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Desperate for suitable extended essays topics because you want to finish your International Baccalaureate (IB) excellently? You have a chance to be a student at one of  4650 schools worldwide. Therefore, in no case should you screw up when writing the final paper. We have provided you with a massive list with ideas below. Read on, and you will definitely come across something interesting there!

What Is an Extended Essay

IB Extended Essay is the core curriculum at the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. This is a fascinating focused independent research. It consists of 4000 words and has many requirements. Obviously, such voluminous work should be interesting to motivate you about writing. The score for this paper has significant weight in the overall score for the entire study period.

And as a consequence, enrollment success depends on this. Preparation of such work does not cover a month but several academic semesters. You can find out more about the essay itself in this article. And look at more than one extended essay example in one more blog.

Our goal now is taking the first important step towards writing a paper. Let's pick a theme! After all, you will show it to your tutor, and collect information about this subject in the library. You will probably even have to write during your summer vacation. Therefore,  the topic should definitely be excellent. Read on and choose!

How to Come Up With Extended Essay Topics?

IB extended essay topics revolve around 6 subjects that students must study. There are 6 groups of subjects, and the student chooses one from each. Only art can be a choice. Instead, students can choose any other subject from other 5 groups. Therefore, topics should be connected to these subjects. Let's consider what these subjects are and what issues to choose.

  1. Student's mother tongue and literature.
  2. Additional language.
  3. Humanities and Social Sciences.
  4. Experimental Sciences.
  5. Mathematics.
  6. Art.

We recommend choosing an exciting topic that motivates you enough to research. Because there is much work to be done. Choose narrow questions so that you can describe them from different angles in 4,000 words. We strongly advise against choosing any broad topic since you will definitely not get a high score. Plus, you can get confused during your research.

So what's the first thing to do when choosing a theme? First, you should brainstorm. Take a pen and paper piece and write down whatever comes to your mind. And no self-condemnation! Look through all these topics that we have already compiled for you. Then write down the most interesting ones for you. Re-read all of the selected topics and narrow them down to a few. Here it is worth considering that you must work a lot. Plus, it will be necessary to describe all this in an appropriate style.

List of Extended Essay Topics

A captivating IB extended essay topic is halfway to success. It shouldn't be too narrow because it must be described in 4,000 words. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be too broad. Then you will get confused and not be able to write anything clearly. One sound suggestion is to use a Word Count Checker to stay within the assigned word limit. 

We took topic generation seriously. We know how important it is obtaining your diploma and admission to college. Below you will find 60 ideas across all 6 subjects. Don't forget to write down topics for yourself right away that catch your eye. Keep your notebook open because we are ready to guide you to your success!

Extended Essay Topics: Biology

Choosing biology extended essay topics should be exciting. You have a real chance to do something applicable. It could be whatever you want about people's bodies, animal nature, or the nearest tree. Just go outside and observe. Question every surrounding detail that has an effect on your life. If it sounds too complicated, don't worry, we are here precisely to help you. Check out some topics below:

  1. Effects of photosynthesis are carried out without natural light from soldiers.
  2. Alternative medicines for treatment of incurable diseases.
  3. How to stop aging in the human body?
  4. Comparison of mechanism of tissue regeneration in humans and animals.
  5. Influence of genetics on choosing a person's life path.
  6. Why is there no cure for incurable diseases?
  7. Processes in the human brain as a reaction to phobias.
  8. Unaccounted for risks in storage standards for dairy products for sale.
  9. Is natural hypnosis real?
  10. How does the brain connect to the body?

Spotted a fitting idea and require professional assistance with writing? Buy essay online and forget about struggles!

History Extended Essay Topics

For extended essays, history topics show that you can interpret history. It is not enough to know significant events and their dates. It will take even more than knowing all American presidents. You should really understand why one event was followed by another. This is often not so clear. You can choose any topic from human development to the present day. But we advise you to focus on significant events that have influenced the present.

  1. World War II as unfinished WWI.
  2. Why does Brazil use Portuguese when all other South America uses Spanish?
  3. Why did all empires fall apart?
  4. Why is the term "Indians" incorrect when referring to Native Americans?
  5. Where is Atlantis from myth?
  6. What was so Dark during the Middle Ages?
  7. How could pyramids be built without modern machines?
  8. What is the most underestimated cultural heritage?
  9. What do nuclear weapons change in the mutual relations between countries?
  10. First country to allow women to vote.

Extended Essay Psychology Topics

In extended essay topics psychology, you show your awareness of mental state. In fact, you can raise so many different issues that make the list endless. For example, this applies to mental illness, human development, sleep, and outlook on life. Last but not least, your work will be related to biology, medicine, chemistry, and cognitive science. But remember that when choosing a topic in psychology, you should not write reflective essays. This research is not about that at all. On the contrary, you must collect all scientific material on the issue. But you should submit this with comments about your opinion and in your own words.

  1. Stigma around people with mental illness.
  2. Why do many people underestimate depression, and what can it lead to?
  3. Why do we know so little about dreams?
  4. What influences whether a person becomes a serial killer?
  5. Genetics or upbringing: what influences behavior more?
  6. Is leadership innate or obtainable?
  7. How meditation influences the body.
  8. Analysis of religion's influence on viewpoints.
  9. How to understand when we are in love?
  10. Influence of social networks on teenagers’ self-esteem.

Need more topics ideas? Browse through more psychology topics in one of our blogs.

English Extended Essay Topics

English extended essay topics cover not only study of language structure. This is also about English in society, literature, poetry. These themes correspond to the 1st group of compulsory subjects to receive your diploma. You can analyze a book from an American author, for example. Or you can study language and literature from a historical point of view. We provide you with  themes below for your choice:

  1. Relevance of use of neologism in a cultural environment.
  2. Psycholinguistics: how our behavior changes from language change.
  3. Why are there different versions of English?
  4. A mixture of English with other native languages ​​of Colonies.
  5. Change in image of ideal woman in literature over past centuries.
  6. What language does English have most in common with?
  7. How poetry ranges from revival of English literature to postmodernism.
  8. Analysis of literary assets at different stages of colonial rule.
  9. Why has poetry writing changed so much since the days of Shakespeare's poems?
  10. Depopulation of reading: causes and consequences.

Chemistry Extended Essay Topics 

IB extended essay chemistry topics drive you to explore the environment. Just imagine you're standing in a white robe, conducting a functional performance in the lab... We advise you to focus on chemistry within the framework of general research. Do not just study a chemical reaction, but describe its importance in science and life. As a result, you should get an essay that makes a specific change in knowledge. Include conclusions and recommendations for further study of your narrow topic.

  1. Is it possible for plants to behave differently in the same habitat?
  2. Analgesics and potential harm of such drugs to the human brain.
  3. Why do some people look thin after eating so much?
  4. What is the difference between aquatic plants and terrestrial plants?
  5. How plants play a therapeutic role.
  6. Addiction to sugar as a real drug.
  7. Impact of global warming on everything alive.
  8. How is wine yeast different from baker's yeast?
  9. What bacteria make rivers dirty?
  10. Why does sunscreen protect against aging?

Math Extended Essay Topics

Good IB math extended essay topics include diverse subjects. This does not mean that you must prove Pythagorean theorem or calculate function. Mathematics provides data analysis, modeling, logic, figurative drawing, and more. The most important thing is showing that you have knowledge of mathematical theories. And you can apply them.

  1. What probability will you get winning cards in a casino?
  2. Comparison of population growth in America over the past 100 years.
  3. Geometric series in sounds of instruments.
  4. Relationship between golden ratio and perception of beauty.
  5. Role of statistics in medical research of human biorhythms.
  6. Correlation between results of different school tests.
  7. Best way to calculate π-number.
  8. Solutions to real-life problems in complex numbers.
  9. Study the proportions of the bodies of people.
  10. Analysis of harmony of Western and Eastern music.

If you need more ideas, browse the extended definition essay topics. Come up with something unique.

Final Thoughts on Extended Essays Topics

IB extended essay topics ideas are required to write a sizable 4000-word study. Students need this assignment for getting an assessment for their diplomas. Only then can they apply to  university. Not only is it not an easy job, but it also puts much pressure on teenagers. In this article, we have tried to make your task easier. You no longer should puzzle over a topic. Just choose one that interests you from the list above.

Need more IB extended essay topics?

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Article posted on:Sep 12, 2022
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