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Resume for Graduate School: Step-by-Step Guide + Template

Creating a professional graduate school resume is a task for heroes. Besides, applying for graduate school is a new and terrifying experience. Indeed, we all need some superpower to remember all our achievements and fit them all on one page. Is it even possible to include all relevant content? However, after reading our brief guide, you will not only answer ‘yes’ to the previous question. You’ll also have the skills needed before you start developing the best possible CV and succeed during the next exciting step of your life!

What Is a Resume for Graduate School

A resume for graduate school is your way of showing who you are. Here’s our little list of what your CV must do:

  • Resumes must highlight experiences, skills, and education.
  • It also needs to contain memorable and informative elements.
  • Lastly, ensuring that it contains facts that are relevant to a specific school is always crucial.

If we put it in simpler terms: your CV supplements the application and distinguishes your achievements. Therefore, don’t be afraid if your resume includes everything you have accomplished or things that make you proud of yourself.

How to Write a Resume for Graduate School: Full Guide

How to write a resume for graduate school? Well, we’re glad that you asked because we got you covered. Are you wondering whether skills can be included? Or maybe you want to write something about your internship? Is it even applicable? All these and many other questions will be answered further. Our guide will walk you step by step through graduate writing and how to be remembered, even using one page of text.

Step 1. Create a Plan Before Starting Your Resume for Graduate School

Your resume for applying to graduate school can be approached like an essay, but not in vivid language. So leave metaphors for letters. But CV, like any article or essay, needs a clear game plan. This means that even before you start writing, it’s good if you already have an outline.

What should be considered for the plan:

  • Program and school. Depending on the graduate school, you need to include relevant experience. For example, math skills may not be necessary for humanitarian disciplines.
  • Sections. No CV found online can be used without changes as everyone has unique skills and experience. So sections will also differ depending on where or if you worked or studied.

Here you'll need to do the hard work of remembering and noting down the ideas.

Step 2. Create a Heading of a Resume for Graduate School Resume

Writing a resume for graduate school also includes several technical parts. No one likes them, and it’s true. But have you ever sent a classic letter via the post office? If yes, then the heading of the CV can be compared with the returning address. Save this checklist and never forget what you need when writing:

    The admission board needs personal information for them to have a way of contacting you. So make sure they have their chance to bring you good news.

    Step 3. Focus on Education in Your Resume for Graduate School

    A resume for graduate school application must naturally include your education. The CV should say:

    “Hey there! I have studied here and here. But I still want the continuous development of my skills. And in order for me to be successful, I have chosen your institution. How lucky are you!”

    But jokes aside, education is essential. Create a section that will contain a relevant degree, credentials, and anything that proves your theoretical knowledge. This information can be put closer to the top as it’s one of the first things the admission board will read.

    Step 4. Describe Experience in a Resume for Graduate School

    To write a resume for graduate school, you'll also need a section talking about your professional experience. Here, it’s a good idea to include both working experience and volunteering. Write about previous jobs and positions you took. Focus on those relevant to the program you're applying to. Business schools may not be as interested in experience as a waiter. Thus, mention all jobs, but highlight those that the institution will like best. Volunteering is also a good idea as it shows compassion and the desire to help.

    Step 5. Highlight Achievements in Your School Resume

    A graduate school resume must also have something that makes you stand out. Remember the plan we’ve talked about? There must be one section that asks, “What makes me unique and extraordinary?”. Maybe you have visited extracurricular classes or learned a new hobby. Do you have any medal of honors or special courses you finished? What about certificates? Basically, anything you can come up with. Admissions love seeing initiatives and desire to go somewhere beyond universities.

    Step 6. Create Concise Design for Your Graduate School Resume

    Good graduate school resumes might be informative, but the best ones should be formatted correctly. Don't try creating the multicolored rainbow instead of a CV. Finding a balance between exciting and classy is the best friend of appropriate designs. Above anything else, make sure that your CV is easy to read. That's your priority. And don't go overboard with data. Thus, the resume must be up to a point, contain several chosen colors and clear sections.

    Step 7. Check and Edit Your Graduate School Application Resume

    The last point concerns editing the resume for graduate school admission. The members of the admission board read dozens of CVs. So yours needs to be on point!

    Some dos for proofreading:

    • Including relevant information
    • Deleting unnecessary experience
    • Mentioning something that you did for community
    • Running the text through checking platforms
    • Reading the CV at least three times with breaks for french toast

    After all that, you’re all set to impress!

    Resume for Graduate School Template

    Graduate school resume templates are easily created or found online. Committees enjoy simple design with enough, but not too many, details. You can also structure your CV depending on the relevance of the information or its dates. To understand what we mean, you can study the example below and take it as your template.

    Resume for graduate school template

    Resume for High School Graduate: Main Takeaways

    Our congrats, as you just learned several hacks of how to create resumes for graduate school applications. Indeed, if you want to study, you have to present yourself in the best light. Admission committees enjoy brief CVs with relevant and current information. To achieve the best results, you need to start with one specific plan and only then start writing or including details.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate School Resume

    In case you still have some questions about the resume for graduate school, this section is your chance to learn even more.

    1. How is a graduate school resume different from a work resume?

    Graduate school resumes are brief additions to your application. Universities and colleges rarely conduct interviews or engage in personal communication. In contrast, your work resume is made to get the worker an interview. There, professionals have a chance to add more details about themselves. So the two CVs have distinct purposes.

    2. How long is a graduate school resume?

    A resume for a graduate school application must be short. Typically, one will see around 1-2 pages of content. But one page is still a much better option. It looks good and summarizes your experience briefly enough to be remembered. Three pages is already an essay.

    3. What's the difference between a graduate school resume and CV?

    A graduate school resume might be similar to your CV but much shorter. There’s no need to include all your professional experience. It is made with educational purposes in mind. So showing that you do have a desire to learn and what you’re doing to be better is enough. CVs will include everything possible: from a list of duties, technical skills and other stuff.

    4. How do you list unfinished master’s degrees on your resume for graduate school?

    A master's degree in resume for graduate school is more than welcome. But when talking about this degree, you should also give more details about the program. What you studied and at which schools would be enough for a college resume.

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