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Dissertation appendix
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A dissertation appendix is an optional section that offers additional details. This can include survey results, raw data, statistics, calculations, photographs and other visual sources.

Appendix of a dissertation is one of the essential research components. It is an application that shows work you have conducted. Like other elements of scientific work, appendices should be drawn up accordingly. This article includes detailed information on how to do an appendicx for a dissertation.

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What Is a Dissertation Appendix?

Appendix in dissertation is a section where non-standard format data is included. It is designed to improve quality of work, make it more evident and trustworthy. This section shows your readers the level of your competence and topic's depth. This part contains elements related to your research like tables, images, maps, documents, etc.

Here should be any additional material which will not be added into general text. Just make sure you put data, which is not meant to be placed into the body of work. It includes vast material, for example, statistical data for calculation.

Usually, the last pages are where you put this part of a dissertation. Appendixes' volume is not taken into account in total work size. If your research requires 70 pages, then your main text without attachments should be 70 pages. There are no volume requirements for the appendix itself. It can consist of 1 or 100 pages.  

What Is the Purpose of Appendix in Dissertation?

Appendix in a dissertation includes all large materials that are not placed into worktext. This place is for informational or reference purposes only. Imagine there is disagreement about research conclusions. Then, detailed useful data from appendices will help you clarify the situation.

For example, members of the defense commission had questions about certain conclusions. In turn, you can demonstrate application form and methodology for analyzing answers. It makes no sense to include these documents in work text due to their large volume. But this part is a super helpful place to prove the process's correctness.  

Appendices or Appendixes

Wondering how to write correctly: appendices or appendixes? You may think that both are correct. But which is more widespread? We'll explain it quickly!

These are views of American English over past few decades:

"Appendixes" was previously a completely incorrect plural form of "Appendix." This word was considered as a supplementary body part. Instead, the plural form was "Appendices."

But it seems, many people made a mistake and preferred the wrong variant. So, with English being constantly evolving, it began to spread out quickly. This variant started to appear in academic and public materials. Both words are now considered correct according to modern dictionaries. "Appendixes" are becoming increasingly popular.

We recommend you to look at other similar publications of your field. Check which word they are using.  

What to Include in Dissertation Appendix?

Most often, your appendix for dissertation should include:

  1. Research Results Research results can be presented in tables and figures at the end or in the main text. So let's discover what information to submit in what form. Display main results that are relevant to your research question into the main text. Less significant results that do not help answer your main question can be placed in the appendix. This includes a detailed description of your sample or additional tests you have performed. For example, if you used software for statistics, including the results of your analysis.
  2. Questionnaires and Interviews In this section, you can add written materials relevant to survey and interview. Include these points in your dissertation so that readers can see what you have drawn your conclusions from. But they are usually not in the main body of text.
  3. Tables and Figures Any material that is less important to the main text can be included in the appendix. This includes tables, figures, and other graphic elements (such as charts and illustrations).
  4. Personal/Used Correspondence This should include correspondence between you and other researchers. Maybe you have applied for permission to reuse copyrighted material. This will help protect your dissertation from suspicion of plagiarism.
  5. Abbreviations It would be wise if you added a list of abbreviations to the appendix. Not all of your readers can understand the abbreviated technical terms you use. Note: Some researchers call this a "glossary."

Dissertation Appendix: Format

Now it's time to discuss how to do a dissertation appendix! Here are some format and style rules you should keep in mind while writing your work:

  • Heading "Appendix" should be centered on the first page of the section.
  • Each reference should have its own number. It is located at the top of the page (for example, Appendix 1).
  • Type and font size should be the same as in main work.
  • Each attachment should be placed on a separate sheet even if it does not occupy the entire page.
  • A "page break" should be inserted at the end of the page. So that materials do not move when a file is opened in another version of Microsoft Word.

At different universities, format requirements may differ. So we recommend you consult with your starting supervisor.

How to Refer to Appendix in Dissertation In-Text

Now let's discuss how to use an appendix in a dissertation in-text. All attachments should be arranged in the same order in which they are mentioned in text. In text, mark results with links. For example: "See Appendix №." We also recommend you make a list of attachments as you write your work. For example, you mentioned in a text a survey conducted. Immediately add a questionnaire and essential processing method in the appendix. When work is finished, you can easily collect all materials for application. Consider dissertation help services if you lack time to start the work.

Dissertation Appendix: Example

Here you can see some dissertation appendix samples. Don't hesitate and double-check this part. It is important for you to make your experience of writing a dissertation understandable for every reader. 

Appendix in Dissertation: Bottom Line

Appendix of a dissertation is not less important than any other part of writing a thesis paper. This section consists of materials that do not fit into the main body. These can be images, tables, questionnaires, diagrams, calculations, drawings. It shows your severe approach and ability for working with information and increases the value of all work. Check our recommendations provided above if you wanna cope quickly with this section. We provided all the necessary background for you to succeed. Also, we recommended reading about how to write a dissertation abstractdissertation acknowledgments, or dissertation proposals.  

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Article posted on:May 9, 2022
Article updated on:Apr 17, 2024


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6/25/2022 9:48 AM
Hello! How should I reference an appendix in a dissertation using the Harvard citation style? I know it is different from APA and MLA, but I need to be 100 percent sure.
6/25/2022 11:47 AM
Hello Adam,

Yes, Harvard citation style is different from MLA and APA. When you want to use it for formatting your dissertation appendix, you should follow these guidelines:

1. Start the appendix on a new page with the title Appendix.
2. Chronologically order the appendix items (order they are referred to in text).
3. Create a label and descriptive title for each appendix item.
4. Centre the label and title.
5. If the material is from a published source, use the word 'Source:' followed by a short citation (author and year of publication) and place it at the bottom left of the appendix item. Enter the full reference in your reference list.

We hope this helps!
7/7/2022 8:27 AM
Hi! Should I include definitions in my dissertation appendix? Or is it better left in an introduction section?
7/7/2022 9:00 AM
Hello Henry,

Generally, definitions are used in appendices or dissertation's body when it is demanded by professors in the UK. In the USA you usually write your definitions in an introduction section.

Good luck!