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How to Cite a Newspaper Article: MLA

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Discover how to cite newspaper articles in MLA format 9th edition. Suppose you are writing a paper for a school assignment or preparing a presentation. For that reason, publications may be needed for your in-text citations and reference list. First thing you should know, newspaper are cited differently from books or scientific journals.

To cite a newspaper article in MLA style, you should include the author(s), article title in quotation marks, newspaper title in italics, publication date and page numbers. In the newspaper article is published online, give a URL to the webpage instead of the page numbers. You in-text citation should list the author's last name and a page number. Skip the page number when citing an online publication. 

Read on to see formats and examples of MLA newspaper citations for each particular scenario. We will share all crucial details in this gude!

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MLA Newspaper Citation: General Guidelines

MLA newspaper citation is taken as a quotation that has the same meaning as any other source. This information can be used as a valid link in your text. But citations may differ in case of MLA journal citation from websites rather than print versions. So you should know how to cite an article in MLA correctly. We provided examples of in-text quotes and Works Cited references listed below.  

How to Cite a Newspaper Web Article in MLA

To know how to cite an article in MLA format, first, you should understand if it's printed or published online. Websites offer unique information usually published earlier than in printed sources. We have prepared proper citation examples for your reference.

In-Text Citation Newspaper: MLA

To make in text citation MLA for newspaper, you only should know the author's last name and write it in parenthesis at the end of your sentence. However, if you are using a narrative style and already have mentioned an author in your sentence, there is no need to write their name in parentheses again. Here’s an example you can use as a template.  

MLA newspaper web article in text example

Work Cited MLA Online Newspaper Citation

To quote an MLA online newspaper, you should use permalink, or URL. Not every web page contains all the needed information for your citation. However, you should collect as many details as possible for both citation and your research notes.

If the author's name is not on the list, start with the title. Don't forget to capitalize it using StudyCrumb's Case Converter. Access date is now optional for the latest (9th) formatting edition. Publication date must include day, month and year.

Print Newspaper Article Citation in MLA

Print sources' quotation doesn't differ in how to cite a news article in MLA from online one. Just pay attention to the source's pages.

In case you are looking for citing a news article APA, open one more blog dedicated to this kind of citation.

MLA Print Newspaper In-Text Citation

You won't be surprised how to cite newspaper articles in text. First, indicate the author's name and then page number. At the same time, no commas between these sections are needed. If you have already mentioned an author in the sentence, just specify the page number in parentheses.

MLA print newspaper article in text example

If publication consists of only one page, don't include its page number.

How to Cite a Newspaper Article MLA: Works Cited

MLA citation of newspaper articles has some differences from previous cases. Use this format:

If the author's name is not on the list, start with the title. Include the city name after the publication’s name if it’s a local publication. If the source has an edition, also provide its date.

How to Cite a Newspaper Article on a Database in MLA

To give a complete guide on how to quote a newspaper article in MLA, we obviously should mention databases. Databases are electronic libraries containing full-text publications such as university libraries. Such databases usually require subscription to access. Basically, it's slightly different among other citation types, especially on the Works Cited page. Except for the sources and authors, there should be some more information.

MLA In-Text Citation of a Newspaper from a Database

For an in-text citation newspaper article in MLA, write an author’s name, followed by page number with no commas between. As you can see, this citation format does not differ significantly from other citation types. Here’s an easy format you can use:

Works Cited Page

Here is an illustrative template of citing a news article MLA from a database:

Pay attention, that accessed data is now optional for the latest (8th) formatting edition.

How to Cite a Newspaper Article With Two Authors MLA

MLA format for newspapers allows referencing sources with two authors. Enter both authors' last names, then insert a word "and". Later include a page number without a comma between. Mention just a page number if you are using a narrative style.

MLA newspaper article with two authors example

As for your Works Cited page, you should mention both authors in the beginning. The first name should be reversed. Here’s a general formula:

How to Cite a Newspaper Article in MLA With Multiple Authors

We're sure you guessed how to cite a news article in MLA with multiple authors. As a rule, in-text citations contain the first author's surname, followed by the abbreviation "et al.” which means “and others”. If you are dealing with a Works Cited entry, just use a general formula for newspaper citation and add “et al.” after the author's name. Here’s an example:

How to Cite a Newspaper Article With No Author MLA

How to cite newspaper articles with no author in MLA? If newspaper articles are published without the author's name, write only the article’s title using quotation marks. For example "Corruption". Do not use the word "Anonymous" instead.

Citing Page Numbers in a Newspaper Article in MLA Style

Newspaper citation (MLA format) requires page numbers. Above, it may be noticed that author's surname and page numbers should be specified after the quote. But when citing news items that do not include page numbers (such as web pages), write only the author's name. Besides, you can skip a page number in an in-text citation if the text appears only on 1 page. However, mention the page number in the Works Cited page.

If you need to create an entry for your Works Cited page, write “p.” if there is only one page, and “pp.” if there are multiple pages. Keep in mind that sometimes newspapers use a letter-digit page number format (e.g. “B5”). In this case, you should specify the letter as well.

According to the MLA requirements, you should put an en dash between the page numbers. This rule only applies to consecutive pages. However, if an article is written on non-sequential pages, you should specify just the first page with a plus sign.  

  • Consecutive pages
  • Non-consecutive pages

Citing a Newspaper Article: Bottom Line

Our blog post reveals examples of how to cite an article in MLA, both online and printed. Citing newspaper articles is essential for writing any type of scientific paper. In case of using information from news, provide sources at the end. Include an actual list of publications with an author's name and publication time on the Works Cited page. We recommend you carefully check spelling and punctuation mark.

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Article posted on:May 4, 2022
Article updated on:May 10, 2023


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6/24/2022 11:09 AM
Hi! I'm stuck with citing right now, and this one thing gets me confused. How do I cite a newspaper article that continues on another page? Page it started on won't suffice?
6/24/2022 12:34 PM
Hello Janice,

When citing a newspaper article that continues on another page, just a page it started on won't suffice. However, you can use multiple pages abbreviations. For example: "Daily News, January 17, 2022, pp. 10,11".

Hope this helps!
7/6/2022 4:43 PM
Hello. Didn't find where else to ask, so I'll ask here. Can you use newspaper articles for the literature review in a research paper? Seems like everything can go there.
7/6/2022 5:10 PM
Hello David,

If you decide to use newspaper articles for the literature review in a research paper, you should do it carefully. After all, newspapers are usually not considered to be a valid scientific source. You can use scientific journals instead.