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How to Write a Nursing Essay to Get a Promising Career?

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A nursing essay is an academic paper that explores a specific topic related to nursing practice or healthcare. The purpose of a nursing essay is to demonstrate the writer's knowledge and provide insights into current issues and trends in nursing practice. Nursing essays may cover a range of topics, from nursing theory to patient care and nursing ethics.

85% of the Registered Nurse population are employed in nursing. It means the majority of students who choose this degree work in the specialty without a need to look for another job. Each time you work on the nursing essay, recall this fact to get inspired. Students who have no idea how to write an essay for nursing school (college freshmen) will benefit from reading this informative article.

When a student realizes how to write an essay for nursing school, it does not make any difficulty to become a good representative of this profession. Students who face this challenge can rely on professional academic writing & editing services to buy an essay. They solve nursing, medicine, and healthcare assignments.

5 Top Reasons to Succeed With Your Nursing Essay

According to MinorityNurse, nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) boast the highest wages of all employed nurses, averaging $154,390 per year. The income is not the single reason to join this field of study. Discover more reasons to learn how to write a good nursing essay – let them be your motivation!

  1. The demand for nurses does not go down. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) predicts further increase in demand by 2020 and expects the average salary to go up.
  2. Nurses can choose to work in various types of establishments. It depends on the preferred work environments (schedule, social benefits, etc.) People with nursing degree possess a unique opportunity to choose between hospitals, homes, government agencies, educational institutions, and other facilities.
  3. The representatives of this profession have a right to select flexible working hours. Based on their desire, they may choose to work 4-12 hours daily, and they can pick the most convenient shifts to accommodate other activities.
  4. Most of the nursing personnel get free training paid by the responsible organization.
  5. These people have an opportunity to become a surgeon or main physician one day, which is a perfect career growth & self-development.

It is more than enough. Move to the following section to find the answer to the important question, “What is nursing essay?”

What Is Nursing Essay and How Should It Look Like?

According to expert APA writers, it is an academic/scientific paper, which is a method to present writer’s skills, experience, and knowledge of the offered healthcare & medicine topic to prove that this person can apply the knowledge in practice. Is it a regular school paper? No. By a nursing school paper, experts mean a corresponding school personal statement. Keep on reading to understand the formula for the successful nursing paper.

How to Write an Essay for Nursing School?

The primary thing to do to learn how to write an essay for nursing school is to observe the list of available topics. It is better to download some free samples. Collect multiple examples to get into nursing school examples online to analyze each topic/title and choose the best idea. During the past few years, the best topics included:

  1. Is the level of financial compensation in the nursing fair?
  2. The ways government policies influence the employment of nurses.
  3. Things medical professionals do to avoid burning out within the NHS.
  4. Post-operative interventions and their influence on a patient's recovery.
  5. Unethical things pharmaceutical companies do to generate higher revenues.
  6. The way parents can be supported in neo-natal units.
  7. Telling the patents the truth in the worst situations: does it make sense?
  8. Do modern nurses obtain sufficient training?
  9. How nurses cooperate effectively with other medical professionals.
  10. How nurses cooperate effectively with other medical professionals.

To succeed, a student should pick one, which is the most relevant, discussed, and up-to-date. Check the number of available sources online/in the library. Decide whether you are competent in this specific field.

How to Write a Reflective Essay in Nursing?

To start learning how to write a reflective essay in nursing, it is important to discuss a thesis statement. A student should recall the main topic while writing.

Design a Comprehensive Thesis

Write down several versions. Select the sentence(s) that are related to the majority and would have a curious insight and further impact. Come up with an individual approach to showcase the way personal knowledge can be put into practice. A thesis should narrow down the topic if it sounds general.

Doing a Research

The primary goal is to collect relevant, up-to-date sources. The tutors accept sources no older than 5 years. It is important to analyze how many sources are available on the given topic to decide whether it is worth choosing. Avoid picking a topic you are not confident about! Focus on examining textbooks and academic journals/scholarly articles because university professors value these sources more than websites.

Another thing to research is any good example of essay for nursing school. It is possible to download many nursing samples, but most of the academic websites allow viewing them partially unless a user buys a subscription. Alternatively, you can buy nursing essay at our professional academic writing service and have it completed fast and with quality in mind.

Developing a Structure

After deciding on the topic and gathering sources, a student should develop an outline.

  1. Introduction Start your introduction with an intriguing hook, state the topic, provide the problem’s background, explain the significance of the research, and end up with the powerful thesis statement.
  2. Body paragraphs Begin each paragraph with the main argument. Do not include more than three valuable arguments and supporting evidence in the nursing research paper. Apply strong transition words for essays to connect various paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion Start with a paraphrased thesis. Provide a summary of the main points (body arguments), explain the way to implement your solution, and share some expectations/predictions.

A nursing school application essay or scholarship paper needs an outline as well. This one can be a student's ticket to the higher educational institution or target nursing organization. In a nursing paper, it is important to focus on the following things:

  • Reasons to become a nurse.
  • Personal & professional goals.
  • Experience, skills, and knowledge of the particular subject.
  • Things an applicant plans to contribute to the development of a chosen field.
  • Reasons to pick particular institution/organization.
  • Examples of personal achievements in the chosen field of study.

Where Can a Student Get Help With Nursing School Papers?

What else should we add? Do not forget to scan the final draft for plagiarism! Check whether each in-text citation, direct or indirect, is followed by a more elaborate replica of it in the bibliography. It is the last page. Keep in mind that nurses use these writing styles to cite and reference their works:

  • MLA (rarely)
  • APA (psychologists & other staff)
  • ASA citation (sociologists)
  • AMA (various medical professions)
  • Harvard (students of the corresponding university)
  • Chicago (students of the corresponding university)
  • Etc.

Remember these basics to succeed with your nursing degree. It is simpler than an average student may think! However, a nursing professional is responsible for the lives of other people – try to avoid any fatal mistake! That's why using a nursing paper writing service is the safest way to go with your homework.

Article posted on:Apr 29, 2022
Article updated on:May 9, 2023


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