  

Synthesis Essay Example

You can focus on synthesis essay examples. They will be a support in writing a paper for those who are just getting acquainted with scholarly papers. It will be easier if you understand how to systematize information and which key aspects are worth highlighting. Instead of going through the web pages in search of the best paper, check our example and write your own essay.

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Synthesis Essay: Final Thoughts

Synthesis paper is the best way to summarize lots of information by conveying the main idea in several sentences. You can offer strong arguments that support your own point of view. Readers who like your statement can use your ideas for reference and explore more information on the chosen topic. You, in turn, will gain invaluable experience in writing this type of work.

Need to Write a Synthesis Essay?

Turn to our custom essay writing service. Our platform is created by former students who at once also faced similar difficulties when writing essays. Now, we have gathered the top talent who will help you tackle any academic assignment.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Synthesis Paper

1. Can I have a title on a synthesis paper?

Synthesis paper title is a part of the paper that should definitely be used. The title will help both readers and you understand key information. Choose a fascinating title for your paper. This will get readers engaged. They will start absorbing your essay only if your title is compelling enough.

2. What is the function of the introductory paragraph of a synthesis essay?

Introductory paragraph of the synthesis essay is the first section that informs your topic. Here, you will include a catchy hook and smoothly proceed to the background information. After that, you will create a strong thesis statement that let’s readers know what your work focuses on. You will give your readers a starting point to think about and help them understand your paper's topic. Your thesis statement should be presented as clearly as possible.

3. What is the claim of a synthesis essay based on?

Working on a synthesis essay claim involves examining various sources that offer information on the topic. But the main goal is to offer your own opinion. Your claims should be unique and reflect your own viewpoint. Choose the most pertinent information and support your claims with evidence from different sources.

4. How many paragraphs should be in synthesis essay?

Synthesis essay paragraphs should describe information on the chosen topic as clearly and transparently as possible. This type of paper is about 5-6 paragraphs long. The better you study the data in your sources, the more in detail you will be able to describe specific concepts. Try to use different sources to make your writing more extensive and in-depth.

Article posted on:Apr 27, 2022
Article updated on:Feb 19, 2024


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What are some synthesis essay prompts? I was given to write a synthesis essay but the teacher hasn't assigned any specific idea. Are there any prompts you can suggest?
6/22/2022 7:04 PM
Hi Robert,

Here are a few synthesis essay writing prompts you can consider:

1. Is online learning more effective than traditional learning?
2. Do violent video games or movies cause increased aggression in teenagers?
3. Should all citizens have free access to medical services?
4. Does social media make people feel lonely?
5. Is graffiti an artwork?

Choose the one you like and feel free to ask for help if you need anything.
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We are glad that everything turned out well! And thanks a lot for synthesis essay topics. Here are a few more ideas, in case anyone needs: you can write your synthesis essay on abortion, animal testing, or global warming.